The Handsome Boys of King Flower Go Rock Climbing As Filming Wraps

Being addicted to Terry King Flower is so frustrating because it’s like trying to train a beloved puppy to shake hands. You keep pointing to the paw and saying shake, and sometimes the pooch wags his tail, other times it cocks the head, and sometimes it licks your face. That all good and cute, really very very cute, but that’s not what I want. I want the darn thing to shake hands, and it stubbornly or cluelessly refuses. I’m a pretty obstinate person when I start something and in this case I have to know how it’ll all end. Turns out the filming wrap photo by the river that James Wen posted two days ago wasn’t his final scene, the last scene filmed for the drama involved James, Chris Wu, and Chao Chun Ya at the indoor rock climbing facility that showed up once in episode 2 when Terry took Liang Yen to meet Qin Mo. First of all – Guan Jun is rocking climbing with Terry and Qin Mo? So that means rivals in love Terry and Guan Jun are on good terms? How is that even possible? My head hurts.

Mad doctor Qin Mo making an entrance to wrap up the show is a welcomed return, since he’s been the driving force behind the extravagant adventure in the first told. He was the one who encourage Terry to take Liang Yen climbing, he was the one who concocted the substitute princess plan, and he was the one who did the plastic surgery on Da Hua. All in all, he needs to come by and wave his magic wand and GIVE MY TERRY A HAPPY ENDING! The press was there for the filming of this final scene and interviewed the three hot male leads of KF. I loved learning that Chris calls the older James “Sheng Hao Ge” (Big Brother Sheng Hao – James’ Chinese name is Wen Sheng Hao), which goes to show how close the cast got on the set and how they probably are laughing at all the fans hatred for Guan Jun and love for Terry because in RL they are all pals. Chao Chun Ya confessed he was the weakest climber and James joked about not knowing why his character was here. I also don’t know why your character exists in this drama or any drama, James, but I applaud your professionalism and positive spirit.

I noticed that James Wen has a totally different hairstyle in this scene. I bet there is a time jump coming up. Good or bad for us Terry loving hearts, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The boys climbing the wall:

Male leads interview at the final scene for KF:

So Chao Chun Ya ignited a firestorm of controversy (and SETTV probably put him in a time out) when in his picture posted on his Weibo about the wrap of KF filming, he included a page from the script. It wasn’t just any old page – the dialogue reads Guan Jun running around looking for Da Hua, Da Hua running through the streets wearing a wedding dress, and Xiao Fei telling Da Hua that Guan Jun was just pretending to date her to give Da Hua up to Ouyang Tai and he still loved Da Hua so she can’t marry Ouyang Tai.

Of course fans shit a brick about this (so Terry was the groom but Da Hua runs off at their wedding? I will kill SETTV if that happens) and everyone said they weren’t watching anyone with this stupid ass ending – runaway bride PLUS going back to Lin Guan Jun? What shit is this? The moderator of the King Flower Official FB page actually had to make a statement that this script page was NOT the ending of the drama and there was more to come, telling fans that the ending was highly unexpected. Chao Chun Ya then posted a update on his Weibo telling fans that this leaked page was not the ending and the ending was really exciting and to please keep watching.

I……give up on having a coherent thought process about this drama anymore. It’s sole existence is to plague me.


The Handsome Boys of King Flower Go Rock Climbing As Filming Wraps — 24 Comments

    • I noticed that….! It made me laugh so much. I think he heard we were lusting after his broad shoulders and he’s playing coy.

      • I think him leading a drama in the future may not be so far. From what koala’s been saying, everyone and their mothers has fallen in love with Terry and Chris Wu’s acting and I think this really boosted his popularity and his worth as an actor. Him being the male lead might be sooner than we think (and I’m crossing my fingers that he works with Nikki again and we see more of their chemistry ♥)

  1. Omg, all the teasers about the ending and who she eventually will end up with is driving me crazy! can we get a clear sign that it WILL be Terry.

  2. James should only play sophisticated urbane characters. Chris Wu with his tiny imp face reminds me of another fav Taiwanese actor Ivy Chen. I kind of like the actor who plays the doctor. He was good in the Roy Qu drama that I never finished. The OTP just didn’t work for me. She actually looked better with the doctor actor.

