Jang Geun Seok Returns to K-dramas with the Adaptation of the Manhwa Beautiful Man

I wasn’t particularly angling for Jang Geun Seok to pick a K-drama as his next project, insomuch as I was hoping he would pick something mature, challenging, and interesting as his next acting gig to maybe end his years long descent into self-absorbed career experimentation. He picked a melo as his last drama but Love Rain from PD Yoon Seok Ho was never mean to be edgy or sophisticated, instead a retread of antiquated melodrama clichés filmed in a pretty way. Jang Geun Seok is going back to his more teenybopper mode and picking a manhwa-adaptation of a K-drama as his next starring role. The upcoming Group 8 produced Beautiful Man by mahwa artist Chun Kye Young is about the “most beautiful man in the world” Dokko Ma Te and his journey to finding love and purpose. I have to confess that I have a mostly love relationship with Group 8, who produced Goong, Tamra the Island, and Playful Kiss (not to mention its biggest smash hit Boys Before Flowers but that one I just hate), and by and large has the deft understanding on how to transition manga/manhwa stories into a live-action version. However….the two main headdesk sticking points with Beautiful Man is on the leading man and the narrative.

I feel like Jang Geun Seok has turned into the biggest overt narcissist in K-ent and him acting as a guy who is the professed most beautiful man in the world feels like some sort of inside joke. Except he’ll probably play it straight, whereas I would have loved someone like Heechul to play it like he was in on the joke. Of course Jang Geun Seok can still “act”, but right now his real life persona is like a miasma hovering over this role. But what gets my heebie jeebies all tingling is the story itself – apparently Dokko Ma Te is a man who uses his looks to achieve money and power, a man with wild ambition. His mentor is the bitter ex-wife of a chaebol who teaches him the tricks in seducing the rich ladies and sends him on a mission to bring down 10 women. In the mix comes the female lead, a girl who is as far from Dokko Ma Te as possible, with her mousy looks and docile personality. She falls madly in love with him and is a woman who would be willing to be his personal slave and stay with him even if she has no pride or self-esteem. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? KOREA YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME. No. Just no. I want to drop kick both lead characters to Siberia already. The drama will apparently be about how this groveling girl manages to touch the heart of the cold and ambitious Dokko Ma Te. This drama starts casting now for a scheduled broadcast later in the year.

I already pre-hate this leading man character. So much UGH its not even funny.


Jang Geun Seok Returns to K-dramas with the Adaptation of the Manhwa Beautiful Man — 115 Comments

    • Gladly joining the hatefest. I dislike the actor and his hyperinflated ego, I detest the premise with the power of a thousand burning suns. I want mousy girl to kick him in the shins and tell him he’s not all that, not fall in lurve with him and be his slave for life.

  1. This sounds horrible. Though I’m sure he is going to have some sort of tragic back-story that magically justifies his actions. =_=

  2. There’s just something so narcissist about even the role he picks… UGH! How could I have liked him before? Everything about him these days just ticks me off. Also… Puke on the lamest heroine on paper. No amount of ‘pretty’ can make me check this out.

    P.s. I really don’t think he’s ‘pretty’. Not anymore. -.-

  3. Wait, are they going to die his hair? I swear, the horrid color he has now is bad enough but if he is literally change to look like the image in the manga…Goodness!

    Why will this boy/man choose a project like this? I hope his character will have some substance.

    • As someone who is on the far side of 50 (not by much, but I have to face facts) I find this incredibly nauseating. This isn’t even robbing the cradle, it’s robbing the zygote.

      • Yeah, I have no problem with the idea (god knows stranger things have happened IRL) per se but with the fact that the show will likely play up how pathetic these women he’s targeting are… and the hapless heroine has to beg for his love? NO THANK YOU.

        I miss the days when dramas had male leads you could actually root for. Now we have immature losers and amoral swindlers to swoon over… though I personally am not doing much swooning.

  4. Oh, my….A wink and a nod I’d say. So, who wants to become JGS’s bitch? The candy to the rescue….

    I agree that he can act but this is too much self-love…

    • Well, he is an actor and chose to act this kind of character..he believes he can portray such character like this..this is his work being performer..

  5. Wow this drama have the two things I hate the most, the prideless and desperate girl plus the jerk and cold boy

    • OMG ! Jang Keun Suk’s anti-fans are really pathetic. Everything you’re saying about him are just useless insults. You can’t even give one respectable opinion or set out even one real argument.

