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I’m stuttering here I can’t even get the words out without wanting to HulkSmash my keyboard. The writer for Missing You needs to take her meds again and maybe go to Jeju for a looooong sabbatical and stay away from drama writing. With her drama alternating between interesting conflicts that she can’t seem to develop with any competence, sheer whatthefuckery when it comes to having her characters act like schizos, not to mention the most laughable murder plots and investigations that even the Scooby Gang can solve with one Scooby snack, I think I’ve hit my tipping point when it comes to this drama. After finally finishing Rooftop Prince recently, all my affection for Yoochun’s hilarious yet tender performance as Lee Gak (Jeon Ha! I wub you!) came rushing back and I was all prepared for the drama to slowly resolve Soo Yeon and Jung Woo’s emotional pain so they could slowly get to know their adult selves before finally ending up together after Hyung Joon goes insane from his revenge plot and being all jealous control freak.

I knew what the writer wanted to do and was all set to run with it. Until I saw the preview for episode 13. WHAT THA?!?! Seriously? Writer-nim, does what you posit happening even feel logical within the narrative of episode 12, because it sure as hell feels like you just threw that in for fanservice. I am not amused. Not to mention I’m totally offended by it on multiple levels. This drama was never just about two people in love the moment the writer threw in a real life frequent trauma that happens to too many women around the world – rape. The writer chose to use that crime, but then she refused to write the aftermath with any shred of consideration and thought, only choosing to highlight the pain, oh the pain, without understanding why the victim and the families ought to be doing to heal from it. Many folks have called the writing exploitative, and I hesitated to make that call, but now I’ve gotta call a spade a spade. This is all sorts of messed up writing. No wonder Yoo Seung Ho admitted he was confused about his character, everything about this drama is like picking raffle tickets as plot devices.

So yeah, after Jung Woo spends ALL of episode 12 saying he’s letting Lee Soo Yeon go, understanding why she doesn’t want to be Soo Yeon anymore, in the beginning of episode 13 he sees her in the little supply room and drags her behind the curtain and then kisses her. I’m not even bothering to flay the return of grabby Jung Woo, I’m just so damn pissed off on two levels with this kiss happening now. Oh yeah, Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye can kiss, but this happening now is just so narratively shitty. Before Jung Woo and Soo Yeon reunite in the open and TALK (the other thing the can do with their mouths which is much more constructive in their situation in dealing with 14 years of lack of communication), they first kiss each other’s brains out. Because, yeah, Jung Woo is all hot for Soo Yeon because in the 14 years he’s been wallowing in guilt he’s actually been pining for her in that romantic way. I don’t buy that shit, drama, no matter how much you try to shove it down my throat. That tastes rank, and reduces Jung Woo to a man who has no purpose in life other than Lee Soo Yeon (taking care of her mom, being a cop to catch bad guys like the rapist who hurt her, waiting for her, being guilty because of her, wanting to be with her if she comes back, yadda yadda yadda). It’s totally not Yoochun’s fault because he tries so hard and there are moments Jung Woo is adorable, but ugh his character just pisses me off to no end. Imma going to watch RP episodes to wash this ickiness off me. Even if the kiss was all sorts of hot, which it appears to be, it just feels so wrong at this juncture I can’t even enjoy it properly. And I’m such a cheerleading for kissing and boating as a general rule. I can’t believe this drama actually made me dislike a kiss for once.

Now let’s get to Soo Yeon – who kisses Jung Woo back and then says she can’t leave Hyung Joon and is planning to still marry him. Excuse me? Did you just kiss a guy back that is not your boyfriend, and then immediately say you can’t leave your boyfriend? On what planet is that right, Soo Yeon? If Hyung Joon was some guy who just took care of your material needs and hovered around you like an extra in a movie scene and you two were just platonic friends (and he had an unrequited love for you), then maybe I’ll be okay with you kissing Jung Woo behind his back. Maybe, but not really, because anytime you have to sneak around that is just a shit thing to do. But you said “the man I like” and have been all lovey dovey and cozy with him in scene after scene. Yes, you can dump him for Jung Woo, just like you can leave Jung Woo for him. Your life, your choice. But your actions in the interim needs to take into account the feelings of the man who has been by your side for the last 14 years in all his devoted glory. Either cut his heart out first before returning to Jung Woo or tell Jung Woo to back off. The writer’s mental state eludes me in how she thinks this development makes sense in the context of her story (when both Jung Woo and Soo Yeon have decided to just stay away from each other not ten minutes ago in the drama), and how it is even fathomable since Soo Yeon spent 14 years hating Jung Woo for abandoning her but the moment she returns she’s all affected by him like he set her panties on fire or something. I am not amused by this depiction of her character, who has been reduced to simply a representation of everyone’s guilt, desire, and hope.

So, in case folks think I’m being a biased meanie again, let’s reduce my gripes to easily digestable nuggets: (1) I like Jung Woo, I am fine with Jung Woo-Soo Yeon being the OTP, I’m fine on principle with them getting together in the end, especially in light of Hyung Joon no longer being a viable second lead from the way his character is getting written, (2) I like kisses! I think Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye kiss well individually and appear to be kissing well there, lips be moving, body be aligned, eyes closed, all good, (3) this impetus and timing for this kiss is so wrong on multiple levels – she’s kissing a guy not her boyfriend (yes, Hyung Joon is her boyfriend, she’s said so to EVERYONE), and she’s kissing the guy who she claimed to hate for 14 years and just recently found out he’s living a guilt ridden life keeping her mother company, which does not make for any reason to kiss him at this juncture. Where is all this sudden romance coming from, I seriously DO NOT GET. I wanted the writer to have Jung Woo and Soo Yeon become friends again, maybe start dating, talk through the rape trauma – you know, the part where he watches her getting raped before running off, they have not addressed that giant pink elephant in the room and here they are kissing already? – before finally getting together at the end after showing us that they love the adult versions of each other now. ROARS OF RAGE AT THE BAD WRITING. I need 10 aspirins to quell that headache in my brain. My beloved Eun Hye is soooooo wasted in this drama. *sobs*

I really connected with how young Soo Yeon and Jung Woo fell in youthful love with each other, so sweet and so heartwarming the way he changed because of her. I was heartbroken they were split up by such a cruel and senseless crime. I feel bad that Jung Woo carries such immense guilt, and I feel even worse that Soo Yeon felt so violated and unloved that she chose to run away from her life and start anew. What I don’t feel, and what makes no sense, is how either can be pining or still in love with each other during the interim 14 years. She was happy in France, a successful designer living a peaceful life with Hyung Joon. He has created a make shift family with her mom and Eun Joo. If the writer spent the drama developing Soo Yeon and Jung Woo reconnecting and re-falling in love as adults, then their love story becomes this really healing thing to overcome their childhood heartbreak. But to have them meet and then immediately be all hot and bothered by each other frustrates the heck out of me because even in the drama world of heightened emotions I call bullshit on that. On a happier note, I’m sure this kiss will make lots of people happy, so I guess it’s an early Christmas present of sorts for fans of MY.

