Nice Guy Episode 15 Recap

I can’t lie – I loved episode 15 of Nice Guy but it was due to an overwhelming amount of goodwill built up for this drama because this episode felt like a bit of air was let out of the tires. A merely good episode of NG is still better than most anything out there recently, so that’s not a diss on the drama as much as it’s a recognition that certain elements are perhaps dragging down the tension and pace. I felt like this episode was a rehash of many of the same issues done before – Maru gets set up, he gets released from the clank, Eun Gi keeps trying to remember, Joon Ha plays the hovering protector, Jae Hee can’t figure out if she’s all evil for money or for love, and lawyer Ahn lets his jealousy freak flag fly. I can’t deny that an episode chock full of Maru-Eun Gi happy and shippy moments is like downing a giant bowl of drama chicken soup, but I rather wish it was accompanied by more delicious side dishes of meaningful narrative push. At this point, I don’t think Eun Gi getting back Tae San even matters to Eun Gi, and Jae Hee is about thisclose to saying “to hell with it” and trading Maru for Tae San as well.

This is like the gender-reversed drama trope where two leading men give it all up for the Candy-esque kindhearted heroine with the sunny disposition, except here we have two bitchy ladies fighting over a former gigolo. I seriously love the dysfunction. This episode also made me LOL with Jae Shik playing cupid for Jae Gil and Choco, who no longer annoy me as long as they are relegated to less than 10-minutes an episode and are in charge of bringing the inadvertent laughs as well as communication information to and from Maru. I love this story so much and I trust Lee Kyung Hee has one more major arc in store for the grand finale, be it Eun Gi regaining her memories and going batshit on Maru before jumping his bones for make up sex, Maru getting his brain surgery in the nick of time, and Jae Hee getting more botox injections and accidentally dying of a fungal infection and leaving Eun Seok to be raised by his Eun Gi noona.

Episode 15 recap:

Jae Hee announces that she’s making Eun Gi co-Chairman of Tae San Group. Much as this is a win for Team Eun Gi, it’s sorta a pyrrhic victory since the brain damaged girl can’t exactly run a conglomerate just yet. Jae Hee shakes hands with the surprised Eun Gi, all while shooting death glares at Maru, who just smirks back at her. Don’t smirk, boy, you might arouse the crazy witch’s lust for you.

Maru walks through Tae San and Jae Hee is lurking around the corner waiting for him. She asks if he’s pleased with how things worked out? He is immensely please, but this is nothing since he’s going to keep going until he checkmates her. That’s when he’ll bust out the champagne. Jae Hee is all butthurt that he used her abusive brother against her, to which Maru derides her stupidity for not processing what he said earlier about doing everything he can to get Eun Gi back to her place. Jae Hee says he can’t act this way, such behavior is what Han Jae Hee will do but not Kang Maru! He laughs, asking if she thinks Han Jae Hee and Kang Maru are really any different?

Maru asks if she wants to keep going, or is she ready to abandon ship and get the hell out of Dodge. Jae Hee asks if he’ll return to her if she gives everything up? What? Ewwwww. Jae Hee continues and says she wants Maru back in exchange for giving up Tae San. OMG, this would be hella hilarious (in a morbid way), if Maru ends up prostituting himself to Jae Hee for Eun Gi’s sake. It would be like the Twilight Zone episode of Nice Guy.

Jae Hee asks if Maru will be her bargaining chip in surrendering Tae San? Maru says that her wish is not impossible, but he asks what she wants with just a physical body though (implying that his heart is already gone from her reach)? His look when he says this conveys the same sentiment as “who knows, maybe one day pigs can fly”…… Maru walks away and past lawyer Ahn, who clearly heard everything.

Lawyer Ahn goes over to Jae Hee and tells her to get herself together and buck up. He reminds her of all she’s done to come this far. Ha, forever the bad guy justification for not stopping in their nefarious plans. Her final destination can’t possibly be to stop here? No, her final destination is hell, and I’ve got a passenger seat ticket for you to join her.

Eun Gi is sitting outside pondering existential things, or just dozing off. Maru finds her and she’s all like “what the what just happened back there?” She wonders if there is something going on with Jae Hee she doesn’t know about. I wouldn’t open that Pandora’s box, Eun Gi, so back away now. Maru tries to sell her a crock of balony that Jae Hee has validated Eun Gi, but she’s not that gullible anymore.

Maru brings up Chairman Nam and how Eun Gi used her sincerity to move him and resolve that problem. Maru warns her that all eyes will be on her from now on and she needs to regain her memory as soon as possible because the road ahead will get more treacherous. He tells her that she can do it. Maru grabs her hand and says the the first thing she needs to try and remember is him. When she remembers him, in that moment, all her memories will come back. Maru says “remember me, Seo Eun Gi.”

