K-ent Rocked by Sexual Assault Allegations Against Park Shi Hoo

I’m just going to report on the news so far regarding this stunning allegation and not make any commentary, because heck if anyone out there is capable of making any statement about the veracity of the claims. Park Shi Hoo, fresh off a charismatic turn in Cheongdamdong Alice, has just been accused of rape by a 22 year old trainee given the anonymous moniker “A” by the police. Earlier this month, A was out drinking with Park Shi Hoo and claims that she was so drunk she passed out and when she woke up she had been sexually assaulted by him. She didn’t report it immediately but went to counseling and after revealing the claims at the counseling session then went to the police station to file an official report. Park Shi Hoo has been summoned in for questioning and has already hired a lawyer and requested that his questioning at the police precinct be delayed until February 24. Since the allegations erupted, the latest news has the owner of the restaurant remembering Park Shi Hoo and the trainee drinking there that night and recalls that she was able to walk out of the restaurant by herself, and that the departure was captured on CCTV footage. Er, that is hardly relevant since more alcohol could have flowed afterwards, but imma digressing. Turns out a rookie actor given the moniker of “K” was also present that night and out drinking with Park Shi Hoo and A and K has already given a statement to the police. Park Shi Hoo has released an official statement confirming that he met A through a mutual acquaintance and did go drinking with her that night. His statement goes on to say that he has nothing to hide since it was a relationship where he and A were mutually interested in each other. He admits sleeping together but says it was mutual consent. Park Shi Hoo ends his statement by asking the public to not rush to judgment.

Oh boy, this one is a doozy and a shocker. Park Shi Hoo is well-known as a light weight drinker in the industry though once again that has no correlation with the alleged accuser A’s claim that she drank too much and passed out and woke up in bed with Park Shi Hoo. This is a classic case of he said-she said and I have no idea if Park Shi Hoo will make it out of this allegation untarnished even if it turns out not to be true. And in the case of consenting adults, yes and no is quite clear but in between is the blurry lines that make it hard for anyone not in that room to say for certain what happened. I really have nothing more to add at this point beyond what is being reported in the news and if anything big changes I’ll post an update. Otherwise I expect this to be investigated by the police and handled accordingly.


K-ent Rocked by Sexual Assault Allegations Against Park Shi Hoo — 154 Comments

  1. Well said, Koala. The only people who know the facts are the ones who were in the room. After reading the story and his statement on other K-news sources, I’m not gonna rush to judgement or engage in alleged-victim bashing.

    • Even people in the same room quite often have different interpretation of the situation, in this case between a man and a woman, with 14 years age gap. Does a NO really means no, how a look being received, certain tone of voice, etc. etc. People can’t even communicate fully when they are sober, who knows what could come out when under influence? Rape or not, a one-night-stand turning to an ugly scandal reflects on PSH’s poor judgment calls. Very disappointing.

    • He knew there was footage of them leaving together – where it is claimed that she wasn’t drunk even though this doesn’t exclude something shady going down afterwards – so it wouldn’t look good to deny that they had sex.

      • This is making this whole thing all the more serious, and all the more likely to be true. I’m very disappointed in PSH.

      • I fail to see the why their age gap is being scrutinized in this matter… both are considered adults.

        In my early 20’s, I dated a 41yo man for several months. He was handsome, charming and a wonderful companion when we got together. The major reason we mutually decided to end the relationship was because we lived in different parts of the country.

        I did a few things in my 20’s I regret but that wasn’t one of them.

  2. Wow – aish, my jaw totally dropped. Unbelievable – either he’s just super unlucky or super not cool. I don’t know what the truth is but I highly doubt he can come out of this unscathed either way. I just hope that the truth can be known whatever it may be.

    There must be a lesson to be learned here.

    • Same boat as you! Was out from the house for just 6 hours and this is the news I come home to! Totally boggles the mind at this turn of events.
      I was wishing for a love scandal lime Kim tae hee and rain! This is totally the opposite of what I was wishing for.
      I’m sad for him and her…

  3. What a shock.

    As you said, there’s no way to know what really happened. Sexual assault cases are extremely messy to begin with, the fact that this involves celebrities just makes it that much uglier.

    The sad thing is, no matter who is the victim and who the perpetrator here, both of them will end up with so much mud slung on them that neither will emerge unscathed. Gossip is always ugly, but it’s times like this that show how awfully cruel it can be. If he’s guilty, then this poor girl is getting all kinds of hatred on top of the trauma she’s already suffering; if it’s a false accusation, then Park Shi-hoo can protest all he wants, the poor guy will never completely erase this from the public’s mind.

    It’s a small hope, but I do hope the police can figure out what truly happened and the innocent party’s name be cleared.

  4. Thanks for the straight up news.
    Let’s just hope everyone keeps an open mind about all aspects.
    Innocent till proven guilty for all those involved.

  5. Did he goes alone that night?? Where did his manager? For the best of my knowledge.. top actor never hang out alone.. there is at least one company from the manager.. just like geun suk or jun ki.

    • He just ended his contract with the agency two weeks ago and decided to go independent. His brother is his manager. They formed a entertainment company registered under his brother’s name. His brother was not with him that night.

      • Poor psh. So unlucky and unfortunate. This incident might affect his career and image. Usually when top actor involved in some unfortunate accident like this, they will retreat from publics’ eyes and serve for military. Sigh. Si hoo perhaps will br absent for long time.