      But seeing how you’re following every single thing about Jang Keun Suk and how you’re always there fiercly attacking him whenever you read anything about him, I can tell you have hidden feelings for him. I don’t know if you’re not aware of them or just not wanting to admit them, but guys, you know what ? Your unconscious mind is saying it out loud.

      When you hate someone, you avoid everything wich can be related to them. If you do the opposite, there are questions you should ask yourself. =)

      When Jang Keun Suk oppa first said that sooner or later the anti-fans would fall for his charms and turn into fans, I couldn’t understand what he were trying to say. But now I see well what he meant. Waah~ this time as well, he’s got it right !

      Psychology rocks. :3

      Anyway, I like the drama’s story line. I’m sure Jang Keun Suk will perfectly fit the bad guy’s role. He’s such a good actor ! Can’t wait for that, I’m all excited and looking forward to see what it will be like. Good Luck Keun Suk oppa ~ Zikzin ! =D

      • The comment wasn’t supposed to be posted here. I’m sorry. But since I can’t fix it… =)

  6. Oh, how i love Manhwa especially with pretty boys but with a main girl who wants to be his slave and stick by him even if he is a womanizer is a NO. He needs to stop picking bad kdrama to play in. maybe he should go into sitcoms. korean sitcom are so funny…maybe he needs a change of scenery.

  7. I am confused? What’s the difference between this and Playful Kiss? I mean the girl followed the guy around like a love sick puppy? I can’t take to much of these types of drama. I am to strong of a woman for this.

    • Me too. I don’t get it why people like Playful Kiss. I watched the Taiwanese version and I liked it well enough the first time (mainly because of Joe Cheng and it was my first Taiwanese drama) but I could never watch it again or any of the other versions. I don’t get the appeal of watching a girl being so in love that she throws her self respect out of the window.

      • I watched the Taiwanese version, and while the female lead can be a doormat sometimes, following the male lead like a lovesick puppy, but she does stand up for herself especially at crucial moments when the male lead takes his teasing too far. She can be a spitfire sometimes. And the male lead helps her grow out of this dependence; he encourages her to think beyond her relationship with him (more in the sequel). But we also have to consider the manga’s context to explain why the female lead’s life revolves so much around the male lead; it was published 2 decades ago, and in a conservative asian culture which may have gender stereotypical views then. Feminist ideas can’t really be expected from the manga. But what I do take issue with is that this manhwa is published only 4 years ago, but it still perpetuates outdated ideas of female subservience to males to the extent of throwing their self-respect out the window… If the guy is already a narcissist, the last thing he needs is someone to pander to him and inflate his already overinflated ego. I just can’t see how their relationship is going to be healthy in helping one another grow; I can’t see how he will mature and have some character growth, if we follow the usual romance plot of having an unlikeable hero with flaws in the beginning and how the female lead is going to change the male lead for the better. Unless there’s a miracle and the female lead grows a backbone or the male lead is suddenly struck with an epiphany, count me out for this drama…

  8. So, I’ve come to realize more and more that you’re copying/repeating certain topics from Dramabeans a couple hours after Dramabeans post them… Not all of their posts but a couple that are pretty obvious :/ No hate, it’s just kinda disappointing.

    • Kdrama news is Kdrama news. What do you want her to do, make stuff up? Her blog has her own commentary and that’s what we come here to read.

      • I second Rina. Kdrama news is kdrama news. Just as Allkpop n Soompi report similar kpop news. Ms Koala is doing a wonderful job!

    • Well, it’s the same kind of kdrama news that is spread around so I don’t find it surprising to see the same kind of post/topic on both blogs. The core content might be the same, as in facts are facts, but it’s presented uniquely by each blogger/poster and infused with more or less surrounding information. It can be pretty fun to compare both 😛 Koalas posts are usually more emotionally written and more informative (in my opinion anyway) while I find Dramabean’s posts to be more impartial. I really appreciate both because to me it’s just a matter of different approach.

      Also want to point out that some drama castings or k-news are reported here first before being posted on Dramabeans… just saying.

      • Me2. I enjoy my daily dose of both Koala n Dramabeans blogs. Its never annoying to read similar posts cos they’re uniquely narrated with the blogger’s individuality. In fact i find myself responding replies to Koala’s more than DB cos i resonate more with Koala’s emotive writing.

