Lee Min Jung Joins Shin Ha Kyun in Political Rom-com All About My Love

The drama behind this drama is way more dramatic than the actual drama can possibly be. Which therefore means trainwreck ahead, but with this male cast, I can’t imagine it would be anything other than exceptionally riveting. After a bevy of leading lady changes, All About My Love (also known as Everything About My Relationship) has finally cast as its leading lady Lee Min Jung. I still can’t understand why this drama couldn’t find or kept losing its leading ladies, because any time the spectacularly awesome Shin Ha Kyun was willing to do a drama, I would think he would bring all the ladies to the yard. First there was Im Soo Jung, next came Gong Hyo Jin, and finally Han Hye Jin was actually cast and dropped out within the week. What gives ladies? Shin Ha Kyun is DA BOMB. I most recently saw him in a brilliant cameo in The Thieves, but last year he ran away with the acting accolades in the drama Brain (which I didn’t watch), and the last time I watched him on TV was in the cable drama Harvest Villa. He is a movie star first and foremost so its always a treat to see him on television. Which leaves me no other answer for the leading lady carousel other than the role must suck. I hope that is not the case for Lee Min Jung’s sake, since I was about one out of ten people who actually liked her in Big but mostly she got haterade for her role and performance. This drama comes from the writing and directing team who did Protect the Boss two years ago on SBS, and this drama will air on the same network starting in April following That Winter, The Wind Blows. I actually loved PTB until the extension killed it, though I have to concede the writer did a much better job with writing an interesting male lead whereas the female lead was mostly reacting off his kooky antics. Here’s to hoping this drama writes a more balanced male-female dynamic with its central plot a love story between a newbie female legislator from the progressive party and a seasoned male legislator from the rival conservative party. Bring on the political hanky panky!

Shin Ha Kyun and Park Hee Soon are both ridiculously sexy ahjusshis. I’m not saying they are really that old in the scheme of things, but compared to the pretty flower boys currently littering the K-drama landscape they are like fine malted Scottish whiskey in oak caskets. Fine delicious alcohol aged to perfection. Also joining the cast is the always reliable and scene-stealing Kim Jung Tae as well as the perpetual third male lead Jin Tae Hyun. Honestly – this cast is all about the men. Sorry Min Jung (and all the leading lady candidates who declined the role), this one might be termed window dressing as the female lead. I can make a crack about Lee Min Jung pairing up well with the older Shin Ha Kyun since he’s in real life four years younger than her real life boyfriend Lee Byung Hun. In truth I think Min Jung has chemistry with all her leading men, perhaps the sole exception would be Jang Hyuk. And I blame the crappy story for that one, damn you Midas! The drama is slated to start filming soon so I hope her castings sticks. Apparently the drama is billed as a workplace rom-com with an overarching political message. The two leads will have diametrically different personalities and be from opposing political parties. They fall in love and must keep dating in secret since the nation will clearly not approve of this inter-party dating. I remain skeptical about the plot synopsis but will check it out for the leads and the production team before making a judgment call on whether its a keeper or a stinker.


Lee Min Jung Joins Shin Ha Kyun in Political Rom-com All About My Love — 13 Comments

  1. SHK is one of my fav actors in the whole world. I could see how some ladies may be daunting, but he brings up everyone in the scenes to his level.
    I did watch and love Brain. CJW (i think those are her initials) said SHK stayed in character and scared her a little. LMJ will be fine.
    PS If you are a one in ten who liked Big, I am one over here in the next ten waving, “Me, too!”

  2. aah Big. I was of those hateraders but not because of the actors, twas more of the trajectory of the story. I like her, I just wish her role isnt jinx with those drops and refusals.

  3. I always liked her ever since she showed up in BoF armed with a luggage full of chemistry with Lee Min Ho. (Honestly, it’s rare that a second female lead shows up that makes you want to jump ship. That usually happens with 2nd male leads.)

    The weird writing in Big didn’t turn me off to LMJ but I’m hoping this new drama can help bring back the LMJ love for those who didn’t like her in Big. 🙂

  4. I was always excited about this show because it was an Im Soo Jung comeback but now I am even more excited for the Park Hee Soon casting…LOVE that man….how I have waited for him to be cast in another drama since Evasive Inquiry agency…he can be so incredibly sexy in suits and with this being a political drama that’s a guarantee…also glad its Lee Min Jung and not Han Hye Jin…never quite got the latter’s appeal…I think that LMJ is talented (as long as she she tones down on the aegyo act) and shines in well written roles

  5. SHK was very brilliant in brain, if you are k drama lovers dont miss this drama. he steal the show… SHK jjang!!!! I like LMJ but I dont know is she gud enough pairing with SHK? coz if not I think she will be burried by him, coz SHK really screen stealer. even in brain its just like SHK show. the other seems like just supporting actors…

  6. OMG Shin Ha Kyun! I’m gonna watch this, because of him. I love SHK! Yeah, I am agree with deasy, is LMJ good enough to be paired with SHK. SHK definitely a screen stealer!

  7. Its truly a honour for MinJung to be work alongside those 2 big veteran. She could learn lots from them n here hoping she will excel in this role^^

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