Taecyeon and Gui Gui are off to an Awkward and Endearing Start in We Got Married

I had my doubts about the so-called global edition of We Got Married, which felt like a desperate ratings grab for an aging Korean variety show to tap into a wider market after the domestic audience may be bored with it. But the casting of 2PM‘s Taecyeon with his lunky good nature and Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie) with her 4D bubbly candor, that just felt like someone giving me something perfect that I never even knew to order on the menu. All the official filming stills from their honeymoon and wedding on Jeju were beyond adorable and felt staged without being artificially cloying. You know it’s all for show, but the two people involved are sincerely approaching it, which makes it all in good fun. The first two episodes have premiered thus far and it’s totally a riot. I only watch the Taecyeon and Gui Gui segment as I’m not interested in Lee Hong Ki and Fuji Mina making a go at their international marriage, but the cultural differences are really taking a backseat to how hella awkward it all is. Since I don’t watch WGM, I can’t tell if even the Korean “married couples” are this way around each other, but it elicits bucketfuls of teary mirth from me. Taecyeon and Gui Gui speak English with each other, with a smattering of Korean and hand gestures, though his English is by far way better than hers. In his interviews, he answers in English as well while she reverts to Chinese. The narration in the episodes are conveniently subtitled in English, and it’s really like a cherry on top of the awkwardness. I can’t explain other than you have to watch it to understand. This is going to be such a silly show to watch week-to-week since Taecyeon and Gui Gui have chemistry but it’s going to take time to really build the understanding and comfort level to create some sparks. Visually they are a gorgeously compatible couple, him with his dorky hotness and her with her bubbly prettiness. Yes, call me shallow, but I’m onboard with seeing two cute kids pretend to fall in love and get married. Check out a cut of episode 1 and see if they also bring the warm and fuzzies for you.

WGM Episode 1 cut of Taecyeon and Gui Gui:


Taecyeon and Gui Gui are off to an Awkward and Endearing Start in We Got Married — 39 Comments

  1. I agree, love them and hope they get over the language barrier haha
    Make sure to watch the full episodes for maximum fuzzy awkwardness haha, the ones on youtube are cut a lot

  2. Hahaha omg, I don’t even know what to think. This is so hilariously awkward and cute! I never watched WGM before, but I may have to tune in just to see their antics and growing chemistry and understanding.

    Good stuff for drama slumps, lol.

  3. Aww.. I might just start watching we got married again… they’re too cute and yeah hopefully they’ll get over the language barrier soon.

  4. Considering Taecyeon grew up in the states ( I think he is from Boston) I am not surprised he is so comfortable speaking in english. Although considering he has been speaking Korean primarily for years now its really weird hearing him speak english.

    • OMG! I thought the same thing listening to him. I’ve heard him speak a little bit of English in promos for different things and it sometimes sounded like he was struggling. This was a big (sexy) surprise. He sounds good. I wonder if he and Khun primarily communicate in English.

      • I think him and Khun speak in English mostly since I think Khun is more comfortable speaking in Thai and English than Korean (even though he is really good at Korean). I think Taecyeon immigrated to the US and spent most of his teenage years there before starting a career in Korea. But it makes sense that he might be struggling in english now since he has mostly spoken Korean for the past many years.

  5. OMG! That is so awkward that I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or look away lol. When she asked him if he was ‘happy’ to be with her – I burst out laughing. Her english isn’t great and its so cute to hear her try. Taecyeon’s english though, is really good. But I guess that’s what makes it fun. They’re kinda speaking in half korean, half english and half mandarin. LOL.

  6. I watched the show and annoyed but how she tried to be desperately cute. I think Taecyon is equally agitated especially that she seems so stupid which she is in fact really is dumb and stupid.

    • Maybe she seems “dumb and stupid” to you because her English isn’t very good, but she’s actually pretty articulate and good with her words when she speaks in Chinese. She’s known to be really playful and lively in the Chinese entertainment industry, so I don’t think she’s acting out the aegyo like most K-pop girls do nor is she pretending to be cute. I actually thought she was surprisingly independent in the relationship (like when she didn’t want him to touch her feet or her hands during ep 1). Watch some behind-the-scenes video of her and maybe your perspective would change. Just my two cents. Have a good one.

    • In Episode 1 Gui Gui irritated me coz i was not used to her acting “cute” and asking Taecyeon to buy her shoes … Taecyeon was taken aback by her too i think… but by Episode 2 I am “sold”… so is Taecyeon… she is cute & fun to be with … Due to cultural difference i am sure they will both take time to get to know each other… Yes i am bored with Korean WGM coz the couples are so pretencious… the female always act so “coy” and “innocent” almost not real ….

