First Impressions of Missing You with Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun

Watching Missing You was a rather disjointed experience and took me a bit of time to process it all. I wasn’t quite sure of what to make of episode 1, which consisted solely of the child actors laying the foundation as well as revealing the parents generation story. Making good on its claim to fame of being a K-melodrama, Missing You hits it out of the park in terms of containing every conceivable makjang element under the sun. In essence, the story reminds me of what’s currently brewing over on the weekend dramas such as Five Fingers and May Queen. I shouldn’t be surprised since writer Moon Jung Hee got a big win with last year’s warm and well-received (but still makjang) Can You Heart My Heart. MY is decided more overwrought than CYHMY, and might even have surpassed the boatloads of crazy pain that was episodes 1 of MQ and FF. I was wondering what more crap could happen to these kids and how much more revolting some of the adult characters were. I’m only laying it out because its a fact – MY is Melo and Dramatic to the nth degree. What’s tempering the excess of woe is PD Lee Jae Dong‘s lyrical touch with the camera, though he could shorten his reaction shots considerably but overall he’s taking what’s there and making it better rather than worse.

Now the more important questions is – was it executed well and did I connect with it? I’ve loved plenty of melos with terribly stupid plots (*cough* Autumn in My Heart *cough*) for various reasons so MY is either going to elicit some emotion from me by making me care about its characters, or its going to leave me disconnected from all the pain and suffering akin to watching on the news about a horrible atrocity in another country. So far the jury is still out. I liked as many things as I didn’t like about it, so my general Koala sense tells me I’m going to have to wait until the adults show up to fully render a verdict. Unlike The Moon that Embraces the Sun, where the kid section was so amazingly acted and the story so thrilling I was hopped up on the awesome which deflated faster than a twice-popped balloon the moment the adults show up, I actually think I’ll like the adult section more in MY because hopefully it’ll be more nuanced and more emotionally delicate. I can’t discount that my reaction to MY is colored by having feasted on one of the best melodramas I’ve watched in years in Nice Guy, leaving me loathe to cut MY some slack because I know its story could be tighter and the directing even more exhilarating. So far MY is definitely not the trainwreck I worried it might be and that’s good enough to earn a solid “That’ll do, Pig, that’ll do” from me.

My favorite thing about MY so far is the performance by young Kim So Hyun playing the younger version of Yoon Eun Hye‘s character. Her resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye is uncanny, and best of all they even cry the exact same way! Kim Yoo Jung deservedly stole the thunder in MoonSun as far as young female leads went, not necessarily because she’s a better actress but because Kim So Hyun played the bitchy second female lead that was so easy for everyone to dislike and harder for the viewers to appreciate her performance in that role. I knew she had the chops and right now she’s firing on all cylinders in MY. Yoon Eun Hye has big shoes to fill, but I know she’ll rise up to the challenge. I think Kim So Hyun’s masterful portrayal of emotionally abused and tormented Lee Soo Yeon is making that character so much more viscerally alive than she’s written on paper and this will give Eun Hye a much broader canvas to play off of when its her time to take over.

Strangely I’m decidedly less enthused about Yeo Jin Goo‘s performance as Han Jung Woo, whereas I thought the boy was hands down the single best thing about MoonSun throughout the entire drama. Perhaps it’s his character that’s not really written as well as Soo Yeon, leaving Yeo Jin Gu coming off like an earnest puppy who appears to form quick attachments to people. The two youngsters have solid chemistry but its hard not to compare to the chariots on fire level of wow that Yeo Jin Gu had with Kim Yoo Jung in MoonSun, though Yeo Jin Gu having hit puberty in a very noticeable way between those two dramas does help widen the gap and lessen the similarities. When watching MY I found myself giggling at the thought that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the adult version of the second male lead, when onscreen the child version of the first male lead looks more masculine and grown up than he does! Yoo Seung Ho is just 19 while Yeo Jin Gu is 15 going on 16, except he former is slight and lanky, while the latter is built like a running back and gives off considerably more testosterone vibes to me. I’m a tad worried to see my baby Seung Ho trying to believably romance Eun Hye.