Preview for episode 13:


Video Preview for Episode 13 of Missing You — 125 Comments

  1. OMO OMO!!! The kiss…finally…this scene is so beautiful…they are holding hands which makes it much more intimate…
    PYC and YEH are going to win best kiss this year..I cannot wait for thursday!

    • Kyaa! Seriously so happy to see them kiss. I mean exploding chemistry between the two leads with just the picture still… and then the preview… I thinks Yoochun and YEH are so physically compatible. I am so shipping these two.

  2. I became a fan of YooChun after RP. I don’t follow this coz it’s too dramatic but I always read your comments. LOL you just gave me a laugh how you described the writer. If Tommy Hong can see greed on SK eyes, here I can feel your frustrations.

    • Betchay
      I love Koala and all, but you have to watch the drama to understand it yourself. Seriously it is such a good drama and the actors are all so charismatic. Don’t rely on the comments either, because most of the negative comments come from people who don’t watch the drama.

  3. I’m with u… i’m also shocked to see them kissing, and i agree that it’s too sudden. Hope it’s just a dream or it’s just baaad, baad writing. I guess we’ll have to see it then rage later (ーー;)

    • I hope it’s not a dream. And a lot of jungwoo-sy shippers will be crushed if it is so. Are you watching the drama? Come spazz with us on soompi after the episodes airs. I doubt if you will have to “rage” later.

      • I’m a JW-SY shipper, and i think HJ is bad for SY. i do watch the drama. But to get where they are now(the kiss, i mean) still doesn’t make sense, it lack ‘the feels’ i’m hoping for. So yeah, we’ll see whether i’ll rage or spazz or indifferent…

  4. You rock! I love your thoughts and am so happy you express them so well. My head – filled with logic – completely agree, but my heart is excited to see any YEH kissing (she is so good at it).

  5. Aish! I guess the writing can get worse huh? I take back what I said earlier about including the rape part was a good thing and it was not just to get the audience to see and heap on more pain. As far as it has progressed now, I really do feel like it was just to heap on more tears and more pain just for the sake of it.

    I wish SY would just dump hj already and move on with jw. Sometimes I don’t even know what to say anymore. I used to love everything even the ones that don’t make any sense. But not anymore.

  6. I agree with you 100%. And I am now glad that I jumped ship on this drama after episode 12. It has been going downhill for a while now, and I see that it isn’t going to be getting better. I feel like this show is written purely for emotional reactions without any thought to plot or motivation. “Let’s have lots of crying and bad things because that will make the viewers feel strong emotions. Now let’s have a sexy kiss because viewers love sexy kisses.” Ugh. What a sad waste of 3 great actors (and 2 more if you count the kids who were just as good).

    2012 has had some great dramas but it has also given us some of the biggest wastes of great talent I’ve ever seen (Fashion King, Big and Missing You are the ones I’ve seen).

    • I respectfully disagree. Putting Missing You along with Fashion King and Big is blasphemy! Missing you was never panned by critics like the other two in SK. I hope you give this drama a chance still.

  7. waiiit, so she refuses to kiss hyung-joon (who is actually her boyfriend??!!!) and goes to kiss someone who she has apparently hated for the past 14 years?! That doesn’t even make sense!
    I love all three actors but this dramas is all sorts of batshit crazy, i dont think ill watch it when it finishes…

    • Thank you! I just don’t understand how they can erase the 14 years like that and have her kissing him when she couldn’t kiss the guy she has been living with for 14 years. I’m starting to hate this drama.

    • It’s like Hyung Joon has been a placeholder for Jung Woo for the last 14 years. Which is all sorts of insulting to what was introduced as a very natural and warm relationship between Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon only to immediately hit the skids the moment she got back to Korea and Jung Woo showed up.

      I don’t know why the writer appears to think that the moment a person runs into an unfulfilled first love everything else can be diminished and that becomes the central focus on the story. You know, I don’t blame Hyung Joon for being angry and bitter. I would be, too. This is just wrong and makes me really dislike the OTP for their self-absorption. Everything is about them and their schmoopy feeeeeelings for each other.

      Forget their jobs, pffffft, let’s spend time just revisiting the past over and over again.

      • I don’t think Harry and Zoe is in boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. I notice it since the first time Harry showed up in Zoe’s fashion show preparation. Harry mentioned ‘the girl I love’, but Zoe reply with ‘the man I like’. And yes, they have a warm and close relationship, but it’s not a love relationship. I just think that they are more like eonni-dongsaeng relationship. It’s Harry who always puts his head on Zoe shoulder, like a little brother who try to find peace in his sister (He already did it when he is a little kid in a car after chased by Detective Kim)

        About the fiancee status, I remember that Zoe is a little bit startled when Harry ask to Jung Woo, why Jung Woo can’t take his eyes from his fiancee? So I think that their relationship is like a close friend.If they are really engaged, probably their France friends will acknowledge Harry as fiance, not just sponsor.

        So what I thought of this preview 13 when Zoe told Jung Woo that she will get married to Harry, it means that she still don’t want to be Soo Yeon (because her heart is still hurt) but she want to see Jung Woo, just like she said on the end of episode 12. So she aggree to go to the playground this night with Jung Woo, but she will come back tomorrow as Zoe. She use the fiancee thing as a reason for not going back as Soo Yeon. But unfortunately, Harry misunderstood it.

      • When Harry asked her to marry him, she didn’t say “No” she said “Later”.

        When Harry introduced her as his fiance, she didn’t call him out on it then or even later.

        So my issues are not with JW kissing SY. He would have at some point of time. I just think the kiss was at the wrong time and quite inappropriate – but that’s all.

        What I don’t like is SY’s behaviour. And it’s the little things that should have been shown to make her look better. 1) Harry should have been less understanding and more psycho since the beginning. 2) She should have told him at least once – straight up – that she has no intention of marrying him and that she thinks of him as her brother.

        And all this is because the writer is not taking the time to develop SY as a character.

      • Ockoala – Your post and your comment – I second both!!!
        My feelings and thoughts exactly!!!
        Thank you so much!!
        You spoke my mind!!