Jae Hee drives to the old neighborhood and gets out of her car for the long walk up the hill. She passes the nosy ahjumma who recognizes her and calls her Chairman, wondering why she’s been by quite a lot recently. The ahjumma asks if Maru knows she bought this house but Jae Hee says no. Jae Hee goes inside and sits down, looking around the courtyard pensively.

Maru brings Eun Gi back to his old house as well, the two of them slowly walking up the hill. Eun Gi talks out loud, saying this is the road to see Maru. He thinks she’s remembering things but she’s not, she’s just hoping to trigger a memory. When they reach his front door, she touches the door and says this is Maru’s house and if the door opened then Maru would come out.

Sadly she still doesn’t remember, and when she tries to open the door, Maru stops her and says another family lives here now. Maru and Eun Gi leave and we see that Jae Hee is inside the courtyard since she’s the new owner of Maru’s old house.

Lawyer Ahn has his lackeys go grab Jae Shik. After he has Jae Shik beaten up, he demands to know how much money Maru gave him? Jae Shik tries to attack lawyer Ahn but is restrained. Lawyer AHn asks again how much money did it take for Jae Shik to agree to help Maru? What? You don’t believe that cuddly generous Jae Shik helped Maru out of the kindness of his own heart?

Maru brings Eun Gi to the hilltop where they once drank beer and then broke up. Eun Gi says she doesn’t remember this place as well and asks what happened here? He explains to Eun Gi that they broke up here once when Eun Gi discovered what kind of person Maru really was.

Eun Gi asks now what kind of person Maru is? Maru responds sadly that he already knows. He won’t tell her, only asking her to remember, to use her own power to regain the memory of who he is. Eun Gi promises she’ll do it, she vows to do it. I wish memory-less Eun Gi was sharper on the uptake, because Maru has been hinting with giant neon signals to her for ages that HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY. Though come to think of it, he also told Eun Gi way back when and she also chose to ignore it. This girl, love truly bakes her brain into beans. Maru sees her trying to remember and asks if she wants to go home now.

Maru and Eun Gi leave and slowly walk down the neighborhood. They pass a couple kissing as they stroll and Eun Gi stares a bit. She hesitantly calls Maru’s name and he answers. She says nothing and then calls his name shyly again. Finally she asks why he’s never kissed her? She says it feels like she can be discarded at anytime, or he will leave her at anytime. She asks if they’ve kissed before? Has she kissed him before? LOL, this girl has got only lips on her mind, not that I blame her.

Maru stares at her and looks amused. Eun Gi says they must’ve kissed before since they were lovers and they are not that young. She just doesn’t remember it now, but they must’ve done what all lovers do. Maru smiles and lies that they have never kissed before. Eun Gi says no way and looks at him with disbelief. He flashes back to their kiss in Aomori and we know that he doesn’t want that manipulative kiss on his part to be their first kiss.

Eun Gi lets go of his hand and grumps that not kissing makes no sense and is all wrong. Maru keeps insisting they’ve never kissed before. She huffs off and Maru follows behind her.

Back at home, the Maru and Eun Gi lay in bed tossing and turning. Eun Gi finally can’t take it anymore and goes down to see Maru. He asks what she wants at 2 am and turns out Eun Gi wants to go to work right away. She asks Maru to teach her how to run the company and she promises to learn everything he teaches. Maru wants to sleep and asks for 10 more minutes but she keeps hounding him so he agrees.

Eun Gi sits at her desk at work while Maru stands next to her giving her a tutorial. Let’s all put aside that Maru was a med school student in college and just pretend he’s genius enough to handle corporate management. Eun Gi dozes off and Maru teases her about slacking off, reminding her that she’s sleeping while she made him come here to teach her.

Maru tells Eun Gi that she once camped out in the countryside for a month to persuade people there to work with Tae San. They go wash their faces and brush their teeth as morning arrives.

Joon Ha calls Maru and discusses how a huge amount of money was deposited in Eun Gi’s account. This makes it look like a company that just signed a contract with Tae San gave Eun Gi a pay off. Looks like Jae Hee did it and she’s trying to set up Eun Gi somehow. They agree not to tell her and will try to solve the problem themselves. Maru walks back to Eun Gi’s office and sees her hard at work studying so he leaves her breakfast on the table.

Jae Hee is at her office and lawyer Ahn brings in a Director Kim to meet her. Turns out it’s Eun Gi’s douchey ex-boyfriend and Jae Hee thinks he looks familiar. Ex-boyfriend says they met at the former Chairman’s funeral, though he missed her inauguration as the new Chairman because he just recently went through a divorce. Lawyer Ahn recognizes him and says he’s Eun Gi’s ex-boyfriend.

Ex-boyfriend goes to meet with Eun Gi and she stares at him quizzically.

Maru wonders to Joon Ha how he’ll clear up the situation. Shall he go meet with the Chairman of the other company? Secretary Hyun arrives and reveals that Eun Gi’s ex-boyfriend is here to see her. Joon Ha knows its Kim Jung Hoon, the guy Eun Gi dated back in the US. Maru doesn’t look pleased to hear about a guy that Eun Gi used to love. They worry that his arrival will reveal her current state to Jae Hee.

