Vanness Wu Drops Second Catchy Single “Marry Me” as the Perfect Summer Wedding Theme Song

I’m not sure how Vanness Wu is doing this, but the man is literally blowing me away time and again. As an actor he continues to improve, even if he’s not really ever going to reach thespian status, I can see his effort and hard work yielding results. Compare him in Material Queen (first half of the drama before the story went crazy) to his earlier works such as Meteor Garden and Peach Girl and it’s night and day. I actually liked him in Autumn’s Concerto but it wasn’t anything to write home about. I feel like he needs a really good director to guide him and hopefully his next acting gig will continue his improvement. Last week he dropped his new full album Different Man with the first title track “Different Man” already a smash dance hit. I really liked that song but dubstep dance hits aren’t exactly my first musical love. I downloaded his album but didn’t get around to listening through all the tracks when the second single dropped this week called “Marry Me” (the Chinese title is “A Little Wedding”) and I literally gasped out loud because if I thought Vanness was turning into a Chinese Justin Timberlake in his musical style and falsetto performances, this song sealed the deal. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is soooooo cute and fun and the MV is beyond adorable. I guarantee this is the new wedding anthem for the Summer of 2013 for all the cool couples to play at their wedding banquet. Of course Vanness has come out and said that this song was written for his long time girlfriend Arissa, as well as dedicated to all the couples looking to tie the knot. I couldn’t think of a better dedication that this breezy and happy melodic romp through a man asking a woman to marry him. Looks like the rumors that he’s tying the knot soon with his girlfriend is looking more and more likely what with all this public displays of affection.

Official MV for “Marry Me”:

Click here to download the album for Different Man (uploaded .rar file).

Sorry the last download link for Bii’s album seemed to cause problems because folks were clicking on the wrong download button on the site. Uploaded is self-explanatory and should be fool-proof.

Track List:

01 – V.A.N.N.E.S.S Intro
02 – 趁愛打劫 (Love Robbery)
03 – 愛里面 (Feat. Enik Lin) (Inside Love)
04 – Different Man
05 – Love Overtime
06 – 讓我更愛我 (Let Me Love Myself More)
07 – 真的明白 (Really Understand)
08 – 你怎么知道 (How Do You Know)
09 – 改裝 (Change Outfits)
10 – Lov3
11 – 小婚禮 (Marry Me, i.e. Little Wedding)
12 – V.A.N.N.E.S.S Outro


Vanness Wu Drops Second Catchy Single “Marry Me” as the Perfect Summer Wedding Theme Song — 17 Comments

    • I am! Heard this song off the radio and then I saw this post. Was wondering if there’ll be any mention of the song being a remake…but no. So, was it intentional, or….?

  1. I definitely foresee this song as the background music for plenty of wedding MVs this year…it’s upbeat and “happy” – just the thing for weddings.

    On the other hand, who designs his image? Damn he looks fine in this MV and the last. Handsome and dapper without overdoing it for dramatic effect.

  2. 🙂 Nice song. I definitely got the Justin Bieber vibe from this song… more than JT, although a little JT. In any case, he definitely wasn’t my fave F4 when he came out on the scene. I think it was really his hair that did it in for me in the beginning. But over the years, he has definitely grown on me. I like the improvement that he has shown. This is a very cute song too. 🙂

  3. Oh, Cap K., the song is so nice. He dances wells. Thanks. To bad, if you were to give me this song a dozen years ago, I could’ve used this song as a wedding theme song.

  4. That’s a catchy song indeed although I don’t dig the teddy bears much – way too corny and childish to my liking. Wishing him nothing but happiness. 🙂

  5. Hey Miss K! I was wondering where you get all your music news / music. So many Chinese music sites have been blocked lately :/

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