New Developments in the Park Shi Hoo Rape Allegation Investigation

There are new developments in the Park Shi Hoo rape allegations that add significantly more facts to the case. For those of you living under a rock the last few days, the biggest news in K-ent has been the allegations made by a 22 year old trainee known as “A” that she went drinking with Park Shi Hoo and was raped after she passed out from drinking too much. Park Shi Hoo released a statement denying the accusations, admitting only that he drank with A and the subsequent sexual encounter was a mutually consensual affair. The Seoul police have summoned Park Shi Hoo in for questioning and he’s retained a lawyer. Immediately after the news broke, the owner of the bar that Park Shi Hoo, A, and a rookie actor known as “K” were drinking at says he checked CCTV footage from his establishment which showed A was able to walk out of the bar unaided that night. When asked about what A was wearing, he said she was dressed in skinny jeans and very chic like most hip young girls her age. He described her as very pretty and slender. Please don’t ask me why the media even cares what she was wearing that night or what she looked like, because that insinuation that her attire or looks somehow has any connection with a possible rape enrages me and imma flip some tables. Now police sources have revealed that the sexual encounter happened at Park Shi Hoo’s apartment and CCTV footage from his building shows that rookie actor K drove A and Park Shi Hoo home. He parked in the garage and was seen piggybacking an unconscious A into the elevator while Park Shi Hoo walked beside him. Oh lord, this is some stunning fact to digest and much more pertinent to the investigation than the bar owner claiming A was not unconscious when she walked out of the bar.

The facts so far are: (1) Park Shi Hoo and A drank that night at a bar, along with K, (2) Park Shi Hoo and A slept together afterwards, (3) A was not unconscious at the bar and walked out by herself unaided, and (4) A was unconscious entering Park Shi Hoo’s apartment building when she was piggybacked into the elevator by K. Everything else is speculation, people. Park Shi Hoo fans need to stop victim blaming and questioning A’s motives at the get go. Just because Park Shi Hoo is a good actor or good looking does not mean he can sleep with anyone he wants or every woman out there would agree to sleep with him. Rape is still a stigma for women everywhere and to even suggest that someone who was training to enter the entertainment world would allege rape to get famous is far-fetched. Not outside the realm of possibility, but definitely at the outskirts of probability. Not sure how a rape victim could get famous other than be infamous as the person who may have been raped by Park Shi Hoo. And rape victim advocates need to calm the heck down, just because there is a reluctance to rush to castigate Park Shi Hoo when there are not yet enough facts out there isn’t buying in the male dominated rape apologist culture. However, I will say that if indeed A was unconscious when she entered Park Shi Hoo’s apartment, there is a low probability that she sobered up enough inside to legally consent to sex.

Here is a good definition of “legal consent” in the sexual activity realm. Sexual activity requires consent, which is defined as clear, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement between the participants to engage in specific sexual activity. Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no”; a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary. Consent cannot be obtained from someone who is asleep or otherwise mentally or physically incapacitated, whether due to alcohol, drugs, or some other condition. Agreement given under such conditions does not constitute consent. Consent must be clear and unambiguous for each participant throughout any sexual encounter. Consent to some sexual acts does not imply consent to others, nor does past consent to a given act imply ongoing or future consent. Consent can be revoked at any time. This means that even if A wanted the sexual encounter before she passed out, once she passed out then engaging in the sexual encounter does in fact constitute rape because she was incapable of changing her mind and revoking her consent. I’m being super specific because as a lawyer I hate when people don’t understand that a person (man or woman) is allowed to change their minds to sex whether before or during the encounter. I don’t think Park Shi Hoo’s career is over in K-ent but I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a long hiatus from acting. This is of course ancillary to the even more serious consequences should he be indicted and convicted of rape, i.e. jail time. However, call me jaded, but my gut tells me this thing is going away whether it is true or false. Money and power always talks in the end.


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  1. “Consent cannot be inferred from the absence of a “no”; a clear “yes,” verbal or otherwise, is necessary.”

    I’m a lawyer myself and I’m not so sure the answer is so straightforward as you make it out to be. I would venture that 99% of the time, consent is not derived from a verbal “yes, I consent to sex”. You, of course, have the caveat that the “yes” need not be verbal by the use of “otherwise”. I assume you mean body language which is the predominant way consent is given and signaled. But the very nature of body language is that it is very subjective. What is a clear “yes” to one may not be to another.

    Thus, that A did not say “yes” tells us nothing really. What is more crucial is what did A do (which is difficult to establish given that its PSH’s word against hers) and how that behaviour should be interpreted.

    • I agree. Body language could also be some kind of consent; it doesn’t always have to be verbal. Who made the first move? Who touched who in a way that the person might have found a misunderstanding in? There are many questions, but no one knows exactly what happened after the arrival to the apartment.

      A person might have said something that was particulary meant in a different way then what the other person believes to be. The same goes for the body language as well. On the other hand, it could have been the very opposite.

    • @ Paul

      That was the implication of the caveat – other forms of communication for consent. Body language, physical response, written agreement, sign language, you name it, all could indicate consent. I didn’t want to have to list it one by one. But consent in whatever form of communication must be clear and cannot be inferred from a person not saying no. You agree?

      • As a matter of law, you are correct: “consent must be clear”. But my point is that the law is not entirely helpful in that regard. That legal standard merely shifts the fight to what constitutes “clear”. In the right circumstances, it might even be accurate to say that not saying no is a clear yes. Such circumstances would be, admittedly, rare but not improbable.

      • Not saying no when one is sober could be interpreted as yes. But when the person passed out, unable to communicate one way or another, not saying no can still be yes?

    • Let’s be realistic, consent has always been the crucial element in every sexual assault case but due to the nature of sexual assault – his word against hers, consent has always been a murky area. Essentially that is the rate of conviction for sexual assaults are so low. A lot of the times, the perpetrator only needs to prove that he ‘believed’ that she was consenting, and then the legal team goes off with their tactics to paint that picture – which often causes added pressure and humiliation for the victim.

  2. Koala, thank you so very much for laying the facts black and white and for voicing your opinions from a legal (and very legitimate at that) point of view. I’ve just been keeping up but refraining from taking a stance on either sides. I do believe that regardless what the outcome is, my personal views of him has been affected – not necessarily negatively, but definitely something’s shifted that rewatching TPM might now come with an uncomfortable underlying feeling.

  3. You made some good points within this post. Nothing is impossible in this world and anything can happen. No one knows exactly what could have happened after the ride to the apartment. It could be true that he did so, but then again it could be a lie and true that “A” planned on lying about getting raped in the first place to probably boost her popularity.

    For one, why do idiotic things in the first place. There are individuals who would do anything to become famous and there are famous people who would do something foolish that damages their reputation.

    Sometimes when a person drinks more than they could handle, they could possibly partake in the action, but then don’t remember what happened that night and think of the opposite. It is weird to say the least that “A” walked out conscious, but then to be unconscious when arriving at the apartment. There is always a missing piece to a puzzle.

    No one in this world is perfect and there are some cruel people in this world. Whether they are famous or not.

    • Raise her popularity? I don’t see how she can raise her popularity by being a rape victim if she is trained to be a celebrity.

      If she win the case, her name is forever tarnished as rape victim of PSH.
      If she lose, it is even worse. Even before yesterday article of CCTV footage was revealed, people already jumped in and pointing fingers at her by calling her kkot-baem (kkot-baem = flower snake. used to describe a girl that allures men with her looks only to bite them in the ass with a rape/sexual harassment charge).

      Either way, she is definitely won’t be popular for a good thing out of this.

