The Beautiful Happy Cast of Flower Boy Next Door Attend Press Conference

D-day is almost here, or shall I more aptly call it FB-day for the flower boys (and girls) about to hit our screen next Monday. 2013 seemed so far away when the news was announced that Park Shin Hye would be starring in a cable drama Flower Boy Next Door alongside Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon. Now it’s right around the corner and I’m starting to get nervous. What if it sucks? However shall I cope? The cast attended a press conference this yesterday all lit up in smiles and some questionable fashion attire. I’ll make it easy by saying that none of the cast members wore anything worth complimenting as a nice outfit, but their collective happiness and palpable chemistry with each other made them all look fantastic to me. But if I had to rake someone over the deserving coals, it would have to be Kim Ji Hoon, who managed to offend the eyes with an outfit that looked like he took the flower theme literally and pasted it on his too-long coat, and then left with house with his sneakers but forgot to wear socks. Oh, and his pants are too short, but at this point the too-short-pants meme has been going on so long in Korea I actually do double-takes when I see a guy wearing pants that are the correct length. The chemistry of the three leads is just so potent I want to bottle it up, and the three of them totally giggled and flirted all through the press conference. Park Shin Hye went so far as to volunteer a kiss between Kim Ji Hoon and Yoon Si Yoon should their drama surpass Flower Boy Ramyun Shop in ratings. OH HELLS YEAH. Imma getting ready for some smoochy smoochy, but hopefully these two keep it PG-13 when the times comes since I’m still somewhat traumatized by the kiss between Chris Wang and James Wen for the success of The Fierce Wife movie.


The Beautiful Happy Cast of Flower Boy Next Door Attend Press Conference — 40 Comments

  1. Looks like I’m the only one who likes the flowery jacket. I’ll let the man inside for those who want him. *Standing my ground near YSY*.
    Yes, the waiting was loooong. I so hope the ratings will soar… Poor boys, hehe^^

  2. I may not know a lot about fashion but all the fashion they are wearing is fugly (apart from the one wearing a black shirt and suit). Did they all make a bet that they will each wear fugly clothes at the press conference and whoever wears the ugliest wins something?

  3. Love them ALL!! πŸ˜€
    Ps, maybe a memo was sent out….. Wear the most comical outfitt you can find or have in your closet!!!
    Sign: MGMT ;D

  4. I hope PSH rethinks her wardrobe choice ’cause I kept thinking she had some weird skin disease because
    of the shadows on her legs. The 3 female actresses don’t reflect any chemistry or goodwill in their photo, but I’m rooting for the flower boys series to continue its’ success. πŸ™‚

  5. Isn’t there a saying
    “The worse the clothes, the better the shows?”

    OK I just made that up, but I can HOPE there is a reason for this fashion disaster we are seeing up there!!

  6. Does the conference mean there’s a long trailer coming???

    Some dramas have paired a long (10 minute or longer) trailer with their press conferences to whet our appetites. While the other teasers have been cute and refreshing, I really want to see something that reveals more plot and character personalities.

    I’m really looking forward to this drama!!!!!!

  7. I am counting down the days for its premier showing in a couple of days…Yeah!!!

    as far as the outfits’ concerned, i was kinda wondering too if there was a bet as to who can wear the most comfortable outfit to the presscon…ke ke ke..

    i still love PSH in red, her skirt’s really nice and the length is perfect for me since the other two girls are wearing too short skirts for my taste…

    I hope i’m not the only one who seem to have even fallen in love more with the second lead pairing between Shin Hye and JiHoon…omo…i wasn’t surprised when he grabbed ShinHye by the shoulder so she can snuggle closer to him…Loving the ‘She’s Mine’ move there…

    I do hope that it will surpass FBRamyunShop in ratings and will be TvN’s Power Series to start off our New Year!!!

  8. The outfits are pretty boring.. nothing stands out. Almost like too simple and bland.

    lol a kiss between the male leads? should be fun!

  9. I am really trying not to get excited about this drama. Perhaps the clothes disasters (and I think the two other female actress choices are worse than the guys) are trying to help me temper my mood and go intot his with a more “whatever” attitude rather than the panting with bated breath. I do not to get too excited. I will not get too excited. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Who am I trying to kid? KJH, come to mama. I’ll buy you some socks. Really, Denali, that is all I am doing, stopping by Walmart and buying the man some socks. It’s winter!

  10. I hardly paid attention on their clothes because i’m busy staring at those pretties and their adorable interactions. Our trio really comfy with each other now, i’m happy they were so playful with each other and creates a fun and happy atmosphere during presscon β™‘β™‘β™‘

  11. Your heading says it all. The attire is nothing to talk about as you said. I ‘ve been trying to find something good in each one. PSH’s best thing was the red colour top( too shapeless), lace skirt cut work hemming( skirt a bit too long) and the neclace(loved it) but she was glowing and lovely like always. Last year was full of whites, reds , black and blue. Hope she wears other colors. With her skin she would look great in any. YSY’s colors and jacket were nice. KHJ’s shoes were great….for the rest I ignored helped by his smiling face and antics.
    Who has ever heard of or seen self taking pics when paparazzi were there just for that purpose:) but then got to see some exclusives . Loved his response to PSH’s putting him and YSY in a spot. YSY’s shocked face was really amusing. All three made the conference out of the ordinary and very enjoyable. Someone rightly mentioned that their are actually two dramas with this cast….one official and the other impromptu and unscripted.
    Have to mention that the doctor actor is understandably worth peeping. Please make YSY-PSH work more than KHJ-PSH else I will not enjoy to the fullest.

  12. Perfect cast is perfect πŸ™‚ Glad they made terrible fashion choices, because otherwise that second picture would have killed us all from too much prettiness.

  13. Not that i liked the fashion so much but i happen to like the short pants style withe the shoes without socks… i find it fashionable and very oxford/dsquared style! dont get why koala always gets annoyed by those fashion choises!

    • 1. Too-short pant legs are only suitable on men wearing clam diggers and flip flops at the beach. Anything else and Beau Brummel would be having conniptions and all of the tailors on Bond Street would be seeing red. It is a decidedly icky fashion faux pas on men and the fact that its “in” doesn’t make it “right”. It’s like rappers and skate boarders wearing pants low on purpose and revealing their underwear.

      2. Shoes without socks is WRONG. Not to mention it makes the feet smelly. How can I possibly not complain about the propensity for a fashion trend that perpetuates smelly grody feet?

      • OK. This is totally off topic, but because you brought it up, I have to say it.
        The no socks, smelly shoes thing is why I had a problem with KSA’s huge shoe room in I Do, I Do.
        There is NO WAY, that room did NOT smell like stinky feet no matter how expensive the shoes are.

        Anybody else think that, or was it just me?

        Thank you. I feel better now.

    • I was laughing my head off as I was reading Koala and Jomo’s post here. I don’t even know how I was able to type this comment. I’ve always called those type of pants “waders” not appropriate except at the beach/lake and definitely SHOES + NO SOCKS = SMELLY FEET. *continue laughing*

  14. I am so excited about this that I am now worrying.
    Since it is cable, the raws won’t be as available as fast.
    Because the raws won’t be available, the subs will be late, too.
    I vaguely remember suffering waiting for FBRS and QIHM to be done, and relying heavily on recappers.

    Is this on viki? I can’t check from work.

    • will upload the raws. They have them 1 hour after airing generally. For the subs, dramafever licensed this so it won’t be too long. Plus there is a lot of fans on the starting blocks everywhere… No need to worry. πŸ™‚

    • Jomo yes it’s on viki. Subs will be fast since the contributors there are awesome with their lightning fast work.

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