Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 2 Quick Summary

Wow, that a difference a day and an episode can make. I freaking loved episode 2 of Cheongdamdong Alice! Woo hoo, this is more like it. It still has some awkwardness and needs more narrative clarity, but all the interwoven threads are set in place and there are lots of understandable stakes everywhere. Two episodes in and I can safely say that Namgoong Min is stealing the show as In Chan, and he’s not even a regular cast member! In his cameo role as Se Kyung’s butt poor boyfriend, he’s hitting his few scenes out of the park and elevating the emotional nuance of this show singlehandedly. Much as I love Moon Geun Young, she’s merely good so far though her character Se Kyung is really fleshed out in the second episode. Park Shi Hoo is in a really weird position in the drama – he’s the ex-husband of Yoon Joo and the future object of Se Kyung’s marry-rich aspirations, but his character feels like the wacky, off-kilter Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland story. I don’t think anyone has ever shipped Alice with the Mad Hatter so this will be a first.

I have to make special mention of the fact that Kim Ji Seok is nowhere to be seen and Namgoong Min comes off as the second male lead at this point. I was sincerely moved by their love story and the scene where they broke up for good had me sobbing without feeling like my tears were being manipulated by excessively manufactured sadness. I really root for Se Kyung to succeed in life because I love how she applies her dedication and determination to both her career and her love life. I finally understand that the story is trying to be as realistic as possible in discussing how the average person really might never succeed simply by using hard work in a society like South Korea that is excessively geared towards connections and superficial markers of worth. I’m not sure how I feel knowing that the ultimate end game is to have Se Kyung earn her rich crazy Prince in Seung Jo, because at this point I wish this story was about Se Kyung and In Chan. Nevertheless, I breathed a sigh of relief after this episode which gave me comfort that this story has its act together and is headed somewhere interesting. I’m totally along for the ride now.

Episode 2 quick summary:

Yoon Joo greets Se Kyung like they were best friends in high school instead of hated foes, with a fake sweetness and mild condescension. Se Kyung says she’s planning to resign anyway for the lost gem certificate fiasco, so Yoon Joo needn’t worry about the awkwardness of one of her former classmates now having to call her Madam. Yoon Joo, who wants Se Kyung around to continue to toy with, points out that quitting in such a small industry would leave her with a bad reputation in the future.

Se Kyung goes to see Team Leader Shin In Hwa, who correct guesses Se Kyung wants to resign. In Hwa says many aspiring designers like Se Kyung are put down for their poor backgrounds and lack of rarified taste and the first instinct is to quit. If Se Kyung doesn’t have the born requirements to succeed here, at least she ought to have the guts to tough it out and not quit. In Hwa leaves before Se Kyung can hand in her resignation.

In Hwa passes Yoon Joo in the hallway and makes it clear she knows Se Kyung is not Yoon Joo’s good friend. In Hwa’s sneer when Yoon Joo claims to be BFFs with Se Kyung is awesome and I love her telling it like it is, even if she is also a snob.

Se Kyung meets with her friend Ah Jung to share the news that Yoon Joo is the President’s wife. Ah Jung is stunned “Seo Cheater” has done so well for herself, since her reputation way back when was just a man-stealer. She vows to dig up dirt on Yoon Joo.

Se Kyung is called to run more errands and this time when she delivers the packages, Yoon Joo allows her inside to show off her grand digs. Se Kyung tells Yoon Joo that she will treat Yoon Joo not as a former classmate but respectfully as the President’s wife. Yoon Joo pretends that she’s not asking for such airs but clearly is enjoying this.

Ah Jung calls Se Kyung out to reveal the dirt on Yoon Joo – when she lived in France, her name was Cha Yoon Joo. She unofficially married a man there (having their own ceremony in a church but not filling papers) and took his last name. Ah Jung says Yoon Joo must’ve dumped that poor sap when a better chance came alone with the President of GN Fashion. OMO, no wonder Seung Jo is pissed, he and Yoon Joo were married!

Se Kyung goes to return the Artemis purse her boyfriend In Chan gave her as a breakup present and is told that the one she has is an irregular sample that should not have been sold. Se Kyung says this is not possible and asks to be called after the company investigates.

Petty Seung Jo goes to a online forum to post about an upcoming sale at Royal Department Store, his dad’s company. His post gather a flurry of people venting about Royal and Seung Jo happily fans the flames. Okay, his pettiness is starting to get epic.