  7. I don’t watch WGM either
    this is my first time

    I think Taecyeon was surprised by how little english she spoke
    It was like he was overwhelmed and the first episode was really funny and awkward

    but i have faith in Gui Gui’s bubbly adorableness! I think she can break Taecyeon. XD

    Fuji Mina and Hong Ki surprisingly have a comfortable and natural chemistry and she’s sweet , super pretty and very intelligent. Hong Ki was definitely impressed.

    • To add on to your comment, i actually think she has already started ‘breaking’ Taecyeon. I think towards the end, Taecyeon got a rough idea of what and how to work with her and look after her. As for Fujii Mina and Hong Ki, all i can say is Hong Ki is super lucky. His ‘wife’ knows korean and japanese, so he can communicate with her easily. Also, their personalities match really well. Hong Ki is energetic, whilst Mina is calm and straight foward.

      • yes, I did notice how Hong Ki has a playful, childlike personality, I can’t believe he was so shy when he met her! They’re really opposites personality-wise, and it’s interesting how he said that his impression of her was that she’s fragile but it’s sweet how he said that he will be more careful and considerate of her 🙂

      • I agree with you about hongki and fuji mina, they match really well which makes it an easy and enjoyable watch and I love how playful they are.
        As for taec and gui gui… i really don’t enjoy their pairing, it feels like taec is a bit a father figure… actually they make me cringe just a bit… i like them separately taec is smexy and gui gui is cute, but together? meh

  8. These two won me over when I saw their adorable ridiculousness <3 I thought the language barrier would prevent me from enjoying the show, but now I'll have to keep on watching to see more of their antics.

  9. Even though it was awkward, instead of spending most of time watching this on my laptop and cringing, i was laughing my head off. Gui Gui seriously made my day. I loved it when she was trying to ‘persuade’ Taecyeon to buy her the shoes and then when she kept unintentionally making Taecyeon laugh. I’m super excited for the next episode 😀

  10. I must confess that this is my first time watching wgm, and it alternates between being awkward or funny. The last scene about Tacyeon saying he feels like Gui Gui’s father taking care of her, wiping her nose and supporting her when she fell; I thought that might throw a spanner into them trying to have believable romance, but Tacyeon is really gentlemanly (besides the refusal to buy her shoes which he reveals to be a pretense to surprise her later) and helpful; I can’t wait to find out how it all works out later! 🙂

  11. I’ve never watched WGM, but I found myself grinning throughout this YT cut. It’s so awkwardly cute, and it’s a little mind-bending hearing Taecyeon speak so much English.. I think I need to check out actual episodes of this ^^

  12. I love Gui Gui & Taecyeon but they were so awkward, I had to turn away from the screen when watching them lol. Mina & Hongki were a lot more comfortable. I must say I LOVE Mina’s personality as well. Smart & pretty.

      • *high fives* With Mina & Hongki, I get the older sis-young bro vibe which is totally cute & I could get behind that. But with Taec & Gui, it’s like he’s babysitting her.

  13. Have never watched WGM. I watch this because it was covered here in Koala’s Playground. I only watch Taecyon and Gui Gui segment. I changed channel when they show Fujimina and Hongki. It didn’t seem real with those two..but it was fun watching these two.

  14. They are so much better at episode 2. They are so awkward yet so cute at the same time. I was smiling the whole time watching them because of the awkwardness. It such a shame because of the language barrier they couldnt communicate much. Even though this show is fake and staged somehow i can felt their sincereness.They are genuinely trying hard to make this work and it is endearing to see their effort. Gui Gui is so adorable and fun.

  15. I have never watched this show before, but that was quite entertaining. Taecyeon’s English was surprisingly good. I don’t think Gui Gui’s was that bad, it’s obviously not as fluent but she obviously understands but has a stronger accent and is less used to speaking in English. I’m sure she’ll get more comfortable speaking English since she’ll have to do it all the time now with this show.

    If you work/live with people from different countries, her level of English is quite standard, by the sounds of what some were saying I was expecting something like we get in K-dramas where it’s so obvious that the actor/actress really doesn’t speak the language at all.

    • Yes, I find her understanding and usage of English better than the English fails in most KDramas. These aren’t English lines she’s reciting but her own thoughts and responses in English in different settings.
      Taecyeon seems to find her endearing and was willing to nicely correct some mistakes without harping on each and every one of them. Just look at the scene where they talk about their personal 10 relationship commandments.
      They are really starting to learn each others personality which is the true shortcut through the language barrier.