The weakest part for me was the script. I’m not talking about the elements of dramatic license where you know what’s happening can only happen on television, because a good melodrama has to have some of that to create the intensity to suck the viewers into it’s universe. MY is like a screenwriter going on a bender where she’s decided to throw the kitchen sink of multi-generational complexities mixed with poverty, injustice, and greed. I actually needed to refer back to the character chart when watching episode 1 to figure out who was who and how they were all related. Melodramas that have too many simultaneous issues going rarely end up being considered a good work because its too complicated to toggle all those threads so inevitably things fall by the wayside or are resolved haphazardly. Already MY has me rolling my eyes on the surfeit of coincidences required to get the two leads together and later to keep them apart. I feel torn about this. One one hand keeping two people apart for 14 years (seemingly by choice on the part of at least one of them) requires something truly drastic to have happened, and to get there likely requires tons of bad things all converging. On the other hand I can’t quite leave my brain at the door and I’m just shaking my head at how the writer is lining up all her ducks to create the big woe is me moment for the young lovers.

It hurts the drama that I find almost every other character that is not the three leads ridiculously one-dimensional. Soo Yeon’s abusive father who turned out to be a falsely accused murderer but is still a child beater and wife batterer, and she’s saddled with a mother who is just trying to survive but chooses her own protection over her daughter’s. Jung Woo’s greedy, cruel, and controlling father coupled with his distant cold stepmother. Hyun Joon’s protective and steely mother who doesn’t hesitate to harm another’s child for the sake of her own. The landscape of MY is littered with villains and schemers who behave in ways that shout out their vile traits. I guffawed when Jung Woo’s dad released the hounds in his pit bulls and then took a shotgun and blew one away. Nothing says evil man more than being a dog killer, and he’s the same cold MoFo who had his dead dad’s corpse wheeled right on out of his house like a piece of fish. The vibe I get from having these types of characters around is knowing the leads will have a hell of a time trying to break free of their toxic relations and leading normal, healthy, and happy lives.

I find myself looking forward to when the adults will show up just because I think the story will be much more interesting then. Right now I can already predict why another river of tears will be shed by many of the characters and how the fighting adults will create more harmful situations for the kids to suffer through. Unlike MoonSun, none of what’s happening to the kids or adults is very interesting since its just garden variety fighting over inheritance and dealing with broken families stuff. I read in the synopsis that Jung Woo becomes a cop, Soo Yeon a fashion designer, and Kyun Joon a asset manager. This means they all grow up just fine so I’m not terribly chomping at the bit to watch the next three obligatory set up episodes. With NG wrapping up shortly, I might just play catch up when the adults swan in and see how I like it then. The ratings for episode 1 was a rather low 7.7 but the domestic reviews were generally favorable so it’ll take a few episodes to see if the audience will warm up to it. Competition isn’t that fierce since NG is in the high teens and The Great Seer has thus far been a bust as far as sageuks go with its ratings for today hitting only 8.5. All in all this is a promising start for MY and I can see lots of Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye fans thoroughly enjoying the ride. As far as recapping goes, I’m not doing two dramas in one day so MY is a no-go until NG finishes. But even then I make no promises, it’ll depend on how much I love it once Eun Hye and Seung Ho show up playing a couple with a lot of stashed away issues, the biggest of which is that she’s still in love with Yoochun’s character, who is the nephew of Seung ho’s character. Yeah, tell me about it. I can’t wait to watch that jealousy flag fly.


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  1. Thank you Ms. Koala for phoning in your first impressions on MY! 😀

    It reeks of makjang right now even with only this episode so I’m expecting even more makjang bits thrown as the drama progresses. I hope I get invested though seeing as NG ends next week so basically I have enough room for drama/angst in my life again. Kim Sohyun is just so good and I’m honestly hoping the childhood/setup part is longer so I could feel more for her and for Jungwoo. ;~;

    • I love your name. The cinematography for this drama is really pretty. Of course, I am forever an NG fan, but I will check out the next few episodes and see if I like it or not.

  2. I also have my 1st impression toward this drama..and it was In 2012., there are no Melodrama better than Nice Guy..watching only 1st episode of MY.,KSH has show great acting..about the rating.,i’ve know this result about a month ago..This drama only have a big talk..when the fact they is the last among the 3..

  3. Koala, thank you for this! I was waiting to see what you think about it before checking it out because as much as I love Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun, my love for them only goes so far. Plus, Nice Guy is kinda taking over my life right now (as you very well know).

    I’ll probably sit this out and maybe marathon it later. Big hugs to you for back-to-back melodrama recaps in one day! Whew, makes me emotionally drained just thinking about it.