    • LOL, this is a new one. Unless there is a race to the bottom to report on whatever is the latest happenings in K-drama/movie news as fast as possible to avoid being called a plagerist, then I can care less if I happen to write about a topic that is already discussed elsewhere. And just because your allegation is without basis or merit, the implication that I am “copying/repeating” whatever JB writes is untrue. An insult to her and me, and easily debunked in that source material in the actual NEWS articles and production released updates are readily available if one can read. Unless she has a scoop not available anywhere else and I write about it, ergo it can only come from poaching her stuff, I think you will be much happier reading JB’s updates and not vex yourself coming here and getting annoying that I’m so repetitive and/or late with the latest on-dits.

    • Nope, not so.

      Sometimes Ockoala posts something before Dramabeans does, sometimes it’s the other way around (and sometimes there’s a gap of several days).

      They’ll also cover different things (PSH wasn’t covered at all by Dramabeans, but was covered quite a bit here).

      Obviously, there is always going to be some overlap because entertainment news is entertainment news you know and both websites cover the K-section of it.

      If anything they are both copying someone else in this case – at least personally I heard about this casting on Twitter via Asianwiki YESTERDAY.

      Posted 20 hours ago: “Jang Keun-Suk cast in drama BEAUTIFUL MAN (Yebbeun Namja) – based on comic by Chon Kye-Young”

      And Asianwiki probably picked it up from a Korean-language media outlet.

      Just saying…….

    • What Are You Doing Here!? O.o
      You NEED to go watch “BAMBI” especially that part that said…… “If you have nothing NICE to say, Don’t say nothing at ALL”!!!

    • I don’t understand the point of this. I am sure you will see this news in other blogs besides this one and DB. I visit them often because they have their own distinctiveness obvious to those who frequent these sites, enjoy the discussions and point of views. I have never felt the articles to be the same.

    • Hm. I respectfully disagree.
      I have been following both blogs for about 2 years and keeping up pretty well.
      Both blogs report the same general important topics (this is news, and if you look on other websites there are tons of them all talking about the same thing), like casting information, manhwa adaptions, stills,teasers, show-in-makings, etc.
      What i like about DB/Koalasplayground is that they add commentary on top of what they report, which makes it more special and interesting to read, albeit more prone to comparisons. If anything, koala tends to post those in addition to the lesser known/important news that alot of people appreciate as well. Also, both reports might be the same general topic but one might end up being more informative than the other. If Koala is the former, in that case she would not be getting her resources or “copying” from whatever is reported on DB. There are times where I may find DB’s post to be more informative, or times where i find Koalasplayground to be be more informative; it varies.
      Their presentation is completely different. I still read the same general articles on different blogs because I like varied opinions from the writers and the commentators.
      I think you just made the observation at a convenient time where DB did happen to post these before Koala did — but if you go through some of Koala’s older posts, there are times where she’s speedier. More frequently than you think.
      I think we should just be appreciate these blogs even exist as a place to pour/share our k-drama addictions. Just thought i’d give my two cents.

  9. Wow oh wow… That manga story is as horrible as watching the first episode of White Queen, maybe worse… *shudder* Definitely staying clear of this one. I used to like Jang Geun Seouk but that was a long while ago. A pity, he had so much promise.

  10. I’m hoping whatever’s happening to Jang is just a quarter-life crisis, and he’ll eventually go back to picking smarter roles that will actually help enhance his experience and resume.

    • Oh god you took the words right out of my mouth. He hasn’t strayed very far from his hwang taekyung role since YAB, and then in real life he sticks to looking like his characters what with the girly hair and the weird clothes. And that’s fine by me, if he likes that style then I have no right to critisize how someone likes to dress himself. Also, that narcissistic Asia prince vibe he’s giving off is turning me off. It’s like he wants to be those arrogant pretty boy characters that he plays, which, fine, do it then. But I’d love for him to just leave that image to real life and take on a role that’s interesting and totally different from the roles he’s been picking, or rather, himself.

    • I KNOW! This should be a screwball comedy with Heechul and the leading lady is this silent but slays with a look tomboy (like Na Na in Monstar) who grew up with this “beautiful man” and each time he tries to assert his beauty and seduce women she shows up to beat him with a hammer and put him in his place. For being a loser with a pretty face and nothing else. Until he learns all the hard lessons and life and becomes a deserving human being.

      • That sounds amazing. And Heechul would be perfect, because he’s so pretty (seriously, when it comes to dressing in drag, he’s hands-down the prettiest SuJu member. Don’t ask me how I know that.), but is also ready, willing and able to lampoon himself.

