Missing You Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Missing You finally pushed the characters forward in tangible ways other than Jung Woo wallows in guilt and Soo Yeon quivers with unresolved fright. Since the characters transitioned to their adult selves, this was the first episode I loved everything about Jung Woo. If I want to keep watching MY (which I do), then there is no need to belabor the points I’ve made already about the shoddy characterization of making Jung Woo filled with a shiny heroic streak and Hyung Joon all shifty and evil. The drama would benefit more from painting both men into less polar opposites and showing their strengths and weaknesses so Soo Yeon can have two viable choices, as opposed to picking which guy sucks less (that would be Jung Woo). But since the writer wants to go there, I’ll have to roll with the punches. This episode finally shows us the side of Jung Woo that I can root for when it comes to a future with Soo Yeon – he respects her choice to not reveal herself to him at the playground and he follows her to the pojanmacha and watches from afar and is just happy that she’s alive and moving forward with her life.

He has always been a class act surrogate son with Soo Yeon’s mom and continues to tug at my heartstrings with he’s with her in any scene. But now he’s finally stopped self-flagellating over his “guilt” about running away when Soo Yeon needed him and started doing something in the present to help her life. Conversely, Hyung Joon’s insecurity and fears, coupled with his revenge plot, is starting to create chasms in his relationship with Soo Yeon, and that is all his doing. I’m sure she loves him as he loves her, but that 14 years of love and shared experiences is about to be flushed down the drain soon if she discovers he’s keeping so much from her, and ultimately ensnaring her in his dubious attempts to understandably get some payback from Han Tae Joon. Revenge is a double-edged sword, and in the end I’ll be happy rooting for Soo Yeon to be a successful fashion designer and reuniting with her mom and working through their shared mistakes in the past. Love lines aside, that’s the ending that will mean the most to me.

Episode 10 recap:

Soo Yeon’s mother tearfully asks if she’s Soo Yeon? Soo Yeon gets out of the car and tells her mother to get in. Poor Mom nods and stumbles her way to the passenger seat without ever moving her eyes from Soo Yeon, as if afraid she’ll vanish.

At the police station, Jung Woo and Hyung Joon have a conversation about not able to be friends because Jung Woo has a one-sided crush on Hyung Joon’s girl Soo Yeon. They are too civilized, a drag out fight would settle this quickly.

Jung Woo finds out from the captain that Soo Yeon is prohibited from leaving Korea for the time being, namely the next 10 days. Hyung Joon is upset to learn that Zoe is stuck here. He informs them that he will confer with his lawyer about this Jung Woo also learns that the first phone call made by the rapist when he stole the phone was to Han Tae Joon’s personal number. He leaves to talk with his dad. Jung Woo’s partner is shocked to learn Jung Woo is Chairman Han’s son.

Hyung Joon sits in the car and calls his lawyer, upset that Soo Yeon can’t return to France. The lawyer asks if Zoe is fine since she was supposed to meet him but never showed. Hyung Joon quickly flips on the CCTV feed from the house and sees Soo Yeon walking into the living room with her mom.

Mom follows Soo Yeon in and nervously takes off her shoes, putting it near the front door. Gah, this is so sad to watch.

Mom and Soo Yeon sit on the sofa and Mom breaks the ice first by remarking on how beautiful Soo Yeon has become, with soft skin and wearing beautiful clothes and living in a luxurious mansion. Soo Yeon reverts to her teenage tendency and blurts out “I was wrong.”

She keeps repeating “I was wrong” and Mom flashes back to how teenage Soo Yeon kneeled before the angry neighbors and kept saying “I was wrong” while Mom hit her and said that both of them ought to die for being related to a murderer.

Mom gets overwhelmed and quickly tells Soo Yeon that she didn’t do anything wrong! She is just happy that Soo Yeon is alive. Soo Yeon calls her omma and says she doesn’t want to go back to that, she doesn’t want to go back to being Lee Soo Yeon. Mom cries that she misses her so much, and then asks if no one now knows who her dad was and what happened to her? Soo Yeon shakes her head. Mom understands and says she never saw Soo Yeon and Lee Soo Yeon is dead. She begs Soo Yeon not to cry anymore.

Mom gets up to leave and Soo Yeon calls her mom but Mom tells her not to follow. Mom runs out of the house without her shoes on.

Once she’s running down the driveway, she suddenly remembers Jung Woo. She falls to ground, hurting about Jung Woo waiting for Soo Yeon to return but knowing Soo Yeon will hurt too much to return.

Soo Yeon sees her mom’s shoes on the ground and she runs out to give them to her. Her mom is gone by the time she gets to the street. Hyung Joon’s car drives up then and he sees Soo Yeon looking around holding shoes in her hand. He’s about to get out of the car when he sees Soo Yeon hailing a taxi and getting in.

Han Tae Joon is being driven to work and he reads the police file on the rapist’s murder, which includes all the private notes from the detectives. He asks his driver secretary to investigate Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon, he wants to know their background before doing business further with Hyung Joon. When he gets to work, Jung Woo is there and wants to talk with him. He claims not to have a son.

Jung Woo cuts to the chase and asks him what he talked about with the rapist for 5 minutes that night. His dad says Jung Woo never tried looking for Lee Soo Yeon anyway. Jung Woo knows what his dad did back then in breaking his phone and lying that Soo Yeon was dead – it wasn’t just because of Jung Woo, right? Jung Woo says he will send cops tomorrow to talk with him. Han Tae Joon storms away.