  4. Thanks for your first impression of MY. I think this show is going to be good–as good as any melodramatic goes. I love all the actors but storywise, the angst and tearfest is just too much for me to handle. I’ll stick to reading the recaps whereever I can find them and watch the happy, cheerful, and thriller dramas only.

  5. When watching MY I found myself giggling at the thought that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the adult version of the second male lead, when onscreen the child version of the first male lead looks more masculine and grown up than he does!
    DUDE This! Its not even funny how nicely Yeo Jin Gu has grown up…now I feel so wrong having to put it that way but its true….It will be really hard for me to believe that Yoo Sung Ho is older than 20 whereas I feel that Yeo Jin Gu can easily sell that
    I have yet to see this episode but I’ve already heard tons of disappointment about the writing (inluding yours) and that makes sad cuz honestly that was the only thing that I was looking forward to since I loved CYHMH.

    • Really, cause I have opposite info from my friend (who can read Korean language) who said that the reviews for this drama is fantastic. Many articles are saying they haven’t seen this quality in a long time. The lines are amazing and viewers really empathized with LSY’s hardships and pain

      • I usually try to refrain from saying/writing something harsh (words) regarding someone/something because that’s not my personality. But I think this time I have to because you guys starting to annoy me. I’m tired of reading or hearing “certain” people try to discredit the drama from every aspects even before it’s aired. First the actors (their idol status), then the late casting, next the plot and now the writing. Don’t you think it’s a little bit to harsh to make a judgement that the drama has a bad writing while it still on the 1st epi ? And you said that some of you are K drama addict ??!!!
        Just give this drama some slack will you.

        PS : Even Nice Guy didn’t have this kind of treatment…

      • i was ready to agree with you but then you started to sound a lil fan girlish.we really shouldn’t judge thins on 1st looks but that’s life many don’t/won’t get any second chances so make the most out of it while you can
        The person didn’t say anything bad about the show just what she read and about the male character. common sense tells you have different sources

        and your 2nd post needed it’s own fan girl mini rant post

      • Dissapointment from the english language bloggers who I follow and whose oppinions I value not just some random news articles… I haven’t seen this episode like I have mentioned so I have nothing negative to say about it…as of now…but if I do I wil state it regardless of what you or anyone else thinks..also you can have a bad opinion about a given drama from the very first minute of watching it if you dont like what you are seeing…being able evaluate and judge,things makes for better kdrama viewing and shows that,you’re not just some puppet….so no, i’m not going to give this show any darn slack if I don’t like what I’m seeing

  6. guys, i told you. you have to watch it first, and make a comment. if tge first episode isn’t make you into it, give it some trial. and then, make a judgement. I experienced it in NG. When i see the synopsis and read some review of it, i think, this drama just a big talk, but when i watch the first episode, i find myself fall in its universe. so does in MY, i’ll watch the first episode and make a comment about it as soon as NG ends.
    So, respect each other’s opinion..

  7. I for one is very impartial to personal opinion but I feel this time your review has gone over the line . It is more a personal attack than an objective review and it is really a shame as this is only ep 1.Come on this is a bit unfair .

    Actually I have read many korean reviews and they are very favorable .As a critic myself, I beg to differ as I do find the opening scene very intense and the storytelling and flow going at the right pace.

  8. if you get any juvenile flaming
    I’m sorry ockoala

    i like the drama and i would totally watch Yoochun in a drama about hitting so I’m in this for the lang haul

  9. First, thank you Koala…

    I agree, give it a try first… Then decide later on whether the drama will be awesome or not. Because you may not know whats gonna happen. Many people find NG the best melodrama, but not for me. The first half of NG got me captivated, but i gradually lost my interest as the story progress on. I still watch it though, its still good drama.
    Im gonna do the same with MY, give it a try then decide. Its not fair to decide base on just 1 episode only.
    But then again, everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion, respect others eventhough they’re different from yours.

  10. I thought that the MY ep 1 started off really good and has a strong potential to be a compelling and heartwarming drama in spite of all the expected angst and all that. And C’mon guys it’s just the first episode, why so being OVERLY CRITICAL already. Hmm…Well eotokke with this blogger who has been unfavorable of this drama from the very start(rumors,dcasting,genre,etc)…

  11. Hey Koala! Thanks for the article 😀 Always good to read other people’s opinions!

    I think it’s perfectly fine to be critical right from the beginning.. When analyzing a book, you don’t disregard the prologue.. you criticize from the start!

