Jang Geun Seok to Perform on Hunan TV Year End Celebration Possibly with Moon Geun Young

OH MY GOD. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have reason to writer another post about Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me Mary). I’m unabashedly honest about loving this batshit crazy drama when it aired. The early parts were funny and manga-ish and so up my alley it wasn’t even funny, but mostly it was because Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok‘s chemistry with each other was of the potency I had rarely ever encountered. Of course everyone who was around here during the airing of M3 must remember the insanity the second half generated, which culminated in me off on vacation in the Hokkaido boondocks with no internet and the final two episodes airing and half the people were freaking out claiming Mu Gyul was getting killed off. And then Jung In ended up falling off a mountain and in a coma instead. That was amusing to say the least. M3 aired recently in China on Hunan TV and garnered smash ratings for its daytime slot. The network is holding its annual year-end mega celebration and is lining up musical guests this month and today has confirmed that Jang Guen Seok will be performing two songs on the show. Jang Geun Seok has been relatively popular in China since You’re Beautiful and this year he made an appearance on variety program Happy Camp. I was planning to check out this year end celebration performance anyway, and then I read the article further and the network has confirmed that they are in talks with Moon Geun Young’s agency to secure her virtual appearance and have her sing a duet with Jang Geun Seok via satellite link. Like I said – OH MY GOD. *jawdrop if this happens*. I’m a total Geun-Geun shipper and this would make my year. The GGs actually went to Japan together last Summer to perform a series of M3 stage concerts for the Japanese fans so they’ve sang together onstage before. This possibility led me to rewatching Geun-Geun MVs for the last hour and GUH all the feelings have come rushing back. Even if you’ve never watched M3 and have only heard horror stories (all true), check out this awesome MV just to get a glimpse of the chemistry imma talking about (also all true).

Geun-Geun MV from Mary Stayed Out All Night:


Jang Geun Seok to Perform on Hunan TV Year End Celebration Possibly with Moon Geun Young — 41 Comments

  1. OMG! Thanks Captain for this awesome news. And Hello to fellow loyal GG shippers. I hope somehow there’ll be some clips from that show so we can witness again that super-duper chemistry…In the meantime, I can’t wait for this Saturday’s episode of CA. Have a good day to everyone!

    • Hahahahaha, LOL, so true. He only behaves when he’s around her, like a puppy wanting her approval and affection. If they ever dated, we know who would be wearing the pants in that relationship. This is not a joke on JGS’s recent predilection for dressing like an androgynous being.

      • Totally AGREE!!! Keun Suk is the PURRFECT gentleman when Geun Young is around. They are the loveliest couple ever and should start or maybe be dating already! Hee Hee.

    • Excellent observation! I remember the 2010 KBS Awards Night, JGS was well-dressed and very gentleman like while staying close to MGY all night…Hey,count me in for another JGS-MGY pairing! 🙂

  2. You made me miss them so. And yes you’re right, all the feelings have come rushing back. I feel how you feel. They’re the OTP of all OTPs. I’m looking forward to JGS looking normal again.

  3. They do look so comfortable with each other and like they really enjoy each other’s presence. Was that all from the show or were there bts too?

  4. I wish there is a like button so I can just click on all the comments. Thanks Mrs. K, this post made me so very happy (amidst all the tension in the office). I feel giddy like an in-lurve highschooler.

  5. ♥ Memories of crazy shipping & all that mad activity. Too obsessive. Crazies to the max at the then- raging Geun Geun thread. The duo had something on .
    For sure . Thats why it was a joy to watch the show.
    Enjoying MGY on AIC now. Hoping that JKS will get offered & will accept some challenging role .

  6. Hah! Finally! The GeunGeun post is back! Thank you Koala!
    Gather around GeunGeun shippers!
    And let’s hope this awesome news come true!!

    P/s, I’m ecstatic for tomorrow’s CA episode!!

  7. Ok I just have to post here. Being stuck in bed (well as much as possible) with the flu, does some crazy things to the mind. I actually went back two days ago and read all of your recaps for msoan. At the time of airing, I remember getting bored and just dropping it. But I was watching full house take 2 and nmw’s character just made me think of jgs’ yab character and then I thought I haven’t seen anything of his since yab and my new crack drama is ca so it’s only logical that I get into the geun geun drama. Weird and twisted flu logic. I just love the chemistry btw them. It brings a lot of warm fuzzies and so sad that the drama they were in together was so wacky, and not in a good way. Can we please have a do over for the two of them??? Please drama gods??? How about one where jgs plays a somewhat normal-ish character.

  8. Thank you so much, Ockala. There is forever a special place in my heart for this couple. They are the cutest and the most adorable couple ever. Miss them together so much…..