    • Harry isn’t Joy’s boyfriend. You have to watch the drama. They are just like friends/siblings who live together and look really really good together. But it’s a one-sided romantic love from Harry. And Joy has been showing lots of signs in the past few episodes that she is affected by Jung Woo. Thus the kiss really makes sense, at least to me, who have been watching this drama and loving it.

      • So I’m in the minority who say that Harry is not joy’s bf. I guess didn’t catch joy actually saying this except for when she was trying to taunt jung woo. Whatever. I still think its one sided love by Harry. And her attraction to jung woo can’t be denied.

  8. I don’t like LSY type of character. Indecisive, spontaneous and selfish!! I am totally calling this kiss ‘cheating’ on her boyfriend!!! I don’t get why so many people are looking forward to it. It doesn’t flow with the story and it is making me dislike LSY and JW. Especially LSY…She wants to stay with HJ not only b/c of guilt but I think deep down, it is also b/c she does not want to go back as being LSY!! It is really about herself!!! Also, by cheating behind HJ’s back, is that not even hurting him more? Lol..

  9. Wait WHAT? Did the last episode just not happen? The fuck is going on?!
    I’ve officially given up on this drama. Now I have nothing to watch on Wednesday’s and Thursdays. I hate everything that’s airing right now. I just can’t wait for one of them to be over so I’ll have something else to watch. Or I’ll give Jeon Woo-chi another go.
    I usually put up with shit writing for very long and I love all actors (Yoochun <3), I've sat through crap dramas for them before, but the writer shouldn't have put in something like rape if she wasn't going to handle the aftermath properly. So I'm just done, no watching, no recaps. I'll get a damn hernia if I sit through this anymore.
    Just read your comments: Oh koala, I wish you the best. Don't pop any blood vessels!

  10. I feel your rage & frustration. For me it seemed Soo Yeon lived the past 14 years trying to forget Jung Woo but the moment she saw him again, the anger flared up as well as the tender first love feeling. Don’t we all have that from our past loves? If the conclusion of that love did not end with the feelings being resolved, the moment of endearment must have taken over at that time. I think it’s too early to determine it by the preview alone. Maybe she slapped him after coming back to her senses.
    As for her relationship with Harry, it seems to be that of a mother & child bond. Btw, they are platonic and never kissed, right? When Harry tried to kiss her and she looked away, doesn’t that give us the hints that Soo Yeon doesn’t love him as a man (at first I thought it was the rape trauma, but if she can kiss Jung Woo it must not be the case…)? As Zoey, she will be his partner because he has always been there for her. It feels more like an obligation to me. Zoey probably thinks that it is love but Harry knows better and that is reason he feels angst and jealousy.
    I hope the writer will be able to bring all of this to a happy conclusion. I can’t stop watching MY but I hate melodramas!!!!
    Sheez, btw May Queen is turning me off cold…I still held on hope that Chang Hee oppa and Hae Joo might be together (until his confession triggered Kang San/Hae Joo), but the latest twist is too much…I know you disembarked loooong ago. I should of follow you then…sigh~…..

    • Confession…I posted the above prior to the preview. Doesn’t seem like Soo Yeon will slap Jung Woo for kissing her….
      In a way I do understand how her feelings can sway. Don’t we all have some sort of betrayal toward our other half? My hubby says my addiction to the K-drama is betrayal itself.

    • T____T Crying for my pretty baby Eun Hye. I loved LTM but that was a failed drama in terms of her career. I want so much for her to hit it both ratings and critical acclaim and acting improvement. She’s doing a lot here with NOTHING in terms of character development.

      • Personally, I don’t think that Missing You is a failure in terms of ratings or acting. The last episode nearly hit 18% in Seoul and just a few minutes ago javabeans said that this drama had really solid ratings.

        As for the acting, I really think that YEH is doing very well and from what I’ve read, she has been praised not only by the general public, but also by the media in Korea (of course it’s not 100% but there will always be people who don’t agree). However, I do agree with you when you say that her character lacks development compared to PYC’s character and I do wish to see the writer explore LSY’s trauma and feelings more.

        As for the kiss have to confess that I was totally spazzing when I saw it. YEH is definitely in my top 3 K-actresses when it comes to kissing, and she doesn’t disappoint with PYC either ^^ From what I’ve seen on DC, Baidu, Soompi, Twitter and Weibo, 99% of the people are very excited and happy with the kiss and this is my first time reading something negative about it. It’s your opinion and I respect it, but this time, I don’t feel the same way as you do…

        I remember at the end of episode 6 in LTM when our HwanHye couple had their ‘’Ice cream’’ kiss, and it didn’t make much sense either based on the characters interaction prior to the kiss, but this playground provided a place for LTM lovers to share our joy and I’ll always have fond memories of that. For me, Missing You is both better than LTM in terms of plot, directing and acting and it’s sad to see that nowadays, most comments are very negative here. I’m not saying it’s a ‘’sheep’’ mentality, but people who comment do tend to agree with the writer (ex: during the LTM era, DB was a place where a lot of bashing was made against that drama, while here there were numerous comments on how they loved LTM). It’s not hard to understand either, because who wants to argue/debate again and again on the reasons why we love this drama when we’re more than halfway through this drama and there is still so much negativity here? Anyways, I think that I’ll stick with Soompi now because the MY thread is going strong with lots of bts, detailed analysis of characters/plot etc and it’s just fun to read.

        I do look forward to your thoughts and I hope that you’ll come to appreciate and see the reason why so many people fell in love with this drama ^^

      • @juby, this drama hasn’t topped 12 percent nationally… not quite a failure, but definitely not a success either. Real time ratings are quite meaningless.

      • Same here. I wonder if YEH will ever hit the perfect balance of acting skill/excellent writing/critical and ratings hit that was Coffee Prince. I KNOW she can do it – but she’s never had the right team behind her since.

        I mean, I’m glad for her career’s sake that Missing You is finally another hit drama under her belt. And definitely she’s showing some acting chops here, just as she did in Lie to Me. But although I hate to constantly compare her to Coffee Prince that was almost 6 years ago, she doesn’t seem to have moved on much since then. It’s either a ratings failure (Lie to Me), or an acting fail (My Fair Lady), or simply a bad drama (Lie to Me, Missing You). What I wouldn’t give for even another Goong.

      • @Rina I wasn’t talking about live ratings…I know that those don’t mean much. The 18% that I wrote was the source from TNmS Korea for the Seoul area. I don’t really want to get into a debate about ratings, but the fact is that Missing is currently the number 1 drama in its time slot and that might not mean much to you, but I’m still happy for the cast and crew.

