Ariel Lin and Kim Bum Go for Round Two for the Echitoo Summer 2013 Collection

What a difference six-months makes. Either that or chemistry really is that elusive that it can come and go as its pleases even between the same two people. With the proliferation of cross-country projects ranging from acting (such as Lee Da Hae in Love Actually with Joe Cheng) to variety (Gui Gui paired with Taecyeon for We Got Married: Global Edition), the easiest to pull off is a endorsement campaign together. I still remember the randomness of Yoon Eun Hye doing a cell phone campaign in China with Ethan Ruan, especially since neither are them are Mainland Chinese! Same goes here for Chinese clothing brand Echitoo, which has selected top TW-actress Ariel Lin with rising Korean actorbor both its Fall/Winter 2012 collection and now they are back for the Spring/Summer 2013 batch of clothes. I seriously LOVED their Fall/Winter spread, the pictures were fantastic, the clothes looked great on them, and the best part was they had tons of electric chemistry. It was evident in the stills and even more evident in the BTS video of the photo shoot. I was the first to start a call for them to do a drama together, but now I’m not so sure. I can’t pinpoint what went wrong, but these new pictures give off an awkward noona-dongsaeng vibe that wasn’t there before. I also dislike the photography in his spread, its so bright and gaudy all of a sudden. I think back to Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy doing multiple season ad campaigns for Bean Pole and I continue to love each new incarnation despite it all being different and refreshing. Those two keep that amazing chemistry going on three years now, which really is quite a feat come to think of it. Oh wells, better luck next time Ariel and Bummie! I’ll consider this a good effort but a total miss.

Eichitoo Summer 2013 BTS:


Ariel Lin and Kim Bum Go for Round Two for the Echitoo Summer 2013 Collection — 21 Comments

  1. I think they still look absolutely awesome together. Ariel looks gorgeous! Love the clothing and adore the colourfulness. Not so fond of Kim Bum but they look adorable!

  2. Am I the only one here who thinks that Ariel Lin is way too skinny? I simply cannot understand this “tendency” of being so skinny that even size 0 clothes look large on you. Really, what’s the deal? She is so so pretty, no comment on that, but just looking at these pictures makes me wonder whether she has been fasting for several months or if she is just depriving herself of food on purpose. Or, even worse, if she is anorexic. Anyways, even though both of them are really cute, I admit that the chemistry is a no-show. Can’t wait to see Bummie on Goddess of Fire. And girl, eat a sandwich, not a salad.

    • No, it bothers me as well because I know that if they look skinny for the camera, they must be positively skeletal in real life. That blue shirt that shows the sharp delineation of her collarbone is the one I find most troubling.
      As for their chemistry, I think it is a victim of the bright, perky/young vibe they are obviously going for in this shoot. The energy is all outward-directed, they are never looking at one another (at least one of them is always interacting with the camera) and the physical contact is minimal and casual.

      • and yes, Ariel’s way too skinny arms in the third pic…. she’s always been lean the past few times I’ve seen her pics, but now she’s just too skinny, and her heels look like they could break her twig-like legs… take care of yourself, Ariel! 🙂

    • Ariel Lin is lean, but she’s not THAT thin IRL. The pictures in the spread went through image editing, especially that top pic in which she looks like a plastic Barbie Doll one century ago.

  3. You’re absolutely right about the noona-dongsaeng vibe. I reckon it’s caused by his combination of red hair, bright clothes and bright make-up. All those make him look really young. In the Fall/Winter spread, he had dark hair and a bit of smoky eyes plus the clothes were mostly dark colored so he was able to pull off a more matured look.

  4. I think it’s the photoshop on this – there’s so much that it feels like I’m looking at mannequins rather than people. The weird, plastic-y shininess to Ariel’s legs and arms is really unappealing.

  5. Too skinny? Really?? I don’t really think so. I think its alright, a lot of other celebrities are way skinnier than she is… SNSD…I’d be happy if I was as skinny as her…

  6. I agree. I LOVED everything about the Fall/Winter collection, but I don’t like a lot of the colors and designs for the Summer collection, and the chemistry just isn’t there. They both look kind of fake and stiff, and the Photoshop is ridiculous. Man, and I was so excited to see more after the Fall/Winter pics came out 🙁

  7. Looks to me like their mismatching styles (both clothing and make-up/hair) are the obvious goat to pass the blame on to.

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