  4. I will admit that I am a fan but I don’t know his personality outside his dramas (not that their image is always a true representation of their actual personality).

    I’ll only say that it is not looking good for him. And, seriously, the whole revealing outfit=you deserve it mentality is sick! I understand though that everyone should be as responsible as possible, especially at drinking gatherings with strangers.

    • I agree. I am a fan also due to hia acting, but it is hard to decipher a person when you do not know their peesonality. Many people could put up a image about themselves, but could possibly be the opposite of that image. Who knows?

      People have to look at both sides of the matter, and rape is a serious crime also.

    • I just don’t understand how to become a fan of any actor/actress. It is like having full faith in a politician. Face it, how do you really know a person all you can see is in acting? I don’t think you can know him through the characters he portrayed, or his public image articulated by him and his agency. Without knowing whom he/she really is off screen, I don’t have much feeling towards them. Therefore, I don’t feel heartbreaking when I found this incident, only a bit annoyed.

      • I don’t think being a ‘fan’ means having full faith in someone or necessarily liking them as person (or pretending to know them as person in real life, outside their profession).

        You can be a fan and like someone’s work (due to their quality acting, or looks, or whatever – people will have different reasons), meaning you will watch whatever drama/film etc. they are in because you are fairly certain you’ll enjoy it.

        That said, I would never call myself anyone’s fan because the term has become too associated with crazy behaviour. I merely follow certain people’s works.

      • yes, I am a fan of good shows even the characters in the shows but not really the actors/actresses who portray the characters.

  5. Thanks a lot for the info, particularly this one:

    “I’m being super specific because as a lawyer I hate when people don’t understand that a person (man or woman) is allowed to change their minds to sex whether before or during the encounter.”

    Also the last paragraph about consent. I always side-stepped this kind of issue, but I think it’s important for me to educate myself.

    Btw, I didn’t realise you were a lawyer. Now some of your very detailed posts made sense.

    I hope truth wil prevail, somehow. I don’t know the likelihood of both CCTV recordings tampered (low, probably), but if they are not tampered with, those recordings can be very bad for these K actors.

  6. I’m thinking PSH slipped on that new evidence found — the girl was clearly not conscious if she had to be carried.
    If he felt like he had to brush over something as important as that.. Clearly something’s fishy.
    Honestly, i really like PSH but if he truly did rape her(not accusing) then i don’t think he should have it any easier than your avg. joe. But reality is, as koala says, “money and power always talks in the end”.

  7. Thank you Mrs. Koala for stating the facts so clearly. I am with you on the question of what was she wearing… I almost threw my laptop when I read questions of that sort being asked not only by the press but by netizens, many of them woman saying that their oppa ( fill in the the blank) and that A was probably looking for it. it made me so angry…God I’m still angry.

    Also I have a question, do you happen to know the legal definition for rape on the Korean Judicial system? I know that it varies from country to country and that while consent is a common factor there are always nuances from definition o definition that can be a major factor on the final decisions of rape cases.

  8. Funny how the news never reports what the man was wearing.

    “The accused was wearing low-rise, dark-wash denim jeans, paired with a deep-V neck, semi-sheer Tshirt. Jacket was said to be black leather with buckles.”

    I share in your table-flipping at such f*ckery.

    Put me on that jury — I want to see the CCTV tapes — because this whole thing is convoluted.

    In the Kdrama world…even dating…like regular going-to-get-coffee-together is a SCANDAL !!! so how something THIS extreme occurred between people working in the industry — who presumably would KNOW there was CCTV…Why the HELL did the friend carry the woman into Shi-Hoo’s apt.?

    That guy needs to tell the unvarnished truth…whatever it is.

  9. Meh, I’m not even going to take side. Sooner rather than later, the truth will come out. Just have to wait until the investigation is done, we’ll know.

  10. we all know stars usually easily get way and also there are lot of examples of powerful star and agencies in the past and present have buried all accusation under the carpet becoz of their powerful status and connections…… .i am not accusing park shi hoo and but saying that she will loose more than park shi hoo if she was lying and with the recent evidence pendulum has been swinged in favour of victim………knowing she went for counselling advice before reporting she must have been sure about it….going against a established actor is very brave of her and not easy if she hadn’t substantial evidence…. now with this revealation many netizens had to eat their own words but now are with her in majority….it disgusts me how two faced people can be. Imagine if this wasn’t Park Shi Hoo but someone else. Would people have been so quick to point fingers, calling the victim a kkot-baem( ‘kkot-baem’ (flower snake) is a derogatory term to describe women who will basically sleep with men only to turn around and con them out of money, etc?) Nobody even stopped to think before judging her, labeling her a kkot-baem right off the bat. Would she have used the help of a sexual assault center if she had any other intentions? She would’ve contacted Park Shi Hoo separately to seek a settlement.

    The problem with this is that when articles about scandals like this erupt, the first thing people do is scroll to read the comments to see what the reactions are. When people are so quick to label someone a kkot-baem without any evidence, this is the kind of thing that scares actual victims from reporting sexual assaults. They’d rather hide than be treated like that.To say that this is her fault because it doesn’t look like Park Shi Hoo would ever do something like that or that he’s too handsome is painfully ignorant and only serves to perpetuate that idea that “it’s always the girl’s fault” or that “she asked for it.” was very wrong of the netizens when it was first reported …Anyone can be a scumbag, no matter how handsome they are…people shouldn’t start pointing fingers at the potential victim in this case until all of the facts are out on the table (which might never happen ’cause they might just cover this up with money and influence =__=)…….with the recent evidence as pointed by koala it’s hard for him to recover…but still i feel somehow he will get away like the others in the past…..also i feel park shi hoo if he is innocent can come out of it as he somewhat established himself but a trainee being associated with this scandal be it she be guilty or not she will be wrongly judged and badly reviewed….that how it is… celebrites easily escape from the hate but women celebrities get hated on even ….it’s sad but it exist everywhere….women find it hard to rise up after a scandal and she is not even a celebrity but a trainee and under age … i feel her career is more or less over….though it will also hard for park shi hoo to recover if he is guitly but somewhere i feel he may get away with this in the long run becoz we all know money,influence and power work wonders in entertaiment industry………

    • A is 22, not under-aged. But both parties definitely have much to lose…including the rookie actor K. What I want to know is how she went from being able to walk (if the CCTV backs it up) to unconscious and being piggybacked after a car ride. Did the alcohol take effect in the car or did they stop somewhere else? Or drank in the car? The pieces aren’t all there but it definitely doesn’t look good for PSH…

      • Even some people who are blackout drunk can walk. I don’t understand why the bartender’s testimony is even being treated as pertinent information, given that the ability to walk up stairs has NO bearing whatsoever on one’s ability to give consent. “Not looking very drunk” tells us absolutely nothing about whether or not she was able to give consent.

        Furthermore, it’s fully possible that she was drugged in the car, or at the bar (but the drugs didn’t take effect until after she made it out of the bar).

      • sorry not underage but what meant that there is a large age gap between park shi hoo and the victim……

      • I know people who don’t remember a thing the morning after but act fully functional while blacked-out…even to the point of convincing others that they’re sober. Regardless, it doesn’t negate the existence of sexual assault should it occur. I’m not sure what the bar owner is saying is accurate which is why I would wait till the police obtain the CCTV and back it up and even then, the CCTV at PSH’s apt is a more revealing piece of evidence. A hasn’t claimed she was drugged, though alcohol can be a form of drugging. I hope the counseling session she went to helped her take the necessary steps to collect concrete evidence because as Koala pointed out, money speaks. She’s going to be put through the ringer on this and I hope she is strong enough to withstand it, regardless of what the truth is. PSH definitely used poor judgement and at the point, rookie K is likely to help him because siding with A’s story would make him an accomplice. This isn’t likely to get better anytime soon…

    • She may not be underage, but most Asian countries e.g. South Korea are rather conservative. She may be over 18 but she is definitely young. But rape/sexual assault is a very serious crime, age does not really matter. The alleged victim may or may not be telling the truth, but what is there for her to gain? She is on the losing end, her reputation will forever be tarnished.

