TW-ent’s Week of Me Too Against Chris Wang, Mickey Huang, and Aaron Yan Ends with Worst Offender Variety Star NONO Accused of 20 Counts of Sexual Assault and Rape

I think the weeklong Me Too reveals in TW-ent may have come to a close, if there are more accusers against more stars so much attention on this hopefully have given them courage to speak up. The allegations started against Chris Wang for sexual assault and groping, the Mickey Huang for sexual assault and taking naked pictures, then against Aaron Yan for sexual assault and recording a sex video, and now against veteran TV host and variety star NONO (Nono Chen) who has the stage name most apropos for his allegations since all the women said NO. A popular online star accused NONO of sexual assault (forced kissing, groping, etc) in a car one time and it led to a cascade of over 20 women saying the same thing and even 2 women claiming rape. NONO claimed he “did not remember” any of these incidents but also said he was leaving the entertainment industry immediately and permanently. TW-netizens ran a poll asking which of the four men were the most disgusting after this week’s reveals and it was a landslide for NONO due to how many victims there were and that he allegedly escalated to rapes. I’m fairly certain all four men are forever done with in the entertainment industry.

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SETTV Holds Lunar New Year Party with Plenty of Star Power Attendance

It’s Lunar New Year on February 19th this year, much later than the usual early February or late January dates during most years. That’s because the Lunar calender only has 30 days in every month so after a few years … Continue reading

Taiwan Stars Bring the Glamour for the 2014 SETTV Drama Awards

It’s a bit of a downer to feel so nonchalant about the Taiwan idol dramas of 2014. SETTV dumped a lot of drama hours but overall the buzz seems to have died down. Despite producing one of my all-time faves … Continue reading

SETTV Holds Thank You Banquet with Stars and Brand Sponsors in Attedance

Taiwan’s biggest producer of nicely packaged idol dramas SETTV held a thank you banquet at the Taipei Le Meredien over the weekend, the second successive big celebrity packed event at the fancy hotel after Mark Chao and Gao Yuan Yuan‘s … Continue reading