Megan Lai is Pretty in Pink and Black Attending Promotional Event

I’m sorry to have to do this but I’m officially dropping my Miss Rose recaps. I’m planning to keep watching and will bring the previews every week, but I don’t have the desire to recap the episodes anymore since one-half of the OTP has completely and utterly lost me. I have no idea what the writers are thinking in slowly turning Si Yi more and more meek, submissive, and fearful like a subversive form of Chinese torture. I couldn’t even enjoy episode 19’s marriage proposal properly since it was ALL Cheng Kuan expressing himself, vowing eternal love and commitment, and in general being an awesome boyfriend, all while Si Yi resembled a log in the middle of the stream watching the water that is Cheng Kuan’s love flowing by her. As much as Vivian is a complete delusional beyootch, at least she fights for her love, however misguided and wrong in how she goes about it. At this point, only the guys in this drama are worth rooting for and I’m tempted to fast-forward scenes so that my blood pressure doesn’t rise.

The weird thing is, Si Yi continues to be mature and confident in front of Yi Chun (!), and in this episode she firmly told him that he was a great memory in her past and she hoped they could stay good friends going forward. Megan Lai was at a promotional event this week looking all sorts of gorgeous and perky (love the princess dress) and I am happy to bring these pics so that we’re all reminded she’s nothing like the gormless Si Yi she plays onscreen. At the promo event, the media went after Megan for the recent break up news between Chao Chun Ya and his girlfriend of 3 years actress Jean Gao. The media fanned the rumors that Megan was the Xiao San in the break up, which she denied vociferously and said she and Chao Chun Ya were just work friends. Roy Qiu also allegedly broke up with his unconfirmed girlfriend Tang Yan recently, though no one is insinuating Megan has anything to do with that. I suppose I can find humor in the entire world seeing offscreen chemistry between Megan and Chao Chun Ya while she and Roy are about as close as a penguin and a polar bear.

It’s too bad about Chao Chun Ya and Jean. They were a cute couple, but oh wells, the circle of dating in the entertainment industry continues its merry-go-around.


Megan Lai is Pretty in Pink and Black Attending Promotional Event — 24 Comments

  1. I know who the real Xiao San is for Chao Chun Ya and Jean’s break-up: trotwood! LOL

    Yup. I second everything you said about Si Yi. TT

    • shh. Don’t tell the Taiwanese press. I cannot afford a scandal right before coming up for promotion next year.

      How funny. I thought I was the first to post. I was composing my post, and then went to check something in the oven. When I posted my comment, there you were, Denali, telling the world my secret. And people wonder why I have to post under a disguised name!

      Wow, I am going to miss all this fun when everything is over.

      • Whoops! So that was really you in that disguise when the four of us, with “JC” met over dinner the other day? My apologies. You should have told me before hand. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about your real identity and please do not tell which capitals JC stand for, nor my involvement in bringing JWS and LJA together. By any chance, did you get to have a closer look at Roy’s table in the restaurant? I thought I recognized Pearl next to him with Janine Chang and Peter Ho. I am pretty sure though that no koala was in sight, too busy with Korean young guns in Seoul.


        I will miss this too. ♥

      • Hey, Ms. Denali, shsh… I just Kicked Tang Yan’s August 15th a few weeks ago, and Roy is heading to the Old Golden Mountain to see me tonight. Do you want to join us? Haha…
        This is fun. I love it….

  2. *trying to focus* trying to focus, but somehow tasting salt water* *gulp* *gasp*
    Boy,Captain Koala. You sure know how to temper the bad news with major distraction. First we get the beautiful pictures of a lively Megan Lai (as opposed to the wet looseleaf paper character she is being forced to portray; I actually initially wrote “betray” instead of portray. Hmm. I wonder if I really meant that?) Anyway, then you slip in dropping Miss Rose recaps. But you end with a (WET) picture of Chao Chun Ya!!!!!!!!!! With that I can forgive and forget anything. Was something bad happening? *goes back to imagining the salt spray on her face and being the person that CCY is smiling at*

      • Thanks, Pearl and Denali, for helping me out. All is good here. I am a bit bruised after having my jaw actually hit my desk. But I am fine now. *off to find swimsuit*

        Actually, off to grade exams. Back to reality. I miss you guys already:(

    • *handing a towel*

      Here. That might be helpful. Yunno, if he needs help to put on dry clothes. Or to wipe the drool off your screen.

