Written Preview for Episode 5 and 6 of Cheongdamdong Alice

What gives, SBS? This is the oddest thing in that we’re a day away from Saturday’s new episode of Cheongdamdong Alice and still no video preview. And the drama has only aired 4 episodes! Usually dramas stop airing previews between episodes 6-8 which is when live filming catches up to airing. I recall CA starting to film quite in advance of its premiere date so it’s hard to believe the drama had only 4 episodes in the can and is already on a tight live filming schedule. Or maybe the network can tell the latest episodes ratcheted up the interest and excitement in this drama and wants to whet our appetite with the lack of previews. Either way I’ve been chomping at the bit to get any clue as to what might happen. Luckily the written previews came out today for both episode 5 and 6 airing this weekend. They’re short but something is better than nothing. I’m wondering how the drama can redeem Tommy’s character, but if it can quickly paint Yoon Joo in many shades of gray and make me like her, anything goes with White Rabbit extraordinaire Tommy Hong. I rewatched all four episodes again last night and found myself chuckling and smiling and crying all over again. Such an exhilarating ride already, I can’t wait to fall deeper down the rabbit hole with Se Kyung and Seung Jo. They have one of the most unusual OTP dynamics I don’t recall seeing before. It’s not the bickering pretend loathing, nor is it this immediate attraction that leads to the inevitable falling in love. It’s rather personality and principles based, and so far I can’t get enough of it. 

Written preview for episode 5:

Hearing from Yoon Joo that she needs to find a new White Rabbit, Se Kyung wearily releases a sigh. Tommy Hong finally knows that Se Kyung wants to enter Cheongdamdong. After looking around for some time, Seung Jo finds Se Kyung, and towards the anxious Se Kyung he takes her somewhere…..

Written preview for episode 6:

Se Kyung’s friend Ah Jung discovers Yoon Joo’s secret diary in Se Kyung’s room and tells Se Kyung to live true to herself. Seung Jo continues pretending to be Secretary Kim to the President of Artemis, and listens to what Se Kyung wants……….


Written Preview for Episode 5 and 6 of Cheongdamdong Alice — 18 Comments

  1. It’s so freaking awesome this story since the first episode I was hooked. Thank goodness for work keeping me preoccupied. But, what happens during winter break. I might go nuts

  2. Not juicy written previews but yes, better than nothing. “Seung Jo takes her somewhere…..” and I wonder where. Getting too excited here for the next ep. Thanks for Ms. Koala!

  3. Yay!! Some good news… 🙂
    I love these written previews, they tell you something but not really. I guess we know that sj is going to keep up his secretary Kim charade for another 2 episodes on sk.

    If tommy boy sincerely apologizes to sk for what he did then I will consider it forgiven. He better grovel. Sk fighting!!

    I can’t resist psh in a nice expensive suit. He looks so good.

    Ca fighting!!!

  4. I am so into this drama it’s not even funny. After a few disappointing dramas (and endings!) this year, CA looks like it will be a fantastic end to the 2012 season. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pacing and development of the OTP and while it’s absolute perfection watching them now, I can’t wait until they’re on the same page with each other. The last drama I was super excited about turned out to be very “meh”. I hope this one stays awesome ’til the end!

    P.S. I started this one because of the leads -just like M3. And just like M3, I’ll stick with it even if it leaves common sense & logic by the side of the road to Crazytown. 😛

  5. i am excited about this drama too last i was this excited was lie to ne

    loved park in family honor but here he is beyond funny

    i cant wait to fall into the rabbit hole raw footage here i come

  6. I can’t wait for Ep 5 & 6 to be shown. I didn’t believe in the beginning that PSH and MGY would have such chemistry but they do they do(boy I’m glad I was wrong). I know this is kinda OT but just wanted to let you know that Park Shin Hye and her leading men will be in Strong Heart(Christmas Special) to promote Flower Boy Next Door so you might want to check that out. =)

  7. CDDA has exceeded my expectations for a fashion/Cinderella themed drama.PSH is just adorable! I’ve always loved this guy! but,MGY,where are you,dear?! i just can’t feel her character as of yet.but i’m still thumbs’up for this drama.

  8. oh drama crack got me again I am officailly down the rabbit hole
    missed the live show but read live recaps and i am hooked

    i am so serious about getting on a bus for better internet
    Oh Kdrama crack got me again and I am in the desert in Saudi with bad internet

    its like lie to be but better

    the Alice in wonderland theme is awesome

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