Seung Jo is called out when an unhappy customer wants to exchange an irregular purse she bought elsewhere. The woman flings the purse at Seung Jo and he catches it with one hand. He agrees to the woman’s unreasonable demands for an even more expensive bag. He then orders his secretary to investigate the source of irregular bags being sold.

Seung Jo gets a video message from his dad gloating to hear that Artemis is dealing with a gray market purse problem. Dad points out that Seung Jo inherited his petty streak from Dad. Okay, these two are hilarious together. Dad hilariously mocks Seung Jo’s French name, Jean Thierry Cha.

During a management meeting, Seung Jo is told that a low-level employee named Seo In Chan (Se Kyung’s boyfriend) was in charge of checking for irregulars before it was placed on sale. In Chan has taken a leave of absence recently and can’t be located.

Se Kyung is told by Seung Jo’s secretary that the company suspects In Chan kept irregular purses to sell on the side. Se Kyung goes to In Chan oppa’s apartment but he’s not home. She sees only piles and piles of bills and collection notices stuffed in his mailbox.

Se Kyung makes another parcel delivery to Yoon Joo’s house as she prepares for the dinner party for the new Artemis President. This time Yoon Joo tells her to put the bags in her closet and Se Kyung enters to see it filled with designer goods.

On her way out, she runs into Yoon Joo’s nice husband who remembers watching her job interview online with Yoon Joo. Se Kyung’s French motto of “L’effort est ma force” (hard work is my force) was particularly memorable to him. Yoon Joo runs out to stop her husband from accidentally revealing that she knew it was Se Kyung before she was hired. After her husband goes inside, Se Kyung asks if Yoon Joo had fun watching Se Kyung run errands for her?

Se Kyung still doesn’t think highly of Yoon Joo, who isn’t ashamed and says she got to this place by her hard work and effort (in landing a rich man). There is nothing for Se Kyung to look down on her for. In fact, if it wasn’t for Yoon Joo, Se Kyung wouldn’t even have gotten this chance.

Se Kyung goes back to In Chan’s apartment and this time she flashes back to happier times. She and In Chan were working as mascots, which was tiring and backbreaking work. Afterwards In Chan tells Se Kyung that he promises going forward he’ll not let her work so hard and give her a more comfortable life.

Se Kyung gets a call on her phone and the other person doesn’t say anything. She knows its In Chan and says she misses him, calling him an idiot. In Chan is dressed like a construction worker and calling from a phone booth. He starts to cry, which makes Se Kyung cry as well, and soon the both of them are sobbing into the phone. Omo, my heart breaks for them.

Seung Jo gets all dolled up for his revenge dinner with Yoon Joo and GN Fashion. You know, he would be extremely annoying if he weren’t slightly crazy hence I worry about him.

On his way out, he sees Se Kyung asking if In Chan is back at work and begging to the company to give him a chance to explain. Seung Jo asks Se Kyung if In Chan is her boyfriend and how long they’ve been dating? Se Kyung says 6 years. Seung Jo reveals In Chan is deep in debt and has a terrible credit rating, telling Se Kyung to cut her losses now and dump him. That’s what all women would do in her situation, and he would know because he’s an expert in female psychology.

Se Kyung announces that In Chan didn’t steal those irregular bags and he’ll be back to explain. She doesn’t need Seung Jo lecturing her like a know-it-all, when he’s simply the secretary of the President. It’s clear that Seung Jo has never been in love before, so he knows nothing. She swans out leaving Seung Jo sputtering that he has been in love many times!

Before Seung Jo leaves for the dinner party, he meets up with his friend who I think is also his treating psychiatrist. He gets a recorder pen from the guy and assures him it’s all for his treatment. Seung Jo declares that he’s Edmund Dante on his way to start his revenge. Er, you are a blowhard if you think quoting Count of Monte Cristo adds weight to your petty revenge.

President Shin, Yoon Joo, and In Hwa line up to welcome Jean Thierry Cha. The elevator door opens and Seung Jo steps out with his trademark smirk. All the color disappears from Yoon Joo’s face and her mouth drops open.

During dinner, Yoon Joo is hiding her nervously while Seung Jo engages in casual conversation with Yoon Joo’s husband Min Hyuk.