  9. Although I have been a fan of MGY since the beginning but was unable to get behind them as a pair after YB. For me JGS and PSH were always the perfect ones until I realized that she looks that way with everyone she has ever collaborated with. Even now i have a soft spot for this pair. She is just so special and adorable.
    It is a surprise to me to see that now I do not mind seeing these two together. Is it because I really like MGY too? She is a wonderful actress. I have always admired the unpredictable, talented, self-made and one of a kind JGS…..irrespective of his appearance. He thinks right where it matters. I wish them well.

  10. Omo omo omo! Finally! But via satellite? I hope MGY will find some time to go over to China and do the duet in person. THat would be my dream come true for the New Year! GeunGeun fighting!

  11. Even though I do love the Geun Geuns on screen together…I hope Moon does not fall for him in reality. Jang Geun Suk is such a flirt…he recently created a song for Yoona (he said he was inspired by her).
    Neverless I’m still happy to hear that they have a chance to work together again…they are great friends with awesome chemistry.

  12. Whoa…I miss them, finally after 2 years (it’s that true??) there’s something collaborated them. even sometime I do feel like Amy said that JKS is such a flirt (or it just for promote his drama?)but GeunGeun couple is my first I ever go with this ‘ship’. And like to be shipper GeunGeun now i also go with ChaeKi couple. Then I hove dream, they will have double date since 4 of them have related relationship.

  13. Don’t really understand why the rating was so bad in Korea, but yet so good in China. I live in Europe and don’t really understand these different cultures ?!

  14. Kyaaaah!!!! Been waiting for so long! I’ll take it even if they’re not together on stage as long as they do something together again! I hope Namoo can approve this! GeunGeun is still the best OTP of all time for me! ^_____^

  15. I have been a GGC fans since the beginning of MSOAN and up until now I am stuck with those two. Although there are no confirmation about those two real relationship, but far in my heart i want to believe that both of them are real couple. Although i like the story and chemistry in Alice In Choengdamdong. It is not strong enough to me to like the main couple in reality.

    I saw Moon BTS of AIC scene of when she kissed Shi Hoo oppa cheek in ep.3, Moon made a few mistakes before and look like she was thinking too much. It never happen in BTS of GG first kiss scene. They look more natural when both of them shy and Moon also didnt look she was thinking too much either.

    However, i hope to see GGC reunion on-screen so and can we have another drama together of them again?

  16. CA is an awesome drama and me liking Moon and Shi hoo pairing, but dang GeunGeun is my numero uno OTP and knowing this is just exciting! Seeing my lovely GeunGeun again after ages of not seeing them together, so happy for this Captain K. I hope Moon agreed to appear even if in virtual only.

    GeunGeun Fighting!

  17. omoooo…finally!!! i always check geungeun couple page almost everyday to find the newest news of this lovely couple, but seems that almost geungeun couple page died….
    finally, a news about this couple!!!
    i still a loyal shipper of this couple. best couple ever. even now, there are a few page of MGY n PSH couple, but for me, geungeun couple is the best ever.
    thank u mrs. Koala.
    GeunGeun Couple..Fighting!!!!

  18. Still remember the comfort that this drama gave despite the weird plot.they were cute and lovely and everything!but now JKS is totally out of my world and will never be true actor again till he changes himself.
    I am glad that MGY is still doing her best for Alice.

  19. I’m a total lover of MMM and i love this couple so much much cuter and real, I watched MMM for 10x … but recently i’ve been disappointed with Jang Keun Suk cause been hearing some news about him and Park Shin Hye that they are engaged… they wear couples things… but why Jang Keun Suk hiding it and continuing fooling people because of his recent popularity that will affect him??? that was such a stupid thing fooling people… and he change a lot he’s not the Jang Keun Suk we used to know… he only think of how he can earn income… such a total jerk… such a liar…

    Ms. Ockoala do u know if JKS and PSH are really a couple… I’ve read some Fan account of JKS dinner show he said that his mother want him to marry a girl from year of the horse and 3 years younger than him… and he seems to agree with that… and read also that PSH is there present at his dinner show…

    • I looks like JGS is in love with Yoona also born in the year of horse, and he released his latest album Nature Boy on her birthday 29th May, LOL – he seems to sway his love to leading ladies very fast – all those body language, eye contact, and comments how he felt with MGY seems far away now, I am indeed disappointed with him – although I still believe he does love MGY truly cause the way he looked at her, only her, you do not see in other drama with the other leading lady – sad, his emotion swing easily, so sad

  20. Late to comment but thanks for the news. It made my day….
    I do agree that M3 did spoil my mood in second half but it was bearable as compared to Fun, Entertainment I had while watching second half. I love JGS and can die for his smile, he and MGY together make one of the MOST CUTEST couple together for me…..I can bet anything to watch them together on screen on any other show…..
    @ockoala…thanks for posting all those beautiful MVs…Just made me recall most of the lovely moments of M3 when I watched it first.

    It will made my year as well if they both will share the screen (even its virtual). Thanks again for article…..

  21. Hello.. Im new geun-geun couple shipper.. Is there any rumours between them nowadays? Really hope that they will acting in new drama and become a real couple..please do update about them…

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