Yun Zhong Ge Drama Starts Filming with Angelababy Leading the Confirmed Cast

After the collective freak out and hernia two weeks ago at the Yun Zhong Ge Baidu bar over the casting shuffles and the possibility of Yuan Shan Shan taking on the leading role in Yu Zheng‘s drama adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge called Love Story of the Great Han Period, the drama quietly started filming yesterday with a confirmed cast that is nothing like my dream ideal cast but one I can live with. After the nightmare of picturing abominable actress Yuan Shan Shan as Yun Ge, anything is better. Yes, that even includes Angelababy (Yang Ying), who is now confirmed as the bright and cheerful Yun Ge. That’s actually kinda funny because in my dream cast, I had her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming playing Liu Bing Yi/Liu Xun. That would have been amusing to see onscreen. Yu Zheng wandered by the YZG Baidu bar to calm folks down and revealed that his original choice for Liu Fu Ling was indeed Chen Xiao, but it was Chen Xiao himself who asked to switch to playing the calculating and powerful Liu Bing Yi rather than the quiet and steady Liu Fu Ling. Interesting. Similarly, his choice for Xu Ping Jun was Yang Rong, and she also asked to switch to playing Huo Cheng Jun. I see a pattern here – both of Yu Zheng’s young up-and-coming actors in his management company have chosen to play darker antagonist characters to challenge themselves. I can get behind that, even if Chen Xiao visually is such a perfect match for Liu Fu Ling. For the choices of the two male leads, Yu Zheng is going a lot older in age (both men are in their 30s), with Du Chun as Meng Jue and Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling. I’m not happy with the huge age gap between those two guys and Angelebaby, mostly because they look so much older than her and in the book Liu Fu Ling and Meng Jue are a few years older than Yun Ge. The whole kids section where she meets the two of them is so perfect and awesome in setting the stage for all the future love and heartbreak. Check out the main cast below and see if you think this casting will work.

Du Chun as Meng Jue, adopted son of Meng Jiu.

Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling, Emperor Zhao of Han.

Chen Xiao as Ling Bing Yi/Liu Xun, future Emperor Xuan of Han.

Su Qing as Xu Ping Jun, wife of Liu Bing Yi/future Empress of Han.

Yang Rong as Huo Cheng Jun, daughter of Huo Guang and cousin to Yun Ge.

Momo as Shang Guan Xiao Mei, Empress to Liu Fu Ling.

Bao Bei Er as Liu He, Infante Duke of Chang Yi.

Wang Hao Ran as Hong Yi, mute servant girl to Liu He.


Yun Zhong Ge Drama Starts Filming with Angelababy Leading the Confirmed Cast — 22 Comments

  1. I love Liu Yi. He’s an amazing actor and I think he and Yang Ying will look good together (pairing a mature guy and pretty young thing always works out) even though he isn’t exactly what most people were picturing.

    My problem is with Du Chun. I have no idea how this guy is so uber-successful in the industry.

  2. I’m not happy about the choice he made for Meng Jue. I pictured him totally different from the guy who was cast and he is almost double the age of his character in the book. Ugh, not happy at all!
    And why did he choose such a baby face for Liu He?

  3. Lu Yi?
    Wow.. quite a huge age gap between the original choice and the confirmed candidate of Liu Fuling.

    Why is Lu Yi in every Yumama production these days..

    • YZ recycles all the same few faces in his production until they get too big for his britches. Like Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng are no longer in YZ productions.

  4. I donno about Du Chun at all but that stare in the picture u post, I may see some potential. If i was the Yun Ge in this drama, I would be disappoint to find out that Ling Ge Ge is Lu Yi instead of Chen Xiao… it’s like going from oppa to ahjusshi. sorry to Lu Yi fan.
    And Angelababy as Yun Ge.. *sigh*.. See Yun ge is a tricky character. she is one that is borderline lovable and annoying depends on who play it (like xiao yan zi of huan zhu ge ge)…

  5. sorry but I don’t like Angelababy at all because of her bad acting and plastic face.
    I think Chen Xiao and Su Qing make a cute couple and I might watch this drama just for them.

  6. Aww, I think Yang Rong is cute. She wasn’t that bad in Swordsman… shoulda stay with Wallace though but ANIWHOS. Isn’t she the antagonist to Yun Ge? I haven’t read the book so I’m not sure but I hope she’s not too evil.