When Yoon Joo goes down to the wine cellar to grab a bottle of wine, Seung Jo follows. Yoon Joo points out that he’s as petty as before, and tells him to not let her lose all she has now. Seung Jo points out she’s as selfish as before, and assures her that he’s not here to let the cat out of the bag. He’s just here to return something to her.

When they return to dinner, Seung Jo claims that he’s also a representative of a jewelry company and gives a present to Yoon Joo, as the wife of his collaboration partner President. Yoon Joo accepts and opens it to see a bracelet inside. Seung Jo purposely shows off the same bracelet on his wrist.

On the drive back home, Seung Jo is chortling with glee in the car. He listens to his recording of the dinner conversation and is thrilled to hear Yoon Joo call him petty and his retort is that she and her husband have to be a toady now to someone as petty as him.

Se Kyung goes to In Chan’s apartment again and this time he comes home at that time. She hugs him tightly and he looks like he’s about to cry.

They move the conversation to the park and In Chan burns the picture memento of them dressed like mascots. He tells her to wake up and accept this reality.

If they work hard they will succeed? He used to believe that. He believed if he worked hard he could marry her, have kids, buy a home, own a car, create a successful future together. But no matter how hard he works, he still ends up with less than he put in. Every month puts him deeper in debt. His mother’s cancer treatment and surgeries are so expensive, and he ended up selling irregular purses just to pay for this last surgery. When she was wheeled out, he didn’t know if he was relieved she survived, or saddened that she didn’t die.

In Chan cries that he wants to give Se Kyung everything but he has nothing to give her. Se Kyung cries with him and apologizes that she kept holding onto their relationship to this point that he had to come out and say such painful things. She really thought working hard was all it took, and they have worked so hard already. He asks to break up again, crying that he will go crazy if she is beside him. It will only make him even more aware of how pathetic he is. They embrace and cry their guts out.

Yoon Joo sits in her room and looks at the bracelet, which has her initials with the last name Cha engraved on it. Seung Jo looks at his bracelet which also has his initials and the last name Cha engraved on it.

Se Kyung goes home and her dad comes in to assure her that the parents will find a way to pay their mortgage debt. Se Kyung is losing faith in the “hard work and you will succeed” motto. Her dad points out that it’s simply something for struggling people to hold onto as a source of hope.

Se Kyung goes to see Yoon Joo the next day and cuts to the chase. She knows Yoon Joo was secretly and unofficially married to another man in France. Yoon Joo asks what Se Kyung wants to blackmail her about? Does Se Kyung want to ruin her?

Se Kyung has no intention of ruining Yoon Joo, since Yoon Joo got all this by hard work. What Se Kyung wants is to blackmail Yoon Joo in teaching her the secrets to marrying rich. She wants to know exactly what hard work Yoon Joo put in to become a rich wife. Yoon Joo stares at Se Kyung like she’s sprouted horns.

Two cents:

I really love the first song off the OST “Shower” by Every Single Day (click here to download). It’s lively and upbeat, a great contrast to how the drama has been surprisingly serious and non-jokey (despite Park Shi Hoo’s crazy antics). I really feel like this drama has now shown me it has potential, so don’t fuck it up, m’kay? Ratings for the first two episodes were around 8.7, with May Queen in the mid-20s now that it’s nearing the end of its run.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 2 Quick Summary — 54 Comments

  1. I really like this drama, for me it is something new don’t know why but really good so far.
    In addition, where can I get those couple customs I need one

  2. I hope if MGY does take up that saeguk next that Namgoong Min plays her costar because their chemistry should not be wasted.

      • Me too! I love Moon Geun Young but so far his performance has been the most captivating. Its sad its only an extended cameo.

    • I’m with you hapacalgirl. NGM and MGY’s chemistry is so awesome that I’d want to see them paired up again, soon. Maybe this drama would entertain a twist in the end, that is reuniting Han Se Kyung’s character with In Chan.

  3. I agree second episode much better than first episode. I’m really sympathizing with the heroine, but I hope they tone down a bit of the “mad/nuts” for our hero lol. I’m looking forward to see what will happen next 🙂

  4. Ep 2 was definitely better than ep 1… I kept thinking back to ltm where I thought the set up dragged out forever and I thought ep 1 could have been consolidated as well. I am totally confused as to what Kim ji suk’s role is going to be. Also I feel so sorry for yj’s current hubby cause he seems like an innocent nice guy who is going to get dragged through the mud with crazy sj’s revenge. Btw does yj’s even love her current hubby. I know she says its all business but he seems pleasant and its not like she’s from a rich family that has connections that we usually see in dramas.