Ex-boyfriend sits down with Eun Gi and asks why she’s so distant with him, like he’s a stranger. When he heard she returned, he wanted to see her immediately. But he stopped himself when he learned that she came back with a fiancée. We see Jae Hee telling Ex-boyfriend that Eun Gi hasn’t fully regained all her memories from the accident, and Jae Hee as Eun Gi’s stepmother is not terribly pleased with the new fiancée who she says doesn’t suit Eun Gi. Ha, cuz she wants to jump his bones herself and Eun Gi is in the way. Jae Hee asks Ex-boyfriend to help her, and in exchange she will invest money in his company’s acquisition plans.

In Eun Gi’s office, Ex-boyfriend compliments Eun Gi on being more beautiful now and  asks about her fiancée – how long they have been together, what kind of person he is? Eun Gi says he’s a kind and nice person. Ex-boyfriend asks what Eun Gi thinks of him? What kind of person does she think he is? A lame ass person would be my vote. Maru rushes to Eun Gi’s office and passes by the Ex-boyfriend. Maru stops and looks back at him then rushes to Eun Gi’s office. When he walks in, she’s alone and Ex-boyfriend has left. She looks deep in thought and not terribly happy.

A beaten up Jae Shik has sought refuse at Casa de Maru and he’s sitting in the kitchen with Jae Gil and Choco. He chides them for telling him about the move. Choco asks if he’s really become a good guy. Jae Shik wonders how he can show he’s changed, shall be slice himself open to show her his soul? Jae Gil taps him and Jae Shik gets angry and wants to wallop him so Jae Gil quickly says Jae Shik hasn’t changed at all. Jae Shik then changes the subject notes that Choco has grown up quite a bit and wants to introduce a boyfriend for her if she doesn’t have one. Choco says she has a boyfriend and claims its Jae Gil. Jae Shik is suspicious and asks how far along they’ve progressed.

Choco says they’ve kissed, to which Jae Gil says he doesn’t remember kissing her. All that matters to Choco is that she remembers it. Jae Gil pushes them together and makes them kiss right now. Ahahahha. Choco sits there in a daze while Jae Gil quickly says that didn’t mean anything. Afterwards he tells Jae Gil to take good care of Choco since she’s young and pretty. Jae Shik goes to wash his face thoroughly so he can put on more BB cream to cover his bruises. Jae Gil asks what Jae Shik wants to do next and the bastard hilariously says with completely honesty that he’s trying to decide which side to work for that will bring him more financial rewards. I love unabashed shadiness!

Lawyer Ahn sits in his office and broods about how Jae Hee is clearly not over Maru. He remembers how Jae Hee wants to break up Maru and Eun Gi, and wants to get Maru back. Serves you right, you grody lap dog.

Eun Gi is tossing and turning in bed and calls Maru, who says he can’t come home tonight and will be back in the morning. Eun Gi says she met someone today and she’ll tell Maru tomorrow about it when she sees him. He’s off to see someone and tells Eun Gi that they will meet at work tomorrow afternoon for more studying. They say goodnight to each other. Eun Gi grabs her Aomori picture with Maru and sleeps with it tucked in her arms.

Maru goes to meet with Representative Kim from Tae San who immediately stonewalls him and says he has nothing to say. Maru knows he wired money into Eun Gi’s account to set her up and he wants to know what the plot is. After Maru leaves, we see Jae Hee and lawyer Ahn’s lackey nearby watching this exchange.

Jae Gil calls Maru and says cops are at their house with a search warrant. The cops want to search the bathroom as well and tell Jae Gil to scam. Maru assures Jae Gil he didn’t do anything and wants him to tell the others not to worry. The cops wants Jae Gil to tells Maru to contact the police station when he returns. After the cops leave, Jae Gil assures Choco that he spoke with Maru who proclaimed his innocence.

Eun Gi sits at home that night as Jae Gil and Choco sleep, still worried about Maru. She thinks back to Maru telling her to meet at the office to go through more studying. The next morning, the cops arrive at Tae San group headquarters looking for Maru. Turns out the charges are that Maru attacked Representative Kim at his house, but of course it’s lawyer Ahn’s henchman who attacked the guy who is now in a coma.

Eun Gi hears this and knows that if Maru did anything it was because of her. Joon Ha tells Eun Gi not to feel bad towards Maru. Eun Gi gets angry at Joon Ha for being so cold and reminds him that no one can reach Maru still.

Jae Hee is in her private bathroom in her office at Tae San and she looks up to see Maru standing there waiting for her. She acts all worried and asks how he could beat someone up? Maru calmly says he never touched the man. Jae Hee tells him to turn himself in and proclaim his innocence then.