  11. Park Shi Hoo is to officially go in for questioning for the investigation of this case on February 24 at 10 AM.

    Police sources say, “We tried to set up an appointment to have Park Shi Hoo come in but he did not respond so we sent him a notice to request for his attendance,” and “If one fails to attend on 3 counts, a warrant can be issued for arrest but since Park Shi Hoo is pleading not guilty, we think he will be coming in.”

    Now, why he need to delayed the meeting with the police?
    I suppose, for someone innocent, one would want to clear out one’s name as soon as possible from the accusation if it is not true?

    All this doesn’t look well.

    • This is a Korean drama blog. Not a legal brief or a police briefing for goodness sake. And as far as we know, he hasn’t been charged for it for words like plaintiff and defendant to be used.
      And it’s the fans who are victim blaming and they are NOT using alleged victims in their comments. And rape victim is a commonly used definition.
      In the parts where she was explaining the legal definition she did not use the terms.

      Sorry, Ms Koala. I am also another person who understand the need for precise definition as my notes can be used as court evidence. So people nit picking words on a drama blog is like, read what and where it appears first. Before writing a comment.
      I know I am going to flamed. Sigh.

      • My point is the case is closed yet, so we don’t know for sure whether miss A is a victim. How can any one victim blaming when we’re not sure who is the victim yet. Using the words such as “victim blaming” creates a bias and sympathy in the favor of miss A.

        Miss a is suing PSH, so miss a is the plaintiff, and PSH is the defendant.

        And excuse me, I am not the first person to use legal definitions in here, so your argument is render meaningless.

        In cases where we don’t know who is truly at fault here (or maybe both were right and wrong), any article should refrain from using words that create a bias toward either side.

      • @ Merrily

        Please don’t misuse legal terms.

        A plaintiff is ONLY used in civil cases. It refers to the party bringing a complaint against another party, who is referred to as the defendant. In some cases the plaintiff is also known as the complainant, and the defendant is known as the respondent.

        In criminal cases, there is no plaintiff. The case is brought by the government, whether State or Federal. The alleged criminal is called the defendant. The victim is just that, the victim in an alleged crime. He or she is not known as the plaintiff. And no, we do know who the victim is here – it is A. The unknown is whether a CRIME was committed.

        A is NOT suing Park Shi Hoo. She reported him for an alleged crime. If the Seoul DA finds enough evidence to charge him, he would be known as the defendant in this case. And A remains the victim. She is not involved in the case other than as a witness if she potentially testifies.

        If you want to parse words, at least make sure you know what it means and how it is used.

        If A sued Park Shi Hoo in civil court for, I don’t know, let me make something up here, “intentional infliction of emotional distress”, then and only then will she be known as the plaintiff and he the defendant in that civil case.

      • I do not want to parse words or argue about legal definitions with you. I am in college majoring in computational biology, not a person who have graduated from law school. Most of the general population also has not gone to law school, so it remains that whenever the word “victim” is used, it creates a bias that elicits sympathy in favor of miss A. We don’t know what really happened, so I simply requested that you don’t call her the victim. You can say it’s the legal definition or otherwise, but that doesn’t remove the layman association to the word “victim.” Ignoring such fact in favor of using a technical definition doesn’t make such association or the article’s bias nonexistent. Of course, you may disagree with me, but that’s my opinion.

  12. The more I read about this…the more I ask myself…who is K?

    I’m going to dub him: K the Key

    Because he is most certainly to only witness on the scene who would have known from the very start — to the drop-off — what condition BOTH of the persons were in. K is the KEY. (who is he?)

    If he did carry A into PSH’s apt. unconscious…then he’s an accomplice. sez me….and she should sue him too.

    • I was thinking the very same thing!! If he admits to being involved by carrying her to PSH’s apartment, isn’t he an accomplice to the possible crime committed? He certainly isn’t innocent in this business.

  13. Rape/sexual assault is a very serious crime. I think that if he did wrong, he needs to serve the time. But money does talk big time.

    It’s disappointing. Celebrities are just normal people but they are in the public eye and doing something like that, that could even produce an outcome like this just shows a 100x times an extreme lack of judgement on his part. Whatever his real life persona might be, it’s still really sad, disappointing and wrong on so many levels. The girl would have to drop the charges in lieu of some compensation – in order for it to go away right? Otherwise, I would say a career ender sounds about right to me. The girl – I just hope she can get whatever counseling she needs.

  14. Thanks for speaking up about this, Koala.

    This is HORRIBLE. If A was unconscious and was literally CARRIED into PSH’s home, there’s no freaking way she was in a position to consent to anything.

    I can’t fathom what A would possibly have to gain by falsely accusing PSH, nor do the facts support such a hypothesis. I for one won’t watch PSH in anything else. He’s a good actor, but this behavior is appalling and should be treated as such.

  15. As a woman, The moment you start drinking heavily on a date you are setting yourself for problems. The minute you agree to go to a guy’s apartment and you know that you are way under the influence of alcohol, you already are consenting to whatever may happen. Regardless whether I like PSH or not, personally I would not doubt that there are others involved trying to get money of the Rich and Famous whether in South Korea or USA, who are not so cautious in their personal and private lives. It happened to Kobe Bryant. Im very sorry for Park Si Hoo, to me he is not guilty until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt but, by going to court that will be even more scandalous than to settle outside of court as it usually happens to the famous for fear of their reputation continuing to be tainted and the damage it may cause to their careers!! Very sad situation for one of my favorite Korean Actors

    • This comment is ridiculous. A woman has a right to drink whatever she damn well pleases without having to worry that she’s going to get raped. You think women shouldn’t drink in public, to avoid being raped? How about MEN SHOULDN’T RAPE WOMEN, PERIOD.

      Furthermore, there is no indication that this woman AGREED to go to PSH’s apartment, as there is footage of her being carried, unconscious, into his home.

      You feel sorry for the damage to PSH’s career? I feel sorry for the mental and emotional trauma that will follow this girl around for her entire life because of the horrifying actions of the very man you’re pitying.

      • @rearwindow – re: “How about MEN SHOULDN’T RAPE WOMEN, PERIOD.”

        agreed. absolutely.

        Let’s also say, “How about people who are of legal age to drink also assume the responsibility of knowing when to drink and when to stop. Male or female, whatever age they are.”

        re: “as there is footage of her being carried, unconscious, into his home. ”

        ….have you seen it? no? …let’s wait until it’s published, as surely it will be.

        In the same manner that I loathe victim-blaming, and I truly DO….

        I also do NOT agree to the idea that a person, male or female, says they didn’t give consent in the aftermath, when there’s a fair opportunity that they had some choice, at some point, in whether or not they woke up next to a stranger.

        I’ll say it again….there’s a LOT of unanswered questions. If he’s guilty…pay the price, dude. If he’s not…he’s still lost his career.

        All of them are to be pitied.

      • I agree that is a very male centric view of original post. What about the girl? If she was after the money, why wouldn’t she settle this privately instead of spilling it out in private and take in all the criticism. He’s also innocent until proven guilty. Both sides should be taken.

