Lin Geng Xin is Black-and-White Sexiness in Elle Men Pictorial

Lin Geng Xin needs to be in more high profile magazine spreads. He is really (really really) phenomenal in print material. Whereas his acting is raw and rough around the edges still, in print he can unleash his potency in stills that capture his both big boy frame and combination little kid charm with manly simmer. It’s astonishing how he makes drinking a freaking Coke look so ridiculously sexy and gorgeous above. I’m still watching Drama Go Go Go (two episodes a weekend is not enough!) and right now his character has stepped into the forefront with his adorable attempts to be both BFF and sly suitor to his noona played by Ruby Lin, mostly by bickering with her adorably (and making these puppy faces) and writing the script for the second season of the drama-within-a-drama in order to insert a character that represents himself so that he can confess to her in a roundabout way. Except his script sucks and she has to step in and clean up his mess, rendering her impression of him even more like he’s her baby brother. Talk about LOL fail, but oh so cute nonetheless. In this Elle Men photo spread which came out last year, Lin Geng Xin is anything but a puppy dog cutie, instead showing us that he may still be relatively young (he’s an ‘88er) but he’s got plenty of masculine appeal already. I absolutely LOVE this black-and-white photo spread which feels both edgy and approachable. If the rumored Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 does start filming next month (still not holding out hope) then I will be delighted to see how he interprets the character of stalwart 14th Prince in his modern incarnation. It probably will be like his character in DGGG, yes?


Lin Geng Xin is Black-and-White Sexiness in Elle Men Pictorial — 17 Comments

  1. If anyone hear a high fan-girl squeal that would be me cause I love Lin Geng Xin. I really hope that BBJX2 will be though but I’m not anticipating much in case it’s bad (hope not though).

  2. Goodness.

    Still loving DGGG too. I loved his picking up the script for her to insert himself in the drama in Pt2. LOL!

  3. Didn’t Tangren put him in the fridge? Poor boy..

    Speaking of the BBJX princes.. I’m loving Han Dong (9th) lately. And yea.. it’s all because of Yumama’s messy Beauty drama that really isn’t worth mentioning, but DuoErgun<3.. OMG T_T You made Yuan Shanshan bearable..

  4. Btw, I caught up with DGGG to 17 and I love how and where it is going.

    Casting Henry, omg, with those dimples! across from Penny IS fabulous.
    Although, personality/maturity wise, I don’t feel he is that much younger than Eason. I loved how they put Jia Ming in plaid shirts with tee shirts underneath as his costume, just like lovely ST!

    It was fun to have JM’s character show up and confess immediately to Meg about his crush since his teenage years, because it took half of What’s Up, Fox and compressed into 10 minutes. That is how it should be done.

    Loved the tease for Hu Bing in her imagination, and how his gorgeousness showed up on the plane. He is so handsome and Rhett Butler looking with the facial hair. I did squeal.

    No matter how much love I have for LGX, I still love JW playing Eason. I LOVE EASON!

    • I forgot to ask this.
      In DGGG, we get to hear LGX’s real voice, but in BBJX, he was dubbed.
      Since BBJX2 is modern, do you think they will dub him again?

      And I agree that a modern version of 14 would be like ST.
      Although, do we pick up where they left off (without the deaths, of course) or is it a brand new story altogether.

      • Oh no, BBJX 2 won’t be dubbed. I’m certain of it since Kevin Cheng is Cantonese. He speaks Mandarin but with a very obvious Cantonese accent. The only way to keep it undubbed is if everyone speaks Mandarin as a first language. I think if someone needs to be dubbed in BBJX, they will dub over everyone for continuity sake. DGGG is weird in that some are dubbed and others aren’t. o__O Normally its one or the other all the way.

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