Jae Hee claims she has nothing to do with that or what’s happening to Maru right now but he doesn’t believe her. She tells Maru to turn himself in. Maru asks Jae Hee to reveal that she set Eun Gi up for the embezzlement scheme and apologize officially to Eun Gi. Can she do that now? Maru walks towards Jae Hee and presses her into the wall as he glares at her. He tells her to do what he asked and thinks about whether she had anything to do with what happened to Eun Gi. Jae Hee asks him to step outside and they can discuss this further.

Maru walks out of the bathroom and Jae Hee gets a call from lawyer Ahn asking if Maru is in her office. She claims he isn’t and she’s alone. But when Jae Hee walks out, she sees a bunch of cops standing in her office waiting to arrest Maru.

Eun Gi finds out Maru is at the office and was just arrested from Jae Hee’s office. Joon Ja asks Eun Gi not to rush out now because there are too many people, they can go to the police station later. Eun Gi asks if Han Jae Hee called the cops? Joon Ha isn’t sure but it looks like she did.

Jae Hee sits in her office and glares at lawyer Ahn, asking if he ordered something that she didn’t ask to be done? He did, and he was expecting praise and thank yous for what he did for her sake rather than her ire. He won’t sit back and let Jae Hee be shaken. He intends to stabilize the situation for her and take her to the finish line. He tells her to be like a race car and head confidently towards her destination.

Eun Gi, with Joon Ha in tow, rushes to Jae Hee’s office and asks for a truce. Eun Gi asks what Jae Hee wants, whatever she wants she can have it. Eun Gi doesn’t want it or need it. Eun Gi tosses Tae San at Jae Hee, telling her to take it and release Maru. Jae Hee is stunned that Eun Gi is giving up Tae San for Maru but Eun Gi is all like “what? It’s no big deal to me.”

Jae Hee is stunned and furious, demanding to know what Maru did to Eun Gi. Did they sleep together, did they make some sort of promise with each other, is that the reason she’s willing to give up all of Tae San for him? That’s just unbelievable to her. Eun Gi loves Maru more than she wants Tae San, and then she asks Jae Hee if she wouldn’t do the same thing for the man she loved? Isn’t everyone like this? Jae Hee looks shaken and says its not just her, anyone else on the planet would make the same choice and choose bread over love. Jae Hee points out love can’t feed her, and for Tae San, Jae Hee give up her love and her everything. She’s right and Eun Gi’s way is wrong.

Eun Gi shrugs and says they simply see things differently. Eun Gi leaves with Joon Ha and he asks what the heck Eun Gi was saying back there? She can’t be thinking of giving Tae San to Jae Hee for Maru? Eun Gi walks away and passes by the Ex-boyfriend without acknowledging him. Joon Ha greets Ex-boyfriend, reminding him that they met once in New York 9 years ago. Ex-boyfriend asks how he can help Eun Gi right now? Eun Gi goes to her office and tries calling Maru but he doesn’t answer.

Ex-boyfriend takes Eun Gi out for coffee and hands her a picture of the two of them. He tells her that he wants to start over with her. The best time of his life was with her, when they lived together in New York, their first kiss, when he said “I love you”. It all feels like yesterday to him. Listening to him talk triggers Eun Gi’s memory of her rain confession to Maru.

Eun sees herself crying and confessing to a beaten up Maru that he was her first love, first kiss, first everything. Ex-boyfriend claims Eun Gi and him used to say “I love you” to each other thousands of times a day.He holds Eun Gi’s hand asking for another chance but she asks him to let her hand go. She calls him a liar since her memory tells her that Maru was her first at everything. LOL, I love how douchey ex-boyfriend actually triggers a useful and awesome memory for Eun Gi. She gets up and leaves while Ex-boyfriend looks pissed off.

At the police station, Joon Ha tells Maru that Eun Gi offered to give Jae Hee all of Tae San in exchange for her letting Maru off the hook. Is that right? Joon Ha asks Maru to confirm that he will leave Eun Gi as promised once she regains her memory. Maru asks what Joon Ha will do if he reneges and doesn’t leave Eun Go, pointing out the fallacy in Joon Ha expecting a schemer like him to keep a promise. Joon Ha asks if Maru has changed his mind? Maru asks what he’ll do if he has changed his mind? Joon Ha says he will use his position as a lawyer to stop Maru. Maru points out that Eun Gi is obsessed with him and willing to give him everything, so Maru holds all the cards. He tells Joon Ha to be prepared for when Maru reneges on his promise. Oh Maru, stop making Joon Ha think you are a bastard and just tell him you need him to pull Eun Gi away when the time comes.

Back at Tae San, Jae Hee gets off the phone and learns that Maru has been released because the true culprit has been found. It’s one of her lackey’s henchman and clearly Jae Hee ordered the henchman turned in to get Maru off. The lackey doesn’t look happy about it and goes to report to lawyer Ahn about what Jae Hee ordered him to do.