    I still have no idea where this going other than hsk changing it up so she can marry rich. But I don’t necessarily think marrying rich is a bad thing in of itself as long as the two of the love each other. Sj is so crazy in my mind that I just can’t imagine him falling for sk or even how sk will charm herself in his heart. Or if she can love him too? And is love even going to be part of the equation. I love the psh crazy a lot but his character is really a know-it-all that you just want to push back in his place. Also he so needs to get over yj cause is that kind of person even worth spending that kind of time on, ex wife or not. As I mentioned before, the show needs more psh and mgy scenes. 🙂 I kind of don’t care about sk getting revenge on yj but his petty revenge with daddy is hilarious.

  5. My gosh, for a ‘cameo’ character, In Chan sure is totally fleshed out. The part where he talks about feeling guilty about his pragmatic take on his finances and mother’s illness situation was so heartbreaking. Dammit! Why can’t you be at least the second lead NGM!! I would totally be shipping them right now.

    As for MGY, her acting was superb as always. Still waiting for her to click with Seung Jo, I guess. I really just have to warm up to his character as usually those types tend to annoy me…

    And I’m STILL confused about the whole Alice in Wonderland theme…i guess time will tell…

    • I so agree with you… because the conflicting emotions of bearing all the weight of finances on your shoulders with a chronically ill family member are so so real. and honestly he’s so absorbed in this craziness that… unless MGY had already married him… he’s not in a position for any relationship (not that he doesn’t deserve it cuz he’s poor, but that he really really needs all the energy he can muster as a human being to resolve these problems. and after this brutal experience, perhaps (and I have hope) he can be released to find happiness again

      ah…. and MGY is stuck in such a rock-hard place… how do you speak hope into someone going through stuff like that when you’re bearing blows from others cuz you’re poor too? if she puffs herself up with self-dignity, perhaps she can… but that’d already take a lot out of her… what would she have left to cheer on and keep encouraging someone so deep in the pits of hopelessness? Seo In Chan needs a social worker =__=

  6. Nam Goong Min and Moon Geun Young have an awesome chemistry. And their scenes together are amazingly good. second lead syndrome is catching up on me again. too bad, it’s just a cameo.

  7. I agree. The second episode was much better! I am obsessed with Namgoong Min. I haven’t seen him in anything else though. Why isn’t he second lead or first lead? I like Park Si Hoo but his laugh/character is a little creepy/crazy. And where is Kim Ji Seok??

  8. I know right? I teared up for In Chan in the break up scene. The guy freaking loves her to bits. To BITS I tell you. It’s like the premise of a Kdrama you know? Where he comes back successful as the rich guy.

    Not put the heroine with the wacky guy who giggles and replays his own voice? There are psychiatric names for a personality like that.
    In K drama land- he plays the crazy coot old man in another drama.
    * shudder * imagine him 20 years from now. runs away from him rich or not.

  9. oooh! ooooh! who is this Namgoong Min?!.. Just where has he been hiding all this time? I’m officially hooked after ep 2 & praying for Ms Ockoala’s continuing recap 😀

    • you should see Can You hear my heart and be ready to be floored with NGM’s acting. He is awesome. And yes, why can’t he be lead or at least second lead

  10. Thankies Unnie for summarising this ^_^ I want to watch this show, especially after the pick-up in the second episode, but sadly exams and essays are ruining my life, and all I can do is get a few stolen moments to read these summaries. I was watching this show only for Moon Geun Young (never really liked any of the other leads- oh lord don’t shoot me)so I was initially a bit disappointed, but I hope she’ll get better.