    Personally, I really enjoyed the first episode hehe! I’m a big sucker for those dramatic dramas!

    I don’t think your review was over the line, it was perfect for your blog..

  12. The only thing I can say is great cinematography and gret acting by the young ones. Other than that the writing is just bad. It is engaging though and I’m sure it will attract people with the tear fest but honestly it’s too much. There’s no balance, everything is too convoluted and too many things going even if in a one dimensional way. And yes it’s ok to judge a drama by just one episode because each episode is supposed to be able to stand by itself (well at least in a well written one). Unless you’re a big fan of the actors, how are you supposed to be invested in a drama if it can’t get you hooked in one episode? It’s a pity though, good actors and good directing just bad writing. I’ll give it a try until the main actors come in but if the writing gets even more ridiculous (how do they pull off being separated for 14 years and everyone having a decent life) I’m done.

  13. As a ockoala reader, I always enjoy coming here… With that said, whether I disagree or agree with you on dramas and people, I will continue to come here because we do agree on some of them….
    I actually enjoyed the 1st episode as well as the 2nd… I love tears… I love having my heart ripped apart because I am so invested.
    Hope that you don’t get discouraged and continue being this playground’s captain!!!

  14. wow. Just looking at the screenshots, posters and teasers, and I know everything is really over the top. I’d have a hard time sitting through this not rolling my eyes.

  15. Ockoala…I’m not with you this time…I found the opening scene riveting and the whole 1st episode engaging…and I watched it raw! I cannot wait for the adults characters…I’m with this drama all the way…my crush Yoochun, my girl YEH and my pretty boy Seung Ho…it’s like DUUH!!!

  16. You all are so cute, I use to analyze like you but have given over to just absorbing a drama and if it hooks me I like it, if it doesn’t I generally don’t. This is just me saying this, when I talk to myself instead of listening, I always miss something. I watch dramas for a reason and generally it is a fun escape which takes me away from my everyday existence, just for a wee bit. We all need releases and this is my chosen one. My life doesn’t revolve around dramas because I like my real life better than the pretend.

    I found this analysis interesting and it did make me stop to ponder. Thank you.

    I believe the actors who take on roles like these are brave because many of the child actors used are very talented. YEH, in my opinion, can handle this type of role because she is so darn talented and has confidence in her acting skills and ability. YEH will only get better with time, and I will be willing to bet she will be one of the drama stars who stays on the scene for many many years to come.

    LIke I have said before, I will watch this drama to the end, because I have never been disappointed with any of YEH’s performances. Some times the story lines are not the best but her performances are always positive. Just my opinion.

    P.S. thank you for letting me post.

  17. Just saw chapter 2 and am delighted with this melo. I supported him because he was starring Yoon Eun Hye, but so far has won me over and I expect great surprises when the characters grow.

  18. it’s too depressing that it makes me smile thorough the episode. i can be that heartless i guess…………… even as pyc fan, and being pyc fan making me think like this, i can’t expect amazing acting from those adult casts, i can hope for an engaging chemistry between them. hopefully. if not, i think i’ll just throw this away and come back later to fastforward it….

  19. I have to agree with some comments before, from the first second this drama was announced I haven’t seen anything form koala except negativity. Before the lead actress was announced she labeled it a train wreck .. give it a chance will you!! and now I am pretty sure that even if this turns into a wonderful drama koala will find something to bash on. Koala if you don’t like this drama and have nothing to nice to say about it, or at least have something bad to say but with an objective and non-biased approach and then please go ahead, otherwise please stop recapping it or commenting because some people who trust your recaps (used to be me) to decide whether to watch a drama or not won’t give this drama a chance because of your negativity. Seriously I am really sad about whats happening 🙁

  20. Soo Yeon’s abusive father who turned out to be a falsely accused murderer but is still a child beater and wife batterer, and she’s saddled with a mother who is just trying to survive but chooses her own protection over her daughter’s.

    that’s not one-dimensional at all. I haven’t watched the drama yet, but this actually sounds as potentially rich characters.