    • @ Sandra

      No. A woman who drinks on a date is not setting herself up for problems. She is allowed to drink. That is her right.

      Also no, a woman who goes to a man’s apartment whether drunk or sober is not consenting to whatever may happen.

      Is she exhibiting rather poor judgment? Her mother might think so. But that in no way excuses, justifies, mitigates, or validates what a man does to her in that condition. A drunk woman, who goes to a residence, with a man, DOES NOT equal consent to sex or whatever may happen. A man has the choice to not touch that woman and let her sleep until she has the mental capacity to consent. Period.

      • I agree but what if she did verbally consent while drunk and the man who is also drunk took that yes as meaning consensual(this is a general question not really directed at this specific case). We can say that she is in no capacity to consent if she is drunk even if she does verbally consent, but can it also be said that if the man is also as drunk as the girl that it is unfair to assume that he would have the capacity to not take her yes as serious. I am not a guy but if a drunk female says yes to sex to an equally drunk male, who can we really blame in that situation? Now if the girl said no at anytime during that situation that is a whole different story of course.

      • LOL….reminds me of the cute drama A Gentleman’s Dignity where Do Jin and Yi Soo were in a hotel together and Do Jin told Yi Soo he’s not interested in sleeping with a drunk woman without consent…

      • whats wrong with you people! Man by nature are animals, they canot control their sexual urges. If presented with opportunity to be laid they grab it lik crazy. This beautiful girl flirt with PSH, but didnt think it would led to sex this early thats why she felt violated. I am convince this lady like PSH, but was stupefied that it led to sex righ away. Yes we women have the right to drink, but we women should be careful (especially the kind of people we drank with, coz they are the ones responsible for our safety obce we indulge too much of the fun and passes out)of our limitations and strengths, coz a lot of men out there are just waiting to devour.

      • I agree with @ockoala, a man shouldn’t touch a drunken woman… A man on his right mind would probably let a drunk girl sleep untouched or take her straight to her own place to avoid any problems…

    • “As a woman, The moment you start drinking heavily on a date you are setting yourself for problems. The minute you agree to go to a guy’s apartment and you know that you are way under the influence of alcohol, you already are consenting to whatever may happen.”

      No, that is not consent. It may constitute careless or stupid behaviour, but sexual encounters under such circumstances constitute criminal behaviour (as well being disgusting/immoral/etc.).

      Don’t blame the victim – you’re falling back on the misguided notion that individuals need to be taught how to prevent rape (by not dressing the wrong way, not drinking, etc.) rather than people needing to be taught that rape is never okay.

    • Give me a break! Most women who go out drinking heavily or not will not get raped or taken advantage of by the end of the evening. For one thing … PSH is the sunbae of the group and he’s also older …37 to her 22. Of all people that should know better it’s him! She was able to walk when she left the establishment but needed to be carried to his apartment. What happened in between? How much time had passed? For all we know she could have been drugged! Just speculating. Just because he is who is is doesn’t make him incapable of bad things. I’m not accusing him … I’m just presenting a different side from yours since you carelessly put the blame entirely on the young woman. Drunk or not no good man rapes a woman!

  16. Not wading it.
    Just pointing out there would have been a rape kit used. Plus bloods and urine samples taken. There should be enough forensic evidence and it’s easy enough to check for illicit drugs in her system.
    This is a criminal case and assuming Korean uses the same standard as the US/UK when demanding proof for a guilty verdict.

    I am like the others, waiting for the due process for the law and not making an opinion either way.

  17. I wonder why the police would release that information right now. They haven’t even talked to all the parties involved. I would have expected them to say something like “we’re not commenting on an open investigation”. There are so many assumptions, accusations, and conspiracy theories flying around. I’ll reserve my opinion until the investigation is over.

  18. Thank you Ockoala for clarifying ‘Rape’. I am learning lots of things in your blog even at this age, a mum with young adult age children..I have told my son to respect woman, and my daughter to be very cautious when out drinking with man…I did ask them once do they know all these things ..they were exposed by media, books, friends and even Church..not to mention they think I never keep secret regarding man and woman relationship and told me ,they don’t want to know…hahaha.I hope through all this, youngsters who are fascinated by entertainment world are prepared for all that they have to go through…I hope PSH has learned a lesson so thus the alleged victim too..Where you personal life becomes an entertainment and discussions from your fan and the whole world.

  19. It will be hard to try this case because of the fact that alcohol is involved and its a lot of he said/she said between what occurred that night. If PSH did in fact rape her than of course he should pay the consequences however unless their is physical evidence of a rape it will be hard for a prosecutor to prove that it was absolutely not consensual and was in fact a rape. Yes the CCTV did show her being piggy backed into the room, but without physical evidence it will be hard to prove that the girl didn’t wake up in the room and that she didn’t consent to sex. The fact that both parties were drunk will taint how trustworthy their memories of that evening are.

  20. Why is drunken consent/consent while under the influence of alcohol/drugs not considered valid? In some cases wouldn’t that sort of be their fault because they allowed themselves to become intoxicated? Of course if alcohol was forced upon them then it would be different…When someone is drunk and they kill someone or cause an accident, we wouldn’t excuse it as them not being in the right state of mind (not saying I agree, just wondering, and it’s probably a flawed analogy anyways).
    I also find it interesting how some people are so desperately trying to show that they are firm believers of everyone being treated equally that they tend to become biased in the other direction (also not saying I agree because sexual assault/rape is flat out wrong no matter who does it, just something that I’ve been observing on other sites).

    • I think some people, whether they know it one not, are playing devils advocate. They may believe one thing but whoever they’re responding to has such an extreme view that they feel the need to balance it out with an opposing view.

  21. I agree with you kapten, money & power talked in the end. Seems to be predicted how the end of this case which she surely will disappear continue her life in another country b’cos she wouldn’t be able to survive from the madness of his fans & the public who defend him.

  22. Well now it’s looking bleak for him. Especially since the CCTV footage shows them carrying the girl who is unconscious! in to the elevator. And clearly that people want to know what she wore that night means that her outfit could have been a reason not! The police over here usually asks women who have been raped what they wore like it would be a reason for it to have happened.
    But wasn’t there a actor who actually killed a person and basically got away with it. Hit a woman I believe with his car.

  23. This is certainly surprising, I wasn’t expecting PSH to be the acused,
    but everyone is a human, and has urges and desires. PSH always played the “good guys” characters, so I just got really shocked when I saw the headlines. But like everyone already said, an actor’s role(s) is seperate from their private life.
    The footage of “K” carrying the girl to PSH’s apartment does look bad, but we still don’t know the whole story yet, so we’ll just have to wait for more developments.

    This story reminds of me of the story with Lee Byung Hun a while ago. When some girlfriend in the states of his sued him for fraud.
    She didn’t sued him for rape or anything like that. They had consensual sex, and had a relationship for a couple of months and he bought her an apartment in Korea or something like that.
    But when the relationship ended, she claimed that he was just “luring” her with all these gifts and such, just so that he could have a sexual relations w/ her. I don’t want to go into too much detail about this case.

    But it just goes to show sometimes, you really can’t tell if these girls are victims or not. Both cases are different, one was rape and the other was fraud. But still, it makes you wonder why these girls would wait so long to go to the police or sue a certain celebrity. I am in no position to judge these girls, and I have never gone through any situation like theirs. But I am still skeptical about this case, I want to find out more before coming to any conclusions. What about the other person “K”? what did that person say to the police?

    • No. In Miss A case, she directly went to seek help from sexual assault center which later direct her to report the case to the police.