  6. Ouch… what a shocker! What a bad start to 2013 for PSH 🙁
    Regardless whether he is guilty or not, he may have to take a long career break…

    • Actually, I kinda foresaw its coming, not really the allegation, but something bad. About a couple of months a ago, I had some not very positive feeling about him. First, I couldn’t finish watching the second half of Alice in Cheongdamdong as I felt it was too much an acting, but soulless. Then, all kinds of news reports about him, interviews, etc which was quite strange as he had been very quiet before, shy from the public eye. I could see he was trying some PR initiatives for the new venture that he and his brother planned to run independently of the agency he had been with. But, I found those PR efforts were not sophisticated, not well organized, and quite superficial or naive, reflecting on his poor judgment calls. Also contrarian to his image as a humble man, his ego somehow exploded as well. He interacted with the media quite stupidly. When I found the news yesterday about the allegation, I was not very surprised as I have been watching him paving this route for a while. PSH was no longer careful, somewhat lost his mind. And the timing was just horrible. One way or another, he would fall. I only hope no one will get hurt too much and PSH has a chance to repair his reputation.

  7. Not saying anyone is guilty or innocent in this case. No one is coming out of this unscathed for sure. But I just want to say that I feel bad for entertainers and public figures sometimes. It’s almost like they have to have the people they date or even think about wanting to have intercourse with must sign a written statement that they are consenting to sexual relations with both sides’ lawyers present with witnesses to avoid a sexual accusation. Even that probably wouldn’t prevent the possibility of someone accusing you of something out of nowhere…Again this isn’t commentary on this specific case as who knows what happened in that room… but I’m just saying being a famous person for sure isn’t all cotton candy and rainbows.

  8. im disappointed in him. well if she is too drunk she may of said yes but forgot??? i just want to point out that drinking alcohol raises your sexual desire too. I have heard of his weak alcohol intolerance and if it is true then we have to see how much he drank too.

  9. I my head I always had him down as the good Christan boy whom all mothers wanted as their son-in-law…. because of his pure virgin looks.
    But that was all in my head…
    I do hope it isn’t true and if it turns out that it isn’t I hope he comes out of it not to tarnished because I really do like him as an actor and I would love to see him take on more challenging rolls as an actor.
    So for that reason I really hope its not ture.

  10. I wrote in a comment just this morning..PSH don’t have to ‘force’a person, he just have to ask any girl and they would jump to his bed..Like some of the comments here I have to agree..but he must have thought it was consensual…at 22, I know what I want..I guess we have to explain to our daughters they should know the consequences going out at night drinking with a famous celebrity and sometime fame doesn’t help… they have to be prepared the mixed feelings ,wrong interpretation and why the rookie don’t have her manager or chaperon with her..she jeopardize her own career..As for PSH he is a man they always go unscathed.

    • I really disagree with this comment “PSH don’t have to ‘force’a person, he just have to ask any girl and they would jump to his bed.” Not everyone is a great fan of PSH. Someone may like his series, but definitely not readily available to jumb into his bed just cuz he’s a famous celebrity.

      • Second you that. Very well said. Not everyone thinks that he is attractive and willing to jump to her bed.
        It is so sickening to see so many same comments as this one. Some are even worse for saying that they are willing to be sexually assault by him. Can not understand the mentality of some people

      • I am third. even if PSH offer himself to me or Wonbin or whoever hotty outthere, I would surely say NO…., simply because they will see us more as an object for their desire/lust and other reason is because I am not supporting pre-marital sex (I know…some will disagree but that is my principal and if you have different point of view, I will respect that).

        All what we can learn is just admire the artist’s talent and work but never adore and worship them, they just human with all the flaw and so we all. They are not better than us and we are not better than them. They only different is we all choose different path of carreer.

        I would hope people also not bashing the lady and named her. No one knows what really happened but the two of them and of course GOD. The possibility of both of them (PSH & the lady) in telling the truth is 50-50. So, until then, let’s just not giving any comment that can be presumed as judging somebody’s character (PSH and the lady).

    • I…honestly wouldn’t jump into bed with him. IDK whenever PSH’s name pops out, all I can think of is how much he’s lacking in that ‘department’ after seeing a certain still of him in swimming trunks. lol. But that’s just me. I understand there may be ladies who are very much willing to sleep with him just cause he’s famous though.

      Whatever it is, I hope justice prevails.

    • I like his acting. But my impression about him as a man is rather pale and superficial, not very intellectual and not sophisticated. Definitely not attractive to me.

    • “As for PSH he is a man they always go unscathed.”

      They do. For there are billions of people believing and spouting the same uninformed, mysoginistic, hateful nonsense you just did. Because people don´t understand that woman can actually have a CHOICE in their sexual partners – that they can even be attracted to someone and not want to sleep with them for a bazilion of reasons. Women aren´t animals that succumb to their basic needs when a good-looking guy is in view.
      Neither are men by the way – rape is hardly ever the result of a guy simply being aroused by a woman and a man who rapes a woman (or another man) is not “just a man who cannot help himself” – he´s abnormal, sadistic and a criminal among other things.

      No. No no no no no no!
      Do you know what we actually DO HAVE to teach our children? “DON`T RAPE!”
      It´s quite the simple message!
      A woman should not have to expect to be raped as a consequence of drinking alcohol – rape never is a consequence: it´s a f*cking crime.

    • don’t have to force cuz any girl would jump into his bed? Err, sorry i beg to differ…i’m definitely a girl but i don’t find him attractive at all…so nope…not goin to jump into his bed…

  11. Just as PSH has just finished the Cheongdandum Alice, this mud is slammed on him. Is this a conspiracy? Just like one earlier comment that PSH does not need any invites to bed with him, most young trainees who idolises him will just jump in! PSH has the right to his own personal life and we shouldnt make a big hoo ha about it. Did PSH force us to like him or idolise him? He just perfected his acting skills and keeps us glued to our tv for his dramas. He keeps us entertained by slogging hard regardless of whatever weather conditions. Doesnt he has a right to his own life? Why do we illusionized about PSH being perfect in every way? For a man over 30s and a girl over 20 , who needs to force who to bed? The cctv showed the girl was able to walk , we should not fall into this trap of conspiracy and destroys someone’s reputation and dream. Hope someone will get a private investigator to check the background of Miss A. I am not being harsh to A as I have a daughter too. I can only anticipate that Miss A is out to gain something out of all this.