Jung Woo gets a call from Eun Joo that Soo Yeon’s mom is dead drunk and also has frost bite on her feet. He rushes home to take care of her. She’s tossing Jung Woo’s clothes while Eun Joo insists that Zoe is not Soo Yeon. Jung Woo asks Eun Joo to step aside.

Jung Woo tells Soo Yeon’s mom that it’s all his fault for not finding Soo Yeon. She needs to hit him like she did when he was a kid. Soo Yeon’s mom weakly hits Jung Woo and he tells her to use force like she used to.

Soo Yeon’s mom falls asleep and Jung Woo curls up with her. He tells her that he’ll be right here and all those years filled with pain isn’t going to be resolved so quickly. He wants them both to be patient and wait. He is happy that she’s finally crying and releasing her pain, but wants her to promise him that the next time she wants to cry, she’ll have to do it with him.

Jung Woo leaves the house and walks past the wall with Soo Yeon’s “I Miss You” scribble. He tells the wall that he likes Lee Soo Yeon the most. Soo Yeon walks through the old neighborhood to return her mom’s shoes.

She sees Jung Woo under their street lamp cheekily talking to it. Jung Woo tells the street lamp to behave and not flicker out. He says the lamp doesn’t listen to him just like Soo Yeon doesn’t listen to him. Soo Yeon watches him and smiles.

Jung Woo goes to their old playground and plays on the see-saw. He gets up and then walks across the board balancing himself. Soo Yeon follows and watches him. When he almost falls, she looks like she wants to go help but stops herself.

Soo Yeon hears Jung Woo get on top of the jungle gym and start singing for Soo Yeon. He doesn’t care if she hates him, can’t she just think about him for at least a minute a day. She turns around and swallows her tears. Jung Woo spots her and follows her from a distance as she walks away.

Soo Yeon sits at a pojanmacha drinking. Hyung Joon calls her and offers to pick her up but she declines, saying she’s somewhere he doesn’t like. She’ll be home soon. He tells her to be careful and hangs up, and we see that he’s actually in a car watching her. Soo Yeon is trying to repair her mom’s scuffed up shoe.

He smiles knowing that she didn’t tell him the truth, content to just keep watch over her. Soo Yeons’s chases after a plastic bag that she used to carry her mom’s shoes and Jung Woo walks up to her empty table to pick up a fallen shoe and put it back. Hyung Joon realizes Jung Woo is also watching Soo Yeon from a distance.

When Soo Yeon returns, she resumes drinking. Jung Woo watches her with a smile, knowing she must be happy to have reunited with her mom. He tells her to throw away the bad memories and make new happy memories. Jung Woo is like the worst detective ever, if he can’t see Hyung Joon sitting in a car 5 feet away from Soo Yeon.

Hyung Joon watches where Jung Woo is standing and sees him make the memory erasing hand gesture. He is shocked to realize it’s the same one Soo Yeon has been using with him. This is almost too much for Hyung Joon to bear and he has to work at controlling his unhappiness at learning this fact.

Soo Yeon comes home and finds Hyung Joon sleeping on the sofa with his headphones on. She goes over to cover him with a blanket. She makes the memory erasing gesture over his face and wishes him a good night sleep but he grabs her hand and she realizes he’s not asleep anymore.

Hyung Joon kcan smell that she’s been drinking and offers to accompany her to the pojanmacha next time. Soo Yeon thought he didn’t like those places and Hyung Joon says he’ll go because she likes it. After all, he’s all she has in this world now. Hyung Joon asks where she went and Soo Yeon says she went to walk around since she’s leaving tomorrow for France.

Hyung Joon back hugs Soon Yeon informs her that she’s been put on the no-fly list for 10 days. Soo Yeon doesn’t seem upset and Hyung Joon thought she would be upset since she wanted to go back to France. Hyung Joon asks if she’ll go with him tomorrow to meet someone. He wants her opinion on whether the person is a good or bad guy. Soo Yeon agrees.

Soo Yeon goes back to her room and silently apologizes to Hyung Joon. She puts her mom’s shoes deep inside her closet. She feels relieved and happy (about seeing her mom). She also looks at Jung Woo’s coat in her closet and how Jung Woo said he doesn’t lend out his clothes easily. Hyung Joon is inside his secret lair and staring at a picture of his mom. He reaches for her and calls out “Mom.”

Jung Woo continues his investigation and wonders where his partner went. His partner is at Soo Yeon’s house and showing her some pictures from CCTV footage that show the murder but not the face. Jung Woo calls his partner and Soo Yeon takes the phone. She tells him to find the real murderer and he promises so she needs to wait (inside hoping she won’t return to France).

After he hangs up, he smiles that Soo Yeon sounds just the same on the phone. Jung Woo chats with the cleaning ahjumma about the latest findings. She already knows that the police have discovered that the murderer was likely the first person who delivered the package to the rapist, claiming the cops talk too loudly. He asks her to keep it confidential.

Jung Woo’s partner says Soo Yeon can’t be the killer because she’s too voluptuous and the killer is slender. Jung Woo’s partner continues talking Soo Yeon, who uses her eye as a designer for looking at body types and surmises that the killer in the pictures is not a young woman, but an older woman. He’s about to leave when Soo Yeon asks him to wait.

