Lee Jun Ki Makes Happy Camp Appearance and Meets Chen Xiang and Chen Xiao

I think the producers of Chinese top-rated variety show Happy Camp must’ve been on some happy pills and decided to make lots of fan fiction come true last week. Top Hallyu star Lee Jun Ki made his first appearance on the show despite being one of the biggest Korean stars in China even before he enlisted in the army 3 years ago. Jun Ki, who is nowhere as fluent in Chinese as his My Girl co-star Lee Da Hae (who did the show without a translator and even cracked jokes with the hosts), showed off some Chinese phrases but mostly unleashed his awesome personality by being a great sport, participating in one silly stunt or skit after another, and generally giving it his all from beginning to end. The fan fiction I mentioned came in the form of the other guests on this particular episode. Jun Ki got to meet his dongsaeng doppleganger singer-actor Chen Xiang, who is currently filming the Bu Bu Jing Xin sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu and isn’t new to hanging out with Korean stars since he was the lead in the web-drama Secret Angel with Kim So Eun and Jang Woo Hyuk. There are a few male stars that look like Jun Ki (when Yoon Si Yoon first debuted he was a total Jun Ki-lite), but I think Chen Xiang wins the most-lookalike award hands down. The hosts obviously thought so as well and the two performed a number and then adorably interacted afterwards. Next came Jun Ki meeting the cast of the hottest C-drama airing right now Legend of Lu Zhen, and he did a PK with male lead Chen Xiao and the other young actors to see who was the most beautiful cross-dresser of them all. The PK came about because Jun Ki cross-dressed fabulously in The King and the Clown while Chen Xiao brought the dazzle with his cross-dressing performance in the second half of The Swordsman. This was a fantastic episode of Happy Camp so check it out below.

Jun Ki and Chen Xiao rocking the guyliner and ladies wear – I call this one a tie.

Jun Ki Happy Camp Preview:

Jun Ki Happy Camp Full Episode:


Lee Jun Ki Makes Happy Camp Appearance and Meets Chen Xiang and Chen Xiao — 14 Comments

  1. Lee Junkiiiiiiiii. So adorable! A sidenote, I didn’t know Lee Da Hae spoke Mandarin, then did a youtube search and was very impressed!

  2. Ah, what can I say. Your post on the Legend of Lu Zhen had me checking the drama out. Although I don’t really dig dramas that revolves around palace schemes, this drama is worth checking out, especially for Chen Xiao. I confess I am not watching b/c of the storyline but purely only for Chen Xiao, LiYing, and Kimi 🙂

  3. OMG
    That audience must have thought they were dreaming.
    I would have been one of those staring opened mouthed looking from one nice fact to another.

  4. Talking abt doppleganger, I realise that Roy Qiu looks like Hideaki Takizawa…am I wrong?

    And I recall that Angeliciw who acted in The EYE looks like one Korean actress..I cant remember the name!

  5. Chen Xiang & Lee Junki! Super alike to me!
    And I think this is not only their faces, but more about their characteristics.

    Qiao Ren Liang…..Mmmm,his makeup was too heavy(smoky eyes…+_+), but as cute as always.

  6. P.S.
    Chen Xiang was being so cute! Here shows the translation of his marker pen hand-writting in the CD cover, which he gave it as a gift to Lee Junki: “Junki oppa, be happy everyday! 🙂 by Xiang”

    So funny and so cute XDD

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