    • What are you saying is that rape does not exist between adults? Your daughter may fancy a good-looking guy she just met and goes along with him because she wants to please him. But when it comes to sexual intercourse, she is just not ready and feels really bad aftermath. It could leave a scar in her for the rest of her life. Is it really all right to you as a mother?

  12. PSH may be a handsome and famous guy but these do not make him innocent by default you know.

    As Koala said no one knows what happened but those two.

    I’m currently watching The Princess’ Man and I hope I’ll be able to fight any sort of judgement since I’m loving it and PSH is so good in it.

  13. Jeez, a handsome guy can rape someone. Not everyone would jump in bed with him. I like him a lot, but saying he’s handsome and therefore there is no chance this could be real is just beyond offensive.

    I’m not sure what to do think about this. It’s hard to look at him the same way as before, but I’m also not 100% sure it happens. There is no way to know. I doubt he’ll make it out untarnished, but I also seriously doubt it’s going to ruin his career.

  14. Bowooo I’m on his side she is an adult and a very mature one 22 for gods sake so any one would expect that after drinking that could really lead to sex . Plus I bet she could have done it on purpose (just saying ) so stop clapping her a victim and why didn’t she report as fast ? Why wait !? That’s for a start there is something going on . And let’s face it PSH is having a really good answers and that’s a attitude of a confident innocent man , plus he doesnt really need to rape someone he is far more smart than that and far more able to get him self a good decent girlfriend !! So I’m not totally against the girl what ever her name is Maybe she Was toasted but that still doesn’t mean he took advantage from that , and I’m sure that law will Sho this !! Thanks mrs koala keeps us updated !!!

    • I don’t think you should make judgements on a allegation being false just because a victim didnt report it fast enough. I think some victims who are sexually assaulted may need time to process what happened or they may feel they were to blame. I am not saying the allegations in this case are true but I don’t think you should say someone made up an assault just because they reported it late.

    • She did report it right away. She immediately went to the police, and they’re the ones who referred to the “one-stop support center” for victims of sexual assault. Part of the care she received at the center is counseling (in addition to medial examination, evidence collection, and everything that needed to be done in the first 24 hours), and I suspect that’s why it’s been misunderstood as if there’s been any delay in filing the report. There hasn’t.

    • I have no intention of commenting anything on this issue but I can’t help but notice this remark. There are sides to every story that we don’t know about, so it’s best not to judge.

      BTW your username suits you…an AIRHEAD, that’s what you are.

      • @folie
        Wow, I was liking your initial comment until I read your name calling. I don’t know who Boba is but it must mean Airhead in your language. Living in a city which is known to be a melting pot of different nationalities and culture “Boba” could also mean the smoothie tea drink with tapioca sold by Asian stores from countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, China, Korea. I don’t agree with Boba’s comment but your comment could have made a better impact sans the insult. Convey your thoughts as passionate as they may be but resorting to insult just kills the delivery. Furthermore, don’t presume that if someone uses a word that it has the same meaning all over the world. You might want to widen your horizon or your mind if that is the case.

      • I dont understand why would this blog become a place for venting one’s frustration by giving names (maybe unintentional). I do agree with you that we share this blog due to our passion in watching kdramas, it is just entertainment and not to be too carried away. Let’s be polite and just share our views and correct the distortions, okay? I find my thinking slightly changed due to the different people sharing the same subject. It is good, it widens the horizon. Thank you.

  15. latest update: http://news.nate.com/view/20130220n22865?mid=e0102

    more news..this time not good for Park Si Hoo

    The police reported that from the CCTV of Park Si Hoo’s condo that they reviewed, Park Si Hoo’s junior friend was carrying the knocked out girl and PSH was walking in going into elevator to go to his condo.

    Park Si Hoo’s agency probably release the street cart CCTV news…but not sure if it’s that effective,cause it’s before they went to PSH’s house…but if what the police article say is true…then cctv from streetcart drinking place showed the girl walking, so that article released to say she was not drunk but…the new article that just came out right now according to the police the CCTV in Park Si Hoo’s condo captured them going into elevator and the girl was on one of the guy’s back being carried in..so this one is not good for Par Si Hoo.

    Park Si Hoo’s junior friend carried in the girl with PSH walking in with him. It makes everything worse cause that junior friend said she was perfectly fine and felt sorry toward PSH for getting caught up on this kinda scandal…but now police say that junior friend carried in the unconscientious girl with PSH onto elevator.

    • Wow, that is HORRIFYING. If the allegations prove to be true, I hope that PSH is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is one career-ender I’m completely fine with accepting. I feel sorry for people whose careers are ruined by drug problems. From my perspective, they can do whatever they want with their own bodies. But this is unconscionable.

      • I second that. Rape is a heinous crime and there are no excuses or preferential treatments for celebrities. A wrong is a wrong to be righted at all cost.

  16. We have to wait and see what the police investigations decides on the evidence.
    There can be many scenarios here, that she was so drunk and that he took advantage of that. They slept together, she starts regretting it and he might not have been interested in continuing to see her so she retaliates. They slept together, she regretted and started feeling bad. But I want to know what kind of therapy she participated in, if it was mutual how can then it turn into assault.
    But she is a adult and is old enough to make her own decisions.

