Megan Lai Posts Confirmation that Miss Rose has Wrapped Filming

Wow, I did not see this coming. Yesterday the cast of Miss Rose posted on weibo that the entire drama has wrapped filming! Yes, wrapped for every single actor, not just the side characters. Megan Lai was the last to finish and she posted a collage of pictures with her co-stars (though Roy Qiu isn’t seen in any) and expressed her sadness at the ending of her time together with the cast and crew. The drama has been live filming for months now, though not nearly as tight to the wire as K-dramas which live film but need to produce two episodes a week instead of one. With the wrap of the filming, I can’t imagine there are that many episodes left unless the production managed to catch a tailwind in the last few weeks and produced a lot of footage than I assumed. I wonder if SETTV will be airing specials if MR ends before Replacement Princess is ready to premiere? I’m sad that the drama filming ended on such a quiet note, which reflects the fact that the drama got decent ratings in Taiwan but was never quite the runaway hit its predecessor Office Girls was. Nevertheless, I’m happy that Roy can move on to his movie and dramas in China (he posted a picture on weibo today wishing Tang Tang a happy birthday so I think their break up rumors are clearly not true) and am content knowing the drama isn’t trying to drag things out for the sake of filling airtime. If you can see the picture above posted by Megan this week, it’s clear she’s wearing a wedding dress (and looking so gorgeous my eyes hurt). I’m so ready for a wedding between Si Yi and Cheng Kuan its not even funny, if only to get Vivian out of the picture for good. Honestly, her character was such a cipher – I never understood why she treated Cheng Kuan badly in the first place only to turn around and refuse to let him go because she liked him too much. New fan pics also show Megan filming with Chao Chun Ya at Song Shan Airport, which means poor Yi Chun is on his way back to the US. Sigh, what can I say, I hope his story teaches everyone not to make stupid decisions because there are no do-overs. I’m now back to looking forward to MR again because the end is in sight. Woo hoo! I hope the final episodes are super cute.


Megan Lai Posts Confirmation that Miss Rose has Wrapped Filming — 11 Comments

  1. Good news that the plot shall not be dragged way too long then! Thanks Koala.

    Yi Chun heading to the US? We all know who *cough*trotwood*cough* is gonna welcome him back at the airport. 😀

    • *sitting in the Arrivals sections with cookies and balloons. Looking up surprised* Did someone mention my name? I usually just sit around the airport every once in awhile for the atmosphere. Really.

      Welcome back to the states Yi Chun. I will help you mend your broken heart.

      We’re FRIENDS people. Get your minds out of the gutter.

  2. I wonder if Roy and Megan are on such unfriendly terms she did not take any wrap up photos with him?
    Maybe Roy is not in the at the filming of the wrap-up scenes and hence no photos.
    Anyway, just random thoughts…
    Thanks for the recaps so far which I deligently read, even though the drama did not interest me enough to follow it.

  3. Am I the only one who wants some resolution about the company shenanigans? (How does Yi Chun get out of his contract and come back to me, ahem, to the United States, for example?) We all knew from the beginning that there was going to be a wedding because of the opening credits; as I tell my students, when you know the end of a story, the interest in the narrative needs to be in the journey to the end rather than a curiosity about what will happen. We all know this jounrey has meandered, but it seems such a shame that there are such good characters (not the one-dimentional office villains but the other screws and SY’s posse) only to leave them drifting into nothingness.

  4. I will leave watching MR just slightly unfulfilled. I don’t know what it was missing for me, but maybe some sort of spark or something. I will see what the ending is like but I can’t help but think that the OTP characters weren’t really all that compatible. I guess they just didn’t sell it for me onscreen. There are a X episodes left so maybe they will turn it around. The story just wasn’t all that great either. Either way, I still stuck with it and did find a lot of small enjoyable moments and I do like all the actors.

    I haven’t really been wow’d by a sunday drama in a long time. But I have been getting back into dailies recently, whereas before, the only dailies I watched were taiwanese speaking ones. I hope RP is good 🙂 I have zero expectations for it, so that could be a good thing.

    Jia you MR!!!

  5. Wow!!! What an early post Cap. K! !! I didn’t expect you post news of MR last night. Ah… I missed out all the funs with all my pals in MR.
    I’m so glad that MR is wrapping up and is not a further drag, but feeling a bit sad that it’s over. I’ll miss out something… to look for every Sunday. Huhu,,, tears dropping….

  6. I really liked this drama when it started …..but suddenly half way…..I just lost interest. There was just no chemistry between the leads. I also went from being crazy over Roy to now finding him unpleasant. It is so strange.

  7. I lost interest at ep 18. The OTP did not have that much chemistry and I tried to overlook it. As the drama progressed, I just found it difficult to watch it on screen. I wonder in real life if Roy is really stand-offish.

  8. Well, it is good to know the lather rinse repeat cycle has stopped, and we are moving on to the [sorry this metaphor is bad] conditioning stage before we move to the dry and style.
    Which leaves us with Roy’s pretty puffy hair that I want to run my Koala’s fingers through.

    Phew! Almost got caught there.

  9. I wonder if Roy is awkward to work with in real life?? He rarely pose for pictures with his leading co-stars, like on weibo, and doesn’t follow alice or megan.

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