      • Juby—Koala was saying both ratings ‘and’ critical acclaim, as well as acting improvement. I don’t doubt that the three main leads can act, although YSH is a bit rough at the edges. Ratings may be sky high, but they hardly did it on the ‘critical acclaim’ part. There are a lot of criticisms about MY. At least, the opinions of people whom I respected, and they all gave valid reasons. I don’t hate this drama; it is decent at best. The ratings are great due to the lacklustre-ness that is Jeon Woo Chi and The Great Seer, which I agree with Koala.

    • @Joy, This is not a failed YEH drama. I think her acting here has improved since Coffee Prince and I actually think she will be getting awards for her performance here. Combine that with the decent ratings ( which i feel will still rise in the upcoming episodes ), we are looking at one of her best dramas to date imo.

    • @ Juby

      At least, LTM was a rom-com, not a melodrama about rape, guilt, revenge and whatnot. The plot didn’t make a lot of sense, but it was fun. ^_^

  11. Would the kiss just happened in a dream (JW’s dream)? I saw them leaving the boutique at the beginning of the preview. How can they return to that little room and kiss ? I am so confused of the sequence of the preview. Maybe this is just a bait to get us to watch the next episode ?!

  12. >_> Ah show, why do you make it so hard for me to like you??? Being a fan of Yoochun and Eun Hye, I’ve been sticking by this show but i had the EXACT SAME REACTION when I saw the preview for episode 13. WHERE THE HECK DID THAT COME FROM?!

    ;~; The writer is pretty much coming off as extremely insulting, insinuating that what Soo Yeon just needed was the touch of the ‘right man’ to get over her fear of physical affection and that Jung Woo was justified in waiting for her for so long because he was the ‘man who needed to cure her’. It’s like a bad romance novel.

    This is so irritating, oh my god. I want them to MAKE SENSE goshdarnit because they are acting so well – although I’m not really a fan of the tears every single scene.

    When Yoochun said they’d be making us cry this winter, I never imagined it would be tears of pure rage at the waste of talent. ARGH.

    • “The writer is pretty much coming off as extremely insulting, insinuating that what Soo Yeon just needed was the touch of the ‘right man’ to get over her fear of physical affection and that Jung Woo was justified in waiting for her for so long because he was the ‘man who needed to cure her’. It’s like a bad romance novel.”


  13. A business is what I see in Kdramaland lately…especially when their entertainment aims to make certain ones Hallyu stars of Asia vs telling a coherent story….Their soft power push is ramped up so high. @_O

  14. I just knew it. I said it would take that road… I’ve been often proved wrong about a drama project which I thought would be good but sadly ended up as a disappointing show.
    On the other side, that drama stunk bad writing from the start and THAT is what pisses me off. I’m neutral toward the main actors cast here and I love YSH. It’s nothing personal really. But melos are rating beasts in SK. Why a drama would have so much difficulty securing a cast? Surely actors should fight for the parts if they were good, right? Why those poor actors feel embarrassed when they are interviewed about their characters? Tsk, tsk.
    OK, let me watch the kiss: Since I have no attachment to those characters, I strictly don’t care about the context. Sorry for the viewers and for Ms Koala. 🙁

    • Hmm, so you’re essentially saying that the reason behind the casting issue was because the other potential actors in the running for the roles thought that the script was bad? So the people who decided to act in this drama.. what does that make them?
      But did the actors feel embarrassed when interviewed about their characters? Do you mean YSH saying that he didn’t fully understand HJ’s role? From memory, I think he was the only one who publicly voiced his opinion on how he thinks his character should be portrayed? Or maybe I missed something.

  15. I like the kiss scene, but it does seem to be out of context. I will wait and reserve my decision until I see the episode.

    I have already decided to stop watching and wait until its all over, so that I can stop making assumptions. I have no idea where this story is going, and apparently my wrong assumptions about the characteristics of the characters are hindering my enjoyment.

    Does anyone else wonder what happened with LSY’s job? It’s MIA. I just thought that that part of the rape storyline was going to about self-discovery and gaining her independence from HJ, by becoming emotionally and financial independent.

    Instead it seems like we have shifted SY dependency from HJ to JW. In the drama, JW may be a better fit for her as far as her heart, however, I think it still leaves an incomplete SY.

    Nonetheless, this may be because I am one of those people that don’t agree with the statement “You complete me,” I prefer “You make me better,” because I think people should try to make themselves whole.

  16. It’s really sad that the much anticipated kiss between the two leads was shown so early in the drama under poor circumstances… T_T

  17. I can totally understand Koala’s anger. I’m sooooo bugged too.

    I can understand that LSy might not be attracted to HJ. But come on! How can she kiss another guy when just the morning, HJ cried in her lap and she said “Why would I leave you? Where would I go?”

    This is such a letdown.

    I guess most drama’s have a kiss scene at around ep 12. So they wanted to add one.

    Please HJ – turn evil soon (as in really evil) because I’m pitying you too much now.

    • All the leads are bipolar and schizo if you ask me. Everyone says one thing and then turns around and does another. JW says “I’m letting Soo Yeon go” and then turns around and grabs her and kisses her the first time he gets a chance in private. @__@ I’m flabbergasted.

      • its not easy to let go of someone
        i’ve seen many break-ups that follows by reunion
        time and again by the same couple sometimes
        if u relate it to human life the story is natural
        its human to be indecisive..

        harry sort of forged himself in sy’s life
        by plugging her from her family and shaping her as zoe
        getting engaged without confirming first
        not telling all truth even after you spend 14years together.. cause you know you are one of the cause of her sufferring even indirectly
        “spying” and even monitoring right on the moments u arrive at the gate.. people w familiarity will tell her “hey i saw u when u arrive at the gate.. do u flirting w the det”
        instead he knew that the det was her jw and his step-family who he never mention even after he suddenly brought her to Han family home

  18. I quit watching this show for some time now coz it seems just a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong I love YEH to the max and Yoochun is not that bad either. I definitely love YSH but the story just makes me irk. This would have really been a good drama if the story focused on Soo Yeon’s recovery from the trauma and moving on while Jung Woo is trying to be there without forcing his feelings on her. Fine if the writer wants Hyung Joon to take his revenge on Jung Woo’s dad then may have been ok with it but don’t make him into a psycho. Geez I really had big hopes for this drama but everything just went down the drain when the writer went wacko on us. I don’t blame YEH, YSH and Yoochun because these three tried their hardest to act the role(they are great at it) but the story just sucks. Sorry to the MY fans but I’m just stating my opinion.