The partner returns to the police station and hands Jung Woo back his coat. He asks if Jung Woo is disappointed but Jung Woo says no. He puts on the coat and finds his button from earlier in the coat pocket. His partner can’t stand this anymore and tells Jung Woo again that Zoe is not Soo Yeon. The get news that the IP address the murdered used Jung Woo’s computer at the police station to order the package. They don’t have footage from the time of the use (strangely it was shut off) so Jung Woo asks that footage from that morning be pulled.

Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon arrive to Han Tae Joon’s house and Soo Yeon is surprised to be greeted by Stepmom. She reminds Hyung Joon that this woman copied her design. Hyung Joon asks if she’s uncomfortable and wants to leave? He claims not to know she was Chairman Han’s wife. He asks her to quickly decide and Soo Yeon decides to stay and thanks them for the invitation. Han Tae Joon welcomes them to sit down, especially with Hyung Joon’s bum leg.

At the dinner table, Stepmom praises Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon as looking like a couple stepped out of a painting, they are so beautiful together. She specifically prepared Korean food since they live abroad in France. Hyung Joon thanks her for the thoughtful gesture, inviting them next time to his place since he can cook as well. It’s macabre to think that either way, whether Soo Yeon chooses Jung Woo or Hyung Joon, these horrible people are by family ties going to be her in-laws no matter what. Ugh.

Hyung Joon sees Chairman Han ignoring his wife and tells him straight up to treat her better. Han Tae Joon is affronted by his gall asks Hyung Joon how old he is? Hyung Joon claims he wants to show his real self since he wants to be friends with Chairman Han. He doesn’t know how to treat people but he knows how to make money, otherwise how did he achieve success so young? Han Tae Joon smirks and says Hyung Joon would be an interesting friend to have.

Hyung Joon goes to speak privately with Han Tae Joon, and offers them an investment opportunity. His fiancee wants to go back to France and the only thing more important than money is that woman. So he wants to quickly wrap up things here in Korea. Han Tae Joon announces that he’s decided to trust Hyung Joon this once. Hyung Joon asks if he’s not curious about his leg injury, and reveals that Soo Yeon designed the cane he uses. The inscription reads “Please save us, God, my Lord.”

Soo Yeon sits in the living room with Ah Reum and Stepmom. She’s not happy and makes Stepmom apologize for stealing her design and agree to take it down. Stepmom asks that her husband not be told about her blackmail and design stealing ways. Ah Reum scoffs at her mom’s lack of integrity. She is happy to have met Soo Yeon and turns to leave.

Ah Reum walks into the kitchen and asks the ahjumma to pack up leftovers for her Jung Woo oppa. Soo Yeon hears it and the flicker of recognition is seen by Stepmom. She asks if Soo Yeon knows Detective Han Jung Woo? Before Soo Yeon can answer, Hyung Joon walks out and says he’s done with business. Soo Yeon gets up and they leave.

In the police station, Jung Woo sees the cleaning ahjumma looking at print outs from the copy machine, which includes a picture of her from outside the police station captured on the CCTV there. Jung Woo tells she can’t leave now – anyone caught on the CCTV needs to stay for questioning. Ahjumma says she has to go home, her daughter is waiting for her. If her daughter gets angry she’s scarier then even the police captain. Jung Woo asked what she did that day, she explains that she cleaned left early because the thugs came by, then she returned around dawn to finish her cleaning.

Afterwards Jung Woo looks at the picture and things don’t add up. He questions everyone on the CCTV and gets their alibi. He remembers from his partner that Soo Yeon suggested by looking at the body type that its not a young woman but an older woman. He rushes out and we see the cleaning ahjumma keeping an eye on Jung Woo from a distance.

Ah Reum catches a ride with Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon. In the car, Hyung Joon reaches out his hand and Soo Yeon puts her hand in his. Ah Reum asks if she’s interrupting them. She asks if they are getting married? She announces that Hyung Joon is just her type. Ewwww, he’s your uncle, sweetie, so please destroy that thought immediately. Hyung Joon laughs and tells Soo Yeon that here is proof that he’s quite popular with the ladies. Ah Reum wonders why neither is all that nervous about the other? Hyung Joon reveals they live together already.

Back inside the car, Soo Yeon’s phone rings from Jung Woo and Ah Reum hears it and says it’s the same song her oppa loves and uses as his ring tone. Hyung Joon remarks on Soo Yeon changing her ringtone. They arrive the police station and before Ah Reum gets out, she tells them both that her brother is Detective Han Jung Woo and to call him if they ever need anything from the police.

After Ah Reum leaves, Hyung Joon asks Soo Yeon if they should grab a drink at a pojanmacha? Soo Yeon is upset and asks if Hyung Joon knew already? If he did, why did he take her to Han Jung Woo’s house to eat with his family. Hyung Joon asks her why it matters, since she’s not Lee Soo Yeon, she’s Zoe, right? Since she likes him and wants to be with him, he asks her to stay by his side until he takes care of what he needs to do. You are starting to show your crazy face and that’s not good..

Jung Woo calls his partner and asks that a background check be run on the cleaning lady immediately and to let him know ASAP. What? The police hire people to work around confidential materials without running background checks? Major fail. Ah Reum calls Jung Woo who is about to answer but sees the cleaning ahjumma ducking away. She discovers him and invites him inside. Nooooo, don’t go with her, Jung Woo! Call for back up, dude.

