King of Lan Ling Releases Pretty Official Character Posters

I appreciate it when upcoming dramas release tidbits in a constant stream to keep my interest up. The upcoming period drama King of Lan Ling (Lan Ling Wang) with Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng, and Daniel Chan won’t air until Summer of 2013 but the production has been ever so generous with goodies. A few long (and spoilery) trailers were released late last year which increased my interest in the drama immensely. It feels like a wuxia written for the female audience in mind, with Ariel’s character loved by three powerful and strong men, which is clearly a shameful fantasy some ladies must have entertained at one point or another. Recently the production released official character posters for the leads and I actually like what I see. It’s not visually impressive but it is strangely pretty. This drama is produced by the same folks who did Autumn’s Concerto and Material Queen, so pretty visuals and luxe costumes are a given. I would give it an F for historical accuracy but this looks and sounds like a period fantasy romance novel-turned-drama anyways so who the heck cares about accuracy, give me longing and heated glances and pretty clothes swirling in the wind. Check out the new stills below where I’ve translated the taglines. For Ariel’s still, she is much too flowery for my tastes but based on the trailer I know her character isn’t going to be traipsing around decked out in humongous flowers. Her poster reads: Ariel Lin – The Fated Goddess Yang Xue Wu. “From the hidden valley into this battle torn world, it is my destiny to protect the King of Lan Ling.”

Feng Shao Feng – The Beautiful God of War the King of Lan Ling. “Putting on a mask to hide kindness, I shall serve the people of my country!”

Danial Chan – The Lonely Arrogant King Yu Wen Tuo. “The world is so vast and there is nothing I cannot conquer, except your heart.”

Huo Tian Ling – The Devious Crown Prince Gao Wei. “Anyone that is a threat to me, I must destroy immediately. The King of Lan Ling is no exception!”

Wei Qian Xiang – The Bodyguard Han Xiao Dong. “Even if the world is dirty I retain my true heart. Vowing only to quietly protect Xue Wu in this lifetime.”


King of Lan Ling Releases Pretty Official Character Posters — 15 Comments

  1. Beautiful costumes! Where’s George Hu? I love him so muchh after watching “Love,now”! Too bad he’s not the leading actors in here.

  2. I’ve had my eye on this drama for a while. Ever since seeing those trailers last year. I don’t usually watch Taiwanese and Chinese historical dramas (only movies) but I love Ariel Lin and the story looks sumptuous. Can’t wait!

  3. Gorgeous Ariel Lin… she’s a goddess! After the success of ITWY, can’t wait for the drama Lan Ling Wang. I’ve read that there’s a possibility for her doing a “serious” film project, I’m really hoping it pushes through. She has already proven herself in TV dramas, it’s about time an amazing actress like her conquers the movies as well. Like when she was a newbie in the business and was already nominated as best leading actress for the movie “Love me, if you can” at the Golden Horse awards. I’m so excited for the turn of events in her career. So happy for the path she is taking. 🙂

  4. Huh? I thought this already aired.
    Nice. I agree with Grace Grant, AL looks quite different, but it could just be the way the treated the photo.

  5. I love Ariel’s costume – so pretty! Daniel Chan looks more suited for the role of Lan Ling Wang as he is so handsome.

  6. ??? this drama moves me words can not explain…. This is better than Korean dramas I’ll give u that

    FENG SHAO FENG I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Inspiration and handsome can u marry me ???

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