  21. Thank you for your timely recap. Am I the only one not so excited about another makjang? To make a confession, I’m still holding on to MQ and even 5f(yes, I thought I’d dropped them, but ultimately, I couldn’t part with KJW,JH and JJH. So, thanks to FF button, I’m still with them.)

    And now my Chunnie is in this. What can a fan girl(ajumma) do in this case? I have no choice but watch it despite that I’d rather have something fun and fluffy. Yuchun has been saying that he would like to play challenging roles. So, here we are, at least one of his wishes realized.

    Anyhow, thanks for the heads up.

    JYJ hwaitng! JJ hwaiting! Yuchun hwaiting! and Junsu hwaiting(no trolling him) for sure.

  22. Of course everyone likes different things. That’s why they’re opinions. My guess is this will hold the same ratings as Faith, carried mainly by the main actors fans. The directing is gorgeous though so that might help but honestly whoever wrote the script should go back to script writing school or something. He (or she) just keeps putting one plot after another with no anchor. Its like: “Here’s what’s going on, just accept it!” Abusive father just beats the hell out of her with no trigger. Main actor suddenly being afraid just because he heard that her father is a murderer … I can go on and on. A flashback (as beautiful as it was) that has no real purpose except tie the writer up in future episodes. You dont do those kinds of flashbacks unless you’ve filmed the entire thing from start to finish. I dont know its just so ameteurish its not even funny.

  23. Just saw the real rating chart for this week thursday rating 8/11/12. IMY and NG is neck to neck . Infact towards the end, IMY did managed to scrap through ahead of NG. What this shows is IMY has an started on the right footing and has gained a favorable impact on its time slot.

    • I think you’re confusing The Great Seer with Nice Guy. Live ratings today for TGS and Missing You episode 2 are close and overlapping at parts. Nice Guy is still about 8-9 points higher than second place.

      • Here’s the live graph. The one highest is NG:

        Also the AGB ratings are out:


        18.2 (national)/19.7 (seoul)


        8.7 (national)/8.9 (seoul)

        MY: didn’t make the top 20 so we’ll have to wait. Hopefully it went up. It ought to be easy to surpass TGS in a few weeks.

  24. Yes it should be GS, However the ending upward trend for IMY is the deciding factor against its counterparts including NG .It normally tell the mood of views at the end of its time slot.And for IMY it is on track and doing well. Reviews poring out has been very well for 2nd episode of IMY

    • Trending is different from rating .Trending set the overall mood of the episode.It is Upward trend for IMY .What the graph is showing to the PD team and the writer that the plot and script and story is on track

      • @ incensa Graph and tech analysis happen to be part of my professional job .so please give me some credit when due

      • @sunni…hahahahahahahaha.
        I never know there would be someone like that here..You know,
        the way i see at you.,you look really pitiful..Even If you was a huge fan of PYC and YEH.,but how come you make something idiot by said MY and NG neck to neck like that..I think even you doesn’t mess up like that.,viewers already know the real fact..They need to beat TGS 1st before they become realistic to N2N with NG..STUPID!

      • No name calling here, @s’Hia. sunni may have made a honest mistake in mixing up the two lines. No big deal and refrain from making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • @sunni, I understand that graph & tech analysis is your professional job, however, can I share something here?

      If you look at the above graph closely, you’ll see that NG finished first, then, IMY started to increase a bit in its live rating. I started analyzing the live rating trends since early this year, and most of the time, any sharp decline on the live ratings means the episode finishes or there’s an issue with the broadcasting (ie. Equator Man had broadcasting error once and their live rating dipped significantly). I’m currently following King of Dramas and this drama opens my eyes about how dramas are made and the rating system. In episode 1, the main character “cheated” by adding one extra scene (1.5 minute longer than their competing dramas in the same slot). The reason? higher possibility that the viewers from the competing channel will switch to another channel after their favorite drama ends & to increase their overall rating. By looking at above graph, seems like it happened last night, NG finished first, then their viewers switched their channel to MBC. If they like what they saw on IMY, then there’s a big chance they’ll stay watching IMY from next week’s onwards.

      I still have a good feeling about IMY, I believe it can hold its own ground, so I hope the viewers in Korea can continue watching another melodrama after Nice Guy ends next week. Because so far the story is quite good, the cinematography is stunning and the actors have done stellar job.