  17. I was shocked when I read it last night. I became a PSH fan last year after finally watching Princess’ Man.. and I really like the guy’s acting. I don’t know what to say or how to judge the situation at this point. It can go so many different ways.

  18. I am withholding comments about it.However some comments on this blog are pretty one sided against or for him.And not in a logical way. It was more upsetting than the article itself.

  19. YAY at the majority of these comments not being victim blaming


    and side eying the people suggesting he wouldn’t have done this because he didn’t need to
    what kind of a messed up sick logic is that?

    Chris Brown was a good looking young, successful rich man who had a clean image before.

    i;m going to stay neutral here but my default position is NOT going to be to doubt the girl just because he’s park shi hoo

  20. Bad thing when you get into a big scandal, is that everything about your past will be digged out and brought into the open. This is the case with PSH too.

    I guess we can never really know the true person hiding behind a certain image.

    Now one dirty laundry comes out after the other. Now truth came out that Park Si Hoo also lied about his age. He is actually 38 years old and he has been using his younger brother’s age.

    • I have heard about a number of k-actors/idols lying about their age, weight and height so that’s nothing new. I don’t think you should use it against him when he did probably to get work because k-industry can be very ageist.

      • No matter who else did the similar thing for whatever reason, it just doesn’t make it right. After all these, can you still believe PSH is responsible, honest, and mature man? Where did you get those impression to start with, from the roles he played on screen or through his public image articulated by his agency? How did you really know him for you to keep your faith in him? I do enjoy his acting, that’s about it.

      • @lynn When did I say he was honest mature and responsible? I know he is human with flaws and if he did this I would want him to face punishment and be a better person. All I said is we don’t know exactly what happened between the two as we weren’t there so we should deserve judgment.

      • If you truly think those are indeed flaws, then don’t try to defend them. And don’t try to only put Miss A on trial, questioning her motives, and asking ” what if she is lying?” . Obvious bias is obvious.

      • @Lynne Do you know what ‘if’ means? You should find out and reread my post again. And you ARE the one showing bias here.

      • “It is far, far better thing to have a firm anchor in a nonsense than to put out on the troubled seas of thought.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

  21. One after another, all the details will be revealed. What kind of a person is he behind the celebrity persona? One night of uncontrollable lust…and this is where it led him.

  22. Earlier this month, A was out drinking with Park Shi Hoo and claims that she was so drunk she passed out and when she woke up she had been sexually assaulted by him. She didn’t report it immediately but went to counseling and after revealing the claims at the counseling session then went to the police station to file an official report.

    Just for clarification:

    (ref. http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130220103604022)

    She did report it right away. She immediately went to the police and they’re the ones who referred her to the so-called “one-stop support center” for victims of sexual assault. Part of the services available at the center is indeed counseling (in addition to medical support and legal advice), and I think that’s why it’s been misunderstood and translated it as such. But it’s also part of the Special Victims Squad, with trained female officers at the center and medical staff on call 24 hrs, and while the police haven’t shared specific details, if they did it by the book (referring her to the center is step 1), the staff would have examined her, collected any “evidence” on her body, and taken/videotaped her statement.

  23. I like PSH and this situation makes me sad. Did he rape her? If he did he should face the full bent of the law. If he didn’t rape her and it was actually consent, I hope it is cleared up and he can repair his image. I don’t know the girl and I don’t know what exactly happened but I just hope she isn’t using this (if she did consent to sex) get back at him for whatever reason.
    Like someone said, I think celebrities should go out with some kind of pre-sex agreement where both parties agree, sign and notarize while sober so we could avoid such situations.

  24. Really how it’s mattered: his real age? Will you not like him if he is more older or younger if you will be his fan?
    And how can you judge him or her without knowing practicly anything?
    You felt some bad mojo from him? That just suck it up and don’t spread that poison in internet.
    Really some of you act like kneitizens whom I despise so much!

    • His real age does not matter. The issue is how he handled it, tried to hide it. No matter how much I like him as an actor, I see PSH as a man rather shallow and superficial.

  25. i think the girl demanded some sort of second round and was denied by PHS. or she wanted some exclusivity. lucky girl, if that was me, ill be in heaven. but hell why not me. Were talking PHS here.

  26. OMG! I really hope this isn’t true! I’m hope that this case won’t drag on for years and gets resolved soon. I feel sad already for both parties. Consent or no consent, this tells us being drunk may or usually ends up to trouble.

  27. This is no issue to be biased about, everyone should drop their prejudices and wait for the truth to come out. We might be harming both sides by making unsubstantial accusations only based on our own feelings, either positive or negative, solely influenced by an actor’s screen and media presence.

  28. I saw this on allkpop a couple of days ago and I’m just putting my two cents in as we wait.

    I’m not a fan of Park Shi Hoo, the first drama I saw that he was in was Cheongdamdong Alice. I ended up really liking the drama (more so the first half than the second half). Since he’s 34 I would assume he was a mature guy. Since it happened earlier this month, it’s interesting that he has just come off a successful drama and parted ways with his former acting company.

    That said, sexual assault/rape is not cool. If true, I can sympathize with A since we’re the same age. No means no. I don’t understand how anyone could have sex with someone who’s passed out either. Also, the age difference would make me wince if I were in the same situation as PSH.

    All in all, this doesn’t look good for him even if he’s innocent.

  29. the thing is even if psh is able to prove his innocence, there will always be people who will believe what they want to believe. take the case of lee byung hun who was also accused of some sexual misconduct. even if the court ruled that he didn’t do anything wrong people still believe that he did something wrong to that girl and that he just used his money and influence to get out of the situation.

  30. Wow, jaw dropped. I’m disappointed in PSH for engaging in such risky and irresponsible behavior. He admitted to the one night stand so…I pictured him as more mature and responsible. As for the rape allegation, I will hold judgment but I’m so disappointed.