      The K person already gave his statement to the police. He claimed the total opposite as what was seen in CCTV footage. That they all went to the condo happily and concious.

  24. Girls just need to take care of themselves. I think I read somewhere that rape occurs most frequent by people you KNOW and not total strangers. And while it’s not a crime to dress skimpily or get drunk, just be a little more responsible and careful about it. We can say what we want but sadly it’s not quite safe everywhere. The crazies are always out there.

  25. I am hoping that the bar owner’s story that the girl could walk out unaided as solid evidence for an innocent verdict. Alcohol takes time to take effect. You can drink and feel fine for quite some time before blacking out. I would know (unfortunately). And who is to say she wasn’t drugged while in the car?

  26. Are you serious @subdued? Wild animals are for Zoo! Sorry but this way of thinking is seriously wrong since it could be an excuse for everything wrong men can do. How can you be convinced just because of some news? You do not know the involved people personally. Don’t claim you know what they were thinking. That is real life, not Drama.
    We have to wait what really happened instead of jumping to maybe conclusions.

    What it always makes me sad in this cases, is that there is no generell sympathy or empathy from women. Some even think they women wo were raped (no, I don’t speak about this case) earned this. How sick is this? Being raped is one of the worst things that can happen to a women and the same sex is against them…and not just a few of them. Catfights instead of getting angry. No wonder, men rulez this world. So sad!

    • Never mind about @subdued. this is a person who wishes to be raped by PSH, crying “why not me” in her previous comment. All I could say to her is: “It can’t be you because you put yourself too low to be picked on.”

      • yep nevermind about me. i choose who to pick. if im so willing then it’s not rape. and yes I say wild, coz men generally are controlled by their sexual urges, read the main downfall of great people. So we women should be careful, especially the drinking thing coz whether u like it or not once we got hit we lost control of our environment and our self safety. We are taken advantage and I definitely felt pity for the lady, she unfortunately had been taken advantage. She wasnt ready. She got burned while playing fire.

  27. What a ugly story! 🙁

    i really feel sorry for all participating persons. I know anyone und i don´t know the whole story. So i have no right to judge anyone. i hope, the truth come out soon.

    a) She said the truth.
    b) He said the truth.
    c) complicated, both are right/wrong.

    ….c) When both were really drunk and had a one-night stand by consensus, that their cause. If she was not unconscious and also don´t said NO but YES, for me that is not rape. When she wakes up the next morning and regreted their actions of last night, maybe even had a hangover and don´t remember or don´t remember all details….maybe she shouldn´t drink sooo much alcohol or drink only as much as she can handle. Of course, everyone for his actions is also responsible, when he is drunk. When you drunken drive or dance on the mainstreet naked, because too much alcohol is your own poor judgment. If you’re sober again and regret your decisions / actions (and nobody forced you!) you can only blame yourself.

    I don´t blame the victim! And it´s a whole different story when
    – the guy give the girl secretly drugs
    – she is unconscious
    – or she is sooooo drunk, that she don´t can walk, talk or anything understand…(there are tipsy people, slightly drunken or so drunk that they belong in the hospital….)There are drunke people and drunk people. i´dont know, how to better explain.
    – She said NO! Period. I don´t mind, there are word or actions, when she shows, “i don´t want sex” it´s fact and no man has the right to force any women.

    Then it´s a rape. It´s a terrible crime and the man should go to jail und take responsible.

    I really hope the allegations are not true. I like a few dramas with Park Shi Hoo very much (The princess Man, prosecuter princess) und watch actually Queen of Reversal.

    When the girl is right, i feel really really sorry for her and i hope, he will fairly punished for his crimes.

    I just fear that his career is now over. Guilty or innocent, I suspect that the entertainment industry in korea give a shi***.

    • *Edit*
      What a ugly story!

      i really feel sorry for all participating persons. I don´t know anyone und i don´t know the whole story. So i have no right to judge anyone. i hope, the truth come out soon.

      a) She said the truth.
      b) He said the truth.
      c) complicated, both are right/wrong.

      ….c) When both were really drunk and had a one-night stand by consensus, that their cause. If she was not unconscious and also don´t said NO but YES, for me that is not rape. When she wakes up the next morning and regreted their actions of last night, maybe even had a hangover and don´t remember or don´t remember all details….maybe she shouldn´t drink sooo much alcohol or drink only as much as she can handle. Of course, everyone for his actions is also responsible, when he is drunk. When you drunken drive or dance on the mainstreet naked, because too much alcohol is your own poor judgment. If you’re sober again and regret your decisions / actions (and nobody forced you!) you can only blame yourself.

      I don´t blame the victim! And it´s a whole different story when
      – the guy give the girl secretly drugs
      – she is unconscious
      – or she is sooooo drunk, that she don´t can walk, talk or anything understand…(there are tipsy people, slightly drunken or so drunk that they belong in the hospital….)There are drunke people and drunk people. i´dont know, how to better explain.
      – She said NO! Period. I don´t mind, there are word or actions, when she shows, “i don´t want sex” it´s fact and no man has the right to force any women.

      Then it´s a rape. It´s a terrible crime and the man should go to jail und take responsible.

      I really hope the allegations are not true. I like a few dramas with Park Shi Hoo very much (The princess Man, prosecuter princess) und watch actually Queen of Reversal.

      When the girl is right, i feel really really sorry for her and i hope, he will fairly punished for his crimes.

      I just fear that his career is now over. Guilty or innocent, I suspect that the entertainment industry in korea give a shit.

  28. This is so ugly. Poor PSH, this could ruin your career. Poor A, if you were possibly raped. BTW, koala, you’re a lawyer? How do you have time to manage this blog? LOL!

  29. While the circumstances of this are horrifying, sad, and hopeless for everyone involved, at least we get discussions started like this that teach.

  30. This does not look good for PSH. He will be damaged goods in the entertainment industry. I can’t look at his picture or rewatch C-Alice scenes. All I see is “one night stand man’ and I wonder if he’s done this before.

  31. Did he really want to get laid…because it’s Valentine’s Day?!oh pleeez! And there’s this willing subject…drunken and willing…or so he thought…geez man! you could have been more intelligent than that…that is why you’re brain was placed above your crotch!

  32. His character in Cheongdamdong Alice, so funny, fresh, quirky, IRONIC that the incident of his downfall happened where? in Cheongdamdong. Good job! very bright you are!

    • Yeah in C-Alice there was this scene that he poured soysauce on Tommy Hong out of anger involving issues of a “sponsor” arrangements for SeKyung. Now recently him, 37 kinda become the sponsor for Ms. A, 22 (with Mr.K as Tommy Hong),,,CREEPY much.

  33. My mother always said “Caras vemos, corazones no sabemos” in english would be “Faces we see, hearts we do not know”

    I will not lie when I was in college and I went out to party I drunk much nonstop, as long as I was with friends in the strictest confidence or family, but when out with friends for the first time especially MEN, only drank a glass provided the waiter deliver it in my hand, I will not say it’s the fault of the girl, but in this world where there are many perverts people should be more careful, I do not think PSH for being handsome and famous is totally innocent that justice will tell if he is inocent or not, no my turn to judge honestly this in a situation where nobody wins.

  34. Such a strange story.
    I find it hard to believe that a good looking and popular guy like PSH needs to have someone unconcious to get laid.
    I mean, something is fishy here, but hey, you never know with people.

      • No, its not about that.I find it strange that a man that can have any girl he wants, would go to such lenghts.
        But as I said ”you never know” with people, so don’t twist my words, i didn’t give out a verdict on that case.Chill.

