Song Joong Ki Makes the Heart Swoon in Singles Magazine

Gah, I miss seeing Song Joong Ki on my screen every week now that Nice Guy is done. Following a live airing drama that hooks you heart and soul is like having a standing arrangement with a really gorgeous, witty, and thoughtful date. Or in the case of bad dramas, it’s that horrible date you can’t wait to bail on and never look back. NG has been over for a month now but it still lingers on the periphery of my consciousness. I still ponder over its narrative intricacy as well as wonder if certain blips were failings or intentional trip ups. I don’t think it qualifies as brilliant quality entertainment, but it was indeed brilliantly entertaining. Song Joong Ki pretty much has an open check to do whatever he wants in the future and I will follow along. I trust him, his acting choices and his performance standards. I also think he has such crack luck with leading ladies – both Moon Chae Won and Park Shi Yeon had phenomenal chemistry with him, and I’ve heard that he lit the screen on fire with Park Bo Young in Wolf Boy (even if the story was all sorts of maudlin and cheesy). I still harbor hopes that he will get to work with Moon Geun Young before he enlists in the army, which isn’t that far away even if he pushes it to the enlistment limit. Or he can be like Yoo Seung Ho and go a bit earlier (or a lot earlier in that case) and leave when the iron is hot so he comes back to a fanbase that is fairly frothing at the mouth for his resplendent return. Whatever is the case, I am waiting with baited breath for what he does in 2013, which will need to be quite astonishing to top his career-making year of 2012. Joong Ki was on the cover and pages of the November edition of Singles Magazine and I never got around to posting to during the NG run since there was so much other Joong Ki-related posts to write about. Sorry and take this as a early New Year’s present.


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Song Joong Ki Makes the Heart Swoon in Singles Magazine — 25 Comments

    • Drama help!

      I recently finished watching Nice Guy, and now I’m fresh out of K-dramas to watch. I started watching dramas in 2007, and I used to watch mainly TW dramas, and a few J-doramas. Later I switched to K-dramas, and for the past couple years, I’ve watched them almost exclusively. In 2012, I liked Me Too! Flower, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, Gaksital, Nice Guy, Faith, Panda and Hedgehog, Arang, even Vampire Prosecutor 2.

      But now it’s like I’ve watched all the K-dramas. I need something new and as captivating as Nice Guy. It seems like no quality interesting K-dramas are playing right now. (Not into Alice or King of Dramas).

      Does anyone have a suggestion for a J-dorama? It would have to be one made in the past 2 years, when I stopped keeping up with them. I did manage to catch “Rich Man, Poor Woman” and KimuTaku in “Mr.Brain” a while back.

      Thank you!!!

      • Have you tried School? It’s one of the three airing kdramas I’m keeping up with (the other two being your rejects 😉 ) and for a drama that I went into with zero expectations, I’m really, really liking it.

        RMPW is the only jdrama I’ve seen from this year, though I’ve heard good enough things about Piece to put it on my List o’ Doom. From 2011, I watched and enjoyed Zenkai Girl; Soredemo, Ikite Yuku; Ouran High School Host Club; and Asuko March.

      • Try Strawberry Night (JDrama) with Takeuchi Reiko. It’s a bit gruesome but if you’ve seen Vampire Prosecutor, I think you’ll be fine.

        On that note also try TEN (KDrama and on Viki). That’s a bit more gruesome than the other two but still fab. (I really mean it. It’s kinda intense but really, really well written.) Also it has Choi Woo Shik from Rooftop Prince and thankfully he had a better written role than in that one.

        While I know you want more current dramas, have you seen White Christmas (KDrama) with Kim Woo Bin, Kang Sang Kyung, Baek Sung Hyun, and Kwak Jung Wook? It was pretty fab and very cerebral. I just got around to watching it and I enjoyed it a lot.

        For a lighter (i.e. less about death. lmao) drama, I second that School 2013 is really good. I’m in love with it the most right now.

        PS. I’m sorry most of my drama recs are weirdly dark, violent, and/or intense. I must be in a mood. lol

      • So I wound up watching School and loved loved it.

        I have seen White Christmas – it’s so good! I’ve randomly seen all of Sung Joon’s dramas now, except Gu Family Book.

        Watching Nine right now and am totally addicted.

  1. Okay…I never thought I’d say this about him but that saucy-yet-shy look he’s sporting in that last pic is doing things to me. It’s got mischief written all over it. I have found the Song Joong Ki I like the best, methinks. Unf!

  2. Yayyi thanks i like him very much its a really great face to be the first i seein the morning , im lebanese and time difference u know , i was waiting for CA recap but that will do dor now , happy new year mrs koala n thanks for the effort you have put in , thaaaaaanks
    Totally agree about nice guy its phenomenal !!

  3. It would be amazing if Moon Geun Young takes up that sageuk she was offered and Joong Ki was her costar. They both are so marvelous in sageuks.

    • That would be fantastic….SJK in a, sageuk again with MGY would be a dream come true…..except thats like a 30-50 ep drama starting in the summer and he’ll most likely be enlisting in fall or winter of nxt yr so that seems highly unlikely

  4. thank you!
    My heart just beat faster everytime I saw news about him lol

    I don’t want to let him go to army yet… Hope he will get another big project…

    I haven’t watch his recent movie.. anybody knows where I can watch it?

  5. Ooooh, NG withdrawals in full mode on now. Lurking everywhere looking for spoilers, re-watching the episodes, reading every review and recap, overanalyzing all the blurry fancam pictures, crying over non-existent previews, waiting anxiously for wednesdays and thursdays… those were the days! 😀

    I’ve always liked SJK, and he slowly but surely turned into a favorite in the course of the last years. I admire the focus he puts in acting and improving his skills and choosing challenging roles, rather than doing a gazilion other activities in the industry. He is undeniably handsome, but that’s just one more quality among talent, smartness and strong work ethic. Hope he achieves all the success he deserves.

    And on a more superficial note, he looks SO GOOD here (but when doesn’t he, right?!). God was particularly inspired when He made that face. Such a work of art 🙂

  6. I think he might do another movie before he enlists since the only dramas he can do at this point will probably be in the summer which is cutting really close to his enlistment limit….hopefully we won’t get a Bad Guy like situation in our hands again….gaaaah…hw I wish he didn’t have to go now of all times when he just got into leading man status

  7. Gah! I really wish they wouldn’t tell him to make the “You won’t hurt me, will you?” look on his face… It gives me bad bad ideas.

  8. yay!!! love joong ki so much totally fell in love with him while watching nice guy then skks… and to watch many interviews with him, he’s so nice no pretentions… i admire him a lot when he knew students who watch many times with his movie he advice them to stop watching because that would be more spending a lot of money already… he was the only star i knew who said that even jang keun suk who i support then never said that… sorry for jang keun suk eels… kekeke…

    i just wish joon ki to have a very good 2013 on his career…

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