That Winter, The Wind Blows Holds First Script Reading with Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, and Jung Eun Ji

The full cast of That Winter, The Wind Blows has been finalized and the leads with the exception of the leading lady gathered this week for an initial script reading session. Song Hye Kyo is currently in China finishing up her C-movie, but Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, and Jung Eun Ji sat down with writer Noh Hee Kyung and PD Kim Kyu Tae for a first read through of the script. Apparently the mood was lively and the actors were showcasing great chemistry together. This will be Jo In Sung’s first drama since he did Spring Days way back in 2006 and I’m really curious to see how he’s changed both physically and acting-wise in the six-year interim where he also went to the military and came back. I always saw Kim Bum as a baby Jo In Sung (especially in Bummie’s performance as a young Song Seung Heon in East of Eden), so its pretty cute they get to act together and play best friends. I’m not a fan of Song Hye Kyo but I have to admit that she’s gotten much prettier and her acting has improved by leaps and bounds since her debut as the fresh-faced ingénue back in the Hotelier and Autumn in My Heart days. I’ve heard only good things about A-Pink’s Jung Eun Ji from her debut in Answer Me 1997 and I’m sure she wouldn’t have gotten tapped for a Noh Hee Kyung drama unless she had serious potential. The story revolves around Jo In Sung’s playboy con artist and his grift of Song Hye Kyo’s blind chaebol heiress character. Bummie plays Jo In Sung’s hotheaded best friend and I’m not sure how Eun Ji fits into the story. I like PD Kim Kyu Tae, who worked before with Noh Hee Kyung on Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats as well as her The World They Live In, though his biggest hit was directing IRIS. This will definitely be a drama I follow along with and check out when it airs. It sounds like an alternate version of Nice Guy.

I’m also super excited for That Winter since two of my fave supporting actors Kim Gab Soo and Bae Jung Ok, both of whom are Noh Hee Kyung drama veterans, will also be in this drama. The drama airs in early 2013 on KBS, with rumors that it will be on Wed-Thurs following Jeon Woo Chi, though it could also be a Mon-Tues drama following School.


That Winter, The Wind Blows Holds First Script Reading with Jo In Sung, Kim Bum, and Jung Eun Ji — 24 Comments

  1. I’m the 1st?? Yes
    Jo in sung?i miss him a lot, it has been a lont time since his last drama,a very anticipated drama.i’m looking forward for it.

  2. I WILL not be sucked in to this.
    I will NOT be sucked in to this.
    I will not be sucked IN to this.
    I will not be sucked in to THIS.

    Kim Gab Soo? Dammit!
    Kim Bum? Arrrgh!
    Jung Eun Ji (She was really good in R1997)
    Now I have to watch by law.

  3. lol like a NG plot (hopefully no amnesia this time hehe) @_@ and damn what a cast SHK + JIS?! must watch and looking forward to it no matter what the will story be

  4. Meh another Song Hye Kyo depressing drama. She doesn’t get out of her comfort zone. i bet she will either end up having leukemia or some other deadly disease in this drama again. It’s funny how much people will tolerate if the actress is beautiful. Everything is forgiven even lack of acting talent.

    No thanks!

  5. counting the days to see my oppa Jo In Sung grace the small screen again…and what a stellar line up….surely this drama is within my radar….won’t miss this for the world!!!!

  6. wow another drama to look forward to!

    yes, i have to agree. Eunji did really well in reply 1997 (or answer me 1997) as well as the other cast like seo in guk. i know they have this thing about singers/idols doing dramas or sitcoms but the cast of reply 1997 really did a great job =)

    if you have time ms.koala, watch it =)

    • I totally second this!!! Answer me 1997 may be the most entertaining drama of 2012. I’m still not done with Arang & the magistrate. So I’m holding on to say it was the best of 2012.

  7. I fear for my baby Eunji, people’s expectation are HUUUGE. So much pressure after Answer me 1997. Either people don’t like her ”character” or say she is doing the same character agaib. Poor Baby.

  8. I Love Jo In Sung and am so happy that’s he’s decided to return to dramaland. However, I’m not a huge Melodrama person (with the exception of a few like Nice Guy), so I might skip out on this =(

  9. so many melo nowadays but i love melo. The first drama that introduce me to korea is SHK’s autum in my heart. i like every drama from her although she always act in her comfort zone, but she can act cute too in full house and badass in hwang jin yi movie.

  10. i dont like SHK acting. it’s just plain for me. but i will expecting this drama because there are in sung, eun ji and of course kim gab soo.

  11. no matter how i love eunji, sadly, i won’t want this. looks too depressing to me. it’s already a given someone dies or gets very sick…and then dies or lives life with so much hatred and regret he can’t love but will soon he’s found the right girl which is so meh already. that story line’s been done a hundred times over. i’m quite disappointed with SHK & JIS for picking this a their return to drama. it would have been a novelty if they’ve chosen an actor/actress who’s known for more comedic roles to play the leads but nah they selected someone who’s known for playing those same types of characters over and over again.

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