    • I second your opinion wholeheartedly.. I quit watching 2 episodes ago to save myself from the heartache of being let down by the misplaced purpose and focus of this drama..

  19. From what I read they delete the preview and due to the production request. So, maybe they will cut that scene out. By the way, koala unni, I went to soompi forum. They called your blog nightmare playground and there was a mention at one in db. As for this drama, I am waiting for the last episode to watch it.

      • I don’t get some of them. If they’re so butthurt, why do they bother coming here at all? So koala may be a little harsh, but everything she says ring true with me. If they know their blood pressure would skyrocket at reading the posts here, they are just setting themselves up for self-destruction, coming back here every week! Oh, boo!

    • Ah yes, rabid fangirls. They think everyone must conform to their opinion. Anyone who dissents becomes the enemy. If diversity of opinions is such a repugnant concept to them, then they should go build a commune north of the DMZ.

  20. Unfortunately, I am not surprised by this at all. This drama has been on this “first love trumps everything” kick for a while.

    If you fall in love with someone at 15 then you are fated to be together forever even if you both experience a devastating tragedy and nearly unforgivable abandonment that leaves you both scarred. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a total romantic and I love the thought of rediscovering your first love but why can’t it be done in a way that doesn’t insult my intelligence? The way this was handled reminds me of some moody teens ideal of a perfect tragic romance.

    I’ll try to reserve judgement until the episode comes out but I don’t really have high hopes.

  21. the kissing just to make fan wish to see their otp romantic side.if the writer want to increase rating by adding the kissing scene without follow the storyline i think better make a story about a man fall in love again after 14 years separation.don’t make a story about rape victim.make a rom com story a lot of kissing and lovey dovey.

    rape victim -fall in love again within 1 month throwing relationship 14 years.betrayed the lover of 14 years and kissing other man .after kissing go back to the lover and feel nothing about sleep with the new found lover get pregnant and act like nothing happened.

    hello please make the actress have more intergrity,the hero have no intergrity ,disturb other man girlfriend because he feel he got the right

    if i am the boyfriend who is living together i will kill the man who is disturbing my girlfriend after giving warning many time.i will slap my girlfriend if behind me she got feeling and longing for other man .

    i will tell her get out from my house and please take all your belonging dont appear infront me .i spend so much time and money for 14 years but you dare to give yourself to other man.

  22. This is a random point, but this basically matches the wtfery of how Rihanna got back together with Chris Brown. Luckily in the case of I Miss You, its fictional and we can blame the moronic writer.

    • Good point. And I’m reminded of the U.S. soap, General Hospital, where Laura fell in love with and married Luke, her rapist. They are one of the most beloved couples in soap history and I think their wedding was a televised event. Although, soaps have daily episodes and years of development to get there whereas K-dramas have 20 episodes.

  23. lol! i get some kissing but it’s from the wrong person! hahahha

    i wanted soo yeon and hyun joon kissing, not jung woo 😉

    maybe now that she’s actually kissed someone maybe soo yeon can give hyun joon a try to. you know testing which one is hotter hahahahah

  24. Ah, my decision to check out emotionally from this drama last week is not wrong. I’ll stick around just to savor the manliness of our baby jailbait.. – No frustation, no emotional roller coaster ride, just happiness watching him grow up in to a fine man. ^^

  25. It is such a waste of talent for the 3 main leads. There is not much of storyline, plot for the 3 to explore. All that required is just crying. Wanna give up this show as looks like this show will have a sad ending. Thanks K for your recap and sharing.

  26. Well, I know this is ur comment about the drama. let me drop my comment here. please, don’t be offensed. actually, if you really are uncomfortable with how the story goes and how the writer describes her imagination, how about stop watching this drama?
    Me myself think this drama is well-written, and the actors describe their characters very well. This drama also is a success, since you like it or not, you stil wander about how the story will develops.
    Btw, this is just my opinion. 🙂

    • I’m not offended. 🙂 I’ll stop watching when I feel like it. I wanted to watch up til now and so I did. It’s not terribly complicated a reason. If I don’t like the story I can still watch and talk about my feelings.

    • Well, if you don’t like this post, how about stop visiting and dropping a comment?

      I think it’s great people voicing their opinion whether they agree or disagree with koala but tell other to STFU because they don’t like what they read while at the same time dropping a comment like this…it’s hypocrisy imo.

      Btw, this is just my opinion.

  27. this comments here..I followed you blog because I love your insights even at times you analyse every drama, how the writer wrote,how the story goes and etc..while I watched it purely for entertainment.I love Eun Hye and all the drama I watched because of the main leading lady or the main leading man..if it doesn’t work with me I don’t watched it again but if I love it ..I watched it over and over again..I did not follow Big because never really like LMJ and GW..Thanks for the awesome insights you have written in you blog I have been your follower for the past 2 started with 49 days…and fyi I love LYW..

  28. At first I felt nothing as the writing is going to WTFville but I can’t help but feel disappointed. I feel the rape thing hasn’t been addressed fully yet she is making out with her 1 week love from 15years ago who had left her in her time of need.

    Couldn’t the writer had shown her confronting her past, forgiving JW and undergoing therapy? Then after sometime when she is emotionally stronger and more independent she could decide which of the 2 guys she likes or leave them all behind. And find a new love.

    Sadly, the writer had a different direction but if she wanted them to kiss at this time she should have made them do it angrily like the scene that was in the US show Scandal last week. (the scene between the ADA and the lady who had suffered from domestic violence). There are so many emotions between them like anger, guilt, passion, resentment, sadness, obsession, etc. that the scene should have been tumultuous. I don’t know if I’m getting my point across.

    Or the writer would have made SY resist him as she is still suffering from the rape trauma. Then developed their relationship from there (after breaking up with HJ) with him being non-pushy and waiting for her to be ready after counseling.

    Or maybe this is just a dream JW is having and all this is for naught. The writer probably would have put it in for fan-service or ratings because it doesn’t feel organic to the story.

  29. I’m regular silent reader.. Like your blog so much, but the thing here about this drama, for the first time ever, makes me a bit annoyed as a reader.