When they get home, Soo Yeon goes to her room and locks the door on Hyung Joon. He knocks and apologizes, promising to be more considerate in the future. Hyung Joon is so frantic he keeps banging on the door.

Jung Woo goes inside with the cleaning ahjumma. He notices that her place is pretty run down, with wallpaper ripped and rather bare. She asks him to get tape from the drawer to fix the wallpaper rip. He pulls out a basket from below and it’s a teenage girl’s school uniform with a name tag Choi Bora on it. The ahjumma says that her daughter wore that when she went to school.

Jung Woo gets nervous and secretly pulls out his handcuffs. He opens another drawer and sees the same rope and tape used to tie up the rapist before he was murdered. He turns around and the cleaning ahjumma calmly and coldly tasers him. Jung Woo collapses on the ground.

Thoughts of Mine:

I have to first get this off my chest – whatever the production is doing to Jang Mi In Ae, who signed on to play the second female lead Kim Eun Joo in this drama but has been relegated to one scene an episode, sometimes mere seconds of screen time even in her one scene, that is just plain wrong. I can name tons of side characters with more screen time each than her (Jung Woo’s partner, the captain, Secretary Nam, Stepmom, Ah Reum, even Han Tae Joon flower boy other secretary/driver). What gives, MBC? Did you guys really cave to the unprofessional demands by Yoochun’s fans in Korea who objected to her acting opposite their star, hence instead of switching her out you keep her in but relegate to such minimal screentime it’s a blink-or-you-miss it cameo role? I’m really angry on her behalf, because that is just a shit thing to do, especially because they are acceding to the demands of immature fangirls (even Yoochun stepped in and told his own fans to cut it out, he did not agree with their demand). I’m also angry as a viewer because now there isn’t a solid Eun Joo-Jung Woo relationship built on 14 years of friendship and the shared loss of Detective Kim. They were supposed to be the flip side of Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon, but now it just doesn’t exist and the narrative feels like its missing a crucial element of a character that had so much potential (young Eun Joo was awesome) and ought to fit into the greater adult narrative. So unless Eun Joo turns out to be the ultimate mastermind behind everything, hence she’s purposely getting no screentime to set the stage for her grand ascendance to main antagonist in the second half, this douchebaggy behavior by MBC makes me want to puke. Either switch the actress or write the role like it was intended.

Back to the story up to episode 10 – am I a sleuth or what since I totally called the murderer right as the cleaning ahumma! Actually, the clues were laid so heavyhanded it was only missing a neon arrow pointing at the cleaning ahjumma’s head when she was randomly introduced in episode 6 with the wrist injury. Yes, Kim Mi Kyung could be making a cameo appearance in MY much like Cha Hwa Yun’s role as Hyung Joon’s mom in the childhood portions, but all signs pointed to her playing a key role rather than as Jung Woo’s fangirl who just so happens to clean the police station. Seeing the folded school girl’s uniform, looks like my first theory is correct and the daughter she keeps talking about is likely dead and probably at the hands of the rapist as well. Cleaning ahjumma probably made it look like all clues pointed to Soo Yeon’s mom to divert suspicion from herself and pin it on someone she knew had an equally strong motive. That is probably why she loves Jung Woo so much, because they share the same hatred of the rapist. I do wonder why her identity is being revealed so quickly, unless its to wrap up the rapist death mystery and move on to Hyung Joon’s revenge and Soo Yeon working through her issues with Mom and Jung Woo. Which is fine by me. The whole detective mystery portion of this drama has always been clunkily written and elementary to the point of being laughable. Let’s get Jung Woo out of this crazy ahjumma’s clutches and put her in jail and move on to more character development on the people we care about.

It’s clear now that the writer is starting Hyung Joon’s full descent into evilness so I’m hoping he at least gets a flaming death scene at the end to go out with a burst of glory. I actually feel so terrible for him and understand his misguided revenge plot and his unhealthy attachment to Soo Yeon, so if he loses her to Jung Woo then I’d rather he go to Heaven with his poor omma and not stick around to be all gimpy and mopey alone. This kid’s ultimate fear since childhood was abandonment, and its going to break my heart to see how his actions, and Soo Yeon’s unresolved feelings with Jung Woo, are going to split them apart. Give this poor woobie his release, will ya? I do love seeing Soo Yeon lock the door on him, because why should she accept that he’s playing games around her by bringing her to Jung Woo’s parents house without letting her know in advance. Badly done, Harry, badly done. Go grovel now for her understanding. Start by showing her your mommy secret lair and tell her your tale of woe. Btw, simmering with anger Hyung Joon is pretty scary, except when Yoo Seung Ho plays it, I just want to LOL because it’s like a kid trying to be an angry adult. He’s adorable, but about as scary as a baby porcupine trying to get its spikes up. As much as he’s trying his best, there are still moments he comes off like the 19 year old he is in real life.

