Fast and Fun Second Trailer for Goddess of Marriage Ramps Up the Excitement

The upcoming weekend family drama Goddess of Marriage is finally releasing substantive material about its subject matter and tone and I’m getting more and more excited the more I see. The network finally released the script reading stills from last month and its such sprawling cast. This is one of the most fun casts I’ve seen in awhile. Aside from leads Nam Sang Mi, Lee Sang Woo and Kim Ji Hoon, I actually love the supporting cast just as much because of the sheer talent involved with great comedic chops and the range for nuanced melodrama. Jo Min Soo, who plays Nam Sang Mi’s older sister, makes me laugh and cringe at her trying to balance being a super woman working mom, and her marriage with kind and meek husband Kwon Hae Hyo likely the one played for laughs the most. Lee Tae Ran, who is married to Kim Jung Tae who is Kim Ji Hoon’s older brother, seems to have the worst marriage as she finds her husband in bed with a floozy and he doesn’t even seem remorseful about it. Ugh, I love Kim Jung Tae’s great acting range so he’s going to deliver the easiest to hate version of the asshole cheating husband. The third couple of Jang Young Nam and Jung Young Sung have this hilarious give-and-take where she tries so hard to be a good wife to his exacting standards. The scene where he asked his family if they spoke English made me LOL. I’m a little concerned about the love triangle in this drama – I make no bones that I love Kim Ji Hoon and want him to get the girl over Lee Sang Woo, who I also like but just not as much, but I’m finding Kim Ji Hoon a bit to shouty here. I read that Nam Sang Mi is engaged to him, or will get engaged to him, but it appears that her love story is going to develop more with Lee Sang Woo. The scenes where they are on a date in Jeju and where she falls asleep on his shoulder are quite lovely. I’m dispassionate enough of a viewer that I can usually distance the actor from the character so I’ll reserve my shipping for the male lead character that captures my fancy the most.

Second trailer for Goddess of Marriage:


Fast and Fun Second Trailer for Goddess of Marriage Ramps Up the Excitement — 13 Comments

  1. Why do I have a feeling that LSW will get the girl at the end. His character looks more interesting than KJH’s character.

  2. It’s too early to say, since we have only seen stills and a short picture,
    I will not be unbiased. 🙂

    Here’s hoping they lead us through all the way to the last episode still guessing.
    With two gorgeous leads like this, it would be a crime if they didn’t.

  3. I’m rooting KJH. He looks super gorgeous in business suit. Another role of lawyer/prosecutor. He did so well as a lawyer in StarbFalling From the Sky and Love & Marriage.

  4. I hope that they are able to keep the comedic tone from beginning to end. Looks good. I would say that with two gorgeous guys like that, it’s a win-win for the female lead.

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