    • So, you think seemingly handsome guys can’t be rapists by default, and all celebrities can’t be rapist by default. PSH, or other goodlooking dudes for this matter, should set free just becase of his good looking

    • Often times, rapists have the mentality that women are mere sexual objects at their disposal for sexual pleasure. For those men, they don’t feel the need to woo the ladies.

      I’m not saying he did or he didn’t, but with the sentiments expressed about rape here, it’s a bit disheartening.

  35. Whether PSH is innocent or not, he sure as hell ain’t a gentlemen. I mean he admitted at having sex with a 22 year old who was drunk and who probably looked up to him, as he is her senior in the industry. I’m sorry I used to like him, but now I am disgusted, I don’t think I can watch any of his drama’s anymore.

  36. Shi Hoo is really screwed both ways. Ive never really liked him, I mean I always found his smile to be a bit on the creepy side and he def looks like a smooth talker, buuuut it’s still weird that he would actually resort to rape, he’s like a celebrity and surely he knows he has to be careful with his image, and he probably wasnt that drunk to have his judgment impairned??? Or are all men fools when it comes to sleeping with women?

  37. and. not just precious arguments, her EQ is so high too. I really respect her on that, she’s witty on her bashers and respectful on differing opinions. Yes, it’s her blog but she doesn’t make her readers feel that way and for me that’s a real true genuine writer.

  38. Don t come come here and put all men in one category.

    I know men who don t sleep with women that have multiple partners or if the women is known to be sloppy.

    Yes men have standards when it comes to sex.

    Just because you will sleep with anybody.anywhere,anyplace.Don t mean that s what most men do.

    keep your trashy thoughts to yourself

    • WOW @ val, if you can’t hold to your emotions, keep yourself out of this site too. I’m not responsible if you get heart problems , ok! Smile! ^^

  39. This whole story makes me so sick. I hope this POS will never work again, it is really the least that should happen, since he probobly won´t be appropriately punished by the law.

  40. If the media reports are to be believed, something’s really odd and fishy. How could PSH not know his condo has CCTVs everywhere? Was he so pissed drunk he forgot all about that? Is he so silly as to set himself up for something this HUGE?

    OK, I’m going to shut up now. Will silently wait for verdict.

    • He probably didn’t think that the girl will report it to the police. Let’s admit, a lot of rape victims choose not to report it. And even if he fully knows about the existence of CCTV, what makes it fishy for you? since the girl was piggyback by his friend and he was walking beside and that alone is already is not right. A decent man will drop the girl to her place and not to take her to his home when she is unconcious.

    • I guess PSH didn’t even realize that having sex with the girl who was under heavy influence of alcohol therefore not capable of giving consent could be considered non- consentual sex, or rape. Most people in Asia ( or maybe anywhere else) have the impression that rape can only be committed by violent force.

      PSH is not a very thougtful or sensible man, or he wouldn’t even try this kind of risky one-night-stand and let it blowing up to such a scandal. If he still were with an agency, they would never let star actors hanging out alone. But he just recently got out of his contract with the agency he had been for years and started fresh on his own. His brother, who should act as his manager, didn’t do the job. If this piece of news is true, if the CCTV footage indeed shows that the girl passed out before entering his home and was carried into his place, PSH is nailed. This would be a hard evidence, very difficult to dispute.

    • @ cleo & Lynne,

      Here’s the thing. I don’t quite buy the fact that he didn’t know this or that or plain bad judgement. Let’s face it, PSH ain’t exactly a spring chicken in this industry and I’m sure his ex-agency would have warned him of such “risks”. Not sure what caveman antics PSH is trying to pull here to be caught on camera, but either his dad is the supreme judge or guy has done this way too many times and has gotten away with it until now. That’s why I said being caught on the CCTV is fishy.

      I was going to stay silent. “silence”

      • etee7114, if you follow his interaction with the media you will find PSH is an unsophisticated rather naive guy, saying wrong things in a wrong place at wrong time. It happened a lot lately. He is one of the many made by this giant Korean star making machine. They are the final products of the system, like the Chinese athletes. They belong to the system and rarely have any chance to exercise their own brain to make a decision. His dad was a model and his brother, who supposed to be his manager, was a baseball player. And he has a very small circle of friends, mostly by not very successful actors. For years he just followed his agency/manager and didn’t need to make any judgment call. Don’t you find this guy is very immature?

      • Immature? Perhaps….but I get a lot of conceited vibes from his mannerisms. I think PSH has let fame and fortune go to his head.

  41. Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because just last night I came across such horrible news. Lord, what a sad situation. Don’t want to be irresponsible with my words and express an opinion when the facts are yet being elucidated by the rightful authorities, so all I’ll say is hopefully the whole truth will come out and justice prevail, no matter what.

    I do think, however, that we can and we should use distressing instances like this to discuss and evaluate our principles and mentality as a society. Frankly, some of the comments I’ve read so far on this case (not on this blog) are just appalling: “I wouldn’t mind if he raped me”, “He doesn’t need to rape anyone with his good looks”, “She was drinking with men therefore was asking for it”, … What is this??? What century are we living on??? And the fact that those sentences were probably written by very young girls just turns the whole thing worse. That’s rape culture in its worse, being validated by those who should fight it with all they have. It doesn’t matter how he looks or how she dresses or where they went together, if there was no clear “yes” then there was a clear “no”. That`s what we should be telling our children, not the “men will be men” nonsense. We shouldn’t teach our girls not to be raped, we should teach our boys not to rape.

    But, again, I’m not saying this concerning PSH. Being a celebrity doesn’t force one to relinquish his right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Let the authorities do their work before making any judgements.

    • We shouldn’t teach our girls not to be raped, we should teach our boys not to rape.

      Sincere thoughts. I believe the parents of those boys has been teaching their boys the good and the bad but over and over again, rape is ever present. What century are we? A century of compromising where everything is right and equal (should be) ,women can drink in bars, that’s their right. Women can wear those skimpy clothing, that’s their right too, but we forgot we make our girls vulnerable to men who some and generally (im not saying all, bashers will think i’m anti boys)cannot control their libidos and take forceful actions .

      • You are so right on this. Since PSH has been always a nice and shy boy, his parents probably never thought the need in teaching him not to rape, or anything with that regard. For the past decade or so, he was heavily shielded by his agency/manager therefore lack of mental strength and self- discipline. This is a lesson to be learned by everyone. We, as parents (I have a boy), should seriously think about it.

  42. It is clear that A has indeed been raped simply by three very compelling reasons: 1) she has nothing material to gain by winning or losing the battle (as aptly analysed by others in the above) except for attaining justice. 2)since she was in such an unconcious state that she has to be piggybacked, why didn’t the guys send her home (ie TO HER OWN HOUSE)instead of PSH’s apartment. This strongly stinks of conspiracy between PSH and K. 3) the fact that A reported to the police after counseling is it highly believable because it not hard to imagine her being in shock and not knowing what to do immediately as who would even think that it is possible for someone like PSH to take advantage of oneself under such conditions?

    PSH is a low life like no other. Truly “ren mian sou xin” – face of human but heart of a beast!

  43. Mr. Maniac : “you know already…the younger, the better.”

    Mr. K: “right away! just don’t forget my commission.”


  44. The police should have brought him in vs giving him until the 24th to “fix” whatever is needed and destroy evidence in his home.

    I bet one of them was crazy enough to take pictures so their cells should be confiscated to pull all images from them even if deleted, if still on them. What a miscarriage of justice this is shaping up to be…..

