Stills of Script Reading Session for That Winter, The Wind Blows

Now that Nice Guy has wrapped up I can start anticipating the new crop of dramas coming along. Aside from Alice in Cheongdamdong, the rest of 2012 is done for me in terms of new dramas. But early 2013 brings a slew of dramas worth at least checking out, the most serious one of the bunch being That Winter, The Wind Blows written by Noh Hee Kyung (Goodbye Solo, Padam Padam) with a diverse cast of Jo In Sung, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Bum, Jung Eun Ji, Bae Jung Ok, and Seo Hyo Rim. Directed by Noh Hee Kyung’s longtime collaborative PD Kim Kyu Tae, I have high hopes this melodrama will continue the high bar set by Nice Guy and tell a story without resorting to cheap narrative tricks to milk tears. My opinion of Jo In Sung is that he’s the king of old-school melodramas, with his performances in What Happened in Bali and Spring Days both shining examples of how he can cry like no other male actor out there as well as express some serious oomph towards the camera.

I’m also hopeful that Song Hye Kyo will continue her acting improvement and wow me here in tackling a character who is blind. Jung Eun Ji was seriously impressive in her debut drama Answer Me 1997, and I can see Kim Bum flourishing onscreen opposite her as well as playing the best friend to Jo In Sung’s character. I’ve always thought Bummie was a baby version of Jo In Sung acting-wise. The basic premise of the drama stems from an emotionally bitter man who was abandoned by his parents as a child and dealt with a crushing first love disappointment. He decides to con a rich heiress who is dealing with a sudden onset of blindness by pretending to be her long-lost older brother. Of course they fall in love, the con and the fauxcest aside. I love this writer, I like this cast, that’s enough to keep a close watch on That Winter and hope the end result is that this drama doesn’t end up blowing but instead rocks. That Winter will air on KBS after Jeon Woo Chi.


Stills of Script Reading Session for That Winter, The Wind Blows — 28 Comments

  1. Jo In Sung, he’s so damn good in WHIB, best drama ever imo..
    Actually I watched WHIB for So Ji Sub but was drawn to him in the end.
    Song Hye Kyo… meh, not a big fan of her but she don’t annoy me that much anymore. There’s been quite a handful of melos lately and it’s a struggle for me… because I’m not in the mood of watching melodramas.

    I was hoping for JIS’s comeback drama to be a rom-com since he hardly do that…but oh well…. T_T

    I haven’t even start watching Nice guy yet and I don’t think I will after reading your recaps, not because it’s a bad drama but the storyline and the characters don’t click with me as much as I adore Song Joong Ki.

    Missing You is painfest galore, hoping that the adult part will be more heartwarming instead of being so cruel. I’m quite hopeful because the writer have a good history of heartwarming dramas but after I read ep3 recap, I’m not so sure yet.

    • If you want to watch a romcom you should watch can we get married! It’s on dramafever and stars Jung so min and sung joon, it’s pretty realistic (even though the mom is kind of shrill and sometimes a bit too much….). Give it a try heh.

  2. Sometimes, I think I am the only one on the planet who watched Shoot for the Stars. I LOVE that drama. I know it is cheesy, but it always makes me feel good. And all of the actors so earnest. This is the drama that I think of (and smile) when I think of Jo In Sung.

  3. The drama synopsis sounded terribly familiar.. and I remembered from where – the k-movie “Love me not” starring Moon Geun-Young. Blind heiress,guy wants to con her by pretending to be her long-lost brother, they fall in love. But with 16 episodes to develop the characters, I hope to see a lot more deeper into the story.
    I’ll definitely check it out, thank you Koala.

  4. I like how SHK is not made up.

    Who is that boy in the photo next to Seo Hyo Rim’s? He has that Eric/Lee Sang-yeob vibe from that angle.

    It is going to be reeeeeeeelly hard not to call this The Winter Blows, especially since since it is going to be about horrible things that happen to people.

  5. Aw, Seo Hyo Rim’s in another NHK drama….I adore her…wonder if she’s playing JIS’s first love?….I worry about Jung Eun Ji in this show cuz while she was wonderful in AM1997, that show seemed right up her alley…not entirely sure how she will handle this though….It’s always nice to see Bae Jong Ok in anything….love that woman….I do wish Kim Gab Soo would make an appearance too

  6. The casting is just epic!!! I love Seo Hyo Rim to pieces and have such a soft spot for Song Hye Gyo and everyone else (also rewatching Worlds Within now!) so oh man, SO PUMPED, tears and melo be damned aha.

  7. Actually the drama will air on SBS after “The Great Seer” and “IRIS 2” is the one going to air on KBS after Jeon Woo Chi and the two are going to start airing on the same day.

    Tough competition which I am not happy about because I love the cast of the two drama.

  8. wowwwww Jung EunJi is certainly piling up her schedule (or is it her crazy management company?) She’s doing this AND being the main star (alternating with Jessica) in Legally Blond Musical???? @___@ poor girl… please take care of yourself…

    I wish I was in Korea though… to watch the musical with her and Tim~ <3 i saw the practice snippets and it looks all sorts of AWESOME

  9. I love Worlds Within, and this cast right here in That Winter Blows. Pretty much excited and looking forward to this drama. I especially like that I’m able to see Seo Hyo Rim again (girl is charming and adorbs)and JIS and SHK as the main leads. Gorgeous, talented people right here…

  10. i just hope that TWTWB writer would change the fate of the male lead – Jo Insung towards the end of the series… in the Kmovie version, not sure if the guy is dead or not… coz i heard his foosteps walking towards MGY…. or its just her imagination of the guy… so im hoping a different and more satisfying ending in TWTWB…

  11. JIS, SHK, KB – what’s not to like? ^_^

    After Missing You, this. Painfest galore.
    Those dramagods really want to overwork my tear glands. O~O

  12. i wish someday song hye kyo will be pairing with lee min ho in rom-com or colosal drama just like faith, coz i know he’s a big fan of her

  13. youre done for 2012 korean dramas?

    im guessing you dont like weekend dramas?

    because so far a good one that has me hooked is my daughter seo young. its pretty good even if only 6 episodes has been subbed in english and 18 in chinese. so far 20 episodes are out.

    the story is interesting and ive been eagerly waiting each weekend to watch the raws.
    try it out!

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