Roy Qiu Heads to China to Film New C-drama Co-starring Li Sheng

On the heels of wrapping filming for Miss Rose, Roy Qiu dropped a few more promotional events last week before setting off for Mainland China this week. He wasn’t joking about heading there next to do dramas and he’s already confirmed for one which starts filming in a few days. It’s a modern drama tentatively called Red Wine My Fair Lady and co-stars C-actress Li Sheng. My first thought was – thank god he’s not re-pairing with Tang Yan again! My second thought was – HOMG, I can’t stand Li Sheng, noooooo, go back to Tang Tang now! Directing is the Taiwan director who did one drama I loved to pieces (Princess Huai Yu in 2000) and recently I watched his Happy and Love Forever with Ming Dao and Annie Chen which was decent enough. Everyone knows I love Roy but I am terribly allergic to Li Sheng after she almost made my brain explode as the new Xiao Yan Zi in the remake of the classic 1998 Qiong Yao drama Princess Returning Pearl that rocketed Ruby Lin and Vicki Zhao to superstardom over a decade ago. Li Sheng’s acting was atrocious (almost like she was miming) but I do wonder if it was mostly due to the director telling her to keep hamming it up like there was no tomorrow. I’ve long held that Roy’s C-dramas are all turkeys and this latest one doesn’t give me hope that he’ll buck the trend. Miss Rose is on a death spiral anyway, with episode 20 dropping below 3 in ratings for the first time since episode 2 aired months ago and the previews for MR also make me want to brain the writers with a frying pan. To wish Roy pleasant filming for his next drama, check out his latest pictures from the Hill Top promotional event for Winter sporting wear in Taipei.

Check out Roy’s best “Blue Steel” imitation. Not bad, Derek Zoolander approves.

Li Sheng wasn’t the worst casting in the atrocity that was the remake of Princess Returning Pearl, as the cast was all-around a mess. Even if I am just meh about the original, at least Ruby Lin was drop dead gorgeous as Zi Wei while Vicki Zhao just owned the entire series with her charisma as Xiao Yan Zi. Watching Li Sheng try to imitate Vicki’s performance was painful, and Hai Lu as the new Zi Wei resembled a wet blanket. I have zero expectations for this new drama other than to check it out for the lulz when its released. Though I have to say that Li Sheng looks way better not wearing period Qing garb. For some reason her face is too modern to fit the classic beauty ideals. Ruby Lin’s Zhi Wei remains the gold standard for how perfect an actress should look as a period beauty.


Roy Qiu Heads to China to Film New C-drama Co-starring Li Sheng — 13 Comments

  1. Ockoala you may want to recap this drama each series. And also published a preview of each episode such as MR, please. Although I am not so enthusiastic about the co-starts C-Actress Lie Sheng, but there was Roy Qiu who plays, I don’t really care. Is it maybe possible Roy Qiu want in china, so he could go to dating out with Tang Yan, hahaha… I guess.
    Congratz for your new project Roy Qiu, Jia you…..
    Ockoala, please don’t forget for the recap ana preview alright? pleaseeeee che ballllllll

  2. Thanks for the Roy today. I need it!

    Ooooh, I haven’t caught up with MR since it fell into the crapper, decided it liked it there and dropped anchor.
    It really does make you wonder if they fried their own brains.
    Also makes me appreciate the good dramas more.

  3. I don’t love Roy enough to watch the duds so hence I try to stay pretty clear away from a lot of the meh dramas he has done. MR … Just don’t know what happened there. Not just the storyline but the female characters are all super annoying. Not surprised at the earrings drop. I thought it would happen a lot earlier but the competition is also super weak.

  4. Isit just me. Or roy qiu look like the asian edward cullen here. His face looks pale white n ice cold, giving the edward vibe. Maybe he should get cast in some vamp show. That’ll be sexy *wink* yum yum.

  5. My first thought was – thank god he’s not re-pairing with Tang Yan again! My second thought was – HOMG, I can’t stand Li Sheng, noooooo, go back to Tang Tang now!

    Hehe, this made me LOL. I haven’t watched the HZGG remake yet, so no opinion on Li Sheng. I guess I’ll see how her acting is when I check this one out.

  6. They completely ruined my favorite period drama of all time. QY needs to stop making remakes of her own dramas as they are always worse than the original. No one will ever be able to surpass Zhao Wei’s XYZ.

  7. Oh, gosh Roy! Can’t you find a better co-star the above mentioned woman? Let see what her name is again, oh Li sheng. I don’t know who she is, but the her photos are not attractive to me. I guess I have to find a new hobby than watching drama. Sorry Roy, I most likely going to skip your next C-drama RWMFL even though love you so much!

  8. Omg ….no pearl. Don’t pass this drama alright .I will miss you so much. Please pearl.Even me too honest ly, I never knew about Lie Sheng.Omo.. don’t think to pass the drama pearl.

    • Awwww… I’m all mellow with you, Julis. There aren’t any differences with or without me watching this up coming drama my dear as you will have cap K, Trotwood, Jomo, Denali & Lovedramas. Will see how it goes. If cap K post notes on it, I will give it a try and write comments and critique on it. Helehe…

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