Maru walks out of the police station and sees Eun Gi waiting for him. She greets him and calls him a liar, a big fat liar. She won’t forgive him for lying that they’ve never kissed before. She remembers her confession and their first kiss, so why he is he insisting that wasn’t their first kiss. She’s unhappy and grumbly and turns to walk away.

Maru rushes to stop her and tells her to remember, to remember carefully, because this is their first kiss. Maru pulls Eun Gi in for a deep kiss and the two of them start making out in front of the police station.

The camera cuts away and we see Jae Hee sitting in the car watching this kiss with a look of disbelief and shock on her face. Go away, you grasping skank, and leave my precious babies to suck face in peace from your dirty prying eyes.

Thoughts of Mine:

Sometimes good drama plotting feels like a Catch-22 proposition, especially when it comes to meaty dramas that are more than just a couple getting together. Once the spectre of watching a love story get thrown into the mix, if its emphasized too much it risks derailing the plot, and if its marginalized it feels tangential to the story and viewers lose interest. So far NG has been stellar at balancing the love woes with the whole discussion of power and wealth, which are really motivated by the same basic emotion that propels people to fall in love. Desire is the cornerstone of what makes people tick, be it a desire for companionship, for validation, for security, for payoff. What’s fascinating about Jae Hee is that she ranks her desires and has no problems with rationalizing her behavior to achieve it. She wants financial security, then she’ll marry the Chairman and make sure Eun Gi is out of the way. She wants Maru, then she’ll buy his old home and keep slithering close to him asking him if he’ll come back to her. It’s like she lives in Jae Hee bizarro world where her own bad behavior is washed away once she’s achieved her ends.

In the same vein, Eun Gi and Maru are mirror opposites of her. They cannot let go. They cannot move on. It took Maru to the brink of self-destruction before he was finally able to let Jae Hee go, and what he did to Eun Gi has haunted him despite knowing that she is willing to forgive him. At that beach, she told him that nothing he did to her up til then mattered, she still wanted him. But he still pushed her away, and the guy didn’t even having his ticking bomb hematoma at that time! He was just guilt-ridden and unable to accept a woman who accepted his dirty and scarred self. Eun Gi is similarly fixated on the broken things in her life, with that doll being great physical manifestation of what makes her tick. In many ways, she’s just as grasping as Jae Hee, except what she desires is Maru and not money. In our world, that makes Jae Hee a gold digger and Eun Gi a romantic. It may sound like we have double standards, but it’s a fact of life that we prefer to idiolize romance over material accumulation. If Maru didn’t love Eun Gi back, then she’s be a delusional stalker. Because Maru loves Eun Gi back, their love becomes romanticized and idealized as some sort of mutual healing miracle. But at the crux of it, we’re dealing with three very obsessive individuals.

I’m a bit confused as to why Lee Kyung Hee is dragging out Eun Gi’s memory loss, and it feels like she’s dragging it out. If Eun Gi short-circuited her brain leading to her suicidal attempt where she tried to take Maru with her, that emotion isn’t one where I think she’ll be fixated on when she regains all her memories. She will remember that her first reaction on finding out Maru is not a nice guy is to accept and forgive him. Will she blame him for her not being there when her dad died? Probably not, because like she said, it’s not his fault she liked him so much. I actually think Eun Gi regaining her memory is like a red herring and shouldn’t having massive ramifications, but I could be wrong. I can see how much Maru loves her,and can see that she’s also falling in love with him anew, and coupled with their mutual history, regaining her memories might be the final link to allowing them to get over their residual guilt and anger and finally enjoy some happiness before Maru’s big hematoma reveal.


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  1. Sure,ms koala is really fast in recapping NG.i want eun gi’s memory is back soon,not a half but her whole memory,so on that time,she realizes how much she loves maru no matter what he had done before.i love the line maru says “we’ve never kissed before” because once the’ve done in aomori,he doesn’t count it as a kiss,pure kiss,because he knows that it mixes with his plans in doing a revenge to jae hee.but the one the are doing now,surely, it would be said as a kiss,hehe

  2. It’s a lie if EG did really forgive him after he said his intention is merely only using her. It’s the only thing EG wish there is a geniune feeling for her in their time together despite his motive. She willing to accept everything just because she still believe his geniune feeling was there during their time together.

    Maybe it’s the purpose of dragging out the amnesia thing. Because of those time it’s the time she witnessing Maru’s geniune feeling come out. The longer the better because it would prove his geniune feeling was not fake and he can’t run away this time with the same excuse to leave her.

    Especially After knowing when he himself actually has hematoma. Maybe this amnesia thing is plot device to bring them together?

  3. Thank you thank you! After I stopped choking on my coffee I voted for this Grand Finale:

    “Eun Gi regaining her memories and going batshit on Maru before jumping his bones for make up sex, Maru getting his brain surgery in the nick of time, and Jae Hee getting more botox injections and accidentally dying of a fungal infection and leaving Eun Seok to be raised by his Eun Gi noona.”