        Now I want to watch this drama. *pouts*

      • But that drama’s already out there (BOF, Monstar, TK2H and pretty much every Kdrama with a spunky girl and cold chaebol). Not saying this one sounds great, but I appreciate the change-up from the world of plucky heroines with cold-but-secretly-sweet men. Execution is key, so I’ll remain open-minded until I see how they carry it out.

  11. Sigh, why!!! Why couldn’t he choose a project that actually would prove once again that he really is a very talented actor.
    I don’t know is it because he is in this weird faze/crisis and is figuring out does he really want to continue to act or concentrate on his “music”.
    He should maybe try some acting in Japan for a new viewpoint on things.

  12. Lord help us. Yeah, his career’s definitely on a downward trajectory. I do kind of feel bad about his wasted talent but it’s fault tbh, he makes his own career choices. He obviously no longer has any intention of becoming a serious actor and actually improving his craft.

    That plot synopsis is vomit inducing. When this airs (hopefully never) I will stay far, far away from it.

  13. I feel like I want to watch it just to see how horrible it’ll be. Is that weird? *sigh* I used to be so head over heels for him too. Oh, JGS, you really need to start picking up better projects.

    • he looks very gay-ish to me, i hope they gave him a chance to show his manliness but still make him look beautiful if they want to….. sigh

  14. Maybe i was wrong for a while. Back then i used to think people love flower boys but as i read the comments above it proved me wrong. I think we should support those actors n actresses who try hard not those who use their look to make fans love them yet cant act. I will definitely support this actor once he shows me that he can actually act

  15. I thought Korean Dramas were making headway into strong, dependent female rolls!? Guess… Not O.o
    I hope for the sake of “women kind” it’s not hit!! :/

  16. Despite all the hate, i loved Love Rain and his chemistry with Yoona. That drama was beautiful to watch if a little boring. In my opinion this is a step back from Love Rain!

    • i would wait and see… i want to be open-minded on all possible stories/dramas that can be created/told/portrayed… i like Love Rain as it is light and beautiful to watch…

      i would to see if Beautiful Man is good or not depending on the drama itself as i like the actor and his acting… 🙂

  17. OMG Heechul would be awesome. He is a narcissist; but in such a fun loving way, its more endearing than annoying.

  18. seriously ??????? I never thought that this kind of drama would actually exist, and I really don’t know what JGS is thinking, he has his own management company right ?? well he should close it and seek advice from another one, I really like him as an actor, but I didn’t love any of his dramas after you’re beautiful *sigh*

  19. Koala – I totally agree with you 100% of this.

    Re: this drama – What the f??? This synopsis alone makes me want to spew out a lot of not so nice words from my mouth. I am in no way a big time feminist. I can tolerate some giving and taking from the women’s side. However, this slave thing blah blah – weak female – it is just way too over.

    ISWAK ironically is my favorite TW idol drama still – since 2000 with the dawn of the tw idol drama. But, I tried my best with the newest ISWAK airing in Japan currently and the weak girl thing is really wearing down on me and very thin.

    I’m not getting his choices. Maybe there is something more to his character than meets the eye. However, there is also needs to be a good plot as well. Is the target audience here 40+ obasans? Even to them, would this synopsis appeal to them? Does it appeal to 30 and under? Does it appeal to men? Does it appeal to anyone?

    I still hope that it will be good just for the sake of a drama being good but boy they do not make it easy. I doubt I will be watching… but it could surprise me. I totally thought JOJ would be a train wreck but instead it great through the first half. That’s better than nothing! 🙂 So drama, please surprise me – and maybe change the premise completely??

  20. Hey if you are a JGS fan you will support him in whatever project he will choose and one more thing you watch the drama first before you judge it. Make it happen first….

  21. When this is over (coz we can’t stop it from coming), I hope he clears his head, go join the military and comeback a JANG GEUN SEOK version 2.0. A better, clear-headed, manly man (choco ABS yoohoo!) and ready-to-be-loved again Geun Seok.

    • Totally agree with this! Become the Kang Gun-woo of BV when you go out of military… lol!
      I’m putting all my trust on the scriptwriter, heard a lot about the movie cell no. 7 (?)

