Taiwan Drama Stars Descend on the SETTV End of Year Award Banquet

This is quite a treat for those TW-drama watchers who are hoping to see some big drama stars all gathered in one place. SETTV, still the leader this year in ratings among the five big channels (CTS, CTV, GTV, and FTV), held an end of the year party and award’s banquet for all the stars of its 2012 dramas. The awards were just pat on the backs and best actor and actress went to Roy Qiu for Office Girls and Annie Chen for Inborn Pair (yes, those dramas aired in 2011 but neither finished until 2012). Everyone pretty much walked home with a prize but it was nice to see all the pretty stars get acknowledged for their efforts since drama filming is a tiring grind made especially more exhausting when the ratings are bad but the production needs to soldier on. 2012 was a mediocre year for me in TW-dramas, with the only drama I followed declining precipitously in the second half like so many dramas are wont to do. Even though Taiwan dramas are qualitatively weaker than its Korean and Japanese counterparts, I find myself connecting with their romance drama OTPs more frequently because the stories focus on the emotional steps more than the narrative progression. I also love them because the Taiwanese actors and actresses have their own unique gorgeous looks and acting styles it’s a treat to watch them onscreen.

OMG, James Wen, you are ordered to go to time out. NOW. What the #%$^&* are you wearing? A green dress shirt with a white collar, paired with rust red tight pants, a grandpa colored tan too-small blazer, and shoes without socks? If there was a fashion police you would be sentenced to death by virtual stoning for your crimes against fashion. And your hair? *headdesk* Chris Wang, you are also ordered into time out! What is this nastiness going on over there? The top half of Chris’s outfit is passable, but the bottom half is so wrong and atrocious and painful on the eyes I can’t believe anyone with functioning eyes would leave the house looking like that. Roy and George Hu get a pass not because they are all that fashionably dressed, but in comparison they are like rock stars.

Roy, as adorable as ever! Annie, as tall as ever. Seriously, this girl makes me feel like a non-hairy hobbit.

Chris straddling his former onscreen OTP Annie and his current onscreen OTP Tiffany Hsu.

This is for all you Chao Chun Ya fans who wondered where the heck the guy was at the Miss Rose wrap party. Probably getting ready for this party. Megan Lai‘s new hairstyle really does not work for me AT ALL. At least Roy does not look like he’s waiting to bolt from Megan’s side at any moment.

Oooooh, thank you SETTV for trotting out James, Nikki Hsieh, and Chris Wu for a picture. The leads of the next Sunday night idol drama Replacement Princess, folks!


Taiwan Drama Stars Descend on the SETTV End of Year Award Banquet — 21 Comments

  1. Did I spot Jimmy Lin? He looks as young as ever, does he even grow old??!! Even next to Roy Qiu, they look like they’re about the same age. The power of babyface. I wish Jimmy Lin take on another SETTV project or is there an upcoming drama project for him that made him attend this banquet?

    I realize something about this batch of SETTV male leads, they don’t make me go gaga over them over their looks (except maybe Jimmy Lin) but they have their own unique screen presence that makes up for it. Now, I actually kinda miss Vic Chou in dramaland by looking at them… :p

    • Isn’t it the guy that used to be in energy? Or something. He was in inborn pair as the brother and in Alice and James’s drama as the Alice’s other love interest. Am I wrong?

      • Wow!!! He looks like he did when he was 20!!!! 🙂 dang!! Sigh… Can he come back and do another settv drama? I know he is expensive but one can dream. He was totally my tw idol when I was tween/teenager. He was as cute as a button and still is!!! I haven’t seen a photo of him in a really long time!

      • I forgot to say I was totally wrong. Lol it’s these darn meds talking

        Shakes head at all 4 of those leading men. Aiya. Who dresses them and styles their hair…

  2. OMG, James Wen is right!
    But I think I have seen that outfit before. One of the nuns-no-longer-in-habit at my all girl high school wore it every day for four years.

    And Chris Wang just looks stupid. Come ON. Nobody spell checked him before emailing him out to the night? It doesn’t make any sense.

    Roy, so pretty in velvet, or cotton, or nothing at all…

    “Taiwanese actors and actresses are have their own unique gorgeous looks and acting styles” Totally agree with you on the T actors. You’re kinduv freaking me out because I was formulating that thought on the way in to work this am. A few of the pretties aside, the appeal is not that they are perfect, but they are fully formed personalities that don’t count on looks.
    It must be easy to get lazy when you know you’ll get cast just because. Casting directors know the audience will tune in just to
    look at you, The Hand Towel.

    • Is this a euphemistic way of saying that most Taiwanese actors are unattractive? Korea has always surprised me in terms of the sheer number of good looking men in the entertainment industry… it boggles the mind lol.

  3. Um, no. Just no. What is with the men’s outfits? They either need to fire their stylist or hire one. I don’t like what Roy’s wearing but he still looks good so he gets a pass.

    On the up side, the women are simply gorgeous AND fashionable.

  4. Chris Wu looks like he lost a bet, and we won’t go into James Wen at all. I am trying to get the bad image out of my mind. Will the hair be different in the drama? Is that even possible?

    Thanks for the shout out to the Chao Chun Ya fans (you know who you are–*looking in the mirror*).

  5. “Chris straddling his former onscreen OTP Annie and his current onscreen OTP Tiffany Hsu.”

    lolol – I don’t think you meant that the way it came out! 😀

  6. OMG, what a great Friday treat. I have nothing but headache at work. Boom! Logged onto Koalas web, I totally forgot about my headache when I see the very first photo and I’m giggling… with smile as wide as a moon arch. Thanks Cap. K

  7. Annie should change her shoes, her toes are touching the ground. And why and when did the short cuffed trousers with shoes on bare feet become fashionable? Why why why? I hate it =(

  8. Thanks for the photos and ur comments about their outfits are hilarious! XD
    Did u guys hear that Chris was crying? He won the Media Award (?) and then a clip of Chris’ naked in the balcony (from IP) was shown.
    Later at the backstage interview, he cried (broke my heart!) because he thought it was a ‘selling meat’ award… like we don’t see all his hardwork and at the end, we only care about him behind the rocks (his sexy photoalbum) or the kiss with James?

  9. Ouch, this was a year end banquet, not something like the Oscars…I give them a break for wearing what they felt comfortable in…also, Taiwan still wins hands down for producing one of the most attractive male actor of all time, Jin Cheng Wu, aka Takeshi Kaneshiro. Keep up the good work, love your blog…having watched dramas from all over Asia, I now prefer Taiwan dramas.

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