Married Stars Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Swept Up in Divorce Rumors with Lin Yun Posited as the Actress He Allegedly Cheated With

Another week another melon from C-ent and this one went fast up the search rankings for both two character named stars. A rumor spread that a top male actor with two character name is angling for a divorce due to his wife wanting a second baby and he doesn’t want to and also that he cheated on her with a top C-actress with also a two character name who previously got with a top HK actor. Netizens zeroed in on Chen Xiao, married to TW-actress Michelle Chen and the two have one son, and the affair actress it purported to be Lin Yun (Jelly Lin), who rose to fame as a Stephen Chow girl in his Mermaid movie and netizens then she dated him once. Also Chen Xiao and Lin Yun recently worked together on the C-drama A Dream of Splendor and Chen Xiao gave an interview recently where he said his wife Michelle visited him on set everyday but he had so much work during filming that it was a hassle. Welp, that’s all circulating for now I guess.

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Newlywed Wed Expectant Stars Ruby Lin and Michelle Chen Spend Quality Time with Respective Hubbies Wallace Huo and Chen Xiao

Checking in on two recently married big star couples from Chinese entertainment yields the sweetest of comfort. This week Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo were spotting on the streets of Taipei going out for a night stroll. The fan didn’t … Continue reading