MBC Denies We Got Married Getting Cancelled and Considers Format Change

Ten years is a long time, and the past decade has been good to the long running MBC variety show We Got Married. It’s spawned global editions and even was licensed to China for its own version, and through it all the original continues to generate buzz as onscreen couples come and go. Last year the hit SBS variety show Running Man went though casting changes and even got cancelled and then un-cancelled, so even popular shows that still has some legs left has to contend with the dust heap of cancellation possibility.

When news reports came out that MBC was cancelling WGM most people were not surprised as the show really seemed to be plodding along, at least with the current couples, not to mention it’s age and the formula no longer generating as much buzz. With that said, MBC has come out to deny the cancellation reports but added that it was considering a format change. That might be interesting, I’m always curious after watching Producer in seeing how the behind-the-scenes creative minds try to build ratings for shows. Continue reading