Nice Guy Episode 9 Written Preview and Major Picture Spoilers

When I said I was yet to become obsessed about Nice Guy earlier this week, when only six episodes had aired, I am now officially obsessed with this drama after watching episodes 7 and 8. Those two episodes were killer awesome in taking me deeper into the characters and more importantly, making the characters dig deeper into themselves and make tough decisions. I don’t like it when the narrative stalls because characters are running in circles rehashing the same issues over and over, or else simply standing still. NG is an efficiently chugging train that just entered a part of the journey thrilling with impending hairpin turns and glorious vistas out the window. I never put Jae Hee’s pictures topping any NG post because she is hideous to be inside and out, but Park Shi Yeon is glorious and her performance as Jae Hee is the stuff that I hope she’s recognized at year end awards. She is emotive without overacting, scary but pitiful, a lost tigress who lives on slippery sand. ย I detest her character to the core, but I adore Shi Yeon’s performance. Even after Coffee Houseย when I changed my mind about her as an actress, it was never to this extent. Similarly Moon Chae Won is turning in by far my most favorite character and performance she’s ever taken on. Both leading ladies are holding their own against Song Joong Ki, and together the three of them are magnificent to watch.

Written preview for episode 9 of Nice Guy:

On their first trip together, Maru and Eun Gi spend time with each other. Eun Gi tells Maru that she doesn’t care anymore about what his relationship was with Jae Hee before, she intends to be true to her heart. Maru’s doesn’t yet express how he feels. Jae Hee takes her final trump card to Chairman Seo and during the meeting the Chairman faints. Jae Hee wants to summon help but is stopped by lawyer Ahn, leaving her shaken about what to do. Eun Gi hears from Joon Ha that the Chairman fainted and she’s shocked……….

Picture spoilers:

Starting below are what I think are impossible to ignore picture spoilers about NG – the new hairstyles on Eun Gi (longer and with a slight wave), Maru (combed back), and Park Shi Yeon at the airport this week headed to Busan for the film festival (chic short asymmetrical bob) is as good a proof that we’re about to see a time jump coming up in this drama. I am ALL for it, because that is going to take Eun Gi and Maru’s life a giant leap forward and I can’t wait to see where that will be. Hopefully its cohabiting (which is likely since Eun Gi is shown filming around Maru’s home) and making gorgeous EunMa babies (which is unlikely but a Koala can dream). I don’t think any time jump will show up until earliest episode 10, but probably episode 11. I can’t wait. Also, could Moon Chae Won be any cuter in those BTS pictures below? Not bloody likely. I just want to squish her.


Nice Guy Episode 9 Written Preview and Major Picture Spoilers — 42 Comments

  1. EunMa babies?! Oh my~ Just seeing the new look on SJK is making me excited for next week. He looks hot! or at least I can tell that he’ll look hot not that he doesn’t already… ahh my bias <3 Moon Chae Won always seemed cold to me, but I was so wrong. She's adorable!

    I also love how Nice Guy doesn't let its characters go around in circles. The characters generally act in certain ways because they have good reason to, and everyone can actually use their brain to piece together clues and whatnot. Can't wait for next week ๐Ÿ˜€

    • She’s so adorable!
      I feel like she’s one of those girls that get really comfortable with her costars.
      I remember on the set of TPM she called Park shi hoo her oppa and was really thankful for him.
      I luuurve her.

  2. Awwww….. She is just to cute.
    and I feel they did have babies because I can see what looks like childrens clothing haning on the line behind her in Maru yard

  3. Those pics make me smile everytime I look at them. ๐Ÿ™‚ This drama came with a premise everybody was saying “oh so boring, so predictable”. But nothing in this drama is boring or predictable. It’s simply amazing!

  4. Waaaaa! Ms Koala… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your preview this time really persuasive LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not surprised if I turned an addict too to NG. For now I’ll be your faithful follower for this drama till more episodes shown, he he !

    Keep writing. It’s really enlightening & something I look fwd to now everyday. No kidding!


  5. what? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    Are really together?

    I wonder…….

    Will JH steal everything from EG (aside Maru) and she will live with MR?

