Yoo Seung Ho Enjoys the Beach for Bazaar Magazine

Good gracious is that one mmmmmmm delicious man boy. Since Yoo Seung Ho announced midway through Missing You that he was enlisting in the army after the drama wrapped, I’ve been dealing with the myriad stages of grief. Denial lasted for a second since it wasn’t April’s Fools Day and North and South Korea didn’t somehow magically reunite, then came shock that he would chose such an unexpected route, and finally prolonged sadness that my baby boy was leaving me for two years. I doubt he will enlist in the marines like Hyun Bin did, which shaves a few months off the enlistment period since its such a grueling experience, so he’s not coming back until 2015. He didn’t give an enlistment date and his manager said Yoo Seung Ho’s enlistment will not be publicized and he will join just like every newbie without the media and fans chronicling his departure. Which means he could have enlisted already and no one knows, and we’ll all find out post facto and have a good cry together. He’s been laying low since MY ended likely spending time with his family and getting his affairs in order. The reason he chose to enlist now was because as a child actor he’s led an extraordinary life in the limelight. He never went to high school so he missed out on the ordinary experiences guys his age had. So he wants to enlist now at the age that most Korean men enlist, which is right after high school and before college. I find that decision both wise and comforting, to know that he understands life is more than being a celebrity and wanting to expand his horizons. It’s also perfect since he’s at that awkward age where he’s too old to be a child actor and not yet fully believable as a leading man. When he comes back he’ll be perfect. This might be his last magazine spread before his enlistment so savor it while you can. I’m not sure which beach he went to for Bazaar magazine but I want to be those waves crashing into him.


Yoo Seung Ho Enjoys the Beach for Bazaar Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. Poor guy didn’t go through high school? Did he have a hard time working his way up like Jang Keun Suk? Yoo Seung Ho is the only actor whom I regard as having similarly compelling charm and charisma as Keun Suk – ie the next in line.

  2. But think about the post army abs!!! (Now I feel really like a dirty old lady ugh)
    And as silly as this sounds he’ll come back as a man. I think it’s a good thing to enlist now, he has a chance to be normal, make friends and be like other boys his age.

  3. I’m planning on rewatching The Way Home soon– that adorable little boy only got more and more adorable as he grew up. I thought his decision to enlist now was a very savvy one in terms of his career– nice to know that it makes a lot of sense in terms of his personal life as well. I hope his MS is a good experience for him and I can’t wait to see the even-more-glorious YSH that’ll emerge in 2015. (Wow– 2015 sounds so far away– is it really possible that we’ll be commenting on his release from MS saying things like “Wow– it seems like he enlisted just a few months ago!”?)

  4. Wait? he didn’t go to High school? I must have completely skipped over that information. I think I have seen photos of him in a school uniform or something, and read in interviews that he did go to high school. Was I just reading it wrong? Maybe he didn’t get a proper high school experience, so it feels like he didn’t go to high school…

  5. Lovely.
    Part of YESH’s appeal, other than his extraordinary good looks, of course, is how he has handled his successful career.
    Despite all the roles, he has not pidgeon-holed himself as any particular type. He has not insisted on being the lead, and has turned down first lead roles, choosing to play more interesting parts.

    I hope when he returns, handsomer and more mature, he does at least ONE drama before “leaving” for films. I would like to see him have as varied and strange a filmography as Shin Ha Kyun or Ha Jung Woo. Not cut and past characters in cut and paste scripst, but ones where you can watch and rewatch finding something interesting at each viewing.

  6. Gonna miss him…. and i wonder whether he will be really disappear from media if he enlist as ordinary officer not as celebrity…

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