The OTP Romance in Gu Family Book Heats Up with a Stirring Back Hug

My Mon-Tues are rather quiet now that I’ve dropped Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. Forget life being too short for bad dramas, life’s too precious to watch something so utterly aggravating it might cause me to have a brain aneurysm. Gu Family Book isn’t much better but at least its stayed consistent with its shortcomings. It’s also ramped up the romance and since I love Lee Seung Gi and Suzy even if I don’t necessary love them here, I’m just compelled to collect pretty new stills to coo over them outside of the context of whether their romance is narratively well-developed. I actually think it is, there are just little bits of disconnect here and there that sometimes cause a distraction. I watched the much discussed kiss between Kang Chi and Yeol Wool in episode 17 and my verdict is that its better than I expected but way too clunky and technique-driven to convey any passion. It was a facsimile of a passionate kiss with some lip moving, some clutching, and nice head tilts. But the PD over-directed that sucker to the nth degree, and I could feel Seung Gi and Suzy acting as opposed to being carried away by the kiss. Actors are human beings who feel physical and emotional attraction like we all do, and even when they are acting they can actually get genuinely swept up by a moment. That often happens in very potent kiss scenes even if the actors aren’t secretly hooking up, just the act of kissing a very attractive co-star can be tantalizing. Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won‘s refrigerator kiss in episode 6 of The King 2 Hearts far and away blows this kiss out of the water, because that was a simply filmed moment of such raw chemistry it sent pheromones through the screen. I don’t necessarily think this scene in GFB required that type of attraction, but merely pointing out that some kisses are magically better than others. This one isn’t bad, and I’m hoping this is just a prelude to more and better kisses to come.


The OTP Romance in Gu Family Book Heats Up with a Stirring Back Hug — 29 Comments

  1. thanks for the latest update. you are spot on, let’s hope that this is prelude to more and better ones to come… yay!

  2. I did enjoy the kiss. It was better than I expected. Even though it didn’t have natural chemistry at least eyes closed and lips moved, and the 2nd kiss was better. I’d still say it was the best piece of acting Suzy’s done in this, of course, that’s not saying much. But I will admit that LSG is getting better as the show progresses. I was really disappointed at the start to see how much he had regressed since King2Hearts, where he was perfect, but he’s gotten better. I’m just going to chock it up to the writing and the directing and say that given good material again (and maybe a costar that can act) he’ll act well again.

  3. I think Suzy is still too weak and doesn’t have enough experience to be a leading lady.
    She’s charming but she lacks depth, Lee Yoo Bi on the other hand surprised me.
    Give her time to mature and she could turn out okay, right now I think she needs so much guidance and she might have been a bit too young for Seung Gi as a love interest.

    • Hello Jenny,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you on Lee Yoo Bi who surprised me and impressed me as well (considering that this is her 2nd role only). I also think that she has/had better chemistry with LSG than Suzy does. Yes, Suzy is charming, and at times I see more of a little sister/older brother (senior in the industry) kind of relationship between the two, and I do appreciate that Suzy seems to be comfortable around LSG, which can only help. I do feel as you do that she is a bit young for LSG (as a love interest), though her youth looking appearance reflects the age the heroine might be (because she does look quite young, and I am assuming the heroine to be younger than KC, who I am assuming has not turned 20 yet. So YW would be What? 19, 18, 17? Hopefully, not younger than that).

  4. Koala, you were spot on regarding the gfb kisses, I felt exactly the same about the gfb kisses, it was too technical and too over-directed. I read that the filming of the kiss scenes took 7 hours.
    The TK2H fridge kiss was way more natural and the chemistry unbeatable… subtle caresses and head tilts, slight open mouths and lips movement, sweet yet sensuous. Definitely can see LSG swept up in that kiss.

    • LOL, HJW was swept away too, in the BTS her face was so flushed, I was thinking she really did look drunk, she almost licked her lips as if ummmm this is good. Ha

      Suzy is not SG’s type at all and yes too young to be his love interest, and I am sure that him being the gentleman and kind of guy he is kissing scenes are probably uncomfortable with her, no one would convince me he would enjoy it. but the editing/directing etc.. was a bit much.

      As far as his acting I do not see how anyone could have a complaint, I think he is awesome. I wish they would lay off the love line a bit and work on the other issues and have some major conflicts so that he can be used to his potential.
      After seeing him in such a mature role, I just dont think people can accept him playing this type of role, and with a too young female lead who cannot act on par with him and the rest of the cast.

  5. you know koala, for someone who claims that life is too short to keep watching bad dramas, you spend an awfull amount of time talking and seeing things about GFM which you seem to dislike so much, as all you do is to complain about it and say how unworthy of your viweing pleasure it is.

    and yet, here we are again.

    • Umm I think Koala should be able to express what she thinks here, don’t you? Afteralll this is her blog. Besides, if a blogger cannot assert her feelings about a drama (positive or negative) why write about it? We the readers will then have one less blogger who does not kowtow to everyone’s whim. That would be too sad because I love reading a blog that give depth, makes me think, and on top of that very funny. Furthermore, I think she was referring to JOJ not GFB. I could not warm up to JOJ so after watching 6 eps I dropped it. GFB narratively has issues but I stuck to it for the love of LSG, Suzy too but not her acting. Oh not to forger my new found admiration for Choi Jin Hyuk *fans self* So just as you are free to like GFB, Koala can dislike the drama but still admire the actors in it.

  6. I loved the kiss, but ended up loving the backhug and what followed more. It was more emotional and relevant to the story and the couple and Kangchi is so freaking sweet. I need me a half gumiho boyfriend.

