Taecyeon and Won Ji An Bridge Vampire/Human Divide to Find Love in Cohabitation for K-drama Heartbeat

So this drama looks and sounds silly as heck but perhaps that’s part of the charm. Upcoming KBS fantasy romance drama Heartbeat has Taecyeon playing a vampire nearly close to his dream of becoming human and falling for Won Ji An as the plucky human girl that wandered into his life. It’s interesting to see Won Ji An go from rookie in 2022 last year to female lead already and honestly she totally looks like Jung Chae Yeon‘s doppleganger. Taecyeon is great in broad comedic roles and sometimes it’s even hard to take him seriously even in serious and dark roles like in Vincenzo. This drama poster could use a leveling up of creativity and flair but for the new stills below all I can see are the two leads sharing the same color lipstick lolol.

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tvN Premieres New Unabashedly Comedic and Earnest Mon-Tues Sageuk Secret Royal Inspector and Joy to 4.961% Promising Ratings

The Mon-Tues time slot for tvN has been weak for the past year, not since Record of Youth has it really delivered solid dramas and/or rating hits. I’ve only liked Awaken (Night and Day) since then but the other dramas … Continue reading

tvN Youth Sageuk Secret Royal Inspector Joy Releases More Comedic Stills and Previews as Expectation Set at Silly and Sweet

Expectation will be this drama’s best friend if it succeeds and it has a chance. Upcoming tvN sageuk drama Secret Royal Inspector Joy is giving off full blown comedy vibes, physical, verbal, and supremely silly especially in a sageuk setting … Continue reading

Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon Sparkle with Comedic Chemistry in New Posters and Preview for tvN Sageuk Inspector Joy

Every time I see the title of tvN sageuk Inspector Joy I read it as Inspector Gadget which totally dates me but ah those were the idyllic times of after school cartoons. A good hearted bumbling inspector is what I … Continue reading

Taecyeon Prepares for Impending Job Death After Receiving His Imperial Summons in New Drama Teaser for Inspector Joy

Okay, this could actually work, because it’s a sageuk that’s definitely not trying to be on the traditional path. And that non-traditional element allows male lead Taecyeon, who is beyond modern man in the vibe he gives off and lacks … Continue reading

Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon Unflappable in a Changing Joseon World in First Teasers for tvN Sageuk Drama Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

Remember when I said the upcoming fall/winter season was going to be sageuk Heaven? It’s coming fast and furious – we have Lovers of the Red Sky airing, then comes The King’s Affection (Yeonmo) in October, followed by The Red … Continue reading