  45. Really appreciate the clear, unbiased and in-depth legal insight/explanation of the matter of sexual assault. It is a sad mess for both parties however this might conclude. But I completely agree how money & power can change the course of actions. Sad…

    • Sorry, but I don’t feel that way. I am not a fan of PSH to start with, but I do like a few shows where he played leading roles. After all, he is only a messenger. If I like the message, I don’t care if it was been delivered by PSH or a robot or a dog. In fact, I have been watching each day a couple of episodes of a drama he played the leading character which he portrayed really really well. I honestly didn’t see PSH but only the character. It didn’t bother me. Do you still watch Four Weddings And A Funeral, or Notting Hill even though you know for fact about Hugh Grant’s dirty behavior? I do. I stick to the shows I enjoyed.

  46. I’m reminded of the drama What’s Up Fox (spoilers ahead), where Go Hyun Jung’s character, in her drunken state, forced herself on PIE’s character. Go didn’t like PIE at the time, and mistook him for someone else. It all worked out well in the end as there was love involved. If only the real world mimicks dramaland. I feel very bad for both parties, regardless of the outcome, both their lives will not be the same again.

  47. To the naysayers that claim a woman should pay attention to her drinking when she’s out with the opposite sex (or on her own), why does it have to be women who must guard themselves but not men who must simply not surrender to their animal instincts? To say that men are men and they’re animals inside is nothing but finding an excuse for their sexual assaults on women. It also is an insult to other men who are perfectly fine and would never do such a thing.

    And to those who say that a guy like PSH would not have the need to rape a woman because all girls would queu to be with him, do you think rape is a sensual act? Rape has little to do with the need of sexual fulfillment, it’s just a sadistic show of power and one person dominating and humiliating the other. Most rapists find the thought of rape more arousing than consensual intercourse.

    • By the way I should mention that I’m not labeling anyone. I’m still on the reserved side, but needed to voice my thoughts on a general scope.

    • why does it have to be women who must guard themselves but not men who must simply not surrender to their animal instincts

      I too thought! Why is women labeled the weaker sex. But the sad fact of life, it’s women who always gets hurt in this situation. It’s the female sex that has been reported mostly being sexually abused, raped, molested. Why is this so, i’d like to blame drugs and alcohol that causes the mind some impairment and catapult the person to commit such heinous deed. Men, why can’t we just educate them to do the right thing,like don’t touch a drunk woman, a NO is a NO. Since for many centuries and ages this go on and on, it means we can’t tame the men, then the only resort is for our women to be careful and prevent themselves to be vulnerable and be preyed on.

  48. This is a sad, sad day for K-ent, a time for reckoning for everyone. Nothing is really over for both parties, if only they have the good sense to think about their actions, repent and move on. If rape really transpired, I hope PSH, and K as well, own up to it and pay for the choices they made. And A can rise up and still have a bright future inspite of the stigma this incident has caused her. If there was no rape, I hope others in the industry can learn from this very unfortunate incident.

  49. Hi koala! The last time i commented was during the the king2hearts. Just wanna say thanks for all your efforts in bringing ud entertainment and enlightening us with judicial facts. All i wish is for justice to prevail. I reckon it will bebso grilling and stressful for the rape victim especially having to be interrogated during trial and all the fans calling her names. Honestly if she were telling tr truth I applaud her for being is not easy to relive the moments you would rather forget and to be publicly be scrutinized and humiliated, I could only wish her justice and if by chance shes lying, i dont know how her conscience will let her rest ruining someone’slife. Well done koala!

  50. UPDATE: Park Shi Hoo Met Accuser After Sexual Assault Accusations -The owner of the bar where Park Shi Hoo met the person known as Trainee A, who has accused him of sexual assault, spoke out regarding the evening in question. Along with handing over the contents of the security camera and giving his own point of view, the owner of the bar also revealed that Park Shi Hoo and his accuser (and a third “Person B,” who had introduced the two) ordered two bottles of vinegar-flavored soju for the night. According to Naver users, soju mixed with flavored vinegar is much easier and less agitating to drink, as the flavored vinegar takes away the bitterness of the soju and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

    Assuming that Person B had not one sip of the alcohol (he drove the group to another location afterwards), netizens are speculating that Trainee A drank most of the soju. It had been previously revealed in several accounts that Park Shi Hoo has a fairly low tolerance for alcohol.

    Furthermore, it was confirmed that both Park Shi Hoo and Person B met with the accuser after the scandal broke out. Person B, who introduced Park Shi Hoo and Trainee A, claims to have joined in order to “clear up the misunderstanding and to provide an objective point-of-view of the event that occurred that night.” A representative told Sports Korea that Park Shi Hoo wanted to understand the reason behind her accusations. They said, “Park Shi Hoo wanted to know what the reason was for A’s accusation, and wanted to clear up the situation before his questioning. He wants to figure out how he will handle the situation and provide a much clearer stance for the police during the investigation.”

    The representative also said that although reaching a mutual agreement would be the best case, Park Shi Hoo’s image has been damaged severely, and they may counter-sue Trainee A for libel and possibly ruining his career as an actor.

    (Source: & By the way why PSH wanted to meet the victim after the case was reported if not for mutual settlement….I think i was right when i said he may take a hiatus for now but may get away with this in the long run becoz we all know money,influence and power work wonders in entertaiment industry ……… now i guess his recovery can be also sooner than expected if they reached with outside settlement….at the end of the day may also give or force to give nod to settlement due external pressure from powerful quarters…..the sad reality…..

    • Thats why they didnt question him right away so he can settle it out of court. So the police wont handle this mess. Poor Miss A, never have a chance now…. everyone is out to stone her. Guess different meaning of Law Enforcement to Protect and Serve. Someone also mention “leaks” of this investigation. I kinda wondered about that (Her name and cctv footages).Usually they reveal that as some form of cause for serving the charge. Sooner or later she will cave. It started already with countersuing with Libel. Like someone said… Power and Money.

      • This is actually scaring me. The evil in society. I believed him first but I’m starting to think that he really did it and now trying to cover up. I mean why didn’t the police question him right away? That’s so strange to wait til 24th. And the fact she was piggy backed and she has absolutely nothing to gain from this except criticism. If she is lying, then she must really hate his guts to expose him but I don’t think so cause they supposedly liked each other initially. Imo, Even if he comes out innocent, it might be due to $$ and power.

      • Bingo.He did it.
        Since when The police don t question people.

        Money and power rule The world.
        But it s worse in asian countries.
        That girl don t stand a chance before them.
        He ll get what s coming for him

        HE s a scum, trash of The earth.

  51. If he uses MONEY to cover this up, then his GUILTY.
    And even if he gets away, karma will catch up with him sooner or later.
    Even the international Asian fanbase is now reacting negatively to this and will not take this lightly anymore. I pity the next actress that will team up with him, he acting the gentle, considerate, dashing, loving lead actor onscreen- what a JOKE!

    • @andrea: If he uses MONEY to cover this up, then his GUILTY.
      Why are you then sure?
      You can also say, when she took a lot of money for compensation and drop the charge, she blackmailed him only for money and never have the attention go to court.

      He gives her a lot of money or she will make even bigger and longer the scandal. And he should be paying more to save his career.

      • Yeah. She has to ruined her name and to get all attacks to get $

        Have you ever think that she can just blackmailed him privately without risking her future and ruined her life and being branded as raped victim or flower snake?

      • Because if he is innocent then the one that should be condemned is the girl, and the only way to do it is to bring her to court, in front of a jury, for justice and not by covering it up by money.

  52. Anyone knows if PSH met the girl or knew the girl before the incident or is it the 1st time they met up during the day of the incident ?