    How fun will it be, JH kicks out EG just to find out she is living together with Maru LOL

    Now, seeing there will have a time jump, where the amnesia plot can fit in? I don’t get it!

  6. Jae Hee will reach a new low for me yet again, when she willingly leaves the chairman to die.
    O.m.g. I don’t know if i’ll completely hate this melo scope, or welcome it with open arms because it’ll hurt so good.
    For now, i’ll go with a big NO.

  7. I just thought about it and looking the stills… what if… what if, EG after her father dies, she loses her memory, and JH will take this chance to trick her and kick her out of the house and the company, and Maru will let her live in his house and will decide to take care of her since he knows how JH can be and maybe because he has feelings for her… and seeing how happy she is after losing her memory, he won’t be able to tell how her life was unhappy/a hell and will not tell her about about her being the Charmain’s daughter … o0

    and she will just have a simple yet peaceful life with Maru? I mean, doesn’t eg says how at peace she is at Maru’s house everytime she sleeps there?

    but of course she will regain her memory someday…. uh oh!

    Maru woudln’t, right?

    • yeah, only, when she regains her memory, it’ll be all about her discovering that maru and jaehee had a past, and not her acceptance of that fact and reconciling with maru… with that partial memory recovery, she goes out to kick both jaehee’s & maru’s asses, only now, maru loves her and doesn’t put up much resistance, which leads to this writer’s inevitable ending: eungi utterly destroys maru’s life, then recovers her lost memories of his love, and both die together??? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Omg I can’t wait next week. Maybe hopefully she lost her memory and Maru felt responsible he decided to start anew with the amnesia Eun Gi and have a family. Maybe that’s him coming from his job on his way home. Hopefully they have a child too!!!!! Hopefully he learn to love her more than anything else!

  9. This made me sooo happy. Whatever happens to Maru and Eun Gi I’m glad they have moments to be happy together. Moon Chae Won is adorable!!!

  10. Thank you so much Ms.Koala…I sooo love all your recaps!Keep it up,still not the same feelings for RMPW but gosh it’s getting there.Sooo rooting for Eun Gi to find happiness with Maru (even at his loathsome times…),so glad that he’s seen the light in terms of Jae Hee…

  11. whoa….. your post make me more curious.
    next eps will show something new abt their life.
    thanks for posting ^_^
    I’ll wait your another post abt NG.

  12. after watching these spoiler pics ohhhh………… can’t wait can’t wait! nice guy why can’t you air everyday i’m dying waiting for wednesday to come T_T

  13. I have a feeling all the Choco/Jae Gil scenes might be alluding to the future relationship between Eun Gi and Maru after she loses her memories. She might become more child-like and still have a crush on him, he’ll take care of her….

    Idk, I really hope not lol, but that could be the reason behind all those scenes.

    I see a lot of talk about them having children and I really hope this isn’t so! That would mean Maru took advantage of her amnesia, and I really don’t see him doing that. My hope is after she gets amnesia, her and Maru don’t see each other for a while, then reconnect. That way they’ll just have a fresh start. Well, kind of.

  14. Finally. The long-awaited recognition of the complexity of JH’s character and her brilliant portrayal by PSY. In Rich man, poor woman I was mostly intrigued by the journey of A from the evil second best to a true friend rather than by romantic relationships. In NG, I am fascinated by JH’s shades of gray and how far she would go down in order to come back up as a decent human being.

  15. thanks for the written previews and spoiler pics, koala sis! it makes anticipating for next more exciting and looking at the groomed Maru makes me wish that he really got into EG and changed into a better person. i hope they got married during the time jump and stayed far away from evil JH. in the meantime during EunMa honeymoon, i’ll be out making sure JH won’t be able to show her face to EunMa again. don’t wanna scare EunMa babies with such a witch are we?

  16. Does anyone think that the first spoiler picture of SKJ reminds you of Gong Yoo in Big? LOL!!

    NG = Fantastic crack!! Wasn’t planning to watch at all but found it on youtube and the rest is history……wish this was an old drama where I can ‘bullet train’ the whole show. Now I have to go find another show to fill in time while the drama rolls along.

    Koala – same like you, watching Arang (the drama is soooo slow) only for LJK and SMA. LJK looks soooooo good after army. JGS shud go soon….

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