Gui Gui Signs on for We Got Married International Edition with Purported Partner Taecyeon

The lines between different entertainment industries continue to be blurred, in ways that sometimes leaves me scratching my head. I don’t watch variety shows but the popularity of We Got Married has led me to at least understand the concept and have heard of famous couplings in the past. After many seasons on air I figure the show must be showing its age which means its time to refresh or branch out. News came out this week about the show prepping for an international edition (really just a pan-Asia edition) with two couples comprised of entertainers from different countries. One of each couple will be a Korean entertainer paired with someone from another country. I totally get how actors can film dramas or movies in other countries. They say their lines in their native language and then are promptly dubbed over. Or they learn the language well enough to at least convincingly say part of their lines. During the filming there is always a translator on set and the awkward language barriers are usually kept behind the scenes. This won’t be true of reality show WGM which requires the entertainers to pretend to be married. LOL, talk about highlighting a married couple’s inability to communicate. Even if a translator trails them, how is that going to convince the viewers the couple is getting to know each other and going through the motions of newlyweds. Which married couple has a third wheel tagging along all the time? The casting choices have been revealed and remain up in the air. TW-actress and singer Gui Gui apparently has signed on as one cast member and is reportedly going to be paired with Taecyeon from 2PM, should he accept. Woah, talk about a pairing out of left field. Gui Gui is the sweetest thing ever and has such natural warmth and bubbly charm she’s like a no brainer choice for shows like this. I actually like Taecyeon despite his considerable chiseled physique and super stiff acting skills – I find him endearing with his his big-eared boyish lunkhead aura. Gui Gui does speak a smattering of Japanese and English but she most definitely does not speak Korean last I checked. And I don’t think Taec speaks Chinese either. This will be fascinating to watch if it comes true. As for the other couple in the show, the producers are luring Nicole of Kara which means she’ll be paired with a male entertainer from likely Taiwan, China, or Japan. Ooooh, I’m curious who that’ll be.

All the inability to communicate concerns aside, Gui Gui and Taecyeon would make a very lovely and interesting couple. She’s so cute and smiley and bossy and he’s such a meat head with a sweet center. I might be tempted to check this out if it does happen.


Gui Gui Signs on for We Got Married International Edition with Purported Partner Taecyeon — 16 Comments

  1. Taecyeon speaks English, so maybe that’s how they communicate? But the show is aired in Korea, wouldn’t that mean that there are korean subtitles all the time at the bottom of the screen? U wouldn’t really feel the romance then…
    Or they could go all Sweet Spy on us and have taec speak korean and her on Chinese 😀

  2. Yeah I watched part of a WGM special where they had one time dates of Korean celebs and Taiwan/Chinese celebs and it did not work out well…they could barely even get their names. But yes, taecyeon and nicole can speak fluent English (pretty sure Nicole is quite fluent in Japanese and maybe conversational Chinese?) so hopefully it will work out better! And there’s always the last resort of body language and miming haha.

    • I watched that special and it wasn’t so bad language barrier wise… Kyuhyun could speak quite a bit of chinese so they communicated pretty well and as for Hyomin and Fu xinbo, they communicated in English and did ok too.

  3. Koalas, you don’t have to worry.
    Gui Gui can speak little English. And Taecyeon’s used to live in Boston. He also received a perfect score of 990 on the TOEIC.
    So both of them can communicate in English.

  4. Hmm, coincidentally, I would say that Nicole and Gui Gui could pass as sisters. This is very interesting. I can’t wait to watch them 🙂

  5. I can’t imagine how this would work, unless both are fluent in English (I know Taec is, but I know nothing about Gui Gui). But that might be a little boring to watch for a non-English speaking audience. I’d sure enjoy it though. 🙂 But then I love cross-cultural relationships/situations in film and life play out, watching how people negotiate their differences and preconceived notions about each other.

    Considering this is WGM and a Korean (I’m assuming) audience, though, I’m not sure if this would go over well. Julien and Se-ah from the current season are enough of a culture-shock couple already. And he’s a half-Korean, half-French Canadian who speaks pretty fluent Korean. (They’re cute as all get out, btw. Probably my favourite couple right now.) And yet they still make fun of the way he pronounces things sometimes, and they have their lost-in-translation moments.

    But who knows, maybe others are enjoying this couple as much as I am, and it’s paving the way for this new international concept. Maybe this is just what WGM needs to give it some badly needed energy (and ratings).

  6. wow this sounded really random. they both seem cut out for reality show, but i never would have imagined this.
    and funny, gui gui vaguely reminds me of nicole in personality.

  7. This should be interesting! It sort of reminds me of a program I watched some years ago here in the U.S. called Wife Swap! It interestingly featured segments with wives being swapped into families for one week. The producers swapped familes of which all had different economic backgrounds, ethnicities (mixed marriage) vs contemporary (non-mixed marriage) couples, religious beliefs, child rearing practices, and work vs homemaker concepts. In short, it was hopefully mapped out to be a learning venture for each family involved. Many outcomes were heart-warming, some hilarious, and a few…very few needed Security to step in at the end (it didn’t get too out of hand)! hehehe Oh well, all in all, We Got Married Intl. should be good. I’ll look out for it. Thank you Ms. K!

  8. I’ve read in an article before that he speaks 4 languages. Korean, English, Spanish & Chinese. I just dnt know if its Mandarin or another Chinese dialect. But since most Taiwanese understands convesational english I think they’ll be able to communicate

  9. Considering they Taec and Nicole are going to be on the show I’m pretty sure English is going to be the language of choice (or Japanese if they pair a Korean idol with a Jpop idol)

  10. Please give the international wedding for the 2PM taecyon & Wu ying jie Taiwanese idol so many people like it in other country Korea,Japan,Taiwan,Thailand,China and PHilippines
    Both of them very higher score tv show 100 percent equal to 100 tv show
    Not be Korea and korea international we got married or international wedding
    2PM Taecyon& Kara Nicole
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