Preview and Spoilers for Episode 16 of Nice Guy

It’s been ages since I encountered a drama with a side character like Jae Hee’s disreputable bastard brother Jae Shik being such an entertaining scene stealer in Nice Guy. I’m sure its 99.9% due to fantastic movie actor Yang Ik Joon’s performance, but I love how he’s integrated into this drama as exposition, narrative device, and inadvertent cupid. He’s hilariously self-serving and amoral, but since I only see him mistreating Jae Hee and acting bad on Jae Hee’s orders, I’m good with him bumming around causing more havoc from time and time. Hopefully episode 15 is the final one with Eun Gi still memory-less because its time she actually took her own life back into her hands. No more having Joon Ha plan for her to reclaim Tae San, no more Maru planning to leave her once she’s back to normal, and no more Jae Hee pushing her around. I’m glad that the spit fire personality still resides in Eun Gi, we saw it when she confronted both Jae Hee and her ex-boyfriend in this episode. Now it’s time for Eun Gi to face up the consequences of her own actions, much like Maru has been doing for the last few episodes, so that she can move beyond that and find the happiness she has been seeking all along.

Written preview for episode 16:

Eun Gi remembers some of her happy memories with Maru and asks him to get married. Jae Hee still cannot let go of either Tae San or Maru. Watching Jae Hee so upset, lawyer Ahn cannot contain his jealousy. Jae Gil finds out Maru’s illness and pushes him to get treatment quickly. But Maru wants to enjoy some more of this happiness with Eun Gi, Choco, and Jae Gil. He asks Jae Gil to keep quiet about it for a bit longer. On the other hand, Eun Gi sees an anonymous letter left for her that contains the accident report from her crash a year ago and she starts remembering what happened back then……..


After Eun Gi asks Maru to get married, he is concerned about his illness but after deliberation he decides to propose (for real, as opposed to their pretend engagement for the public). Maru carefully selects the presents and engagement ring and asks Eun Gi out to propose.

Eun Gi thinks its just a date and she happily gets dressed up. On her way to the date, someone hands her an envelope. She opens and reads it on the drive to the date, right when the car passes through a tunnel. It contains news about her car accident, and leads her to remember everything.

Maru waits for a long time and Eun Gi arrives way past their meeting time and pretends that she hasn’t regained her memory. Maru makes a truly touching confession and speech to her and proposes with flowers, a cake, and the ring. Eun Gi accepts and Maru kisses her. Her eyes open during the kiss. Afterwards she decides to use Maru to bring Jae Hee down….

Preview for episode 16:

Eun Gi: Let’s get married. I want to marry Maru.

Lawyer Ahn: According to our target, please get rid of Seo Eun Gi in one fell swoop. Take care of Kang Maru as well.

Jae Shik: You really want Maru to leave this world?

Jae Gil: I never knew you were that sick this entire time. I will tell Eun Gi and Choco.

Maru: Don’t do that.

Eun Gi: What kind of person is Kang Maru, I remember now.


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  1. Poor Maru. I don’t think this is going to end well for him. Eun Gi going for revenge against JH using Maru won’t be pretty. Hope she figures out this isn’t the way to go before it’s too late.

  2. After seeing this preview and spoiler…
    I can say this is actually the weapon Lee Kyung Hee use when she make Misa..
    I found NG similarity with Misa here..
    Seeing that SEG will use KMR and hurt him so bad.,then she will discover Maru illness..(sometime i suddenly remember the ending of Ep 13 of Misa.,where EC discover MH was going to die).That’s how LKH will make this drama so heartbreaking and i feel sad ending here.I really like this idea..Aigoo…I can’t doubt LKH writing skill and creativity is AWESOME!!

  3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that Eun Gi and Maru can just live together happily. How come it is that once Maru decides that he actually loves her, she regains her memory and then decides to use him…?? PLEASE DON’T LET THIS END SAD!!! WHY CAN’T MARU AND EUN GI JUST BE HAPPY…. TT-TT

  4. Thank you miss koala for this, this drama is so good. I just can’t get over the ending of that preview, I mean eun ki usIng maru to revenge on jae hee?! I mean like seriously it’s not even necessary,she don’t need to do that to Maru he has already willingly helped eun ki to get her rightful place!