      • I fully agree that manipulation by station is part of the game. It happen to all 3 stations. KBS, Mbc and Sbs. it is inevitable and all of them are guilty of this. Trending set the mood for next week episode and IMY is on the right track. That does not mean it will get to no 1 spot next week. trending means that it telling the pD and writer that they ahve to build on the momentum

    • @ s’Hia

      Please go stand in front of a mirror and contemplate on what you see, my dear. You might see ‘irony’ written all over your face. (-;

  25. Aaaish!! Here we go again. It is unfortunate that some people who demands objectivity from Ms. Koala’s blog/recaps are not reading her blogs objectively. I am not here to defend her for I have the feeling that she can hold her own. However, I can’t help but notice some of the personal attacks on her writing. I would go on the premise that I don’t always agree with Ms. Koala’s opinion, in fact, I disagree with her opinions 50% of the time and that’s ok, I just don’t normally post it though. I still like coming to her site to read her blogs so I can see where we differ. I specially love the responses (differing opinions) from the readers. This gives me a good overall idea if I’m going to checkout a drama or not. When it becomes insulting though, it is a turn off.
    1) Miss Koala from the beginning has been looking forward to this drama because she loves the main actors and actresses, well YC she just likes a little less than the others but does not dislike either.

    2) She continues to write honestly about her opinions regarding the director, actors, scripts and yes there might be bias in there but it is afterall her blog, her opinion, her turf.

    3) She continues to give MY a chance as evidenced with what she wrote and I quote “Now the more important questions is – was it executed well and did I connect with it? I’ve loved plenty of melos with terribly stupid plots (*cough* Autumn in My Heart *cough*) for various reasons so MY is either going to elicit some emotion from me by making me care about its characters, or its going to leave me disconnected from all the pain and suffering akin to watching on the news about a horrible atrocity in another country. So far the jury is still out. I liked as many things as I didn’t like about it, so my general Koala sense tells me I’m going to have to wait until the adults show up to fully render a verdict.” And quote “So far MY is definitely not the trainwreck I worried it might be and that’s good enough to earn a solid “That’ll do, Pig, that’ll do” from me.”

    4) She does not dissuade anyone from posting responses that agrees or differ from her.

    5) She does not solicit anyone from reading her blog, therefore, please state your agreement or disagreement but no insults.
    Thanks to Bibimpap, Sunni, CV, Zhee,A room of one’s own, Mars and others for stating their opinion without insulting the blogger.

    • Thank you for your post.Comments ,expression and personal opinions on public blog is one of the great gift of free speech in our society. It would be unrealistic to get uniform agreement on opinions precisely for the reason that we are all individual living in different environment.But having said that. Privilege comes with responsibility as well.more so for those who runs it comes greater burden and responsibility as well. There is always the need to keep it civil and that is why objectives both side opinions should be encouraged instead and it start with the blogger main topic.

      • I agree with you as far as keeping it civil. This is a blog and as such we have to take into consideration that the bloggers point of view will take preeminence here from the get go. Because of that, we as the readers have to be objective, take it or leave it. It is not “news” where one has the responsibility to report without bias, although one is hard pressed to find an unbiased news now a days. It is her take on the drama not pander on the reader’s likes or dislikes.

      • @Justaviewer thanks I just like to add one more pointer that Blogs are created and encouraged as a great marketing is still business at the end of the day. In this case the posters and statistic data are use by researcher and tap for their purpose.It is inevitable but co related whether you like it or not.That is why running a blog takes a lot more than just ranting one’s view.

  26. It’s pretty obvious to me you are biased. I verm… vem… vehemently disagree.
    Don’t tell me you missed the masterful slow-motion shot of the rottweilers’ saliva as they unwillingly jumped to their death? Notice how they greeted the lady by jumping and wagging their tail as she opened the door, but then mysteriously attacked her. This is a brilliant metaphor on the plight of the underprivileged and oppressed, on par with Jafar Panahi’s Iranian cinema and without a doubt the finest performance since Brian Levant’s seminal Beethoven.

    You must be one of those communistical cat people voting Jill Stein. Shame on you.

  27. Thanks for the review oh fearless leader 😉 I’m also on the fence like you although my reasoning is simply because crying from start to finish isn’t my idea of a good time….. We’ll see how it all pans out.
    To everyone else with a differing opinion, that’s fine. But please let’s remain civil. It’s ridiculous to have her open her blog to have flaming arrows aimed at her. Gomawo!