  31. I’m horrified by all of the victim-blaming comments out there (not just on this website). The fact that PSH is famous and hot has no bearing whatsoever on whether or not he raped this girl. I’m shocked and appalled by all these “poor PSH” comments! This, to me, is far more disturbing than the drug allegations that topple careers. But sadly, I doubt the public will take it as seriously.

    Obviously we weren’t there so we can’t know for sure, but sexual assault is such a difficult and embarrassing thing to admit, and particularly against someone so famous and beloved as PSH, that I can’t imagine anyone making up such allegations, given all of the potential backlash.

    This is just horrible, and I hope that the woman in question is able to heal from this trauma.

    • Just to clarify, I wasn’t referring to Koala’s article as “victim-blaming,” but rather some of the comments in this thread and on Tumblr/other blogs.

  32. I just going to said one thing. I don’t know the actor until the CA drama but i think regardless of who fault it is people needs to stop drinking and learn to take rigth desicions. Almost every KD that i had wacth there is a scene of people getting drunk and past out. I don’t know if this its a cultural thing, but i think people need to take responsabilities about what they do. I’m dominican and even thought we drink as regular bases my parents teach me not to drink till the point of pass out. I haven’t drink for the last 22 years since i got married, neither my husband and i’m proud of it. As a mother i’m teaching my kids that drink and smoke are not good for health and i think instead of trying to find who its responsable aboout this we need to take this as a situation on wich things can be prevent and send the right message not only to the youth but to everybody.

    • That´s a nice thought in theory but think about it – that means you are accusing every victim of sexual abuse of lying! If you believe such allegations untrue by default, that means you believe the victims to be lying.
      That´s a horrible way of thinking, isn´t it?

      • I don’t think it’s horrible. I mean, many people make allegations against famous people just to get more fame. I’m not saying A did so in this case, because we don’t know what happened, but it’s unfair that if it’s not true that his reputation is now tainted because of it. Even if it’s not true, people won’t look at him the same way.

      • Another thing, I understand that rape/sexual assault is really frowned upon in Korea in terms of coming out, but it can happen. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting proof. I’m in law school and even if a topic is serious/sensitive it doesn’t mean that we just accept it just because it’s a sensitive topic. Rape/sexual assault is unacceptable but people still use it to get fame. That said, I don’t agree with the people who are saying that they’d love to be in that situation with PSH or fangirling over him, but it’s unfair to him.

      • ” many people make allegations against famous people just to get more fame”

        Claiming they have been raped by the famous person? I really don´t believe that this is the case. With the way fan culture is right now in South Korea, every accuser must be aware that they even might be putting themselves in danger by daring to accuse a beloved celebrity.

        Yes, it is terrible if someone is accused wrongly! My point is, that this is not often the case – but it is still the very first thing people say when a claim such as this becomes public.
        He certainly cannot be found guilty without any proof of his guilt. But people are throwing around statements like “Innocent until proven guilty” as if this was that easy and as if millions of rapists aren´t being acquitted even though they are guilty.

      • I dont think there is anything wrong with the statement of innocent until proven guilty. It is a general statement and you take it and anylyze it based on your preception

        But in my experince and my husband who is a doctor who involved in many cases of alledgedly rape cases but when tne truth it is not admitted by the female but most of it only the man is thrown to the jail, received the punishment of rape when actually it is mutual.

        Justice mean for both side what we called/assumed victim and the allegedly who been accused.

  33. Wow!! I think most of you are women and yet stand divided. One of your own said she was raped, that is enough for me. Drunk means NO and any decent man should know that even the married ones. I don’t stand in judgement of PSH but I stand behind the lady no matter what happened. SHE WAS DRUNK.

      • By demanding proof of the rape, people are making it clear that their default thought at hearing such accusations is “Women lie about rape all the time.”, which is mysoginistic propaganda and untrue. Rape can hardly ever be proven if no evidence of force can be found on the victim´s body, which is also why most rapists are not convicted. You might want to look at the statistics.

        Yes, she could be lying. But it seems very unlikely, especially as society is a cruel and unfair to the victims of rape as has been shown again and again. She will be seen – and already is seen as – a liarm dirty, ruined.
        Waiting for a 100% proof that most likely doesn´t exist, doesn´t make you neutral. It shows, that unless there is a foolproof evidence of the man´s guilt, society would rather believe in the wickedness and depravity of women.

      • @Shiku : THIS, thank you…I prefer not to comment. I saw many people jumping into conclusions without having the slightest idea of what may have happened that night. Just annoying.

      • By demanding proof of the rape, people are making it clear that their default thought at hearing such accusations is “Women lie about rape all the time.”, which is mysoginistic propaganda and untrue. Rape can hardly ever be proven if no evidence of force can be found on the victim´s body, which is also why most rapists are not convicted. You might want to look at the statistics.

        Yes, she could be lying. But it seems very unlikely, especially as society is a cruel and unfair to the victims of rape as has been shown again and again. She will be seen – and already is seen as – a liarm dirty, ruined.
        Waiting for a 100% proof that most likely doesn´t exist, doesn´t make you neutral. It shows, that unless there is a foolproof evidence of the man´s guilt, society would rather believe in the wickedness and depravity of women.

      • I wonder why you don’t ask “what if HE is lying”. To answer your question, I just won’t stand behind anyone who is lying.

        Forget he was PSH. Just a 37-year-old man who drank with a 22-year-old girl whom he barely knew, took the girl who was under influence of alcohol to his friend’s house nearby, and had sex with her. The girl filed an allegation for rape the next day against the guy. And you intend to stand behind this man and believe the girl is responsible?