    At this point, I really want this whole show to be about Se Kyung and In Chan (I had no clue who Nam Goong Min was before this, and I feel ashamed), especially since Sir Jean Thierry Cha *pfft* has been painted in such a.. villainous light. We have one guy who has everything and is still a petty, manipulative bastard, and on the other hand you have a guy who’s a hard worker who’s doing everything he can to survive and yet is still suffering constantly. I really don’t want In Chan to go (can you tell?) >.<;;

    Oh, and one thing that has been bugging me (sorry for being OCD-ish about it)… It's "L'effort est ma force" (Dunno why the show got that wrong…) "L'effort et ma force" would just mean "The effort and my force" ^u^

      • still… doesn’t “l’effort est ma force” supposed to me “effort is my force/strength”? =P

        but about CSJ, i think it’d pay to give him a chance. from the flashbacks and dialogue with his dad, he was obviously a decent guy once… and now he’s obviously lost it… gone wacko and taking meds =P I can’t root for him in his revenge scheme, but i can root for him and for his eyes to open up… to see that not ALL women are SYJ… and heal =3

  11. Hi Ms K,

    Thank you for the recapped. I’m so glad that you decided to recap CDDA. such a long wait for the next episode. Can’t wait to find how HSK going to seduce crazy Cha… that i have got to see… have a nice week Ms K

  12. Alright, double and triple LOL.
    You CANNOT marry religiously in France without having filled out paperwork first. Especially at a church.
    You HAVE to go through a civil ceremony first. Usually at the town hall, where they register the wedding quickly enough to deliver the certificate you will hand in to the priest one hour later.

    I love this Paris storyline.

      • I’ve now seen the episode w/ English subtitles.
        “they had a ceremony of their own”. Ok, maybe they just went there and prayed alone, or just asked the priest for some benediction. 😀

  13. I don’t think anyone has ever shipped Alice with the Mad Hatter so this will be a first.

    This made me laugh out loud. I suspect the Mad Hatter was plenty charismatic when Johnny Depp was playing him.

    • *ROFL – laughed so hard* Couldn’t resist imagine the images of both cartoon characters of my childhood together. *ggg* This is soo crazy. Dear koala – you always refresh my days with your witty comments. Thanks for all the recaps. Have been a silent lurker of your page for quite some while now, but your Alice-Madhatter comment just got me into commenting. Have a nice day!

  14. I didn’t read the recap just the intro. I am waiting for the subs to watch first and then read.

    I like that it questions the “it’s not what you know, but who you know” principle. It’s everywhere…

  15. NGM annoys me to death, didnt like him since CYHMH.. he needs to go, pronto. For me the show stealer here is PSH’s mad character. I find him extremely entertaining… Plus PSH is a hottie! I kinda suspect tha kim ji seok is the man on the motorcycle from the preview…

  16. Being a fan of Moon geun young, but I have to say that so far the only moments I like are the scenes of Nam goong Min & Miss Moon . They are very good and emotional, making you feel real, connected. I’m surprised that Nam goong min is not even the second lead . If they make him the second lead in this drama, it would be more interesting to see of he can succeeded in life and might have a chance to steal his girl back.
    The main hero has me feel a little annoyed to this point although he is handsome to look at.

  17. By the way, I still don’t like the fact that this drama is somewhat has similar vibes, or idea of popular movie “the devil wears prada” . Come on script writer , please come up with a new idea .
    Other than that, I think the second episode is picking up and going in good direction

    • it’s just a tiny tiny devil wears concept. and it ends on episode 2 (i hope). Now comes the part when our heroine will apply the secrets to marrying rich (and I hope to learn from it… Hahahahha).

  18. I on the contrary I liked the character shi hoo Park, I laugh a lot, Moon geun young excellent performance, she still moved in the second episode, a successful return to her always powerful and j ‘I also loved the moment she squabbles with park shi hoo was fun too, strongly next weekend!

  19. Han Se Kyung fighting!! she look so cute.. can’t wait for the 3rd episode. the way Cha Seung Jo laugh is look like a bit crazy.. but really, i like his character ^_^ look at the 3rd preview, CSJ character moreee crazy LOL..

  20. Nam Goong Min?! THE Nam Goong Min from CYHMH?! Maru-yah~ T.T
    i totally fell in love with him/his character in CYHMH and the way he portrayed his character. One of the most memorable characters/actors in korean dramas for me. My heart broke hard alright everytime he was hurting and had conflicting emotions in CYHMH. lol. When is he getting a lead role anyway?! K-dramas need him to!

  21. Nam Gong Min? He’s stiff as a board and has only a few set of facial expressions (always looking like he is going to cry) in CYHMH. He is a far cry to Kim Jae Won in CYHMH. He has brought the same expressions and unimproved acting to CDDA. Thank goodness he is not the 2nd lead!!!

    On the other hand, I adore the multi talented Park Sihoo. He looks, acts and has a whole repertoire of expressions to go with character – and CSJ’s is probably the most difficult by far – so many expressions for this bipolar maniacal and depressive character within a short span of time – irritating, overbearing, charming, adorable, hyperactive, mood swings – how many actors can do that?