  4. Thank you for the fast recap! I still feel like Eun Gi might be a little, if not a lot, pissed at Maru and might even doubt his love for her. I mean we all know Joon Ha is going to tell her that he made a deal with MR and MR wanted half of Tae San. She’s going to remember their conversation on the beach, and maybe she’ll come to the conclusion that he played this part of being in love for his own gain. I hope not, but I’m bracing for the worst. Maybe this time it’ll be EG using MR to get revenge against Jae Hee somehow.

    I don’t think Joon Ha is going to be a nice guy anymore…

  5. you are really fast unnie
    thank you very much .
    now after all this drama Iam afraid the last episode will end with the death of maru from hematoma and that EJ when remmeber that the love of her life she was the reason of his death she will sucide .
    I wish of happy ending but i donot think that will happen as every one is mistaken and they must be punished unless the writer change its mind and will make them live happily .
    we will still have to wait and see

    • OMG! i know right. in the end of the preview, i’m assuming they kiss for a second time? …and she did opened her eyes just like how maru…it makes me wonder if she has some of her memory back because her eyes were expressing something else, not love…well at least from my judgement

      • Yes, I was thinking the same.. It was not totally love.. I just hope that the third kiss is love.. Please dramagods…

      • Yea, right? I was so fucking scared (in a good way, but scared for Maru) whan I saw her opening her eyes!! I wonder if she got ALL her memories back with the memory of the time she confessed.
        I’m so afraid she’s getting her revenge against Maru, maybe she is afraid of him playing her once again.
        And I wonder MsKoala, would she be able to forgive the man who was part of the reason she tried to kill herself? I’m not sure I would… Even If it’s har fault given it was her decision, would she be able to forgive the man to trigger so many conflicted emotions in her? The man that made her so vulnerable?

  6. Eeek!! I totally agree with you, Koala-sshi, on the whole memory-loss arc. Nth new and much to this episode. Somewhat slow. Love the whole Jae Shik-Jae Gil-Choco bits. Which there was a little more on little Eun Seok. Cute kiddo! But since the story is at ep 15, and if there’s no more extension, I think the story should pick up by ep 16, with a cliff-hanger ending and ep 17-20 to wrap up just on time. But the story has been kind to viewers, giving us all the Eun Gi-Maru good times before good times just goes spiraling down to one-way ticket of hell. Ah, I hope writer-nim knows what she’s doing. Thank you for the recap! 😀 As always, you are so quick! XD

  7. Can JH please STOP trying to arrest Maru since it never works? Just stop please lady. She’s seriously a two trick pony. If you can’t seduce them then stupidly frame them for a crime. I’m slightly disappointed she’s turned into basically the equivalent of a bitter clingy ex-girlfriend 2nd lead who can’t let go. But at least those ex-gf’s are usually sincere about only wanting their exes back. I don’t think for a second she’d give up everything for Maru.

    and lol Jae Shik’s reign as accidental cupid continues.

    EG’s memory loss is dragging me down since I don’t see what’s the big deal about her getting her memory back at all. It’s consistent with her character that she won’t give much of a shit when she remembers. And Joon Ha babe, ILU but your lawyer powers haven’t done much good yet so what makes you think it’s going to get rid of Maru? Though he’s obviously going to leave willingly, until EG drags him back of course.

    • LOL at “Can JH please STOP trying to arrest Maru since it never works? Just stop please lady.”

      There have been many ept bad guys in Kdrama history, much much more ept than JH. She really has neutered herself as a threat as far as I am concerned.

      And the cops? Aren’t they sick of chasing and dragging Maru’s ass down to HQ for questioning because of these accusations?
      Talk about the Girl Who Cried Wolf!
      At one one point, the police have to refuse. “Sorry. You have used up all of your “Put Maru in Jail Free” cards, Lady!”

  8. Argh can’t believe I’m saying it, but I am – disappointed at this episode. I felt like the mood of it is different from the rest of the episodes: like episode 10, light and not much development. Of course I seriously died of happiness at all the eunma skinship and the kiss, flawless kiss. It had me on a high before I really started to think about the episode hours later…. This drama was too perfect for me, but if the writer decided to keep going down this road, imma probably flip a table…but will continue watching, because I’m too emotionally invested in it. I love you kang Maru and Seo eungi…I’m such a sucker for melodramas (though I am starting to think this drama has quite a lot of lighthearted moments)…sorry,i just need some good hurting like the previous episode…Jaesik was a bit too good, this episode, what with the encounter with choco and jaegil, and though the face wash in the bathroom was cute, I wish the line would be more blurred on whether he was really a kind person or not. I can’t help thinking about the time where he’d beat jae hee, and I really do love a layered character, so please writer-nim, don’t just make him a nice decent guy who is on eunma’s side… Rant over. But overall, i think it’s a solid episode. I pretty much came to the conclusion that if they keep the eunma scenes short and concentrated throughout the drama, it would be more exquisite and work a bigger effect on me, and so heartbreakingly awesome. I adore the scene when our eunma couple passed by another couple kissing, and eungi was so awkward about it, eee…spazzing.