  28. I know it, kkkk fangirls will come with fork to this article.. ^^ as expected from the his special fans..
    Koala you are very popular in soompi, even the discussion is more about you.. hahaha

  29. Hey Captain!! What is your take on the flashforward?

    I am one of those who generally shy away from makjang/melo. Seriously. Looooonnnng time ago I watched Autumn and went – what the heck!!

    then came Stairways = I tell you the truth -to this day I have not seen it in its entirety – my rationale – OK, I can cry with you, ride the ride with you, weep and wail – BUT – I want My Happy Ending!!! After ALL THAT SUFFERING – she died!!! Dangit!! OK, OK! Before you jump on me and say -“that’s why it’s called Melo” – this is just MY personal angst. LOL!!!!
    Anyway, Anyway – Love Nice Guy, will be watching this.

    Just as aside – anyone watching Oohlala? For a comedy it’s pretty tear inducing. Just saying.

  30. thanks koala… this time i give you credit for a fair review…but to others let us not compare NG and IMY coz they have not aired simultaneously….So far it is NG doing well as it was at its end..but for just 1 episode of IMY and already has gathered many positive feedback from all over it is already a sign that it is good and for a rating of 7.7 nice one for s start! chill out people let us not prejudge watch first before condemning….. and For NG guys too early to tell so keep those Nostradamus readings to yourselves first though i know i know we all have our own opinions….Can’t wait for YEH,YC YSH for the carousel romance 🙂

    • I really, really want to know and understand why some people are so fixated with ratings.

      As a viewer, why should ratings be relevant to me? Are those numbers supposed to affect the manner I watch a drama? Can they make my watching experience more worthwhile? Because if they don’t, then why the hell should I care, let alone worry about them?

      Please, Yoda, this not so young Padawan needs some enlightenment. ^_^

  31. i don’t know why i read all comment in here like dejavu when i read in another blog when LTM other blog the writer didn’t like LTM so the give “subjective” thought about it and as u all know some of their followers give the critics that Best Love the best than LTM..critizied the script so trainwreck, the rating so low and ect.. but turn out LTM internationally success and it bought in several country and many people like it because the chemistry of YEH & KJH.

    so let’s not compare MY with NG, it’s only 2 episode still 18 episode to go..just chill..i know many people may like NG, i have NG on my HDD but until now i have not pasion to watch it..

    just enjoyed the ride like LTM if you like it just watch, if you don’t like it just leave simple as that..

    and about the rating not good so what, is that the clue that the world end ?? not right.. so just relax

    i don’t care bout the rating

    • @Lovely, so agree with you chingu, rating is not what we are watching, it’s the drama. Like LTM, it had very low rating in SoKor but internationally, it was a big success. So, why not give it a chance.


  32. YEH onnie,
    i’m so sad because the rating last night 🙁
    onnie wae you want made comeback with this project??
    with the rating around 6-7%, i’m sure it will be another flop drama 🙁

  33. I love YEH a lot and I also want her back on a good drama with solid story and with high ratings.. She haven’t appeared yet so let us not assume this to be a flop. There were a lot of factors why the rating was so low. IN MY OPINION: First, simply because it’s almost the end of NG so it’s hard to get people not to watch it. Second, because it’s competing with Saeguk drama which is well loved by the koreans. And etc….

    We keep on saying that let us not care about the ratings and just enjoy the show but actually ratings are very important for the staffs. But it’s not really purely rating that is needed to be considered if the drama is a flop (IMO), why ??? because even though Yoon Eun Hye’s My Fair Lady got 15%+ rating, lol many were saying it was a flop.

    CHILL ! IT’S STILL EPISODE 1&2 😀 LET US SUPPORT OUR GIRL EUN HYE EONNI in whatever she does. (supporting an actress will always be up to your own choice)

  34. i just watch the two episodes of MY, so far i did like what i have seen, i guess to each his own, everyone has his, her own taste or likes when it comes to drama and this one happens to be mine, not forcing anyone to watch it with me but so far i like it! maybe i’m just easy to be pleased when it comes to drama…but hey! as ive said to each his own…:)

  35. Hey peeps it it is just the beginning of the drama and you’re as if the sky has fallen on you…lol …this drama will be a success…All dramas did not start with high ratings they earned it gradually! Cheer up….even koala is not into this drama before but still she is giving it a chance now and I commend her for her review this is well written. YEH and YSH look good together! You won’t even notice the age difference in their photos..YEH is baby face while YSH was able to put a matured stance 🙂

    • bunnie I agree with you Missing You, has everything to raise their ratings and the equation is infallible: Good story+ Great Direction +Great Actors (and Very popular) = SUCCESS.

