MBC 2013 Year End Drama Awards

MBC started off the year end awards show circuit first among the three big networks but being fast doesn’t necessarily mean it got its act together. This network had the shakiest offerings all year in both ratings and quality and in hindsight it had only two dramas worth remembering in Two Weeks and Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident. But the biggest winners came from the drama Gu Family Book, with Lee Seung Gi co-hosting with Han Ji Hye and bagging an acting award, popularity award, and best couple award with co-star Suzy. I’m sure MBC would have found a way to give him more awards if he could carry more home. The silver lining was seeing one of my favorite couples Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won at the same event and on the same stage when she joined him to also receive a popularity award. Other than GFB, Empress Ki and Hundred Year Inheritance both walked away with lots of bling for its main cast. I almost died laughing when the best writing prizes went to the writers of those two dramas, one famous for being ridiculously makjang and the other drama that has only aired a third of its long run.

Hundred Year Inheritance also won best drama of the year so the excuse me for the snorts of derision. A bunch of A-listers didn’t attend this year despite having headlining dramas on MBC such as Moon Geun Young, Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Jun Ki since their dramas didn’t so so well so no goodie prizes for them. I watch this for the fashion and this year eschewed the basic black dresses for the ladies and instead Winter white was the color of the night. I actually didn’t like any of the myriad of white dresses, even the one worn by the usually flawless Ha Ji Won, but I did love both Lee Yoo Bi‘s playful and young short red strapless dress and UEE‘s silver peekaboo short mini dress. I normally don’t like short dresses but those two stood out in a good way. The men were all fine but there seemed to be a plethora of velvet and brocade suits, begging the question as to whether its a fashion trend or just thicker material so the guys can stay warmer. I swear these year end fetes would be way more fun if it went the Golden Globes route with food and alcohol on the table. I wish I could be happier that my beloved Ha Ji Won won the Daesang for Empress Ki but I serious can’t get behind giving the award to a role in a drama that is far from finished. I’ll it this as payback for the snubs against both her and Seung Gi for The King 2 Hearts.

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