My favorite scenes in this episode was Soo Yeon’s reunion with her mom and her walk down memory lane watching Jung Woo playfully reliving his memories of her. What heartbreaking moments that were so meaningful in showing us that Soo Yeon does miss the people who used to be in her life, but at the same time its clear it hurts too much for her to go back to them. It’ll take time, but she isn’t rejecting it ought right, only needing time to take baby steps back. I love how her mom immediately told Soo Yeon to not come back, to step back and put Soo Yeon’s feelings first. It took Jung Woo 3 episodes but he’s also come to that realization and acceptance and now I can finally not want to shake some sense into him. I am looking forward to this process of healing between Soo Yeon towards her mom (the pain caused by her poor parenting) and Jung Woo (the pain caused by his desertion). Just because Jung Woo and Mom have been living in guilt doesn’t mean that is reason enough for Soo Yeon to let her feelings of betrayal and loss and anger go. But it does mean Soo Yeon needs to give them a chance when she’s ready, and together they can work through the issues and take baby steps towards a future where they can be in each other’s lives in whatever capacity.

Watch here to watch Missing You.


Missing You Episode 10 Recap — 73 Comments

  1. Loved, loved, loved where this episode took us. That reunion was 14 years in the making and it felt like a heavy mantle was lifted when SY and her mom finally met again.

    But the ending! I wasn’t expecting the big reveal of the murderer’s identity to happen so soon.
    Ack! What is it with JW and getting blindsided by all these villains?? First with the chloroform and now getting tasered out of nowhere? I know this is a stretch but can SY come and save him this time?

    A great cliffhanger for sure but not exactly what I need right now in the midst of exam week.

      • Thanks so much!

        I actually just wrote my cell bio exam early this Thursday morning and once I reached home, I immediately watched episode 10. LOL

        I think I’ve gone past the point of shame with my addiction now. Sad thing is, I know I’ll be devoting my precious time to this drama again next week even with an organic chem final on Thursday.

      • I do not miss those days. I miss college, but since it comes with exams, I have to be grateful that’s in the past now. O-chem and cell bio? I barely eked out passing AP bio and chem in high school. My greatest joy upon entering college was knowing I never needed to take those subject matters again in my majors.

  2. Yo unnie u rocked! Earlier when i read ur thoughts on ep9 my thinking bulb slightly flashed that cleaning ajumma may b murderer according to ur thoughts! At last thats true! Lovin ur recaps since ur thoughts abt the roles are true! Keep rocking unnie nd thnx 4 ur superb recaps!

  3. I am rooting for Harry so badly! But you are right, he is going down the path of evilness and I don’t don’t want that to happen!!

    Ok, does anyone else remember in the first episode right at the beginning where we got flash forwards of the things that were to come? And the first was Harry crying over a body that was in a puddle of blood on the floor? I keep thinking that is Zoe, and I keep thinking that he might kill for leaving him or something. This drama is not healthy at all.

    • Looking at the shape of the body on the ground, it’s not Zoe/Soo Yeon.

      I wonder…….if that could be Hyung Joon’s mom? What if she’s NOT dead (since we never saw the dead body) but has been locked away by evil Han Tae Joon for the last 14 years. Hyung Joon thinks she’s dead, but during the course of his revenge discovers otherwise? But she ends up dying because of his revenge. Oh holy hell what holes these guys dig for themselves.

      • Interesting….I actually thought that the shape looked like Zoe.

        I totally think Joon’s mom is not dead. I mean we never saw a body. I didn’t even think she was dead when they took her away but then everybody said that she died.

        All of then need to spend the rest of their lives in therapy and possibly away from each other.

      • Hey, you could be right! What if the ending is Jung Woo dead of a gunshot wound and Soo Yeon dead right there next to Hyung Joon, leaving him all alone and wallowing in misery forever. Or more likely we get a WHIB ending, at which point I will be LOLing forever at the absurdity of that ending here.

      • OH GOD NO! That would be horrible… I sincerely hope Zoe there for him then, his evil and her feelings for JW aside, she better stand by him (at least as a friend) after their 14 years relationship!

    • if u gals talking about the dead body beside hyungjoon,,i agree that’s sooyeon aka zoe…
      well,,somehow i do agree if the writer will go to the ending like MOB/WHIB was..it ws tragic but awesome ending,,hahaha…
      i’ve seen the teaser many times and it gave us some clues about the ending…jungwoo dead in the warehouse..zoe desperate n then harry shot her *OMG* n then he regret that and cry a river..n then he kill himself..hahaha…tell me im crazy bcoz of this drama :DDD

      anyway,,thanks for ur recap dear koala!
      i always agree with ur thoughts,esp.about harry,hehehe…
      fighting!! ^_^b

    • ahhh remember the part when they showed the back of young sooyeon and hyung joon holding hands?? and then sooyeon disappeared in the picture and said sorry…?
      oh gossh i don’t want jungwoo and sooyeon die for the ending!!

  4. Finally an episode where I just didn’t like Harry and there’s a legitimate reason for it beyond that first love farce. He was a total douchebag. Keep begging at that door, buddy, cuz you deserve to get locked out. Anticipating Harry’s descent into eeeeeevvvviiilll!!!! Hopefully it’s not too hammy, though.

    I’m glad we finally spent some time with Zoe and her journey. This is what I’ve been looking for for 7 episodes! And after seeing the mom’s reaction to Zoe’s “resurrection,” I can finally start forgiving her for the “It won’t kill her.” line that just soured me to her character for a while.

    Glad they’re pushing that murder mystery out of the way. It’s just clunking up the story.

    Thanks for the recap! I enjoy them immensely.

