Ha Ji Won Hits the Course for a Round of Partners Golf for Charity

I find it such a cosmic coincidence that my previous post on Ha Ji Won was about her doing a CF for a bank that had her wearing a stunning one-shoulder evening gown at some awards show where she was caught practicing her swing during the downtime. I mentioned that her swing was legit, as all golfers can spot those who really play versus those posing prettily like they can play. I’m sure its the same way with musicians who can spot actors fake playing the violin or piano onscreen and likely gets vastly annoyed by it. It’s not surprising Ha Ji Won can play golf, since its a tremendously popular upper middle-class sport in South Korea and she’s so athletic I’d be surprised to hear of sports she hasn’t tried playing. Recently she hit the course for a day of partners golf competition to benefit a good cause. I must say that her all-white ensemble is both cute and sexy, and she manages to look both put together and ready to play. I wish her last onscreen hubby was also there, because I can imagine its Jae Ha and Hang Ah taking a leisure from running the country for a friendly round of golf. Which Hang Ah would of course cream Jae Ha, who I imagine has quite a driver distance but can’t putt, whereas Hang Ah would hit solid mid-range distances and collect easy birdies like picking up rocks on a beach. I guess its not hard to surmise that I still miss The King 2 Hearts. Seeing either Lee Seung Gi or Ha Ji Won always makes me nostalgic.


Ha Ji Won Hits the Course for a Round of Partners Golf for Charity — 35 Comments

  1. Don’t believe her grip is correct. The left thumb should be inside the right palm. Anyway, I think she looks pretty cute, even if she would get laughed off the golf course.

  2. Been reading so many comments of how athletic she is and given from numerous of her action-packed roles, I kind of believe that but not until I watched Running Man. I was surprised to see how poor she was in so many games (judging that it was a Running Man Olympic episode), only slightly better with the supermarket badminton.

    • I’m not sure how competitive she truly is in real life, sports wise. I have seen her episode in RM, I too,was a bit disappointed. But then I thought, this is just a show to make people laugh. Am not sure if it’s even scripted for I’ve only seen ONE episode.

      Judging from I’ve seen her on BTS on Miracle St., Damo, Sector 7 this lady can “walk the walk”.

  3. This beautiful woman was truly amazing I can’t imagine how can she managed her time with her super hectic schedule she have ….oh well i’m pretty sure she is smart woman combine with beautiful personallity inside and out just keep continue what you’ve doing ha ji won ssi and I just only pray that you will find the right man for you, same with your personality jolly,down to earth,God-fearing and very lovable……:)

  4. OCKOALA, I could give you a hundred kisses and hugs for posting her always, truly such an adorable actress. Hope another movie/drama for her and Hyun Bin!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

    • Yup! Been a lurker on this site, but today, I couldn’t help myself to share my thoughts about this Amazing Yeoja. Don’t know why I love her, I just do. 🙂

      Yes! Lots of Kisses for you, Ockoala. Thank You!

  5. Thank you so much for this post Ms. Koala! I admire Unnie very much. She is such an amazing actress and person inside and out.
    PS I really like her outfit and her hairstyle in that pictures. She looks a tad younger.

  6. Thank you Ockoala unni for posting this on your great site! I super miss our Hang Ah and Jae Ha too! Also, I’m not sure if a birdie told you but our King Jae Ha aka Lee Seung Gi will have his fan meeting in Indonesia and Malaysia, just in case you’ll be in that area in first week of Nov – I went to Taiwan fan meeting and it was daebak of course 😀

    • Here’s my fan account…it’s kinda long…ㅋㅋㅋ and please feel free to delete this if I’m not suppose to post this in your site…no hurt feelings at all

  7. I love her legs.Looks strong and toned with trim ankle. The others have skinny and sticky leg. I would take her legs anytime. Please have another drama with Hyun Bin or LSG or whatever drama I’ll be happy.

  8. Need help .Does anybody know wher I could getr the a poster where HB was holding a teddy bear and HJW wearing a white long gown? I’ ve seen it in youtube with the Sega ost Guardian Angel.

  9. for me, she has a beautiful legs compare to other korean actress! fighting our amazing woman! please continue to inspire us with your presence!i love everything about you! you’re the best! God bless you always!

  10. Love the way all you done,,you’re really great,,you made lot of people to be inspired,,Saranghae eonnie,,YOU lead and I’ll follow,,

  11. Ha ji won beautiful stunning perfect as always 🙂
    Which said that she dont have nice legs,Check your eyes and explode because these are perfect legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And for those who always looking for negative things stop it…
    because ha ji won Korean actress most talented and most importantly conveys reliability!!!!
    All the best for you hjw, i can’t wait for your next projects

  12. Hi Koala, Jennifer from Singapore. So very happy 2 be in touch w u again. Hope you’re doing well in your studies. Our Jiwon Rocks!!! Loving her more & more. Take care

  13. Beautiful Ha Ji Won.. I miss King 2 hearts…and secret garden as well..I am hoping that Hyun Bin and Ji WOn will be together for real,,…Love you forever:)

  14. i love her in empress ki, king 2 hearts, secret garden. cant wait for the release of her movie Chronicles of a blood merchant. you rock Ha Ji Won!

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