  53. What an ugly story…
    But what makes me even more sad is when i inform my friends and colleague about the story, the reactions i’ve got so far are mostly discrediting the victim. “The girl must have tricked PSH, poor him, or she must be want to be famous, or the girl is a b**ch…” and those words comes mostly from women (i wouldn’t discuss this matter with guy friends, they not interested in k-ent industry… Only my hubby willing to hear me rambling about my K-obsession)

  54. Feel very sorry for the girl, she is just barely an adult at 22 years old. If the rape did, happen, she must be going through a lot of pain now even without all the negative comments and all the people supporting Psh.

    As for Psh, I have v little respect for a 38 year old who have a one night stand with a 22 year old he only meet a few times and say he has nothing to be embarrass about.

  55. As much as I’m interested to understand the whole thing…. I think I give up with all the jargon, I can’t read the whole discussions anymore. Going to bed. *headache from reading*
    Looking forward for the next update though, thanks Koala 🙂

  56. I feel bad for both parties, and my hypothesis is that the girl blacked out and forgot everything that happened during that period, then awoke and saw the aftermath. Some people I know are actually more sexually aggressive and seem fine when they’re blacked out. If he was drunk too, then he might not have realized this. He should have known better still, but I’m willing to give them both the benefit of the doubt here.

      • yes to add to this now the accompolice is also facing lawsuit for sexual assault so they basically took turns right..disgusting …really he is juniour so following his senior i guess such a bad preceedent… really record should be set srtaight in these type of case for both of them in a severe way …..really this industry sunabaes can be so scary….this show you can never judge a person away right way from his outer appreance …’s really disgusting and people who sweared on the victim need to seriously reflect…really didn’t believe this at first but as more evidence pour out it’s getting dirtier and murkier..Can’t help but side with the victim..but still not sure if he will be punished rightly if he is guilty which very much looks like it…….but still not sure becoz in past and present all have gotten away right way or taken a hiatus then recovered….Park Shi Hoo can have sexual assault controversy under his name but all he needs to do is distribute cash and exercise his power and infuence or get some powerful backing or blackmail or force her to retract her statement and get banned for a few months before we see him out on TV again….hoping for change if indeed he is guilty which looks certain and not be let scott free due to outside settlement or strategic covering it with money and power which is the always the order in this type of case…………

      • Wow. Now it looks like a Korean version of CSI

        Right after PSH’s representative told the media that quiet settlement would be the best resolution and that they could file a countersuit against Miss A, the police fought back with this, and the drug test, anything more? Somehow I have a feeling that the police knows a lot more, but they for now decide to play with PSH or rather his lawyer for that matter.

  57. The fact that his representative went public about the suggestion of settlement outside of the court shows the desperation on his side, don’t you think? If they could, this should be handled discreetly and quietly. Right?

  58. I know who K is. One of the richest rising stars in K-ent now. I mean after all the money that he will receive to keep his story ‘straight’. Money and power are louder voices than justice everywhere on this planet. I’m betting Ms A will recant somewhere down the line unfortunately because of money and power but I am hoping she doesn’t. I hope she is brave enough to stick to the truth no matter what that truth is.

  59. I am not condoning any form of sexual assault by the following comment and I didnt want it to be misunderstood.

    I know on many occasions where I have been drunk, fallen asleep and then woke up and been almost perfectly sober. I also have on occasion fallen asleep when barely intoxicated and then woke up ten minutes later. By this I mean just because she might have been drunk or mildly intoxicated in the car and then carried up does not mean she stayed that way.

    I am also not saying she wasn’t drunk either or that she sobered up. The only people who know what really happened were the three people that were there.

    I am wondering why the victim met with both Park Shi and K, after she filed the charges? At least that is what I read in other articles.

  60. Anywway what is taking him too long to present himself to the police? Still trying to bribe Ms. A with money? I hope the Korean police should be alert and vigilant on this case.

  61. What I want to tell Park Shi Hoo n “Person B” is they should surrender themselves to the police n tell the truth.Don’t try to push all the blames onto the girl ’cause the whole truth will be out soon .God knows what u 2 did to that poor girl n not only that u lied to ur fans.Do u believe in God?Are u not afraid that u will get retribution for ur crimes?Maybe 2of u will not die but ur family members will die on ur behalf.Don’t u test God’s power,u better believe it!Don’t wait till God really .take the lives of ur family

  62. Your insights are so correct Koala. Money and power usually wins in the end. I read something in another website that somehow made me think. It read “the man accused of rape is always declared innocent until proven guilty. The woman who cried rape esp if the accused is a celeb is always declared guilty until proven innocent”.
    Even if PSH gets off the hook, it will take a long time for him to build a word he forgot that night: reputation!
    I would never want my favorite K actor to go clubbing eyeing someone to bring home.
    Later instead of PSHoo, people may say: Park Shi Who?

  63. Rape is hard to prove. It is always his word against her word. As Davet has said nobody knows what happened in his apartment. Miss A was seen conscious and walking on her own from the bar, but CCTV in PSH apartment showed Mr K was carrying her on his back. She may either be asleep or unconscious from too much alcohol. She might have awaken sometime in the night and had sex with PSH. Who knows. She had too drink to remember what happened that night in PSH’ apartment, whether she consented or not.

    I think I would like to wait for the facts to come.

  64. There have been too many speculations.Miss A has said it all,if not too much.She has filed a complaint already.I want to hear from Park Si Hoo to give his side of the coin, to be fair.

    • 2013.03.04 21:37 Tonight’s news

      Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues A and B for blackmail and defamation

      Park Si Hoo’s law firm PURME revealed that this afternoon PSH has filed a suit at Western Police Station against A and her friend B for attempted blackmail, and against B for defamation (reference is to the exclusive interview B gave to a weekly magazine LIYO last week.)

      朴施厚反控告: 起訴A和B勒索和誹謗

      朴施厚的律師事務所PURME 透露今天下午前往西部警局, 控告A與B企圖勒索, 以及B毁壊名譽. (B數天前曾接受某周刊LIYO首尔訪問, 披露了一些朴施厚案件的”所謂詳情”. )

      2013.03.04 22:23

      Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues 3 people

      Second news report says Park Si Hoo is also suing Hwang Mo of his former management company EYAGI.

      朴施厚反控告: 狀告3人



      2013.03.04 23:07

      Park Si Hoo goes on all-scale war against former agency

      Third news report says Mr. C (EYAGI representative – President?) seems to try to help Park Si Hoo when his contract expires at the end of January 2013 but is in fact the mastermind behind all these, so PSH is using all three — A, B, and C.


      第三段報導是 C先生(EYAGI的代表 – 會長?)當朴施厚的合約屈滿後表面上是幫助他, 但實際上是事件的幕後黑手, 所以朴施厚一併起訴了A, B, C 三人.

      Please see our earlier posts:

  65. PSH finally get what he deserve! He think he could get away with the law when he rapes that poor girl! He think he and ” K” his junior can fool the seoul Police department But unfortunately God not on their sides!Thank god that the lie detector has shown us who the real liars are! Who else but PSH n “K”! How I really wish I were in Seoul to listen to this hearing! I really want to see that they will be found guilty as charged n sentenced them to 10 years’imprisonmentfor raping that poor girl!PSH and K Already had plans on that girl’s body in the very beginning which of course she doesn’t know what is on their evil minds!otherwise, ahe wouldn’t have got raped by PSH! “K” has played the role Pimp for PSH To find girl to sleep witjh PSH so PSH can help “K” in “K”‘s acting career!

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