The Best Lee Soon Shin Drops Thumbs Up Character Stills

I have one thing to ask of the upcoming weekend family drama The Best Lee Soon Shin – please be bright and cheery. With the upcoming sageuk glut not to mention love love melodramas such as That Winter, The Wind Blows and When a Man Loves, I could use a breezy alternative on weekends that isn’t too much of a commitment but addicting enough to follow week-to-week. I know family dramas typically start off interesting enough and then go down the makjang drain, or hit hard on the makjang factor from the get to. I don’t mind makjang if it is accompanied by a less ham-handed way of presenting it. I actually thought Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance straddled the line quite well and make what was otherwise a pretty standard storyline something that was inexplicably appealing. I’m looking for the same vibe from TBLSS, and definitely steer away from the boring that was its predecessor My Daughter Seo Young. Airing on KBS and on this earlier time slot, this drama would have to majorly suck to not get decent ratings. With first time leads IU and Jo Jung Seok leading a young cast along with Go Joo Won, Yoo In Na, Son Tae Young, and Lee Ji Hoon, there are plenty of veterans to lure in the ahjummas as well. With Lee Mi Sook playing a former top actress and Kim Gab Soo playing Jo Jung Seok’s dad, these two reuniting in a drama is already enough to get me onboard. The first character posters and stills have been released and I’m loving all of them! SO CUTE! It’s nothing groundbreaking but does present a very appealing cast showcasing a very cheerful vibe. I know some folks have expressed worry with the 13-year age difference between 32 year old Jo Jung Seok and 19 year old IU, but for some reason I think they would really have chemistry and click well. Both are phenomenal singers in real life, in addition to acting, and have such sunny dispositions and twinkly smiles. Perhaps I’m putting too much faith into my expectations but so far these stills only add to my belief that this is going to be a fun cast to watch. My only quibble is that I love Jo Jung Seok’s hairstyle in these poster and character stills, but in the pictures below when he is on set he sports a different asymmetrical bowl-ish style haircut that is hideous. Oh well, since its a long weekend drama here’s to hoping for some haircut changes later on. Otherwise everyone is looking suitably smashing!


The Best Lee Soon Shin Drops Thumbs Up Character Stills — 19 Comments

  1. Cant wait!!! But can i know why you found My Daughter Seoyoung boring? It was one of the best family dramas for me in recent years. Cried so much…”)

    • Yes, I want to know too why do you think that My Daughter Seo Young is boring? Have you watched Seo Young? Don’t badmouth something if you don’t watch it.

      “Airing on SBS and on this earlier time slot, this drama would have to majorly suck to not get decent ratings”

      And what do you mean with the above sentence? I confuse. Do you think that TBLSS will be aired on SBS? It’s KBS and it’s following My Daughter Seo Young, which hits 46% rating. This time slot has been giving KBS high rating since Ojakkyo Brothers and You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly.

    • When it’s their bias that is acting even if they suck horribly they would still say they did an amazing job.
      But IU has a cute bubbly personality that makes people like her so that might be why. Honestly I’m worried about her acting too LOOL I sorta wish Yoo In Na was the lead but all well.

      • I think IU acts fine, but like you said, i kind of want Yoo In Ah to be the leading lady. I think IU and jo jung seok are a great pair, but i cannot see them as lovers…more like an awesome uncle and niece relationship hahah

  2. They’re both adults so the age gap is nothing!!! Its not as bad as Park Shin Hye and Joo Sang Wook in Kimcheed Radish Cubes, where she was only 17 and he was 12 years her senior.

  3. oh no, what happened to his perfect hair in the pix before??

    My only problem with family dramas is boring story lines used as fillers to drag time. I don’t mind 3 sisters but there will be uncle’s boring love story and neighbor issues, etc…

  4. I think they look sort of awkward together, but I’ll still watch it. Jo Jung Seok doesn’t look old by any means, but he still looks like her cute young uncle more than a love interest. Maybe when he gets more in character it’ll be different. Anyway, excited anyway. 🙂

  5. Okay now he looks old enough to be a CEO and she looks young enough ti be a trainee.

    And also isn’t this the story of YG Entertainment?You know when the CEO admitted to liking one of his trainee? And may have not promoted their group as much.

  6. if the story turns out to be a hit, it’d be a great chance for iu.
    and that title pic made me mix up dream high with what’s up…

  7. 13 year age difference? It wouldn’t be such a problem if the girl is over 20 and the guy is in his thirties. It feels like cradle robbing. My niece is the same age and I would be really upset.

    What’s with that? They couldn’t find a suitable actress in her twenties?

    • IF it helps she is 20 yrs old going to 21 according to korean age. Her character is 25 and his is 30. And this is a story about a girl dreaming to become singer. Also, if they have chemistry and make it work in the drama then i dont see the problem. It’s acting and there are plenty of young actresses got paired with older actors.

  8. Err.. he looks a bit too old for her, in my opinion. I’m going to have to side with the ‘haters’ on this one – I don’t think IU has what it takes to command the attention in a daily drama, with such an ensemble cast.

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