    • I agree with you. Just by being drunk, it meants NO! You don’t need to hear the NO coming out from somebody’s mouth to know that it’s wrong. Having sex with a drunk person is might as well be rape. She’s not on her right mind, intoxicated, how can it be consent? Any decent man would just bring her home to rest and end the night. Such a poor judgment by PSH, even if there’s no forcing, doesn’t mean that it’s right.

  34. I really don´t want to get too deep into this mess of a “discussion”, but let me just make one thing clear:


    Having “sex” with an unconscious person is rape, and the man taking advantage of a drunk woman is a rapist – no matter what he looks like,what the victim was wearing that night or whatever other “arguments” the victim-blaming fangirls can come up with.

    • Unless you were present in the room with them, and saw her present condition and know her alcohol tolerance you can’t really say with certainty that he raped her or she never gave consent.

      • You are right, I don´t know. You might have noticed though, that I never claimed otherwise – I was talking in general terms as people were actually arguing that she might have given her consent before passing out and were blaming her for having drunk too much.
        My point was that if she indeed drank so much that she lost consciousness or was “out of it” in a different way, any sexual act that might have happened, would have been rape, as a drunk person cannot give their consent.
        I couldn´t believe that people would see sexual acts with an unconscious person as anything else than rape!

      • Even people in the same room quite often have different interpretation of the situation, in this case between a man and a girl, with 15 years age gap. Does a NO really being taken as a no, how a look being received, certain tone of voice, etc. etc. People can’t even communicate fully when they are sober, who knows what could come out when under influence? Rape or not, a one-night-stand blowing up to an ugly scandal reflects on PSH’s extremely poor judgment. Very disappointing.

    • @Julia, I have to disagree with your statement that “By demanding proof of the rape, people are making it clear that their default thought at hearing such accusations is “Women lie about rape all the time.”, which is mysoginistic propaganda and untrue.”

      Nonsense. Simply because I refuse to take either his or her words at face value doesn’t make me what you said. I take very few at face value, so why would this be different? To me, it would be a matter of sorting out what is known and what isn’t and deciding I have enough information to make a logical guess at what happened or I don’t have enough information either way.

      Yes, rape can be hard to prove. But do you honestly think we should just accept rape allegations without proof?!

      Further, I’m wondering at your statement “A DRUNK PERSON CANNOT GIVE CONSENT!!” Then you said having sex with unconscious person is rape. But being drunk and being unconscious aren’t the same thing.

      And I think people may be taking his side (and they’re probably mostly women) because they’re his fans, simple as that and don’t want to believe it. While I liked PSH in Cheongdam-dong Alice, it was the first drama I saw of his, so I think I can be fairly objective about this.

      • I´m not saying you should accept anything at face value and I´m sorry if I am failing at making myself clear. I´m just sick of allegations of rape not being taken seriously and people´s refusal of the existence of rape culture. I think there is a fine line of “not taking her words at face value” and accusing her of lying which is what a lot of rape victims have to go through. This is something that must stop! The statistics prove (as far as these things can be proven) that the rapists that are acquitted of the crime they committed BY FAR outweigh the number of men that have been unjustly accused.

        It´s nice if this people are his fans. Being handsome, a good actor or coming across as a nice guy are no arguments against him possibly committing a crime though. Also, people tend to take the side of the man over the possible victim, no matter who he is. It is hardly the first time or even the thousandth time this is happening.
        I´m not saying that he is guilty, all I am saying is that I find it disgusting that people treat her as a liar, a slut or whatever.

      • Oh, also: No, being drunk and being unconscious are not the same, but both states negate the idea of the person giving consent. (I´m not talking about being tipsy here..)

  35. Did I miss something? I posted earlier that he was 34 and that was weird to be attracted to a 22 but he’s 37? What. When did we find this out? Oh gosh…I mean 34/37 not a big deal to me, but I guess this is the industry and it’s fickle.

  36. I don’t know the actor and have not seen anything he’s been in but I may give his recent movie a try….

    She says it was rape, he states consensual sex.

    Lesson learned: don’t sleep with drunks. I hate to thinkd this, but they probably should put a suicide watch on both….My oh my!

  37. I think it is hard for a victim to come forward in a case of sexual assault. If she is unconscious as she claims than this is sexual assault. But we must commend her in coming forward to seek justice for what occurred. It is not an easy thing to do especially if there is a top star as the other party. I hope the truth does prevail and the people are punished if it is true.

    • Yeah1 I do agree with you. Yesterday it was a knockout for me but today after reading so much, let the truth be out and justice must prevail. Let’s wait for 24th to make further judgements.

  38. Very sensitive subject. Working in the criminal justice field, specifically in victim advocacy, I’ve seen a lot. Good luck to the victim in trying to prove her case. Not sure about Korea, but even here in the US, there are so many elements that has to be found “true” to even charge the alleged rapist. And it gets more complicated when both parties have been drinking.

  39. So disappointed. He should have known better. Yes, she could be lying. But who would want to be subjected to Rape shame? The victim of rape is forever tarnished, seen dirty and prosecuted especially if the accused is someone as popular as Park Si Hoo. I adore PSH, but after this, guilty or not guilty, it wavered so so badly.

  40. Wow…now there’s news about footage of A being carried by a hoobae? This is getting all kinds of tangled but I hope the accurate truth comes out. PSH won’t be questioned till the 24th so we’ll have wait to see what he’ll say…sad for both parties: the girl for being subjected to this and PSH for putting himself in a position to be accused.

    • PSH already said they had sex( he released a press conference ), so this video is proof the girl wasn’t in a condition of giving any consent like he said… and since he said they had sex, this means that she was really raped 🙁

  41. 1. I dont know why but the story of the bar owner seems so fishy to me. He is too eager to cooperate to the police…more like he was paid off.

