Gorgeous Unreleased Pictures of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You

Way to give me a treat with one hand and slap me in the face with the other, MBC. On the eve of the finale of Missing You, where now revealed to be a crazed serial killer second male lead Kang Hyung Joon clearly will not and should not ever get the girl in the drama, MBC released some heretofore never seen cuddly pictures of the halcyon early days where Soo Yeon as Zoe and Hyung Joon as Harry first came back to Korea and landed in Jeju for her fashion show debut. I was excited when I first heard about Yoo Seung Ho acting with Yoon Eun Hye because I love them so but I did have major reservations they would actually be convincing as a couple. From the first moment I saw them together onscreen all my concerns evaporated – because her character is also a few years older than his character, their interactions naturally do flow from a noona-dongsaeng vibe but one which still contains the frisson of romantic longing and connection. Forget the character assassination done on Hyung Joon in the second half for a moment (I have no problem with him going dark but not when it was presented with no narrative foundation not to mention plot holes up the wazoo), I did think they made a very eye-candy couple as an alternative to the clingy and weepy OTP. Oddly MY has satisfied my desire to see them acting together and after Yoo Seung Ho gets out of the military I’ve no urge for them to do another project together. With the previews for this drama showing a possible sad ending with Jung Woo shot with a bullet to the brain, I’m predicting a happy ending all around with the OTP and the good guys all triumphing over evil Han Tae Joon and Kang Hyung Joon. Here’s to hoping those who love the drama get the satisfying ending they want, while those who were disappointed by the drama move on to other pastures to graze. I for one am plenty happy with all the pretty stills I got of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye from the earlier episodes of MY.

I will forever never understand how anyone can consider this relationship, from the early parts of the drama before Hyung Joon was revealed to be a crazed murdering asshole, to be sibling-esque. Who the hell ever snuggled with their brother the way Soo Yeon was always getting close with Hyung Joon, and vice-versa. These pictures are just too cute and I’ll always remember fondly the potential for a healthy and realistic alternative to the OTP (14 happy years together!) before the writer tossed the laundry list of crimes at Hyung Joon’s head, which apparently he has been committing since he was 12 years old. Bad seed anyone? Oh wells, writer be writing for fanservice is all I have to say.


Gorgeous Unreleased Pictures of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You — 27 Comments

  1. I decided than YSH can have chemistry with anything he could touch. He is just so at ease in his skin and so confident than you feel “in good hands” around him, so to speak. No wonder YEH had to remember herself he was jail bait while shooting her scenes with him. Rawr!

  2. Gorgeous photos… while I agree that their interactions in the earlier episodes are definitely not sibling-esque, YSH’s baby face made it difficulty for me to root for them as a couple in the drama.
    Now… the HwanHye banner just reminded me again just who has the perfect chemistry with YEH.

  3. I am not watching IMY but did you all just say serial killer?Ehm the writer need to remember to Google the writer to avoid him/her next time.

  4. I think it was inevitable that HJ would turn out to be crazy psycho, because otherwise the viewers would’ve preferred the zoeXharry couple more than the OTP. Had HJ not turned out that way, there isn’t really a reason SY would go to JW. Except for their weird childhood romance that lasted for what? A month?

  5. i only watch mv ysh-yeh capture on youtube after stopped at episode 17.loves to see their capture when i miss ysh eyes and smile.i feel sad that story so good on the earlier episode.after the story line changes so drastic espicially i dont see any second female lead good dialogue and different from the poster.

    i feel the story make feel the otp is the most selfish person.especially on the female lead.what is the 14 years relationship to her doesnt really count.not even empathy and compassionate towards the person who is really loves her like hell.

    even 2-3 month can changes her so drastic and never try to understand and just run away like that.at least what i want to see is she is not jumping immediatly to another relationship with another man befrore making proper break up with present relationship.now she want to get married with a man base of her puppy love.her action really make me sad and make me feel how selfish she is.just like you want to divorce you settele firs the relationship and make proper closure before you run away.

    • That’s why I think she is the most selfish as well. I used to think all three are equally selfish. But seeing these pics actually make you realize why KHJ thought she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. We never got to see their relationship and how both of them took care of each other and how they were happy before they came to Seoul. But just seeing a glimpse of what it must have been like through these photos, you can see why she was his everything and planned their future together. She basically lead him on because she was scared that he was going to abandon her too.

      But when she met HJW again and knew she won’t be alone, she just discarded KHJ. I really wish she would have broken up with KHJ before going and cheating on him with HJW. That was badly done in my opinion.