    • Me too! I liked the backhug more. It was a sign of maturity in relationship, wasn’t it?
      I need me more chocolate snatchers!

  7. Well, Koala, we get it, you really dislike this drama and stopped watching it, but it seems you need to bash it everytime You mention it or compare it to every drama that is alike.

    But you also enjoyed and loved your share of crap dramas (which you told they were crap but somehow had some unique factor you liked to created to excuse your love for it), and was very defensive when someone talked bad about it – so I don’t know what is this about…

    Yes, your blog, you comment what you want, but as someone who enjoy your other posts, I have to say your bashing/hate for GFB and mocking its fans is getting tiring. You can dislike the dramas you want, but please stop mocking the fans who enjoy it. It is like saying people who watched King flower were just brainless people who don’t have good judgment and no time to waste on something better. (btw I watched and enjoyed KF)

    • I’m genuinely baffled. What did I write that made you think I was bashing the drama or the people who like it? And when have I gotten defensive in response to anyone who doesn’t like a drama that I happen to like? Please direct me to such posts and/or statements, because otherwise you are making a spurious claim that I can hardly respond to.

      • @lu: please, don’t bring anythingg too much into heart. I watchbGFB and enjoy it, but this is mrs.k blog, so it’s up to her what to say. I can read here, and I don’t need to agreewith all of she says, if I’m get annoyed, I just skip the comments 🙂 just be wise
        @ms. K: i just watch the kiss, and I have the same opinion with you, though I’m honestly say that is better than expected, but yeaaa… the directing ruin it.
        Btw, ms.K , anything wrong in my post, or ur blog? cuz I can’t comment using a mobile phone, it says me as spam. I remember in one post that you say you enjoy the comments and discussion, so I think it maybe the blog. Just want to notice you about this. Thank you 🙂

    • I would dismiss your comment, except for the part where you said Koala was “mocking its fans who enjoy it”
      When did she ever “mock” the fans of GFB? I think you may be overly sensitive, quite defensive, or over-analyzing her posts on GFB. There were no opinions made on the viewers who watched it. If i remember correctly, the posts were made on GFB and only things related to GFB, the show.
      I have been silently following GFB, and laugh at posts koala posts related to GFB because its true. there are glaring flaws. I learn to enjoy a show all the while accepting its weaknesses.
      Im going to admit that there are many times where i dont agree with Koala and think that im going to break up with her blog (lol what kind of relationship did we have in the first place?) but somehow i always find my way back to her blog because lets face it, she posts alot of squeel-worthy news and even the little stuff that might not be as important to the majority but still important to me. Appreciate the blogger for the juicy reports, and scroll past the reports you don’t agree with. Simple as that.

  8. I’ve watched cut scenes from mbcdrama in youtube as whoever is behind it is posting the best scenes, bless her/ him. The acting of LSG is really different from K2H which I really really love. Maybe it’s the director? Or is it because it’s sageuk? I also feel that he’s acting unlike in that other drama where he was just so damned natural that I think could prostrate before him any time and call him “cheona!”. Well, I love the guy just the same so I’ll probably watch this drama eventually. Well, Suzy is just so likeable too. So, there you go, another proof that dramas largely depend on the actors’ popularity…

  9. I think the the GFB kiss is alright. It just does not have the natural and raw chemistry like the fridge kiss. LSG’s acting is so much better in K2H although I also enjoy GFB.I think it’s the HJW factor. Can you imagine how it would be if HJW and LSG were of the same age when they did that kiss? OMG.I think Suzy is too young and need more acting lessons.As they always say HJW always brings out the best of her screen partner.How does she do it? That’s the million dollar question.

    • I don’t think HJW is the reason LSG acted well in TK2H because most of my favorite scenes in TK2H aren’t involved her, they are scenes with Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Se Moon, if we want to credit anyone, that’s PD Lee Jae Kyu who brings out the best of LSG, not her.

    • are you kidding? HJW’s acting in TK2H was really suck .It’s too overacting that caused many people dropped the drama.

      • Is that why she was the korean actress nominated at last Seoul International award?

  10. AH. well in all honesty, i don’t think it’s completely fair to really compare K2H’s kiss and GFB’s kiss storywise. They’re both completely different genres and the characters are also so very different.

    I for one enjoyed both kiss scenes, but mainly only cuz I was/am enjoying both dramas. I was invested in the K2H OTP so of course I felt that their kiss was amazing when I watched it.

    Same for GFB. I love the OTP there too, so yes, I and many fans of the drama DID feel that it was passionate. And a major moment.

    So it actually SHOWED a them kissing deeply for an extended period of time. They might have been directed more technically, but that doesn’t negate the meaning or feel of the kiss.

    Just like the K2H kiss ran along the lines of a little less is more. A little more can also mean more. And in terms of a fan of kdramas for many years, that was seriously a very satisfying kiss just cuz so many others are often too short. It felt like a gift from the director and writer for teasing viewers so long.

    K2H was definitely a great drama. But as a fan of LSG, I would hope that he would not always be held against the backdrop of the character of JH. JH and KC are completely different people with different beliefs. JH was more disillusioned and fazed by life who needed to trust, grow up, and accept his position as a leader. While KC is a bit more dense but all heart on his shoulder seeking for place to belong in the world. For me, it wasn’t necessarily the fact that you voice your dislike GFB that bothered me (I’ve hated so many other dramas that others have raved about for a variety of reasons), but the constant comparison to K2H just seems unfair in some way. But that might just be me I guess.

    But I also respect your opinion and see where you’re coming from. Just sharing my own thoughts.

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