Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Reunite Winning the Popularity Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

How can they be SOOOOO cute together? Why does my heart do flip flops of happiness anytime my Dream High perfect perfect OTP of Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy are reunited? But forget about me, just look at her grinning like a doofus at him! If Suzy hasn’t admitted already that she has a crush on her Soo Hyun oppa, the look on her face would be a dead giveaway as is. You know, Suzy is a really limited actress but I like her because she at least feels alive onscreen and has chemistry with her male leads. In this instance, I would have loved if she was in The Moon Embraces the Sun with Kim Soo Hyun, since she acts about as well as Han Ga In acts, and at least I know she will have sparks flying back towards Kim Soo Hyun as opposed to standing there like an immobilized fish out of water. I’m a bit perplexed with Kim Soo Hyun’s hairstyle here (it gives him a receding hairline and from the front he resembles a greasy style-challenged ahjushhi), though Suzy looks perfectly young and gorgeous enough for the two of them. But what makes them winning this award at the same time wonderful (he for Thieves, she for Introduction to Architecture) is knowing that they got to hang out and gift me with more pictures of them together. I can never get enough of their adorable chemistry – it’s like two puppies falling in love and frolicking.


Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy Reunite Winning the Popularity Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards — 21 Comments

  1. UGH. Can they get any cuter? Just get together and have babies! gorgeous babies! I love Kim Soo Hyun and I always think he’s younger than me but he’s 24! It must be Lee Hyun Woo that I’m thinking of that Suzy like too haha.

  2. ha ha ha you’re right ms. k. it seems like she got this “sweet something” on ksh. as always they look cute together. hope they’ll cast them in another project soon, very soon. oh love them in “dream high”

  3. Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy in Moon Embraces the Sun? Now that would have been a lot better. I didn’t feel any chemistry with Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun. At all. The former was so cold while the latter was so ardent. How i wish KSH and Suzy will be reunited in another drama…

      • hahaha the girl’s character in Moon Sun is exactly who she is soft on the outside strong on the inside, while the man was exactly the opposite I think that’s why he won the awards it’s hard for a man to consistently be emotional from teens to adulthood….that was good

  4. OMG, I swear I’m re-watching Dream High right now and just check out your website regularly. Love them together! Can the writer write another Dream High for 20-something people and reunite them, please!!!

  5. DH wasn’t for me, nor was their character OTP pairing but that doesn’t stop me from liking them both. Absolutely adore SH as an actor and person, where though im still miffed by all the Suzy love, I do like her persona. She’s an adorable girl. It’s never been a secret that Suzy has the hugest crush on this kid. Who wouldn’t? Not only is he a humble great guy but also seriously good at his job and so determined!! It was also quite inevitable given it was her first gig and knew practically nothing about acting, so young and was asked to express such emotional attachment. She’s so cute all the time with how unabashedly her eyes warm over in his presence.
    Aw, just watching her reminds me that crushes can be so much fun!

  6. its not only u who crazy bout this OTP…i gonna be really happy if they going out in real life too..will be my most favorite OTP of all dramas i ever watch till now..
    Hope they will be on drama as a couple again at the future..

  7. Ms. Koala the thing about Suzy is that she has gotten better with time. So all the cuteness and chemistry is building up to something. And then you have Kim Soo Hyun, who is a lot of talent and hotness and cuteness all mesh together. So I think even for the people who haven’t watched DH they just fall in love with these two. Actually it was that post of yours of them for the outwear clothing branch that got my friend to finally watch DH. She was ommo they are just perfect! I will watch that now! So yeah..

    On a funny note it seems Suzy was asked if she had a first love when she received the award and she said that she didn’t have one..

  8. I am still grinning all the way down this reply. Those 2 are just happiness together. Even in their CF.
    You’re so right though. Can you imagine Suzy smiling at the King in METS? As opposed to big eyes slight smile.
    Her eyes would sparkle with life and love. Oh man they are so cute. Tomorrow will watch DH again tomorrow.

  9. That first picture is absolute cuteness! The girl is absolutely glowing. Like Unnichan, I didn’t root them as my OTP (dang second male lead syndrome) but individually I really like both of them. We all know that KSH is an amazing actor but Suzy must have come a long way with winning this award. Congrats to both of them!

  10. Aw, i think that is the best smile i’ve seen on suzy — not that her other smiles aren’t adorable as well.
    Must be the totally goofy yup-i-got-a-crush-on-you kinda smile.

  11. Awwwww….they are so adorbs. And Suzy’s look of adoration is just too cute for words. Yes, what I wouldn’t give to have her in TMETS..I had to drop that drama because HGI’s acting infuriated me so much! *shudders*

  12. That would be the look on my face if I have Kim Soo-hyun standing right next to me. I know it’s a little too soon but I really want them to pair up again, in a movie or drama or whatever they’ll give me. I’ll take ’em all.

  13. waaahhhhhh….my HyunZy couple reunited again!!!! my heart is beating faster again…damn, I wanted to hear some good news soon that they were already together as an official real life couple….kekeke….my goodness I can’t wait any longer seeing this two again in a drama…PLease Korea….please cast Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun again in a drama SOON… in SOON….just do this for the fans please…..

  14. yay,everytime I see them together,my smile is so so wide. *grins* Lucky,they have pictures together once in a while. Oh Hyunzy,how I wish you’re real life couple and please be together in a project again soon. I really miss my fave OTP! <3

  15. Yo amooo esta pareja KSH y SUZY ¡¡¡es obvio que ella esta enamorada de el..
    ojala vuelvan a trabajar otra vez en otro dorama juntos como personajes principales¡¡¡ ARRIBA HYUNZY COUPLE!!!!! “)

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