    • Thanks! Bad Harry, we spank you for being a bad boyfriend here. Now go back to being your regular loving patient and candid self. Show her your lair. It’s not like its packed with S&M gear. This isn’t Fifty Shades and you are no Christian Grey, young man.

      • 50 Shades of Harry? Say it isn’t so! lmao But that cane is not helping me erase the image. I can see several other uses for it if he were so inclined.

      • When it comes to relationship i think zoe is the worse… she loves harry but keep meeting jung woo and waver every time she meet him.. harry shows that he really loves her… and does jung woo who tell harry he loves zoe… but zoe remains uncertain. If harry keeps all his secrets that is his rights.. why?? He did not want to make zoe involved in his private matter and all revenge things..
        Anyway if zoe is so upset to harry when she find out about jung woo family… that gives more evidences that she has the feeling for him… perhaps harry is only want to know his reaction since all his feeling is devoted only for zoe..

      • Lord, that book. I didn’t read it but I went online to read reviews and excerpts to see what the fuss is all about..and…
        LOL so hard at the word choices and writing.
        I can’t even believe that’s a best seller. Bloggers like you and the DB girls can definitely write better books that than if you want to.
        Sorry, I digress.

      • Okay, I need to stop before all this talk of canes and spanking and secret locked rooms devolves further into snippets of raunchy scenes straight out of a bad romance novel.

        But man, what I could do with choice words like Harry, cane, limp, secret locked rooms, surveillance cameras, smirks along with “can’t I sleep on the bed with you?”…..

  5. A cliffhanger, like I need more reason to watch the next episode. Why must Zoe pick between the two men? Can’t she just make-out with both of them (you know for my sake).

    Once again another wonderful recap!

  6. Thanks for the recap! I think I will stick to just your recaps from now on. I think I’m too OCD for     this drama. The scenes with LSY and her mother are probably the first time I ever wanted her to be LSY again and not just run away as Zoe. I hope YEH gets a wider range of dramas based on her      awesome acting here, would love to see her as a baddie. 
    I have to say that I love the evil Harry pout…I find it scarier because it’s cute, like Kirsten Dunst in Interview With a Vampire.

    • Noooo, watch wif me! I need more snarking to keep me sane between the stupid bits until the good heartpulling scenes arrive once in a blue moon. Evil Harry is already an oxymoron. How can Baby Jailbait ever be believable as a baddie?

      • Who’s doing the spanking? 😛

        He’s Jailbait, not bait in Jail. He gets us in jail for coveting his underage hotness. He doesn’t get himself in jail for the crime of being too hot for his age.

  7. Ok this will be anti-climatic as hell, but Yoo Seung Ho wearing the same shade of lipstick as Yoon Eun Hye (such as in the first screencap) is really distracting…

    • All three leads are wearing the same color lipstick. Which would only make sense if they are engaging in a three-way make out session whereby Soo Yeon transfers her lipstick to them. Or Hyung Joon is secretly a cross-dresser and steals her lipstick. And that Jung Woo has a connection with her across 14 years of divide, and is also a cross-dresser who happens to pick the same shade of fuschia.

      I don’t take this drama seriously. The amount of coincidences is enough to make me want to buy a lottery ticket if I were them. But the lipstick situation is truly amusing.

      • Shhhh ————-> all the bipolar, lazy writing – you don’t want people to accuse you of being a biased, ignorant Yoochun hater/Yoo Seung Ho fangirl. Because, goodness, there couldn’t possibly be a valid critique of the writing in this drama aside from being a mean spirited and narrow-minded big ole meanie. Let me field the slings and arrows. You can imagine the three-way smooch fest. It totally must include an yaoi one between the two boy YYs.

      • omgggggggg!!!!! XD Three-way make out session? lmao

        No but I think we’re supposed to pretend that’s their natural lip color which might be more absurd than the three-way theory.

      • I totally laughed at the yaoi and bias comment. Super lol. I lurked in the forum and saw that your recap is quite infamous there Ms. Koala.
        And now that I saw the pictures, the lipstick is quite disturbing. *smooch*

      • After spanking session and now this?? Love it! 2 way or 3 way, I won’t mind which 1… ^^

      • @ poy I lurked in the forum and saw that your recap is quite infamous there

        Me? Moi? Infamous? Where? Why can’t I just be famous. Or not famous. Why must I be infamous. Am I on the lam? Did I flash my vajayjay when I got out of a car and some pap snapped a picture of me and now its gone viral?

        I am seriously baffled how my recap of a drama could possibly rise to the level of infamy. Unless people can’t handle that I dare to expression my Point Of View Which Differs From Theirs. Oh the horror.

        In medieval times, would I be burned as a witch for heresy in having the gall to, gasp, not find Jung Woo to be the ultimate romantic hurting sexy leading man whose tendency to get all grabby is because he just can’t control his pain and desire to get close to Soo Yeon and confirm her identity and really she doesn’t mind because she also secretly still has feelings for him and ultimately it doesn’t matter because they are the OTP!!!

        Sorry for the ginormous run-on sentence above. I got carried away.

      • You are an enemy of the republic for daring to hate a fictional character!
        BUT they are not crazy! Nope…not a bit. They just love their oppa.