  22. Hello Koala, how are you? it’s been so long!! I literally fall in love with this drama from the start (although not obsessive about it yet). I love the story because I think it’s fresh. MGY is doing a great job. That break-up scene is so heart-breaking and I’m glad she’s taking on this role. After seeing her in it, I’m not sure other actress can do this justice. Cute enough to please the eyes but also mature enough for us to understand the character. Can he continue to be on the show please? I think he would make an awesome second-lead…and I can’t see whom I should root for.

    PSY is basically trying a new role. I don’t think I’ve seen him like this before in any previous role (except for the revenge role in Prosecutor Princess?) but he’s hilarious, child-like.

    Maybe some new banners in the future 😉

    thank you for the mini-recap

  23. Isn’t episode 2 amazing? I am just loving every minute of SK’s spunkiness in confronting YJ with her ‘threat’ and proposal. It’s about time SK took matters in her own hands – you can’t beat them, join them motto.

    Many thanks for the recap, Ms Koala.

  24. The second episode is a ton better than the first and I’m glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I do.
    I’m really loving how crazy PSH is in this show…he cracks me up. Moon acting was a bit rusty at the beginning but surely getting better. Her break up scene with Nam Gong Min was really moving…I was crying along with them….so sad, why must life be so cruel to them.

    The preview to episode 3 seems even more interesting….Oooooohh, I can’t wait to watch it☺.

  25. Nam Goong Min’s scenes were so heartbreaking and sad. I know he’s just making a cameo appearance but I really hope that his character gets a happy ending. Ugh. His scenes depressed the hell out of me & reminded me of people I know who have lost everything due to illness… His situation was very real. 🙁

  26. Oh no! If we are all shipping NGM and MGY, this must be karma for PSH. I remember when he suddenly got the girl in QOR despite being the second lead. And NGM is not even second lead!

  27. Oh man now I ship Se-Kyung with In-Chan. Namgoong Min is soooooooooo good. When is he getting his first lead in a drama, seriously?

    I don’t really like the OST of this drama though. Some of the music really doesn’t match well with the story…

  28. Hey Koala,
    Thank you very much for the summary and input for ep.2, i was sad at first that you said you was not going to do a summary for this drama. YAY! I thought exactly like you did. The first episode was a catching the attention of the viewer. But i sort of got why they did all that it made more sense in this episode. I thought MGY’s bf was boring at first but i get why he is like that. He was trying to control his emotion and not giving and let MGY know he was in trouble financially. He try to be cold so she wouldn’t know about his situation. He really love her, he rather let her go so she wouldn’t suffer with him. *tears* He also wants the best for her. That pure love and honest love! ahhhhhhh I kinda want them together they look good together. but he not the lead *sad* but im sure ill change my mind looking at the preview of ep.3, the lead was soo cute following her. He said something like his heart is beating for her. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE! AHHH! aigooo.. thank again! much love and i just wanted to let you know I truly appreciate you taking time doing this for us. 🙂

  29. Thank you Captain K for deciding to recap this drama..u r the best!

    Actually, I am anticipating this drama so much when i heard MGY is the lead actress, i am that thirsty to see her act again. It maybe not a Sageuk drama i wanted her to do but this one is nice replacement. I am fan of MGY and her acting abilities, so whether this drama will do good or not my support will still be 100 percent for her all the way. Reading all the comments and the Captain of course after they watched the 2nd episode, i felt relieved. Thank you guys for believing in this drama. I’m sure we will be surprised in the next episodes to come.

  30. I like NMG when he smiles and he looks like someone that used to make my heart flutter, but I don’t think he’s that good of an actor. Nor is PSH for that matter, but he has certainly improved over the years. I’m glad this role of his is different although revenge is still involved. He’s always involved with revenge, isn’t he? TPM had revenge, PP had revenge, FH had it as well. (Yes, I’ve watched a lot of PSH dramas despite not thinking him a great actor.)

  31. I love this show! I watched the 3rd episode raw and read the Vingle recap but I’m awaiting yours! I didn’t like Park Shi Hoo that’s much at first but now I really like him and I think him and MGY have a lot of chemistry together! But I like Namgoong Min! ANd FINALLY the 2nd lead male is here!

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