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It might appear that my fevered frenzy over the upcoming cable drama Flower Boy Next Door has died down, but that is merely because I am biding to time and conserving my energy. Otherwise I’ll wear myself out before the drama even arrives. This is like running for a marathon and pacing myself. The cast of FBND were guests on the variety talk show Strong Heart this week for a Christmas themed episode that was so much fun to watch. Sadly it’s not subbed (yet) but still entertaining nonetheless to watch the actors interacting and learning more about them. Park Shin Hye, looking ever more beautiful, revealed that she’s a great sportswoman (runs in the family) and has picked up quite a proficiency in a variety of sports. No wonder she’s such a kick ass dancer in real life, I knew she got great coordination. Yoon Si Yoon revealed that he’s a giant bookworm who learns everything first by reading it in a book, though that does cause problems when he has no practical understanding of how it is applied. He also revealed an adorable anecdote about him trying to learn Chinese and he attempted to hand his laundry to the cleaning lady at the hotel himself in Chinese and two weeks later still hadn’t gotten it back. Turns out he asked her to “kill it” instead of “wash it” so she threw it away. LOL forever! I am trying to temper my expectations of this drama because even if its just okay I would love a cheery cute rom-com to spend time with and not be disappointed it’s not up to snuff. Check out the cute SH episode below, and be prepared to avert your eyes when the hotness that is Kim Ji Hoon shows up wearing what can best be described as a suit made out of a tree and cut like his grandpa’s outfit to go to church.

Strong Heart with the Cast of Flower Boy Next Door:


The Cast of Flower Boy Next Door on Strong Heart — 25 Comments

  1. I laughed when he was labeled perverted YSY. He tried to explain that he wasn’t looking at PSH top(so so cute)! I’m really hoping FBND will be something I can look forward to every week in Jan.

  2. I literally LOL at Kim Ji hoon’s suit! Hahah…Two thumbs up for koala since she gave a great description. That shade of green reminds me of the grinch suit jim carrey had on in the movie hahah!

  3. Haha, I watched this last night and was wondering if you might post about it, Koala. πŸ™‚ They are so cute. I’m really anticipating their chemistry now.

    PSH is soooo pretty after losing her baby fat.

    I laughed so hard when Kim Ji-hoon did his “X-File” on Park Shin-hye claiming she likes him because she uses aegyo on him, and they were all like, Uh huh. YOU like HER. πŸ˜€

    The surprise Christmas tree prank at the end was cute too.

    • Thanks. Did not understand the x-file about PSH. That was amusing watching again after reading your comment. Do they even do the eng-subbing for SH. Seem to be waiting forever. The news articles feel as if they twist the reporting to attract readers.

    • I get this same impression every single time I see him, and I can never point exactly why. I just finished my rerun of King of Baking last night and he looks basically the same here, but not exactly. Maybe he actually does all the plastic interventions people talk about, or maybe he`s one of those people who really change depending on the haircut\color, dress style and weight. Or maybe both. It`s K-entertainment, after all.

      • I guess he looked different because now, his skintone is fair now.
        If you compare from Baker King and M2F his skin now soo white now. And it gave the feeling like looking at a doll. Nevertheless I still loving him for his pure acting talent, bright smile and his heavy voice tone ^^

  4. “Yoon Si Yoon revealed that he’s a giant bookworm who learns everything first by reading it in a book, though that does cause problems when he has no practical understanding of how it is applied.”

    Yoon Si Yoon, are you *trying* to kill me with your awesomeness? If so, this was a great first blow.

  5. Love the description of the suit, although averting my eyes from KJH will never happen ever.
    Isn’t that the same suit Lee Min Ho wore at one of his recent photo shoots?

    If this production were coming from a crew who were not responsible for goodness and light, I would worry. But I think we are fine here.
    Plus, whereever he gets his knowledge, YSY has picked good projects – not just high ratings ones. He is smart.

  6. Yoon Si Yoon is a bookworm. Yes, great, as if I needed even more reasons to drool over him. This might be more than my heart can handle. When I read this I think I started sweating. *SQUEEEEEEEE*

  7. I’m so so so excited for this drama it’s not even funny anymore. I need it in my life asap! And this incredibly good-looking and adorable cast isn’t doing any favors in my painful waiting. Everytime I look at them I want to look more at them, lol. And bookworm YSY? Seriously?! So unnecessary. As if my heart wasn`t already yours, pfft!

  8. Wow, I follow PSH on twitter and every time she tweets a picture, I’m amazed at how pretty she’s gotten. So jealous!

    And of course KJH and YSY look absolutely gorgeous. YSY is just like me! Hahah, it’s kind of sad/dorky but I don’t do anything without researching about it first. Props to KJH for that kickass suit!

    Ahh, I can’t wait any longer!! Jan 7th 빨리와!

  9. Love the cast even more now. PSH looked lovely. Can hear her talk without understanding and enjoy myself……so cute. Now finally am in with YSY as the main lead. How can one not like a guy (or anyone) who loves books. KHJ is forgiven for the green suit…seemed happy and went with the holiday spirit. Already looking forward to the second part of SH.
    PS: just love the Christmas greetings by KJH with PSH and YSY. πŸ™‚

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