Kang Ji Hwan Starts Filming The Incarnation of Money with Hwang Jung Eum and Eunjung

I’ve held back from posting updates on Kang Ji Hwan‘s recent dispute with his latest management company since its so depressing, with the agency recently asking a court to prohibit Kang Ji Hwan from further activities until his contract with them expires October of 2013. During this time there was talk of SBS dropping him as the leading man on its upcoming 24-episode drama The Incarnation of Money, but today the news outlets quietly reported that Kang Ji Hwan is on the set and the drama has started filming with him. I’m not surprised SBS didn’t drop him since this was the same network that picked up his Coffee House with Park Shi Yeon and Eunjung back when he had his first dispute with his prior agency. However, SBS is also the same network that fired Eunjung from Five Fingers and erased her from all promos after the drama started filming, so the network feels so bipolar to me. The leading ladies for this drama is the afore-rumored Hwang Jung Eum, reuniting her with the writer and producer of Giant, as well as Eunjung, reuniting her with her CH co-star Kang Ji Hwan (as well as the network that fired her a few months ago from FF). I guess the industry is so small one can’t say no to acting opportunities when it arises. The romance quotient of this drama isn’t the production teams forte as they’ve made a name for themselves with the period epic of Giant as well as the subversive black comedy History of the Salaryman. Even if Eunjung isn’t the female lead, fans of her coupling with Kang Ji Hwan in CH ought to be happy they have a chance to work together again since their ship didn’t sail in that drama. The drama is slated to premiere in late January on the weekends after Cheongdamdong Alice, though there is talk of CA getting extended so the premiere could move back to February. I am so excited about Kang Ji Hwan’s return to the small screen even if its with two leading ladies I’m not crazy about.


Kang Ji Hwan Starts Filming The Incarnation of Money with Hwang Jung Eum and Eunjung — 22 Comments

  1. Kamsahamnida, dramagods! Wuri Ji Hwan is back in k-dramaland! Yay! ^_^

    Thanks for this post, Capt. K! What a way to start the new year, eh? (-;

  2. Man I bet this drama is like a consolation for kicking Eunjung out of the show. I wish she rejected I bet she’s gonna be playing the second lead that everyone hates AGAIN! she is gonna gain more antis, cause some people can differentiate acting from real life.

  3. Kang Ji Hwan!! So happy! This man will forever be special to me. He was my first Kdrama love. He started my addiction to Kdramas, since the first one I ever watched was Lie to me. That scene were he walks into his Hotel and everyone is waiting and he looks soo hot! Sigh*** can’t wait!!

    • Oh, Kang Ji Hwan. How I have missed you. I even rewatched Exhibition Fireworks to get some of that smile this summer. He is also so quirkily funny and can be crazed so I think the pairing with History of Salaryman writers should be really good. Here is another drama on my list that I will need to wait to watch over the summer. Can’t get obsessed with anything during the semester.

    • hehe same here! i’ve been itching to rewatch lie to me lately even though i’ve watched it so many times. He looked ESPECIALLY hot/cute/sexy in the airport scene where he gave YEH a kiss.

      • Sigh** and the scene where they are singing, and when he drags her out if the restaurant, and when they sit under the cherry trees. Swoon… I need to watch Lie to me tonight. As long as I don’t watch the last 3 episodes I be ok..

  4. Eujung might be dropped on the last second again if the netizens starts bitching again.

    Let’s see. And even if she appears on the drama, this doesn’t mean SBS might cut her scenes and give less and less scenes until she doesn’t appear at all…

    I’m so sad, I hope they let her stay. Dropping her from FF didn’t help the drama get better ratings, the ratings stayed very low.

  5. I’m excited for this group of producer, both Giant and History of Salaryman are great dramas. I’m SO excited for HJE and congrats for Eunjung making it back to dramaland, I pity her plight of being kicked out from FF but then sponsors can be demanding and I actually think it’s better for her to stay away from the screen during that time until the heat die down..

  6. Watching Eunjung in Coffee House made my eye twitch…all she can do is whine and pout. I love KJH and I’m glad he’s back…but will pass on this one.

  7. I am not in love with KJH, but I really liked him in HGD.
    I couldn’t watch Lie to Me because of plot, but he was cute in it.

    Hopefully this one will be a critical AND fan success.

  8. Yayyyy he’s back! Are they really thinking of extending Cheongdamdong Alice? More Cha Seung Jo/Secretary Kim/Jean Thierry Cha? I’m SO in. That gives me more time with him and more time for KJH’s drama to be ready and not feel rushed!

  9. I didn’t even recognize Hwang Jung Eum in that photo. I am fond of both her and Eunjung but it’s Kang Ji hwan who is making me go !!!!!!!! It’s been much too long since his last drama and since that drama was Lie to Me, which I loathed, it means it was an eternity since I was excited over a drama of his. Please please please be good, TIOM!

  10. Kang Ji Hwan ,I love your drama of Coffee House and Lie to Me. I am looking
    forward to see this new drama. All the best for KJH. and Hope he can solve
    out the dispute between KJH and his agent. KJH keep on flighting. Good Luck

  11. Kamsahamnida! you just dont know how happy i am when i read your blog.. it’s making me want to cry! Lord hears our prayers after all… Excited to watch his drama…love love love!

  12. I’m happy for KJH. Eunjung won’t be in this project. She was linked to it much earlier but no solid sources really backed it up. So far shooting has commenced for the introductory kiddie portion with Park Ji-bin and Seo Shin-ae.
    And then there’s Park Sang-min to look forward to. Excited! ^^

    • I was going to say the same thing regarding Eun Jung. She was linked to it early on but the role she was being considered for seems to have gone to someone else.

      I hope CA doesn’t get extended.

  13. I begin to like him after watching Dont Lie to me. His acting is not bad and he is cute. Would love to watch him again hopefully in another comedy love story : )

  14. Oh I am going to have fun in Seoul maybe I can stalk him love him he is funny a great comedic actor

    If i saw him in person that would be better

    back to studying korean by watching Lie to me swoon

  15. I too barely recognized HJE in this photo since she’s sported some pretty crazy hairstyles recently in her dramas but I have a soft spot for her and her acting since she’s in 2 of my fave dramas: Giant and CYHMH.

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