      • LOL GuiGui’s 10 commandments. No.9 Never fart under the blanket. OMG my stomach hurts. I almost peed on my pants. Just finished watching the 3rd ep. TaecGui r even funnier. Esp. the ‘another oppa’ part. I find Hongki and Mina super boring. They don’t really interact well, a bit show off.

  16. OMG.. both couples are actually pretty interesting… Definate like on the parings… So cute.. Wish I had a guy like Taec Oppa taking care of me to!! Gui Gui.. you are one lucky girl! 🙂

  17. I’ve watched We Got Married before but I think this takes the awkward cake with the language barrier. Yet they are so adorable together!!! Preciousssss!
    I really do wish Gui Gui’s English was more proficient because the way Taec talks to her is like babying her. Mayve Taec knows more Chinese, I feel like the burden was more on Gui Gui.

  18. I used to be so naive about the entertainment industry, especially in Asia. Then I was acquainted with behind-the-scenes realities and yes this show for instance is totally staged with participants having a bf/gf in real-life. So nope I won’t buy this “romance”.

    • i buy this romance as much as I buy a romance on a tv drama. it still get me giddy and laughing seeing their interactions.
      I love watching guigui and taecyeon together. guigui never fail to make me laugh, and she looks so comfortable despite the language difficulties and her filming in Korea instead of taiwan. I’m not holding my breath that this couple will be real, but their interactions are endearing and enjoyable nevertheless.

  19. ohhh wow! This is super awkward. hahaaaaa. I do think Mina is very charismatic and likable… I’d rather they’d have paired Taec with Mina. Their chemistry could’ve been hot and simmering as opposed to cute.

  20. I love watching WGM Global because of Gui Gui. She´s so funny, quirky and absolutely adorable. But yeah I see that Taec and her are so different in personalities etc. He probably has never met a girl with personality like Gui Gui before. But I enjoy watching it, it´s fun and entertaining.

    I don´t expect them to turn real or anything, I´m just enjoying the funny and adorable scenes 🙂

  21. I haven’t watched the ep yet but after reading the comments, I would just like to say I’m sure Gui Gui isn’t acting cute! In a behind-the-scenes clip from Pi Li MIT (Taiwanese show) the boys (Arron Yan & Xiao Gui) pretend to be mad at her on April Fools’ Day and she gets really upset and runs out into the rain to cry. When the silly boys get alarmed and reveal it’s a prank, she actually BITES Xiao Gui’s hand as revenge. And then a few moments later she can’t resist smiling. That sums her up: she’s innocent, childlike and good-natured, but she’s also independent and can get fierce too. And she says the darndest things on Taiwanese variety TV haha.

  22. well i hav to admit that gui gui z super adorable n may b because of her playfulness i truly njoy their segment. it seems like as if she z a ball of energy n happiness in his life.!
    whereas mina z truly bful n smart n this might hav bowled over hongki’s heart completely.

  23. Wow. This post was from 3 months ago. It ended last week and I still can’t accept it.(hence why I’ve been digging up articles or posts about TaecGui) They are too cute. And they’ve really come a long way from their first meeting. Guigui crying on the last episode (and even BTS) made me cry so much, she wasn’t just acting, she was really sad because she’s leaving a lot behind. I’ll continue shipping this couple~~~

  24. I really love 2 of u , u always make me happy and laugh and also sad when u make the emotion to each other ! Taecyeon is always handsome and cute for me and GUI GUI is always cute and like talking joke with Taecyeon ! I think I always be your fan forever!:)

  25. I watched this couple recently. And I think that they have very different personalities. From the beginning when they met, I could Taecyeon was thinking in his head,”What the hell is up with this girl”. And GuiGui was just so star struck by Taec that her excitement was way too much for him. She is very childish and playful. Whereas he is more quirky but stiff/stale. But they ended up being able to work on this show together like professionals and give viewers one of the most akward-cutest WGM couples.

    • I watch this couple (Taecyeon and Gui Gui) — Gui Gui mean Quy (Devil)
      no wonder that is her nich name. At first I think she is so childish but once I kept on watch 15 ep over and over again. I found that she has a vivacious and charismatic personality, while Taecyeon more opposite from her. This is what we call opposite attraction.

      Without her this entire shows would not be fun to watch. They used English and body language to communicate to each other.

      I love when they went to that coffee shop and Taecyeon explained to her how to release stree while drinking coffee and smashed the cookies.

      as a couple we should open up how we feel and we are angry, sad even frustred as each other. Because the language barrier or we could not exress our feeling to our partner. I love the last ep when their went to their seperate away. He does not want anyone to get hurt. It was nice of him to her last present and cheer her up. All the staffs was cried. she gave each staff a Tshirt to wear on the last work day. I really enjoy their show.

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