That Winter, The Wind Blows Releases Riveting 9-minute Long Trailer

I felt a cold arctic breeze waft by recently and it was a combination of an evil malware attack on the Playground and watching the long 9-minute trailer for That Winter, The Wind Blows. Man, this thing better not blow but I have no clue how the story will come together. I had similar reservations with Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) since it was all premised on betrayed man seeking vengeance on his ex-girlfriend but the end product turned out to be 90& more than the synopsis revealed. TWTWB follows the life of a dissolute playboy and gambler who pulls a con on a legally blind heiress pretending to be her long-lost brother. I know Korea loves its fauxcest, and in fact leading lady Song Hye Kyo rocketed to stardom in the original granddaddy of fauxcest melodramas Autumn in My Heart (I love that drama, btw, so don’t judge). It’s been years since any fauxcest drama worked for me, mostly because the concept really is grody. Either they believe they are siblings and still fall in love, or they fall in love first and then have to deal with the possibility they are siblings. I’ve always wondered why Korea has a disproportionate number of fauxcest stories and then I realized the entire concept behind “oppa” really lends itself to that taboo. Despite eagerly anticipating Jo In Sung‘s return to television after 8 years (and he looks in fine form, really channeling a less douchy version of his Jung Jae Min character in What Happened in Bali), I find my interest leaning towards Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji‘s characters. He’s the right hand man who idolizes his hyung, and she’s the younger sister of Jo In Sung’s dead ex-girlfriend. And they look like they have such wonderful sparks-flying-everywhere chemistry. I don’t know why but I’m not quite feeling Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo (yet), probably requiring me to dig into their characters and motivations to feel the connection. Much like it took me awhile to feel Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won‘s characters and chemistry in NG. Here’s to hoping this one is win because the actors and cinematography look too beautiful to pass up. Check out the English-subbed long trailer below.


That Winter, The Wind Blows Releases Riveting 9-minute Long Trailer — 29 Comments

  1. Speaking of Malware, I tried maybe last Friday or Saturday to get onto the site and google was telling me koalasplayground was unsafe and wouldn’t let me click in. Glad to see its all fixed now 🙂

  2. Hi ockoala, so glad your site is ok now…your first line made me chortle. I don’t think I’m going to watch this…urgh with the sibling love part. However,this could be the start of a new genre of seasonal titles with utterly mundane plots:

    That Summer, My Cat Died
    That Autumn, My Father Snored

  3. and mine would be. THAT WINTER MY FAVORITE SCARF GOT TORN AND THAT SUMMER I GOT A NEW ONE, it’s just , have to wait another year for winter to come. plot: A middle thirty successful career woman who falls for a married man and ended up with the married man’s wife eldest brother who is physically challenge. Chapter 1——

    • Oh, I love me some Jo In Sung, too. I even repeatedly watch Shooting for the Stars, just because I love him and need a fix without much angst (I also am amused by the 70s style pimp-like attire he wears as high fashion in that show). I so do not want to get sucked intot his, but as Dongseang killer says above, It’s so pretty and I, too, am one of those people who shed plenty a tear watching Autumn’s Concerto.

  4. Now that you mentioned it, I hate the fauxcest in Autumn Tale but that was mostly because after they thought they were sibling they still continued on with their love, treating each other romantically which just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Here, I think it’s JIS’s character who’ll fall in love with SHG (he knows they’re not sibling) while SHG develops affection towards him not necessarily in the sense of a woman towards a man but more like an oppa who cares for her. I need to see what she feels about his skinship though.

    For now, I’m really excited for this drama. I always think that I favor romcoms more and sometimes the word ‘melodrama’ gives me the feeling that the endng will be sad so I tends to feel hesitated to watch. However, a lot of times I ended up loving them more than the romcoms that I watched. They were usually so beautifully executed and I feel more passionate towards it’s characters that they always lingered on me for a long time. Most of my favourite dramas have the ‘melo’ aspect to it. But in recent years, it’s hard for me to find a purely melodrama which I like. I’m having good feeling about this drama though. It kinda reminds me of Snow Queen, Winter Sonata and Ijuksa with the picturesque background of snow and sweet, heart-tugging interaction between the leads. The trailers have been promising so I really hope it’ll turn out good!

    • “For now, I’m really excited for this drama. I always think that I favor romcoms more and sometimes the word ‘melodrama’ gives me the feeling that the endng will be sad so I tends to feel hesitated to watch. ”

      Same here. This will actually be the first “true” melodrama I’ve deliberately watched. I’m completely ignoring 49 Days because I went into it expecting a happy ending…and got a nuclear bomb.

      Funny, though….I watched 49 Days because of Jung Il Woo. I’m watching this one because of Kim Bum 😀

  5. I am thoroughly bored these days but really not in the mood for the dramas that are currently airing either. Still pondering on whether to give this one a try. I personally enjoyed Love me not but this I’m not so sure. Another melo after Nice guy seem too heavy a load to take on. Oh how I miss EunMaru.

  6. I feel like there is nothing in this trailer that I haven´t seen before. Clichés are not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case they bother me a lot.
    Also: Hey there, “disabled person is taught how to correctly deal with their disabilities by non-disabled person” – trope! Urgh!

  7. I miss song hye kyo Unnie! So I might give this a watch, I hope this will not will turn out like like autumn concerto, cause she’s been there done that! She kinda remind me of eungi, heiress to a big company, dad got divorced because of a women, got separated with real mom, dad died, the women wants to take over company, heiress refused etc… Just that’s she’s blind n I don’t think she’ll be a badass like eungi.

    And kang maru wants to con but end up falling in love with the heiress, except for Jo in sung is supposed to be the brother, well it does have that nice guy feeling towards it, or maybe because Im still not over nice guy after it ended*sobs* I miss eunmaru! Ok rant aside, there’s Kim bum also,but I think I’ll give this a try for song;)

  8. Maybe? I will give it a try for the second leads.
    I realized something about my viewing appreciation.
    I can take almost any type of show on my screen unless it gets boring.
    Sure, pretend you are her brother, just don’t spend vast amounts of time staring at each other wordlessly.

    The Eyes, That Close
    The Yawm, That I Cannot Supress.

  9. OK it got creepy towards the end because it seemed like she was falling for him while still thinking it was his brother. I think the male lead is really attractive and I might watch it but I might drop it when the romance feels starts to come from both sides. It’s just too creepy to me.

  10. thanks Ockoala, surely watching this drama, can help myself seeing again these two main ACTOR’s for quite some time. Watching the preview, it was indeed had a good story to tell but it will be unfortunate when it ends DEATH for main character. Congrats it will then be another big hit for 2013!

  11. I originally wanted to watch this drama for my In Sung oppa and Hye Kyo, but Eun Ji and Kim Bum look so cute in the trailer so maybe I’ll jump to the second ship hehehe…

  12. jo in sung is getting on my nerves with his Look-at-me-im-an-amazing-actor expressions,, like dude, chill, we know that so stop over-acting..

  13. this drama is a remake I mean wht it is make it interesting is only the actors and actress for them who watched it before by MGY probably want to compare how the writer’s develop or stuck the story and nothing to be wait or curious for,,,only if u the big fans of SHK or Jo In sung,,,its up the viewers,,,*_^

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