  3. I don’t know…. MR has been all sorts of boring for me too cause I can’t get onboard with the way that sy behaves. Either make the clean break or make a real effort to fight for it. I have not watched ep 19 yet since I knew where it was headed and not in the direction I would like.

  4. Woh woh, what a breaking news that ML is a suspect Xiao San I Ccy relationship, it’s totally opposite fr her roll in MR.
    I don’t blame you for dropping recap of MR cap. K as I got piss myself when I saw the preview of ep 20, how can Settv have such a crabby script writers, no wonder its rating heading down south.

  5. I must agree with you regarding Si Yi. I have never been so frustrated watching an episode of Miss Rose. And to think that this is the big proposal. I wondered what in the world the scrip writer’s aim and the direction this drama is going. At this point I’m thinking if Si Yi continues to be so weak, she does not deserve CK. The preview insinuates that she might give up the engagement because of Vivian’s accident. Another deterrent to the relationship of CK and SY but if SY does not fight for her love then CK might as well get back with Vivian even if I hate her evilness. Ugh! Thinking of dropping this drama altogether.

  6. Hey, Cap K, who know, may be Megan is playing di xia qing (low profile, hidden dating )with Roy Qiu that no one know about as Roy Qiu is known for attracting his co-stars. Is Megan an exception? Shshsh!

  7. I agreed with you K. When I watch episode 19 MR, I’m tempted to fast forward scenes too! SY why becomes more meek, submissive n why she can not believed CK, when she said she loved him . She feel fears? Poor CK. I don’ t blame you K if you not desire for this drama again.

  8. Poor Chengkuan. Pouring out so much love and effort and being told to WAIT. *headdesk* Siyi had better up the awesomeness in future episodes to make for all this passiveness.

    I quite liked episode 19, since I still find Miss Rose enjoyable the first time around, but episode 20 will grate on my nerves for sure. It’s going to be extremely hard to do a fun rewatch of Miss Rose unless it has a super kickass ending. *sigh*

    Anyway, the highlight of the series is undeniably still Roy and Paul’s chemistry, lol.

    • At the preview episode 20, SY take off the ring,omo this scenes look that SY doesn’t fight for her love. IS SHE REALLY WANT TO BE CK LOVER? POOR CK.

  9. Hey MR chingus!

    I’m always game to talk about MR and I’ll always remember fondly our convos about this drama. Even though its going down the drain, all the time I spent on it was totally worth it to me. 😀

  10. I also don’t like what the writers are doing to Si Yi’s character. But I think a large part of it is to drag out the series since the new series isn’t ready yet. It’s a weak excuse for trying to keep the OTP apart or create conflict, since this Si Yi isn’t at all like the Si Yi that we know. Glad that even XK told SY to be more brave at the end of Ep 19. It’s a good thing SY and CK have a lot of goodwill built up in me so that I’ll keep watching.

  11. I agree with you completely, and I have no problem fast forwarding to get to Roy’s scenes.

    I don’t understand why the writers are giving us a soggy heroine.
    It can’t be to increase ratings. Sacrificing for your man?
    Backing down from a fight?
    Not very trendy, is it?
    As a mother of a daughter, seeing stories like that make me wonder what they are teaching the audience.
    As a full grown woman, I want to shout some sense into her.

    • lol it’s definitely not to increase ratings, it’s just to extend the drama. The problem is, they can’t make Chengkuan wishy-washy because it would clash with his character — even when he doubts himself and/or Siyi, he still goes ahead with his plans. But passiveness does fit Siyi’s character. She is willing to stand up (e.g. for Xiaoke, or when she told off Song Tingai that one time), but she is not inherently defiant. So the writers are latching onto that and draggggging it out.

  12. I don’t blame you for dropping this drama, I’m so disappointed that I’m tempted to fast forward through all of Luo Si Yi’s scenes. I really find it hard to stand it when a woman becomes a object, namely, a dishrag. She used to have some spine but now, I’m just not seeing it.

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