    • Oh, oops, about the Jaesik scene, I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Ah, so he was still choosing the side which gives him more benefit, sry…I watched the live ep yesterday without subs, and read the live recap, so sry.

  9. Yup, exactly what I said in the extension post. The story with EunGi’s amnesia is starting to drag. I hate how she’s trying to force herself to remember before. Let’s just move on already. And do something about Maru’s head. Jae Hee can go away!!

  10. I also think that this episode was a little slow, and just make me confuse about some things with scenes like Jae Shik being beaten by Minion’s people and then does not give us any info he will cooperate with him or not, cuz we all know him very well and what he does for money. so? he just appears with scratches in Mary house and nobody says nothing? I still don’t trust him.

    And there is this thing about the money that Eungi have out of nowhere that still don’t get why does Maru went to this Kim guy.

    And the more important, and maybe it just me seeing things, but I really think Eungi remembers more than what she is telling everyone, including Maru, because she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. My theory in this relays in the moment when she asks Joon Ha about his warning about Mary and he denies it saying it was a dream. Eun Gi’s reaction didn’t seem like falling for it and I think she got more cautious about the people around her because someone she trust is hiding things from her. And that’s the Eun gi we know, the one who follows her heart instead of what others tell her to do or think is right. And, when she was walking to Maru’s exhouse and was talking to herself, she really seems like she remembers, but denies it as she still doesn’t want Maru to know she KNOWS. Just like a test to him, as I already say, like old Eun Gi way to do things. (Expecting Maruto tell her first).

    I will follow with my theory until EG proves the opposite, but that preview with Eun Gi opening her eyes in the middle of their kiss (obviously thinking something else… distrust or even a revenge) is adding more points in favor to it.

    • And sorry for 2 things: my grammar, because english is not my first language. And second, my stupid corrector that changes Maru to Mary. Ridiculous.

  11. I haven’t watched this episode yet but damn do I love those Maru and Eungi moments! If eungi didn’t lose her moments I bet Maru will never come clean with his emotions and eungi will never realise that this dude loves her so so much. Until now I feel so much pity for Maru, it’s kinda painful to see such a promising, kind-hearted, smart and good looking guy get his future and life ruined because of one dumb event and a very very stupid decision. I mean, if Jaehee didn’t murder that man, Maru would be a happy and successful doctor! Sigh… All this shit for nothing…
    And I’m happy to see some Kwangsoo scenes! Runningman family brings lots of joy!
    I’m wondering how this show will end and I honestly think Maru might die, he prolly won’t get his surgery on time for eungi’s sake. Eungi is bound to regain her memories and I have a feeling she might push Maru away becos the moments are too painful… I think Jaehee and the evil lawyer will end up in jail for some reason. Kwangsoo and Choco will end up together! (To balance out Maru and eungi’s unhappy ending?) Lawyer Park, I think he’ll stay as the broken hearted lover ): Summing it all up, I honestly think its not gonna be a happy ending. Hope I’m wrong ))):

  12. “Eun Gi regaining her memories and going batshit on Maru before jumping his bones for make up sex” —- This. exactly what I’m thinking. Or wishing, for that matter. Haha.

    We all know that Maru is too guilt-ridden to initiate sexyboatingtimes so I am totally rooting for Eun Gi to do it. No, I am expecting her to do it. Haha! Kinda like how Eun Chan was jumping on Han Kyul’s bones in Coffee Prince. Rawr.

    But seriously, I’m with you Koala. This episode seems like a rehash of all their previous tricks. Send Maru to jail only to be let out. Rinse. Repeat. Gah, let Eun Gi remember everything and have it all out in the open already! There’s so much narrative potential there.

    • You know me and boating, yeisha. I’m always for it. Except here. If we have boating, I swear that means the ending will have Maru dead and Eun Gi raising their baby. I cry foul on that. So no boating until he gets that hematoma fixed!

      • Koala, bwahahahahahahaa! Oh yeah, how could I forgot about that freaking hematoma? Argh. Okay, they need to wait a little bit then. We don’t want a hematoma burst whilst they are boating. 😛

        Geez, I think too much sugar for Halloween is totally giving me a one-track perv mind. Seriously, that look that they gave each other in front of the police station? HAWT. *fans self* “Annyeong” has never sounded sexier in my ears!

  13. i hope Maru won’t die at the end…but if this drama follows the typical korean drama, then he probably is going to die. i get this feeling that the drama keeps hinting us with his death.

  14. Hi Koala,

    I saw this ep without subs last night so I don’t understand what they’re talking about. Thanks to you who make my day happy by reading your recap, specially your comment that made me smile ^_^.

