Anonymous TW-netizen Post About Womanizing Top Actor with Last Name W and Steady Girlfriend Gets Reporters to Point to Chris Wu

Well this isn’t quite Me Too even if it’s true and more about the reveal that a top actor may be a man whore in real life. Not sure yet of course if the reveals are true or even who it it about but a recent anonymous post on during this TW-ent Me Too phase about a top actor last name W with a steady girlfriend who is a total womanizer, has a long term girlfriend yet loves hooking up with girls left and right. The post said the guy is sleazy, won’t even hold hands with a girl, and even has gotten production team members and costars removed from projects. The post said that the number of girls he’s hooked up with and then discarded is enough to form their own Avengers. Reporters pointed the post to Chris Wu who is a top actor, last name W, and has steady girlfriend Ivy Shao. Chris actually posted a long reply on this, starting off with his mentor telling him not to respond at all since the post did not identify him but he felt like he did nothing wrong and nothing about the post was verifiable or even attributable to him. It was an anonymous post, and if he did sleep with so many women then feel free to come out now and say it, and if he did mess up productions how could he keep the news down since it would require a lot of power and money to keep doing such unreasonable things. To date TW-netizens are on his side on this one.

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