    2. Park Si Hoo and his friend lied when they said that the girl was fine enough to walk. In the CCTV that police investigated from PSH’s condo proved that the victim wasn’t fine. She was carried by Park Si Hoo’s friend into his condo….if they were innocent, why did they lie about the victim supposedly being ok?

    3. The Condo CCTV is more accurate and the bar CCTV where the girl was seen walking fine is pointless, because after getting out of the bar, they could have dropped somewhere else and drank some more. Park Si Hoo’s condo CCTV clearly indicates that the girl was passed out being carried by PSH’s friend into the elvator and into his condo.

    Here are some more updates on the Park Shi Hoo sexual assault case.


    We previously reported that the owner of the bar, in which Park Shi Hoo and his accuser drank, looked at the surveillance footage of that night. The bar owner stated that both Park Shi Hoo and the accuser A didn’t seem that drunk and that A was even able to go down a flight of stairs without any help.

    However, new reports state that the police investigated the surveillance footage of Park Shi Hoo’s home and discovered that A was carried inside by another celebrity, K.

    On February 14, Park Shi Hoo, A and rookie actor K drank together. On February 20, the police discovered that K drove Park Shi Hoo and A home in his own car. The CCTV footage also revealed that K carried A on his back while Park Shi Hoo walked on his own inside.

    Park Shi Hoo is to officially go in for questioning for the investigation of this case on February 24 at 10 AM.

    Police sources say, “We tried to set up an appointment to have Park Shi Hoo come in but he did not respond so we sent him a notice to request for his attendance,” and “If one fails to attend on 3 counts, a warrant can be issued for arrest but since Park Shi Hoo is pleading not guilty, we think he will be coming in.”

    • I guess PSH didn’t even realize that having sex with the girl who was under heavy influence of alcohol therefore not capable of giving consent could be considered non- consentual sex, or rape. Most people in Asia ( or maybe anywhere else) have the impression that rape can only be committed by violent force. PSH is not a very thoughtful man, or he wouldn’t even try this kind of risky one-night-stand and let it blowing up to such a scandal. If he still were with an agency, they would never let star actors hanging out alone. But he just recently got out of his contract with the agency he had been for years and started fresh on his own. His brother, who should act as his manager, didn’t do the job. If this piece of news is true, if the CCTV indeed shows that the girl passed out before entering his home and was carried into his place, PSH is nailed. This would be a hard evidence, very difficult to dispute.

  42. I was doubting and waiting, but NOT ANYMORE. This trash did rape the girl, and worse yet, maybe his ”friend” also raped her.

    They lied about her being okay and giving consent, PLUS there is not way to lie there was no sex, since PSH HIMSELF told everyone that yes they had sex. The girl was carried on the back of his friend/junior and they took her inside PSH’s house, and the friend just left on the morning. The girl cleary was drunk/unconscious (maybe drugged IDK) and could not give consent in that state, so yeah, PSH raped her and maybe his friend also raped the girl since he was there the entire night too and is helping PSH to lie about it. I even think that they planned it … it is so fishy!

    I don’t care about PSH anymore, and hope he stays on jail for a lot of time. t actors outside of the screen but I’m so upset he ruined one of my favorite dramas The princess man, now I can’t watch it anymore … and I’m even disgusted that I shipped him and Moon Chae Won UGH.

    And what cannot be forgiven is that he raped someone, and maybe his friend also did it.

    • This is so, so devastating for that poor girl. I hope PSH’s friend is prosecuted as well for lying and at the very least, being an accomplice.

      This girl is incredibly brave for risking fan backlash to help save other innocent girls from being taken advantage of.

  43. yes Park Si Hoo and his friend are liars. They said the victim was ok…but turns out they tool turns carrying the intoxicated victim to his home. This was according to police CCTV taken from PSH’s parking lot.

  44. as a fan of PSH this is a hell lot of a shock! I should not jump into any conclusion but this is a first for him to admit that he slept with her. Though he said it’s a mutual consent, i couldn’t help myself doubt him since she said she passed out that night. However, it is also possible that ‘A’ is using PSH to advance her career.One thing is for sure, this scandal will not leave both of them unscathed. 🙁


    * Friend K introducing A and Shi Hoo for drinks
    (with obvious age gap)

    * Veteran Actor drinking with 22yr old Trainee without management of either present

    * Friend K driving (friend?) A to Shi Hoo’s house and leaving her there on presumably the 1st night that they had ever met
    (does Not One of the 3 know their manager’s phone number? Wouldn’t that be speed-dial #1 ?)

    I presume NONE of these three people are stupid…but clearly are capable of EXTREMELY POOR JUDGEMENT.

    Friend K is culpable from the start, what was he thinking?

    Friend A’s presumed naïvety-of-events and innocence should ALSO be applied to Shi Hoo until the Law determines otherwise. *Both persons* are of legal age and work in an industry HIGHLY known for it’s sexual conduct. There are many layers to an accusation this weighty.

    Both of their careers, established or potential, now lay in ruins…and most likely will not recover…because celebrities caught gambling, or dodging military or smoking weed get a second chance — sexual crimes NEVER get forgotten.

    If he DID it…then may he suffer. If he DIDN’T, he’s going to suffer in the same measure anyway. The Whole Thing is Tragic.

    • I’m baffled as to why you immediately presume his guilt? Because he’s a Man? Because he’s older?

      I’ve got a bit (a LOT) of life experience –and have found that Men are, rather often, not very CLUED about how to read women. Toss in alcohol, for BOTH of them and you get all kinds of crazy.

      Sexual assualt is CLEARLY inexcusable, under any cirsumstances — but it is equally wrong to presume that innocence only belongs to Women.