  36. and YEAH and YAH couple looks a bit odd and awkward.
    i can’t imaging how they look as couple.. ewwwwww
    but i think YC (actually i don’t like him) and YEH will be perfect couple because YC looks more mature than YEH.

  37. Finally saw this.
    Glad I wasn’t the only one confused by all the mean men and rancid ladies being evil at each other over, money, I think. LOTS OF MONEY, I hope.
    Cause I would expect that you only sic, then KILL (?!) your dog on a CHILD (?!) unless it is BILLIONS of won.

    As much as I rolled my eyes over the EVIL money people, I really liked number 27’s story.
    This girl has been living in hell for how long? And she still goes to school? She isn’t doing drugs or stealing her mother’s soju? The utter hopelessness of living in your own personal maelstrom of an abusive father who accused then executed for killing a child. She has no out, does she? I guess if we were in a sageuk, her dad would have been a traitor, and she would have to live branded like that.

    Kim Sae Ran, the little girl in CYHMY carried the entire show for me because you kept seeing her in HJE’s portrayal. I think it may be like that for this one. KSH is killing this. She’s got everything going on, and outshining YGJ bigtime.
    I hope Ep 2 is subbed soon. Not sure if I am going to stick around. I may just FF EVil Money People storyline because I know that I am NOT going to care about them trying to kill each other later on, either.

  38. I just finished watching the first episode of MY and I must say it made me cry soooo much. It is just too sad! After watching it, I really want to watch a comedy just to perk up my mood. I am not a big fan of hardcore dramas but I am going to stick with this one because I am a big fan of YEH. I was just wondering. How can we help with the ratings of the dramas? I just want to support YEH.

    • only people living in korea affects the ratings ^_^ so, if you have relatives there or someone you know, you can promote the drama to them. I LOVE YEH A LOT TOO and I want to help 😀

  39. With just watching the introduction of the series…it looks like my Yoochun gets shot in the head and collapses to the ground and dies….WT….if he dies…sorry, but I am SO NOT going to watch this! I’d rather watch re-runs of Rooftop Prince….(which I love!)

    • I think the flash forward doesn’t take us to the END of the series, but to the middle.
      Kinda like what Time Between Dog and Wolf did.

      There has to be a whole lotta story to resolve why that happened with YEH, MY and YSH.
      I think this is one of those really reallly sad starters that ends happy because no writer is going to put their young characters through all that misery unless there is an emotional pay off. Just my guess.

  40. Changing the subject, just a wee bit, what do you think of Rain with YEH? They would be a cute drama couple?

    Everyone, keep your fingers crossed for this drama, support these actors and this effort by spreading the word. Acting isn’t easy, loyal fans do make a difference.

  41. mostly ratings are low because it is aired simultaneously with Nice guy which is nearing its final episodes, so most viewers will surely be watching nice guy…..i miss you just started now, and to start against a strong opponent it will obviously start with low ratings, i think ratings will be better once nice guy finishes.
    Also, i think episode 1 and 2 were both good….episode 2 being the more sweeter side 🙂 i think i’m going to keep watching this, coz both the young leads are amazing with their acting.

    seriously guyz if you think ep1 was too heavy, watch ep2 it gets so much better with all the sweet moments 🙂

  42. The game of trying to defend YEH and her drama ratings is boring. You either are going to watch the drama or you aren’t. I personally don’t like the idea of anyone sitting in the background chuckling or having a good time at the expense of ardent fans of YEH. (see the comments in pink). What lured you here in the first place, for me it was YEH, it wasn’t because of someone I didn’t know.

    So now my chickadees I will say ciao for now because I know there are many more blogs to be read by people who don’t talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  43. ah poor ms. koala, getting blamed for not liking this drama. know what, this drama is cheesy full stop. directing is like those in mv and man, i HATE the music. but what i hate the most?? the writing. the dialogues. esp regardging romance between leads, it’s too shoujo manga-ish. agree with kim sohyun and yeo jingoo acting too.

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