    YZ always make the women super evil for no reason I swear… I recently watched Beauties of the Emperor and **SPOILERS** I do not, I repeat, do not get why Xi Bing (Concubine Qi) became such a bitch, excuse my language. She and Joe Chen’s character are like really good friends and just because she sorta like Liu Bang she would forget everything that happened between them and just betray her like that. Sorry. Sorta off topic >< **END**

    Besides that, imagine Yang Rong staying as Xu Ping Jun. She and Chen Xiao would be a couple again lol. I don't really know any of the other actors/actresses but they seem pretty enough. Let's see how their acting is though.

    • Had to comment on ur BOTE comment! I actually think Xi Bing was a bitch who would do anything for money. I remember when everyone around her was dying, she tried to grab the jewels and almost risked her life just so she could get some of it instead of trying to escape. Lu Er was nice to her, but actually took away what she really wanted – Hai Tian. So she showed her real colors.

      So off topic! But… I just love that Chen Xiao is doing something a bit more challenging. He has potential although I would really prefer him to do Liu Fu Ling. I can just imagine him doing that role. Oh well… YZ’s casting is always a little ridiculous. Haven’t seen Angelababy before but YSS isn’t half as bad as I heard she was in both Swordsman and BOTE. I think she’s ok…

      • Seriously!! I don’t know if she or YSS’s character is worse… at least Miao Ge loves Yun Kuang? & she sorta redeems herself at the end with Chen Xiao’s character. Xi Bing was just… horrible. She freaking stab what his face (AND HERSELF!!) in the neck to escape, then when she comes back, she has a son say what? When/how did she get pregnant…? I guess it happened offscreen -____- and then you know, we do not know what happens to all the character… sigh, I think I can write a whole loooong page of rant on BOTE lol.

      • I actually quite liked Miao Ge in the end. I felt she has a lot of misunderstandings towards not only her sister but also her past. And Luo Feng (<3) actually helped her finally let go of all that. Xi Bing is just selfish, manipulating and arrogant. She'd do anything to get her way, even if it means manipulating a 4 year old kid -.- As for pregnancy, LMFAO, I don't even know how Lu Er got pregnant! She spent one night with Hai Tian where she asked him not to touch her cz she was so in love and wanted to look for Yun Kwang. I think YZ thinks people can get pregnant without sex lol! As for the ending, I quite liked it because it gives way for everyone to be 'happy'. Like Lu Er always loved Yun Kwang, but stayed loyal to Hai Tian – so thats a little bit of 'yay' for everyone haha.

        BOTE only covers the Chu-Han contention, but so much more happens after Lu Zhi becomes a ruthless empress. But I totally agree that so many characters were just… ignored in the end.

  7. All I know is when I read Shang Guan Xiao Mei, I felt like weeping.That last chapter where you translated her chosing to stay in the palace.So that she could remember him there? That chapter brings such sweet pain.

  8. …My Meng Jiu. *cries a river* I was wishing on a million stars that it was not Du Chun when you previously announced that he was a candidate for the role. I guess my prayers weren’t answered. T.T As for Lu Yi playing Liu Fu Ling I can live by even though I’m not completely satisfied. Chen Xiao would’ve been perfect, he himself is perfect! But hm, judging from the cast I’m looking forward to Chen Xiao and Su Qing’s interactions the most. Let’s just hope this series will do the book some justice!

    Question! Is it still going to be Wuxia based?

  9. Angelababy don’t look that young. In her newest movie with Bosco who’s in his 30’s there’s not much apparent age gap, so Lu Yi will do fine pairing with Angelababy. Angelababy is better than YSS and I can live with Lu Yi as Liu Fu Ling.

    I’m not too sure about Du Chun though because I think Du Chun has that older look and isn’t that good looking. Why can’t YZ cast someone younger?

  10. Chen Xiao and Yang Rong did a commendable job of choosing the more challenging characters to play to challenge themselves! 😀

  11. As an actor or actress, Liu Bingyi m Huo Cheng Jun are characters w more room for expressions. I’m sure they will make good use of the chance n act it well. Good luck!

  12. Apparently Tong Hua herself said that Du Chun had the ‘aura’ she wanted for Meng Jue, ignoring the fact he is twice Meng Jue’s age. Can’t see where Tong Hua got that from.

    Wasn’t it rumoured that Yu Zheng is changing a lot? E.g. Liu Fuling will be some martial artist pushed onto the Supreme Ruler chair (reluctantly) and Yun Ge is no longer the daughter of Huo Qubing?

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