      It is NOT…I repeat NOT, slut-shaming to question WHY the trainee went drinking with two guys without at least another female companion, much less …um…a manager.

      There are a whole lot of unanswered questions.
      To say “He’s not gonna escape this”… is actually quite true, but presuming instant guilt…lacks seeking the full truth.

      • The agency normally won’t send a manager to keep the company for a trainee but will for sure send the manager for star actor like PSH. Only PSH just got out of the contract with the agency he had been with for years and his manager is his brother who was absent from this duty.

        If it is true that the CCTV shows the girl passed out and got carried into his place while he walked in on his own feet, it does look like he is the guilty one. The girl may not even want to enter into his house. Not only because he is a man and he is older, but he is in a controlling position from all aspects.

      • Your explanation makes sense that PSH has got poor judgement after his contract ceases with his agency. Anyway, my previous comment about my daughter, well,Lynne, just calm down, I am a responsible parent and teaches my girl to be careful and be sensible. Our culture do not encourage drinking with strangers or mere aquaintance especially when one is young as 22years old.I mentioned my daughter because I felt that if she is innocent, as parents, we are more traumatised. Why is Miss K going through this without her parents by her side? Let’s wait for 24th , if she is innocent, PSH must pay for his folly. Anyway, either way, PSH’s glory is doomed forever. As for this poor girl, this is a lesson to learn in life!

      • zhaoyean, I only have a son, but I am a woman myself. I still think there is nothing wrong for the girl going out meeting with PSH. Like most of us believing that we know the guy as a perfect gentleman, she might feel very comfortable with him (he could be an uncle to her by age), even feel flattered. Too bad she had to learn such a lesson firsthand.

        On 24th, we may get a new version of “he said”. but I expect much more the same and opposite against what “she said”. To me, it really doesn’t matter if anything changed or not as I am not a fan of any actor/actress. I like PSH’s acting in recent years but I don’t mind to see new faces as long as they have the same or better acting talent, and I don’t worry about it as Korea is a huge star making machine. It is interesting that I watched two episodes of “Family Honor” today (for 5th times, call me crazy), I still enjoyed it. I was not watching PSH, I was watching Lee Kang Suk.

      • Lynne, fine, fine, I watched Family Honor one time more than you. He!HE!. You are right, it is nothing personal on the actors or actress, we enjoy the character that they portray. I enjoyed every drama of PSH. Well, let’s see.

      • zhaoyean, I am in the mood to talk. Let me share some of my impression about PSH as a man.

        I always thought he was an humble, caring gentleman, shy from the public eye. But this impression got changed a couple of months ago. Did you follow his recent interaction with the media? Half way through the shooting of Alice in Cheongdamdong, he talked to the media saying although some people may not like the show but everyone praised him for his acting skills, then continued bragging about how funny he played his role. I am not saying what he said was not true, but it was not for him to say, and the timing was horrible. Then, the jewelry he wore in the show, how expensive they are, and all from his brother’s business. Then, how big a land proprietor his family is. etc. etc. I remember there was a report about his glorious career with the title of “I am on fire” said PSH. This could be seen as arrogant by Korean standard. There were also reports about he requesting an IMAC instead of the xmas gifts his Chinese fans prepared for him. I understand he needs to undertake PR initiatives for the new venture that he and his brother planned to run independently of the agency he had been with. But, I found those PR efforts were unsophisticated, not well organized, quite superficial or naive, reflecting on his poor judgment. PSH was no longer careful, somewhat lost his mind, and his ego somehow exploded.

        I watched a three-episodes TV interview about him and his life a while ago. All came out was that he is a cat lover, he is diligent in his physical training, he works hard, and he is close to his family. It was totally lack of intellectual or artistic interests. It did not show any depth, His public image is the entire asset he has as an actor, toning the skin and muscle won’t cut it. I always prefer a wise man over a good-looking dude. Therefore, I am not fond of him at all off the screen.

        In fact, I just don’t understand how to become a fan of an actor/actress. It is like having full faith in a politician. Face it, how do you really know a person all you can see is in acting? I don’t think you can know him through the characters he played, or his public image articulated by him and his agency. Without knowing whom he/she really is, I don’t have much feeling towards them. Therefore, I don’t feel heartbreaking when I found this incident, only a bit annoyed.

  46. this one’s a real shocker. I really see Park Shi Hoo before as a very humble, gentleman. I loved him in his dramas esp Prosecutor Princess. Though there are no verdicts on this case yet, I’ll have to say I would not tolerate this. Gosh, rape is a serious crime! And a very dirty one at that.A mere accusation of this complaint is an image/personality wrecker.

  47. I can’t help myself reading the comments here and so many wasn’t happy with mine…well I don’t have the chance to meet celebrities because I am only here to be entertained..I don’t or want to meet this circle of people ..I do have daughter and sons I wouldn’t want them to be famous in this type of job even at times they do earn good pay.I am not saying anyone have to jump to PSH’s bed but if he ever do ask ,don’t you think its your decision to do whatever you want..Do you think he would ask anyone too?hahaha, we are in reality writing what we think ,sometimes it may be logical but to be here in the 1st place shows how our life must be lacking somewhere and we still searching some sort of satisfaction with things we are passion about…I am not a PSH’s fan ..I love actresses I watched a drama because I love the actress…the man comes secondary to me.but thank to you Ockoala I love what I read in your blog…everyone is passionate about this topic..for me is a place to run from my life in reality…Thanks.

  48. Hmmm….. The whole issue can be a drama concept, haven’t watch anything like this before….
    (obviously “Drunken to Love You” TW drama, or “Wonderful Life” KR drama are excepted from the equation) 🙂

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