  15. Thank you Koala for your super detail recap!

    I also think that Maru will die in the end! But I hope that it wont’ happen!
    I really love Maru and Eungi being together, sharing their sweetest moments ever!
    So, please writer-nim, don’t make an unhappy ending for this great story!

  16. Ms. Koala, Thanks for the recap. I always enjoy reading your thoughts on each episode. I particularly enjoyed your comments about how we romanticize EG’s love because MR loves her back. You make a valid point. I also think it’s because EG’s love appears so selfless, it’s the idealized version of love we all wish we had or aspire to, but in reality is extremely rare.

    I can see why people think this episode is a little repetitive with the whole Maru-goes-to-jail-but-then-he-doesn’t situation. But while we didn’t get a lot of plot movement I thought we got a lot of character movement instead. Like:

    JH pushing Ahn to the edge and then Ahn beginning to push back. I think JH is beginning to be afraid of the monster she created. “It’s aliiiive!” Seriously though, the cracks in this unholy alliance are beginning to show.

    MR finally verbalizes to someone what he’s known for a while – he’s not going to be able to leave of his own volition. Then he pokes the bear, just to make sure JHa forces him to leave.

    EG showing JH what real love looks like, and it’s not the superficial, shallow offering she’s been giving.

  17. i quite liked this episode and i think its sole purpose was to enforce the fact that maru loves eun-gi. the more good things/sacrifices he makes for her, the more she’s going to take into consideration when she finally regains her memories and has to make her decision about whether he’s been playing her or whether he’s sincere.
    anyway what happened with eun-gi’s chronic illness from the beginning? choco’s got wrapped up nicely enough with the viewers knowing she’s less likely to go into relapse now maru can provide properly for her. i’m just hoping eun-gi’s illness doesn’t smack us in the face when we least expect it.
    joon-ha…i hope he’s doing something about his father’s involvement in eungi’s mom’s death whether it’ll be clearing his name or whatever and finally does the right thing by exposing jaehee and minyoung. though i’m thinking eungi will find it hard to forgive him for witholding that crucial info esp. if she regains her memory and goes back to being old eungi.

  18. I feel like the writer is dragging out Eun Ki’s memory loss so that we can get a taste of what Eun Ki and Ma Ru’s relationship could’ve been like had it not been for all those exterior motives at hand.
    I loved this episode (like I have all the other ones) =P But from the looks of the preview, Eun Ki’s going to be turning the tables on everyone tomorrow =(

  19. No wonder why this episode felt draggy. I just skipped on EunMa moments and didn’t bother watching the plotting because I’ve seen it before.

    Lezgetiown episode 16. Eun Gi memory is back!

  20. “Eun Gi regaining her memories and going batshit on Maru before jumping his bones for make up sex”

    “his girl has got only lips on her mind, not that I blame her.”

    “leave my precious babies to suck face in peace from your dirty prying eyes.”

    HAH! those puns, love it =))
    you are awesome! thanks for the recaps 🙂

    • I was thinking the same way too. That finally, they’re in love or maybe that finally, everything is fine and that Maru, again, he let’s go of Eun Gi because EG hates him so much about what happened before the accident, decides to go to the hospital and have an operation. It’s either he dies or loses his memory without any chances of having it back. Then it would be Eun Gi’s turn to help Maru. XD I just hate that kind of ending. LOL

  21. “They worry that his arrival will reveal her current state to Jae Hee.”
    A little confused, I thought Jae Hee and Lawyer Anh already know about Eun Gi’s memory loss and everything since they have that MRI scan documents. And Joon Ha and Maru also know that they know… No?

  22. ”Go away, you grasping skank, and leave my precious babies to suck face in peace from your dirty prying eyes.”
    wkwkwkwk..really hard core!!

  23. Thanks for the recap
    I’m late to the party again. Decided I cannot watch this unless it is fully subbed since there are too many tricksey things in the dialog that I have been missing.

    I don’t have thoughts as much as impressions.

    I keep noticing how bright and cheerful the lighting/color palette continues to be despite the subject matter – even when MR is facing down JH. And JH is dressed in creams in that scene. I think this means she is on the way to redemption (DESPITE me screaming, “DIE, Bitch, of the Botox Fungus!”) I think we WILL have a happy ending, at least for now…

    If EG/MR are going down, it will be Ahn that keeps attacking in the end, not JH. I think that the conversation with EG about love vs company sparked something finally in JH, and I think the little person that will save her is ES. Somehow, in the middle of battling, ES will appear, pleading to stop hurting Eun Gi Noona because he loves her.

    I hope you are all correct in assuming EG knows more than she is letting on. That would be awesome.
    See you later!!

  24. A most entertaining and insightful recap! Had me bursting out with laughter a few times – you certainly have a witty way with words.

  25. I just couldn’t leave your site before suggesting that I really loved the standard information an individual provide to your visitors? Is going to be again incessantly to check up on new posts

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