    What i dont understand more here is the reaction of the viewers and readers.. Because of the fuzz and everything, i came to watch this drama. Just to put ease to my curiousity.
    And from what i watch so far, there’s nothing so bad to the extreme about the drama itself. The dialogues are beautifully written though i’m not liking the story, the filming aspect (photography, ost, etc) are respectfully done. The actings are okay, and excellent for some actors. And i say all these despite i’m not a fans of this drama. I’m not into melodrama.. So i dont really understand why some of the comments here mention very “strong”/harsh words toward the drama. I who dont fancy IMY still can appreciate the good things about IMY, and can understand why this one have many fans. Not being fans doesnt mean i turn myself into haters. Even the worst of worst drama still need to be appreciated for the efforts, the thought and time of the creator for producing it.. At least they create something, and not just sit around and talk bad thing about others.

    Sorry if my post makes some people feel uncomfortable. Again, i’m not a fans of the drama. I just wondering why many here are so “hard” about this one. Or perhaps here is camping site for the haters of IMY? If it what happen here, then i apologize for posting this.

      • Shiku, I think what Dipeh is trying to say is if you actually watch the drama and not just rely on these recaps and comments, you may appreciate appreciate the drama, actors, writer, director and all. Reading the above passionate negative comments does come across as hating the drama. Hardly any of them are constructive criticisms.

      • This, i think will be my last comment about this… Because i see that this will never be settled and create never ending arguments.
        This drama in my opinion is not without flaws, didnt i tell you that i dont fancy it? What i’m disagree is how the respon and how expressing “the dislike” towards IMY.

        Yess, you got my point AJ. I mean try to be objective here, there are good side of this drama. And if you want to express your disagreement, do it gracefully, give good reasons, and in respectable words. so that people who are netral get your point and dont think that your opinion is based on personal hate only.

    • I think you are truly missing the big picture of the negative comments. PPL are writing what they don’t like but they are given detail and fact to support they objection. There is no childish comments about not liking the drama because they didn’t like the way JW hairstyle, or SY lipstick, or Harry dammit there nothing not to like about Harry. The comments here be are negative but valid because the person who writing them are giving reasons for they annoyance that is understandable and logical. To be honest when you use Rape as your foundation as a writer you should know how to resolved and handle this issue respectfully. There are a lot of woman watching this drama and I sure there a few that experiences rape and to see that SY situation is not be address respectfully is degrading and irresponsible as a writer therefore the drama is going to be bash!

      If she want to you use intimacy as a form of recovery then she also should have included therapy and communication.

  30. I stopped watching this drama even though I love Yoon Eun Hye. I have only been reading your recaps Koala (thanks btw). Sigh..I’m so disappointed with the writer about the kiss that shouldn’t have happened yet that I think I have to go re-watch episode 6 of Cheongdamdong Alice again to wash the bad taste out of my drama taste buds. (-_-“)

    • Battleangel, as a YEH fan, I hope you can resume watching to support her. I am actually enjoying this drama a lot and you may change your mind if you actually WATCH the drama! If you only read recaps, it’s the same as writing a book report when you don’t read the book but just read the cliffnotes or some other persons opinion on the book.

  31. Officially stopped watching this drama last week and decided to read your recaps instead. I seriously had hopes for this drama. What a waste of talent for the 3 leads. Totally agree on the comment above that this drama is coming off the same as Big. Cast: good; Plot: Dud. The writing is getting crazy and convoluted. I know this is a melodrama, but seriously, can we get a break from the mopeyness?



    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate LSY & JW kissing each other BUT I hate the fact that it happened TOO SOON! C’mon writers! You can do much better than that! I’ve always giving this drama a chance despite the story lines being fucked up in other areas but I think I won’t be able to forgive them this time.

    I don’t really care who ends up with who or whatever but at least make it convincing and has realistic reason to end that way.

    And why do people keep on saying that they’re NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP? When in fact they have told everyone that THEY ACTUALLY ARE especially Harry who have INTRODUCED TO EVERYONE THAT SHE IS HIS GIRLFRIEND/FIANCE. =.=

    • yaay!
      im in anger too..agree with ur comments! ^_^b
      harry-zoe is in romantic relationship,bf-gf or fiancee,whatever..they’re not just friends or brother-sister who living together these 14yrs..
      harry truly loves her…maybe zoe just likes him..she never say ‘yes’,but never say ‘no’ either..when harry called her as gf/fiancee..

      and about the kiss..
      yess,,i admit that’s too soon,too fast..too sudden.. n too cruel for harry as her fiancee *who really respect-protect her warmly.
      dunno what else that i can say,,,this is just..well,doesnt make sense for me…sadly… T_____T

  33. i hate the story is getting bad and weak. the writer want to make harry become evil because a lot of fan want to see their otp together and lovey dovey.

    they just make harry character from smart and culcalated sound businessman become crazy ,stupid and childish towards the end.

    .this is really anti climax when from the begining i can see harry character is interesting and something different from other second lead male k drama.

    the writer just want to make a story that make main lead actor fanbase happy by changing storyline.just because the fanbase want their otp have kissing scene the make the kissing scene out of context.

  34. I’m soo done with this drama. I never liked the lead pairing although I love Yoon Eun Hye and PYC individually. I’m just giving up on this drama. Poor YEH…Ah for her sake I hope the drama does well. That’s it. I don’t understand the people on soompi going batshit over a kiss. They are imaginig all kinds of crazy R rated scenarious. Just go write fanfiction already. I mean they are like pre-adolescent teens. Anyways, I realised that I just cannot deal with the sheer WTFery of it all. Thanks. Bye

  35. Oh god the stupidity in the post and comments. I’m out for good, goodbye people. don’t forget to keep on watching and hating, its very healthy, nothing schitzophrenic about it at all.

    • You seem to enjoy using ‘stupidity’ (or ‘stupid’) in your sentences. You have an affinity with the word, by any chance? ^_^

  36. To be honest I completely get the attraction. They were in love as teens and he loves her, of course there is attraction. I also think you are looking too much on the surface. Did she escape to a better life? yes, but was she really happy? I hardly think so. She left her mom which is at odds with Koreans and the so-called “filial piety.” That must have hurt a lot especially since her mom had changed after moving in with the detective. I also don’t think she hates Jung woo, she was just hurt and angry and that is slowly going away as she sees how he is trying to atone for his sins (and how hot he is in those tight jeans)

    To me Hyung Joon is evil in that he just decided to take her with them while they were young. Yeah, Jung woo abandoned her but did her mom abandon her? Did no one think of the mom who thought that her daughter was dead?

    Finally, i would like to say that Zoe is just Soo yeon trying to leave the past behind but she can’t because she’s in love with Jung Woo. She was not really happy, she was pretending and living life one day at a time. Just like every second lead in K-drama history, Harry is just her comfort man who she can talk to about the man she really likes:Jung woo. except that in this drama that would be really disrespectful since she is in such denial over her feelings and the effect of her trauma that she went so far as to get engaged to the psycho.