      • Lol at ‘bias’. And an even bigger LOL at people who love to use and abuse the word. (-;

        Don’t worry, Capt. K, if this were the middle ages and you get burned for heresy, I’ll gladly join you at the stake. Am sure the other Yoo Seung Ho-loving noonas out there will join too. It’ll be one heck of a collective combustion, with all of us swooning ans squealing over our gorgeous, underage boy’s hotness as we burn. ^_^

    • A yaoi scene between Chunnie and YSH?! Let’s not pine for things we will never have. It’s too cruel!

      Aaand now I’ll probably think about this the next time I see JW and HJ on screen together. Those undercurrents of antagonism that appear in their interactions will be replaced with electric, sexual tension. A forbidden, incestuous romance between two alpha males.. a love that can never be.. Oi. My imagination is running away with me.

      Thanks, Koala. :'(

      • They already share the same lipstick color and love the same woman! I totally think the ducks are lining up for that fanfiction to be written sooner rather than later….

  8. the first thing that crossed into my mind when I watched the playground scene last night was .. now koala gotta to love HJW! he is not grabby cop anymore!! lol
    He was so pushy towards LSY in the previous episodes because he wasnt sure whether Zoe is LSY or not and it is just his cop nature being so grabby..now he know that Zoe is LSY..

    the ending was crazy!! mommy-LSY and mommy-HJW scene made cry a river

  9. Totally agree that YEH/YSH’s lipstick is so distracting… next thing u know they will be both be fronting an ad for one of the K cosmetic giants! Sorry for sidetracking from the main plot. but This drama is on a roll…thanks Ms Koala for your awesome and speedy recaps!! Can’t wait til next week!

  10. Thanks for the recap! LOL, now that you’ve mentioned the lipstick shade all three leads seem to share I can’t keep from being fixated on it! I declare its more distracting that the huge plot hole coincidences where I feel Seoul must only have two streets everyone uses, the other streets are just for visual decoration.

  11. Thank again koala for the recap 🙂 i find it interesting that there is another important character related to the rapist murder…. but frankly i hope that cleaning ahjumma has no relation with harry. Oh please writer nim… harry is all alone. None waiting for him… LSY and HJW have their family waiting for them… but not harry.

  12. omg ! finally. im glad that sooyeon reunited with her mother…i wonder if they are going to rebuild their relationship i mean it wont be easy. and im not shocked that the cleaning lady is the killer, she did seem kinda suspicous :O i hope that jung woo gets out safe and sound and i wonder who will help him out!! >.< looking forward to episode 11 thank you koala ;]

  13. ohhh…koala…you are making me have SECOND LEAD SYNDROME….

    I really hope HJ get the girl…but the writer wont let that happen will they?cant we have a twist and make HJ get SY …


  14. Thanks Koala for the recap.

    The SY-Mom scene is really heartbreaking.

    Looks like our CG boy now gets a flaw on his right cheek keke. Must be due to the hectic schedule.

    That aside, I’m sad for him that the only person he has in this world is really starting to walk away now. It’s a given, when you pursue 2 things you will have to lose one to achieve the other. What happen now is his doing and the result of his choice.

    How I wish his mom is still alive and they will be able to be together and live peacefully by the end of this drama. If only his mom was not greedy for the money too, she should just give it to HTJ since he wanted it so much. Now, look what happen to poor HJ. I seriously hope his revenge will not endanger the people he loves -SY. As she also deserves a happy life ahead.

    If his mom is really dead, I concur you Koala, I want him to get his revenge and then die feeling content, he doesn’t have anyone else beside him anyway to live his life with. Actually, if this is real life, I would suggest him to forget the revenge and move on with life, meeting and building relationship with people. Revenge and being bad will only hurt you. But since this is kdrama, there’s no way they will go this way. However, if there’s a possibility that his mom is still alive, without advance planning of revenge he may not be able save his mom too. Ugh, I don’t know. How I wish this drama is only 16 episodes, I want it to be done with asap.

  15. I agree with u on how they shouldnt reduce Eun Joo’s scenes that much. At first in the sypnosis given, Eun Joo should be a character liking JW all these 14 yrs regardless knowing how much he loves sy. This is totally not shown in the drama. They turned to portray EunJoo as a “friend of 14 yrs” for JW, nthg more than that. It is really disappointing.. & i feel so sorry for JMIE.
    But Just to clarify a bit.. It was the author who disliked the casting of JMIE at first (not just yc’s fans), even MBC asked yc’s fans to voice out their opinions (to take JMIA out) as much as they want on MBC forum to let the production company feel pressured. So i can see the possibility of JMIA’s scenes reduced due to author too.

  16. I kinda knew the cleaning ahjumma was the killer – but come on – so soon? Does that mean someone else killed the “Aunt”? And do we have to wait another 10 epsidoes to find out who did that one? Why go with a murder if it was just such a sideline affair. tut-tut writer-nim.

    I like HJ descent into darkness, though. He’s so Edward like with the “watching” SY through the cameras. Creepy. And he looked quite unhinged in the car-scene. Yikes. But it was expected. Poor poor little boy. His face just doesn’t look like that of a maniacal stalker how ever hard he tries.

    JW was cute in this one. But a wee bit boring too. Actually I found the episode a little boring maybe because they focused so much on the murder.