      It is understandable why the writer made KHJ a psycho because how else can she justify LSY abandoning him because it just makes no sense leaving this 14 year relationship for a puppy love that lasted what? a week? in her teens. This is why kdramas make no sense to me sometimes. But then again, its dramaland lol. Of course the the way writer made KHJ this mad serial killer makes no sense. I am still confused as to how he knew Dec Kim was in fact Dec Kim????????? lol. He was cut off from everyone. Either it was badly written from the start OR she didn’t actually plan to spin it that way from the beginning (to blame everything on KHJ) but she may have later realized that from how she wrote KHJ-LSY relationship to how the actors played the role and the popularity it was gaining, that she had to make him this mad killer in order to justify the OTP or else KHJ-LSY relationship would have def overshadowed the OTP cause people were already shipping them for the chemistry alone.

      What a disappointment. I feel like the story had soo much potential but I think the writer caving to fanservice ruined it. This is why I prefer Nice Guy cause the two main leads had amazing chemistry and the story was good as well despite the occasional plot holes it might have had. Even though I loved the OTP, I preferred Maru to die cause I thought the story would have a much more impact. Then later you see; Choco and Maru’s bestie married, PSH and her sec in jail and lastly Eungi running her father’s company, her expereince with Maru changing her from the cold, distance person she used to be to someone who smiles and is a lot more open and is happily married to Joon, the lawyer guy with kids. So Maru gets his wish in the end which was for his loved ones to be happy. However, the happy ending the writer wrote was sweet so it wasn’t bad I guess hehe.

      Anyway, I’m glad IMY is coming to an end. I did enjoy YSH scenes as well as the scenes between HJW and LSY’s mom; those were wonderful. Great acting! So at least I’m thankful for that. Koala, thank you for these wonderful photos and your thoughts on IMY during the past months. Loved all your insights! Keep at it friend! ūüėÄ

  6. Not only does he always look good, but he seems to make YEH look better in comparison. 



  7. I love the photos…. So nice to see them so sweet to each other. Im just so sad as to what happened to Harry in the drama. If only he learns how to forgive then things could have been more better. I’m not blaming the writer for making Harry into a monster. His actions made me think that we really couldn’t fathom what a human being is capable of may it be good or bad. As to Harry’s character if he only knows how to forgive the people that offended him he could have a big chance to live a happy life with Zoe. If he only openly talks to Zoe all the anger and all the negative thoughts he has towards HTJ and never lie to her about what happened 14 years ago I’m sure Zoe will help her overcome it and help each other heal the wounds of their past.
    I haven’t seen the last 4 episodes yet and I’m sure I will not like what will happen to Harry. It may sound not nice but I’d preferred him to be dead than being alive and suffer rotting alone in jail. He is too handsome to be in…this drama is too depressing to handle but what to do I need to see Yoo Seung Ho’s until the end…

  8. that’s love, love is not about time but its about chemistry. eventhough we always together everyday but if theres no flames it would be vain. coz I have the same experiance… I think its not selfish when it come about love coz love have noreason.

  9. I think this pics released 2 make people getting curious with d’final episode then it can increase drama rates,,,however luv this couple 2 go back on screen 4 d’next 2 years,,,if any writer still remember the rise of YSH and YEH,,,^_*

  10. I wanna kill writers really so much and then they can see true killer ūüėÄ omg I am so angry how can they write that shit!! I just have a look at final and this like a joke!I hope my angel will choose a good one after military <3<3

  11. Sorry they looked like siblings to me–that’s the way they grew up. But the actors are beautiful and photograph beautifully together. Doesn’t mean, however, that their characters should’ve been together. IMY was always from day one about the OTP. It was never set up any differently. There will always be ones who enjoy the second lead more but that’s not going to change the story. The only thing I think they did change is HJW not committing suicide at the end. With the suicide problem growing over there, it was probably discouraged. Don’t worry I have no doubt YSH will have WONDERFUL dramas ahead of him when he is released, ones you APPROVE of. Then you can smile again…..

  12. I wish there would “I miss you” SEQUEL, where Harry escapes prison and steal Zoey/LSY away from jung woo. Ahhh I’m just addicted to harry and zoey’s pair up. I just wish the episodes where extended for… forever. I’m quite broken hearted after the ending. I pitty Harry and wish zoey/LSY end up with him. YoonEunHye and YooSeungHo look so cute togeteher! They’d make a pretty cute couple even with the age difference. I’m praying they’ll work together again as a LOVETEAM! I MISS YOU PART 2 PLSS! SUPPORT ME GUYSS!

  13. Yoon eun hye doesn’t look like her age. She’s so pretty and sexy! While Yoo seung Ho’s one fine hottie :> I love them both!

  14. I don’t know why but I like KHJ-LSY relationship more than HJW-LSY. Seeing IMY ended like that making me quite unhappy bc while HJW-LSY lived happily ever after, KHJ had to live by himself alone, suffering. Quite unfair for KHJ right? He has protected LSY for 14 years and LSY easily left him for HJW. No wonder why KHJ turned into a psycho.

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