  37. YEH has mostly one expression in this show. Even her trademark Good-crying-actress is loosing its spark. Girl has lost it after coffe prince ?
    YC sure “tries hard”
    YSH acts like a dead fish here

  38. When I first about the kiss, I was totally shocked. It seemed like it came out of nowhere, especially after JW said he would leave SY alone and wait. But then I watched the preview and JW said something like ‘just for today, then I’ll forget’. So I think maybe it was snowing and he remembers what she wrote in her diary about snow. Of course, that day also became one of the worst day of their lives so maybe snow’s not such a happy memory.

    I don’t know anymore. I’ve tried to come up with viable reasons for the way the show is being written and I’ve found that it’s useless to do so. It’s even more useless to come up with stupid reasons, so I’ll just stop doing all that. I’ll continue to watch the show and laugh when they laugh, cry when they cry, and get irrationally enraged over fictional characters. And then when it’s all over, I’ll either wish it wasn’t or complain over my wasted hours. Regardless, it’ll be an experience and I’m still excited to see this week’s episode. 🙂

  39. I just started watched yesterday and I’m up to episode 8 at the moment. I’m so rooting for Harry Borrison. Although I know that’s not where the drama is heading.
    My perfect ending for this drama although it’s far from ending, is for Zoe to tell Jung Woo that, yes, she experienced a lot of first with him, good & bad. But, Jung Woo is her past, she loves him but she moved on. Harry is her present & future. The man who’s been there for her all this time. Jung Woo will then finally let go of the past and move on with his life knowing that she’s alive and living the life she chose and maybe, after sometime have passed, every now and again, they all meet up for drinks.
    I mean, wouldn’t you have more of a connection with the person who have been with you for 14 years compared to a person you met 14 years ago and spent I don’t know… 1 month together during your teenage years?
    Well, I understand that there are cases where a couple is just drawn together despite the circumstances. Sigh….

    • wooo,,nice view..the perfect ending for me too…
      but it’s kinda difficult then…
      i think tragic ending like Memories of Bali will deserve for this drama..
      *sadly to say,,but it’s true* 😀

  40. I hated the kiss so wrong from every angle of common sense, SY couldn’t even kiss Harry but she can Kiss Jung Woo? It just doesn’t make no sense she was a child in love in my eyes that love was killed and replace with pain and humiliation! I just can’t see how she can even accepting of any kind of intimacy with Jung Woo, you think the entire rape will flash before her eyes! But then again the drama “My Queen the mother forgot she was rape and married and lived a in a loving relationship with her rapist, so maybe in SY mind JW replace the rapist and that was the kiss they was to share that day!

    SY become a lesser person in my eyes, she lack and kind of loyalty to Harry. I started to be turn off by SY and Harry interaction because I knew it was not sincere anymore on SY part, I wish that Harry would have seen the kiss for he can more on to crazes, I think it would break my heart to know he was being played for so long, especially by the cocky JW with his lack of respect toward Harry and SY relationship from day one! JW is so much like his father it laughable that attitude of I want it I take it!

    • Jeez! That’s a pretty messed up thing to say…that LSY kisses JW because she considers him her rapist. You’re accuse the writers of insensitivity on the issue of rape, yet you’re doing the same thing with that post. JW certainly doesn’t have the attitude of “I want it I take it.” If anything, Harry is the one who’s starting to have that attitude.

      And I don’t see how Harry was being played for so long…SY didn’t have any idea that she would ever meet JW again and probably assumed that she would eventually develop the kind of feeling for him as he has for her. Now that things are different, it makes sense that she’s confused. Who wouldn’t be, especially if they’ve never really resolved the previous relationship? We see it in everywhere, that’s why love triangles are so popular!

      • I think she meant SY has associated JW with her rape incident, if not why would she hated him so much?

        So JW presence supposedly remind her of the rape and it didn’t make sense why she is so open to physical contact, moreover, a kiss from someone who is ‘anchored’ to the rape.

        But well, it’s a kdrama.

  41. “To me Hyung Joon is evil in that he just decided to take her with them while they were young”

    Hung Joon was about 10 years old and if he didn’t take her she be dead! If SY would have stayed she would have been upgrade to the rape daughter of a murder, what a grand life for a Korean girl… You can slice it up any way you like but her leaving was the only thing that saves her from living in HELL. Don’t forget they was only 14 what could JW had done for at that time? Nothing!

    • I always take what HJ did as ‘saving’ her rather than ‘taking her away’ from her family.

      If SY was from rich family, her family will do the same, send her abroad so she can slowly heal herself.

      But in the drama, SY was poor, had an incompetent mother who couldn’t even protect her from her abusive husband, must living under label ‘murderer’s daughter’ and now a ‘rape victim’ around an environment where she probably is being talked on the street everyday.

      I’ll choose going overseas rather than living in hell.

  42. “Imma going to watch RP episodes to wash this ickiness off me.”

    This is why I didn’t watch MY, I don’t want to ruin YC as adorable prince LG from RP with his role in MY.

  43. Ah, I never dig cheating plot in any drama, despite how hot people think ‘forbidden’ love is, I always find it wrong.

    This is why I hate Big and any drama that have the hero or heroine is in relationship with someone and throw everything out of the window for the affair.

  44. To me IMY is an epic drama. Love the story and cast. It is well written even the dialogue. In this episode LSY will show her true feelings toward HJW. That after 14 years with Harry its still HJW in her heart. Thats why when HJW said “I’ll forget you tomorrow. Today, just today” and leaned in for a kiss.” she responded to it. All the pain and anger she feels where wiped after knowing that he also in pain for 14 yrs (finding LSY and abandoned his family and lived with SY moms). Her love for HJW when she was 15 yrs old is still there i remember she even call HJW after the kidnapped/raped incident but Nurse Jung got the phone and Harry started to brainwash her. Being raped after 14 yrs sees your first love and kiss and then you have someone and call it as a cheating or betrayal. The writer is just being realistic. It happens around the corner.For me before judging it i will watch and understand fully what the episode want to emphasized. Have a nice day.