    • I know right! Miss Rose started out good but then dragged forever somewhere in the middle and as much as I like Roy Qiu, I did like the doctor with Megan Lai (but then he got all evil and stuff at the end, poop)

  3. I think they were more cruel to Chris Wu in this drama than in Autumn Concerto!!! They gave him more time alone wt Da Hua to make him fall in love and then they don’t give him the girl. Da Hua doesn’t have any kind of chemistry with Guan Jun. They are really like brother and sister. Go Team Terry!!!!!

  4. If it’s highly unexpected then it could mean anything.


    1. Liang Yen wakes up and realizes that she dreamt this all up while she was unconscious in the hospital.

    2. She doesn’t choose anyone

    3. She dies too and the men bond over her death and go rock-climbing.

    • I would love it if it all turned out to be Liang Yen’s dream – I am really tired of Da Hua’s brainless behavior, and I think Terry deserves someone who unreservedly loves him back, someone who is clever and determined yet sweet. They killed off his first, best love and now he’s gallantly trying to make lemonade out of lemons but the lemon keeps running off with the grapefruit. Or something. I think this show is making me lose brain cells.

      • I am also thinking that the writers might pull the the dream card as well. Hence, the possible double wedding pictures and the fact that the guy who plays the plastic surgeon posted a picture of his surgical tools after filming.

        That would be a total cop out, but expect the unexpected from these moronic writers.

  5. Just realized. If indeed there’s a time jump and the men are all buddy-buddy then that means this rock-climbing scene would happen after DH has made her choice. If that’s the case, we should inspect their hands for a ring!

  6. Ok – if GJ actually in the scene though? I know he is climbing too but I got the feeling James was only there for promotional purposes since it’s a wrap up? I don’t know for sure, but it kinda seems like it. That’s why he said that he didn’t know why he was there. LOL It seems like the actual scene is just Terry and QM climbing. Hehe… I love how James kept referring to Chris by his actual name instead of his character’s name Terry when talking about the characters. LOL

    Back to really really gonna miss Chris onscreen every week. 🙁

    and James needs a better character!!

  7. Thank you fans!! We need to be more vocal abut Terry’s happy ending. If they lie to us…I will boycott all Taiwanese dramas in the future unless Chris Wu is the definitive lead. This whole ending thing is confusing the hell out of me. I hope Da Hua realizes she does love Terry more and Guan Jun becomes the bigger guy and lets the two OTP get together and he’s content just being her older brother. That’s the only way Terry/Guan Jun rock climbing can occur unless the writer is a wuss has a time jump and Terry “accepts” Da Hua’s decision which would be bull…lol.

  8. Ms Koala.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing KF.
    Now as a real life persona,can I seriously suggest you get your blood pressure checked.I’ve never read you like this for 2 years. Then I’ve never experienced an idiotic station like SSETV .Don’t tell me in all of Taiwan there is no rich person,Chairman’s daughter or wife.Ajumma on the street even.
    To go and shake the answer out of the writer,director or crew?

  9. I hope Da Hua does run after Guan Jun to clear the air. But then promptly returns to Terry and her wedding. :3

  10. … what…. Oh sorry I was having thoughts about squeezing Chris ass while his hanging on a rope. Sorry Sista Okoala gotta go back and read your post.

  11. I admit I’m a perv (often), but am I the one who got distracted by James Wen’s lower half on that first photo? That being said….

    Terry better get the girl or I’m just going to have to fly 9500 miles (one way) over to b*tch-slap the writers.

  12. just finished watching Episode 18 (unsubbed) and though i didn’t understand a lot, I think my heart is finally given up. Too many feelings are invested and I feel like it’s just a waste now if you watch the preview for Ep. 19… makes me feel like everyone is stupid in this show, even our Terry for just continuing liking the ever undecisive Da Hua and not even going to mention Guan Jun.

    Just ready for this drama to be over with now :\

    • I have given up on it as well. The writers seem to be pushing for a DH/Guan Jun relationship no matter what the viewers think. My guess is that they had no clue DH and Terry would have awesome chemistry, but that they are still going to stick to their original ending. My evidence for that is that they are slowly trying to make the viewers believe that Guan Jun is a good guy for “giving up” on DH and letting her be with Terry despite the face that DH has said about 100 times that she wants to be with Guan Jun.

      At this point, I really don’t even care. Terry is too good for DH and I hope she spends the rest of her life with that self-absorbed douche Guan Jun. I wish in episode 18 that Terry would just leave her life and let that stupid girl face her own problems instead of coming through to save her each time.

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