    I hope this is not some way for the writer to extend the drama. It’s just going to be a repitition of what maru did to her than feel guilty about it, only after this it will be eun ki’s turn, I hope they get over that revenge phase n bring into light that eun ki did try to hit maru in that tunnel n she should at least be remorseful of it. Not plotting to use maru.

    I love the otp of this couple so much that I can only wish for a happy ending, although the writer might end it with some bitter sweet ending. I’m hoping that the ending won’t be too tragic or I can never get over it!

    Please show don’t fail us. I want to see them marry! Oh that eun ki’s gaze I hope it’s meant for her feelings towards jae hee. Is it 955pm already?”bites nails, holds heart”

  5. Seriously?!? They’re never gonna have the kiss (one where both know everything and accept each other) until the last episode???

    I still don’t understand why Eun Gi getting her memory back is bad for her relationship with Maru.. She knew about him before accident, her father dying had nothing on him, AND he didn’t avoid the said accident!!

  6. Eun-gi going to use Maru to take Jae Hee down?
    These two are really meant to be together. using each other 🙂 awesome! is that how eun-gi will revenge on maru by using him? then so be it at least they’ll get married and have eunma babies XD

  7. Writer-nim, pls don’t shatter my perfect fantasy on this OTP!! T___T

    And thanks again, Koala-sshi, for sharing all the latest deets and vids. You’re the best! Jjang! 😀 Thank you!

  8. payback time for eun gi. pity our maru since eun gi is planning to use him ..just right after his sincerely confession but i guest this is why the drama get more intresting…. she might regret after knowing maru condition

  9. oh shit! i just realized that the sweet eun gi is going to be gone soon and the badass eun gi is coming back! woo woop! i kind of miss the badass eun gi

  10. from newly remembered memories, it’s fair for eun gi to use maru to take jae hee down. but not strongly, since he has great chance to die from epidural haematoma..

  11. I don’t really understand why Eun Gi should be upset even as she remembers the accident. Did she forget that she chose to drive towards Maru as well?

    Maru tried his best to warn her about his intentions from the start. She did not take heed and in fact pursued him actively. It was her persistence that turned Maru around and melted his heart bit by bit. To exact revenge now on Maru would be senseless on Eun Gi’s part since she was as much a cause of her own circumstances as he was.

    Should she not just concentrate on the here and now and trust her heart? Opps – I forgot that the girl has no head!

  12. im just so confused. shes the one who decides to kill herself and him, yet shes angry at him and is going to use him now? what? so stupid. there is so much to love about this drama but there is some stuff that makes no sense to me. i feel like we are just going around in circles at this point. whenever the plot progresses the writer throws something in that just makes the story go backwards. i hope its more that she remembers and decides not to hell him because she does love him and wants to do this now on her terms and not because she wants to bring him down. hes pretty much proven that he loves you and will do anything for you. just so dumb.

  13. Miss Koala-Unnie,

    I heard a rumor that Song Joong Ki sang a song for the soundtrack of Nice Guy. Is that true, and if it is…when will it be released?

  14. Didn’t read the spoilers, but I am still nervous for this one.

    I am also a huuuuuuge fangirl for Yang Ik Joon as Jae-sik.
    I love the way he talks and moves and is always dressed in suit and tie even though you know he has no job. A true grifter/conman/gambling rascal.
    I loved his “moral” dilemma of choosing the most lucrative side, and nothing says he can’t switch whenever he wants, either. Lawyer Ahn may think he has the upper hand, but Ahn is deluding himself.

  15. Yes … guys I actually watched over episode 16 … that was really an excellent break up kiss … I guess it’s poetic justice for all the things Maru said and did … she is really going to do like her dad said and hold in all her emotion and just do what she has to do … I am actually looking forward to Maru being in anguish over her … I’m sure she will us the lawyer too to get back at him … Remember that kiss with him and Jae Hee on the phone … she will be all about business and heart break … before d wedding she will plunge in that dagger and he would be crushed … Deadly … But you got to end happy because I will shop watching live shows … Don’t kill all the love …

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