Sweet BTS Stills of the OTP from Episode 4 of Flower Boy Next Door

The kiss scene at the end of episode 4 of Flower Boy Next Door was quite charming and quaint. Clearly manufactured but doesn’t come off as fake. That’s actually the vibe I get from the entire drama. You know this was written to tell a specific story but its quite believable and refreshing. Despite Park Shin Hye getting to Yoon Si Yoon‘s lip’s first, Kim Ji Hoon might not have long to wait before sampling the same set of lips. Park Shin Hye volunteered her two handsome co-stars to kiss if the ratings for the drama broke 5 (which is astonishingly good since this a cable drama airing on tvN). The ratings for episode 4 hit 2.34 (with the 10-40 ladies demographic hitting 4.76 at its peak) which has been a steep and fast rise since episode 1 premiered to 0.55 in ratings. tvN is no stranger to its drama breaking cable ratings records, with last year’s cult hit Answer Me 1997 breaking 6 for its final episode. On rival cable network jTBC, family drama Childless Good Fortune is also breaking ratings set by AM1997 all on its own. Which makes the possibility of FBND breaking 5 totally doable, so imma gettingr reading for my sure-to-be-uproarious-man-kiss coming up!

I’m not surprised the viewers are turning in as this drama is building its narrative slowly and surely with a quiet sincerity that is so heartwarming in a time where dramas tend to aim for intensity to make us care rather than showing us how little moments can make us feel. I’m so on the Enrique-Dok Mi ship its not even funny, but conversely I also want Jin Rok to step up and do what he needs to do. Clearly he’s let a crush linger for too long now and even if he doesn’t have a chance with her in the face of Enrique’s natural ability to bring Dok Mi back into the world of people, I still want Jin Rok to show Dok Mi how he feels about her and get closure because I feel like this story is about just that. Dok Mi stopped trying to live a normal life and locked herself away because of her past experiences, but through her connection with all these flower boys around her, she’ll get the opportunity to start trying to live life again. I can’t wait to see her venture out to a world that is no longer dictated and controlled by bullying teenage girls but is filled with the vast wonders of people from all walks of life. Of course she’ll encounter difficulties but hopefully through Enrique she’ll learn new coping mechanisms. The network released a giant batch of stills from episode 4 of the drama when Enrique and Dok Mi went on the beach trip to the filming of the accidental kiss. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon have wonderful chemistry, it’s not sizzling but rather fluid and layered.


Sweet BTS Stills of the OTP from Episode 4 of Flower Boy Next Door — 18 Comments

    • same here, love jin rok but ship enrique n dok mi…when kjh was first casted i thought y he is the second lead…but ysy n psy together, they look sooo adorable!!! Yoon shi yoon has the cutest smile!!!

  1. Oooooohhh! I love these two! Can’t get enough of them.
    I bet Jin rok will be closer to Dok mi on the next episode. Can’t wait for the love triangle as well as Dok mi breaking away from her comfort zone.
    Thanks Koala! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • OMG thanks for sharing this. Shin Hye must be save her county in the past. Seeing her kissing pretty boy around her makes me going crazy giddy. She kissed seven, geun suk, yong hwa, Seung gi, seung ho, yoon shi yoon …. gosh she’s one one lucky girl.

      And the way Seung Ho gets giddy after he kissed her. …lord i just jump out of my chair….tooo cute!!!!

      FBND not yet finished but I already ship her with another male lead. My bad!

  2. Yoon Si Yoon is seriously making my heart flutter. Ah heart, be still. Loving this show a lot right now, giving me vibes of a Jdrama tonally – which, always a plus. Thanks for the photos Koala!

  3. I haven’t started this yet. But sounds like I should definitely put it on my list. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I do a marathon.

  4. I have seen Yoon Shi Yoon’s dramas and I have become a fan since then. He has this boyish charm that anyone he is in contact could not just ignore. He seems so natural in his ways. He has paired up with older, younger and ladies of his age, and he could just seems comfortable with them without any trace of awkwardness…

    Park Shin Hye’s eyes are so expressive that sometimes words are not need for her to convey the message. She is not a very loud girl. I like her.

  5. hello, hello koala sis! i missed writing my comments here. been busy and catch a flu. hoping that it’s gonna be gone by the morrow so i can stream again.

    i am so with you on how sincere this drama is. it doesn’t force into you but rather just worms its way into your heart in a very light way that you’d never know what’s gotten into you. there aren’t intense moments… yet, but you are drawn to the screen and glued on your seat and i haven’t felt that for some time now. i feel this feeling of happiness together with the cast on some scenes and the change to sad moments is so fluid i’m surprised how FBND has gotten hold of my emotions.

    on YSY, i think i mentioned this before that i am not her fan. i dunno but he has such bad vibes on me with Baking King. surprisingly, i had a complete change of heart on him on FBND. i’m so amazed how this guy has such presence here that now, i adore him to bits. he is so cute without trying so hard, you’d root for him to get the girl,even with Seo Young.

    but of course, i am all-out DokQue shipper even if i want JR to have his episode with DM too. agree with you that DokQue’s chemistry is not sizzling hot but they have this one that you could feel, something light and fluffy but very visible. lols, i dunno if i make sense.

    as much as i am a DokQue shipper, i would be very happy if JR will be given a chance to show his feelings to DM and make E feel the competition. the prev of ep 5, with both JR and DM smiling at each other is just perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

    i would be very happy too to see that TJ has feelings for DM too. i wish that while sitting on that park bench one fall, TJ also notice DM as much as she noticed him. how nice would that be.

    eck! my comment has gotten so long, hehehe. i haven’t written this long since, DTLY, ah i already forgot.

    oh and there had been much speculations about the milktoons, if there’s a possibility that it’s TJ or JR. how i wish it could be TJ. but after looking into it carefully, unless there is a twist, am 99% sure JR it is. i had to go back and rewatch the scenes and do screencaps. here they are. and sorry if there’s some confirmation already. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. this is the shoes of the guys who put the milktoons, notice the folds at the end of his pants and his shoes.

    2. now here is my screenshot of JR going down the stairs trying to catch up with DM and E.

    thanks koala sis and sorry for the long post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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