Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Frolic in the Snow for High Cut Magazine

I always appreciate when a drama couple I love gets tapped for endorsement deals together, thereby adding more swooniness for me to savor long after the drama has ended. Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy continue to be my adorable bias from Dream High and I always slurp up their cuteness anytime I get any. The clothing brand Bean Pole did a Summer shoot with them in New Zealand a few months ago and now just released the Winter version of them frolicking in the picturesque outdoors via High Cut magazine. With news that Suzy may be the leading lady for Lee Seung Gi‘s upcoming fantasy sageuk, I’m thrilled that she’s choosing to tackle a new genre in the period piece plus I think she and Seung Gi will be so precious together I’ll feel a twinge of guilt towards Soo Hyun. That just means he has to come back with a drama as well, though his recent box office success with Thieves plus the fact that he’s currently filming a movie signals that he will not be a regular on the small screen and may be extra picky with his dramas going forward. That really goes to show how one break out performance in a highly rated drama can fundamentally catapult an actor to the next level and firmly ensconce him there. While I’m watching Song Joong Ki really break out in Nice Guy, that just reminds me that both Soo Hyun and Joong Ki had bit parts in Will It Snow For Christmas, and their portion turned out to be the best parts of that drama for me. Perhaps Lee Kyung Hee can lure Kim Soo Hyun back to dramas with her next project, since after doing a sageuk with The Moon that Embraces the Sun I think he’d be perfect as a melodrama leading man.

[Credit: High Cut magazine]


Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Frolic in the Snow for High Cut Magazine — 23 Comments

  1. The dorkable pair! 😀

    The scandal with KSH’s manager charged with 6 sexual assaults seems to have impacted his image negatively though Key East Entertainment has been doing damage control.

  2. Oh, wae so cute together? That train scene is just precious.

    And I agree, that scene in WISFC when Joong Ki met with Soo Hyun to talk about his sister was too sweet for words. I fell in love with them both in that drama. And I should have known it then, despite his 10 minute role, Joong Ki made me cry as the protective oppa who died for his sister. Now he is totally rocking my world in NG.

    • Funny you guys mentioned WISFC and his character in it.
      It could be LKH has been stewing for some years about SJK and how he played Oppa.

      I am starting to thing that what she wrote was a what if?

      What if Oppa grew up? What kind of guy would he be? A Nice Guy, or…dun dun dun…not?

      • Isn’t it stupid? I watched that drama how long ago and I’m getting teary thinking about him in that effing pond…How does she write such touching characters that aren’t sappy?

      • OMG, so true. Despite all these years, teenage Cha Kang Jin and Oppa are still one of my favorite characters of a drama evah.

    • @nonski, I agree with you that’s really great if Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy
      will be dating in real life… I love this couple this couple since
      Dream High 1… They are one of my favorite couple… Cheers!.

  3. I live here in New Zealand, I am just wondering which part of our country
    they do their photo shoot…might be part of South in Queenstown its very
    beautiful place, probably they shoot it by July & August cause the snow is
    really thick! but now our winter has finished…I love this couple very
    much!… Cheers!.

  4. These two were my bias in Dream High too..

    I hope Seunggi’s upcoming drama will air early next year, like February or March at least.. because I can’t barely wait! Earlier than that is much much better!! I’ve been checking, hoping to see any new updates.

  5. Think YEH and Joong Ki, I bet those two would have chemistry. When she has a repore with the person she is acting with, it shows. He seems very comfortable with himself. I would wish for this young lady, to have some fun while filming.

    • I would like to lock them in that bus and throw away the keys. Okay, maybe not throw it away, since I have to let them out to announce to the world how in love they are and they are dating forever and forever.

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