  17. awesome recap as always, thank you! now onto the episode last night, ahreum stay away from harry please I beg you or I’ll end up being cleaning ahjumma 2.0 — seriously missy he’s your uncle! writer nim please for the love of harry dont create another ship just because people are shipping harry and ahreum! if zoe ends up leaving him, I’d rather you kill him or simply send him to France or even an assylum 😐

  18. Dont be too overreact on why Eunjoo got limited scenes… in IMY.

    Jang wouldnt accept the IMY script in the first place, if she will just perform like a wallflower in the drama… if u read her description … she will do anything to find the person who killed her father.., Det. Kim… im expecting EJs character to emerge more in upcoming episodes…

    But i thank u Ockoala for sharing ur thoughts with us… bout IMY though most of the times i disagree with you, however, couldnt help but to admire your different way of perceiving a certain drama.❤

  19. I also have thought from the start that the best ending for HJ is a nice death. I hate that it has to be that way, but I think at this point, it would be the best. In real life, I agree with Wanne, HJ needs to drop his revenge plan and move on to a better life that he deserves. I am a little saddened that HJ couldn’t have just been satisfied with a “normal” life – being with SY etc etc. But alas, this is kdrama and all these characters need closure.

    I am shipping SY with neither of these two at this point. I think the best thing for her is to get closure and move on from both of them. I’m guessing it will be happily ever after for the OTP.

    I think the most annoying thing about the lipstick is that the show isn’t a very sunny show in that it has bright colors or whatever. So the fuchsia lipstick really stands out on all of them that much more.

  20. Thanks for the recap K !!! HJW and Harry seem to get away with major stalking in this drama (and we have JYJ always complaining about Saesang fans on SNS). I mean people complain about Harry stalking her 24X7 but HJW is also very obsessive about LSY… It creeps me out. I think LSY should just dump both of them and just fly off and live happily. Although I don’t see either of them letting her out of their sight any time soon…let alone letting her go.

      • obsession is the perfect word to describe what both male leads are feeling towards LSY.

        can you imagine how she would feel when she finds out that she’s been living in a house with cameras in every room?

        Or that she can’t even drink a glass of soju and burp in peace without being seen by these guys.

        seriously. The girl doesn’t deserver this. LSy should just team up with the detective buddy of JW. He’s the only normal guy in this whole thing.

  21. Hah! I’ve always known something is up with that ahjumma! So curious on what’s gonna happend next… need to wait for another week. Hmmm…

  22. still unable to watch the full episode *sighs* but soo yeon’s reunion with mom is so sad and so satisfying to watch two actress play it out so beautifully. when i was scanning through the episode, this scene i did not let off… so precious.

    thank you koala sis for the recaps! i can still appreciate the drama even without watching. 🙂

  23. Thanks Koala for the recap. I have been reading comments that SY loves HJ, but I don’t see any romantic feelings from SY to HJ. Her love for him is sibling love, a love for a brother/cousin who she lives with for 14 years, which won’t develop into much beyond that. Eun Joo’s adult character is non-attractive, very annoying in fact. It may seem unfair for the actress, but her acting sucks & her voice is rude. On the other hand, Ah Reum is totally adorable, she is so cute, the writer should increase her scenes – may be get HJ to become close to Ah Reum to revenge on her evil dad !

  24. I’m a little confused with one scene, and I’m hoping that someone here will help me understand this better.

    SY asks Harry if he’s HJW’s younger brother. and he doesn’t dimiss it. So are they brothers or are they nephew/uncle?

    i.e. does the word dongsaeng have different connotations, can it mean younger uncle? or is it that Zoe doesn’t know the exact relationship and assumes they are brothers.

  25. After reading your comment regarding Harry “hoping he at least gets a flaming death scene at the end to go out with a burst of glory.”
    There is a scene which was at the very beginning, showing you flashes of the series with Jung Woo lying in an abandoned place (where they were kidnapped) with an injury to his temple and a shot gun noise going off just before he collapses, and he is crying while lying on the floor, as he looks out of the doorway, just like SY did…….that scene will NOT leave me alone…it is driving me CRAZY!!!! Surely they won’t kill my Yoochun….right?????

  26. Gosh, I am going to stop watching this show cause my heart is breaking for Harry. No wonder he turns evil. He has nobody, not even LSY’s heart. He is such a complex character which is why its soo awesome.

    Question; did any of you guys see the stills of KHJ playing the piano for LSY? Is that behind the scenes or is it a scene that is coming up in a future epi? or is a deleted scene?

    Question 2; Are there any fanfiction out there with these two?

  27. FINALLY!!! I’ve been wanting to rant about the issue regarding Jang Mi In Ae for so long and was peeved that there has been no outlet as if no one has noticed. Thank you, Koala, cos you took the words right out of my mouth. I feel so sorry for the actress and I really do think MBC has caved in to the fangirls’ protest and had the script-writers change the entire character of Eun Joo to pacify the fans. Thus she is hardly a character at all. I almost laughed at her first scene, where she was barely awake/somewhat hung-over, with hair covering her entire face. To be honest, she’s been getting so little screen time, I hardy know how she looks like, not to mention the lack of characterization and dialoge.

    Shame on you, MBC, for giving in to the immature fangirls and their petty demands. Shame on you.

  28. Ms Koala I have a theory!
    MAYBE..Bad Daddy’s cute assistant is actually Harry’s anonymous conspirator!!
    It’ll be like a double whammy to Bad Daddy…one, two punch!
    What do you think?
    I always enjoy your theories…the ones made during Big were truly epic 🙂
    Thanks for the quick recaps as always!
    Love your work!!

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