  45. those people said they are like brother sister relationship.are you doing touching and hugging your brother and sister like that?if i saw my daughter and son touching the way harry and lsy touching and lovey dovey i will send them and give warning to meet counselling and get therapy.

    i dont see brothers and sister relationship in joey and harry relationship if you see from episode 4.i assume harry see joey as a woman when you see from episode in jeju island scene.joey see harry as a man from the scene in jeju island but not yet ready for intimacy.harry understood maybe joey not ready because of the trauma of rape incident.

    suddenly joey can kiss hjw as man of course harry can become jealous because joey mislead him from the beggining.if you dont like harry and dont want any form of relationship dont give wrong signal by touching him ,hugging him in the scene in jeju island and in the mislead the man when you give this kind of touching by agreeing that you are also like the the touching consider flirting.

    if you touching the second male lead consider no meaning.but if you touching and kissing the male lead consider loves and
    can i say that female lead is whoring herself because she offer herself to any male lead considering at what is the situation and the time.touching ,kissing male lead means loves.touching second male lead is like brother sister relationship? so i have no respect women make men confused with this action.i consider the woman have no dignity,value and flirting by giving wrong signal depending on situation,location and time.

  46. i dont think the kiss is not justified. My opinion is that maybe harry really see soo yeon as a woman, but to soo yeon, the feelings that she has for harry is mistaken as love. she may have feelings for harry too but more out of indebtedness for taking her and saving her after that fateful night. its not actually impossible for soo yeon to be attracted to jung woo after knowing that he waited for her that long and learning that he cared for her mother.she maybe a victim of sexual assault but that was 14 years ago,people who experienced raped or other traumatic experience acts differently and deals with that experience differently too.I have known people who were in that situation but were able to move on and love like normal people do.I’m not saying that it was right to let jung woo kiss her even though shes committed to harry, but this is a drama , and things like HAPPENS also in real life, lets give the writer a chance to present to us the story that she wants to tell.this drama is so unpredictable and little by little we are realizing that the story unfolds before our eyes slowly and there are hints that we fail to notice at times.The writer presented the story to be believable to me. her caring for harry may not be love at all. remember she was with only HARRY for 14 years and possibly didnt had the chance to meet other guys, so she may have mistaken with her own feelings for harry.she was fifteen and may have yet experienced love before he met jung woo.

  47. I’m a big I Miss You fan, and I came here to see what the whole deal about “nightmare’s playground” was. And oh boy, this was surely an entertaining post. I can’t even get annoyed, this is so amusing that I can’t help but laugh.

    All this fuss about… a kiss? LOL. How scandalous!!

    I’m sorry if I sound like I want to offend, it is not the case at all. Of course people have different tastes and perceive things differently. I just think it’s extremely funny to be so upset over a kiss and actually bring forth arguments about it. XD

  48. We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

    Have a warm and happy holiday season Mrs. Koala and family. Love you always!!

  49. Just saw ep 13. Loved it! Absolutely! The sweetness of the two teenage sweethearts finding each other again! There’s always magic in first love for everyone that you don’t find anywhere else. Harry and Zoe always had a relationship borne of co-dependency through extreme trauma. Even their physical interactions were for mutual comfort. However, quite clearly, she is in love with JW. Always has been and can’t even fight the feeling despite having been disappointed by him in the most horrendous circumstances. I loved it!

    • I totally agree and i love it…The kiss was so passionate even the tears… hay can’t get over it.. Love also the scene in the playground and in the car when there heads bump.

  50. OMG The KISS is just awesome. faint…faint… It is sooooo HOT Passionate and SEXY….. The Best in Kdrama for its emotional kiss.I have replay non stop 4 hours….:)

    • Lol! You make me laugh! Four hours! You must watch Hyun Bin and Tang Wei lock lips for hours at the end of Late Autumn. Those two didn’t need to stop for a breath! he he!

    • I was totally shocked when I read this earlier today. Nevertheless, I’m happy for him; he’s taking responsibility for his duties as a Korean Citizen early.

    • Wow! *sobs onto my laptop*

      Well, he’s in a unique position where he already has a large body of work behind him at such a young age so he’s not going to disappear into obscurity if he leaves the business for two years. Though this Noona’s heart is breaking in two, go for it, bruh.

      PS. I know he has a bit of a thing about being treated like an adult and not a child. I wonder if part of the reason for his decision stems from a desire to seem more a man than a boy…? hmmmm

  51. I know how you feel about the main couple , i’m also pissed off what the hell is wrong with the writer. but i wish that you can continue about MY recap because i’m still curious about Harry/Hyung-joon mother . why she is locked in for 14 years? i cannot watch the full episode because of my internet connection so i just hope that you will continue MY recap Thank You

  52. your recaps are fantastic, don’t listen to them.
    if they can’t take an ounce of criticism then they’re making themselves look like fools.

    enjoy your day ms. koala!

  53. …but Harry isn’t her boyfriend. he’s just a manipulative selfish guy. Sure he’s been with SY for 14 years, because he made her believe no one was looking for her. He tried to give her another identity so she would never even want to go back home, everytime she thinks of her previous life he tells her she’s Joy now and should’t think about the past. Major seperation anxiety this guy has..and the camera’s everywhere, even in her room..creepy! I don’t see how some people are rooting for him.. (yes she calls him her boyfriend but it’s a big lie, she likes him as a friend, nothing more..and I wonder what she’ll feel when she figures out the truth~)

  54. First of all, I just want to say thanks for all of your recaps of MY. I have this habit of mine, of watching the episode and afterwards coming here to read your reviews. Yes, I’m a lurker coming out of hiding to say that I couldn’t agree more, this episode was so over the place that it felt like the writer was out on a holiday vacation and the assistant was giving the chore of writing the episode. Exhibit a: HJW’s idea of letting go is grabbing LSY for a kiss= character development to the trash. I’m really rooting for them to get together, but within a storyline that feels organic enough. Resolve issues first, and then make out all you want. I wanted them to adress the whole “I hated you, because you left me alone after I was raped” but the thing we got was LSY saying “thanks for liking me, still”or something like that. This whole scenario made me want to slap somebody. Exbit b: Harry’s downfall due to jealousy, I was okey with him turning into a baddie for revenging her mom and everything it was done to him. But him going all nuts and acting like a jerk around LSY, when it was previously shown to us that he was perfectly capable of dealing with HJW being in LSY’s life. Is something that bugs me to no end.
    But I guess I’m so invest in this show that I have to see it through, no matter how incoherent this gets.
    Also I don’t think your biased at all, and even if you were you are free to give your opinions. I find your comments really insigthful, happy holidays.

  55. Koala unnie, thanks for speaking up my mind about this drama, I’m with you! 😀
    I dropped this show because I didn’t know which path the writer chooses to go to, and all I could see was just a messy story. Above of all, I really don’t get the chemistry at all. So I said goodbye to this show and turn to Cheongdamdong Alice, I need some light-hearted drama to giggle with 🙂

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