  22. Funny, the first thing that came to mind when reading about this plot was… Oh, he’s doing a drama allegation about a star and his fan-girl? Because the beautiful star with his good looks, who can get any woman he wants, and uses this to reach the top of the movie world… And his mousy fan girl who squees and willingly becomes his slave and whatever, for just a smile and a handshake… Blinded by the love only a fan can have, because the beautiful, wonderful star can do no evil….
    You know, that plot could be played pretty dark, if done right. Going by the fact that the male lead has an agenda that is cruel, to say the least, and the reflection on just how much a fan is willing to sacrifice for their “love”, to the point of self-denial, it does have potential. Of course, my plot idea is probably not their plot idea. 😉

    • I like your idea much better. I can really see the dark potential in it, a master/slave relationship where the master is amoral and the slave is blinded by “love” – when there are no checks on someone, when they have a hyperinflated sense of self-worth and an ego that blots out all conscience, how far will they go? Pretty far, I think.

  23. if only he could hear i thoughts on what a train wreak he chose, and how he should run far away go do a saeguk….he has the hair just need to change the color

  24. I really hope this flops. i hate hate hate that the lead female character wants to serve him and has no self respect. it makes me sick.

    what the hell has happened to JGS??? He had such potential and he let it go to waste. he’s such a joke now.

  25. Disappointed that among all the drama scripts he was offered, he selected the one that does not seem to bring him out of his present mould on and off the screen. He still does not seem tired of them. Wish he could have come in an action hero or some other kind of role that would have shown a totally new side of him. Pretty man” ………? Surely, he could have avoided being attached with such labels.

    • Well, he is an actor and he knows what is happening to his career.. He knows what he is doing. Such decision is well thought and justified, so dont be to judgmental about it.. He chose this drama and he knows about the character he is going to portray, and i am pretty sure that he is ready on this.. Such hero character on an actor for his comeback is too common..

      • I am a great admirer of JGS as a person and an actor. Surely by wishing to see him play something totally different does not make one “judgemental”. If that is how it came across then it was not meant that way. I should have used different way of expressing myself.

  26. Wow! Surprised to see so many negative comments on him. Though I was not very enthuastic about his recents dramas…. I will definitely check out this.

  27. The plot…oh.em.g….seriously? The first thought that popped in my head was unpleasant: a version of 50 Shades/Twilight. Yuck! Ugh.

    Love the Heechul suggestion but too bad he’s still serving.

    And why does it have to be JGS? Like so many others, I loved him in BV, YB, and B&I and I want that JGS back! I don’t care what his die-hard fans says, but he has got to admit he’s gay already or quit being such a PRETTY boy in real life. I love pretty boys and some Japanese idols/stars can carry off that style and get away with it forever, but not JGS. He’s a mess and should see a shrink. I watched a recent interview with him @ Ch. V Asia and I had secondhand embarrassment. *shudders*

  28. The general plot sounds stupid, but the writer is pretty good judging from some of her work. The recent movie was very touching and a hit.I hope she makes good changes to the script.

    i don’t think it is going to be a very good drama after reading the general summary, but YAB plot sounds silly too and it turns out good, so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

    anyway i like jgs as an actor so i will definitely be watching.

  29. Well, I don’t know how they will adapt the manhwa, but from the works of the manwha author I’ve read so far (DVD is my all time favourite, Audition is incredibly good too), Chun Kye Young is hardly conventional shoujo author. I haven’t read Beautiful Man so far and I hated her previous manhwa Girl in Heels, so I don’t know whether her storylines changed for the worse. But none of her stories I’ve read so far are typical or predictable and generally they feature a bunch of very unusual characters. Her earlier works have their fair share of slackers, punks and weirdos. The kdrama that reminds me the most of her works (in its energy, and vibe and low key weirdness) is Evasive Inquiry Agency. Hardly a typical kdrama either. I’m not entirely convinced she plays the weak girl falls in love with arrogant ass trope straight. Well, at least I hope so. Of course, I could be completely wrong too.
    I don’t know how they will adapt the source material and I don’t know whether the manhwa itself is as bad as the plot sounds, but I will have my doubts that this is going to be Playful Kiss Extreme edition until the kdrama airs and proves me wrong.

  30. I’m shocked. I thought I was the only one who didn’t like Jang Geun Suk. Wow. Completely agree with the second paragraph of this though. Geun Suk just seems a teensy bit overrated (imagine a very sarcastic not at ‘teensy’).

    • if it’s SK’s version of 50 shades of grey, it will be epic. how does a man prettier than a girl do the bed scenes with girls?

      • You must not have been to bed with any pretty men if you have to ask that. LOL
        But to answer your question, very well.

      • Ok, I admit that I am dying to see JKS as Christian Grey doing bed scenes. He’s so beautiful. One of a kind.

  31. EWWWWWWWWW to the core.

    Second Ms. Koala’s “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?”

    everything about this drama sounds horrible on paper

  32. Well I don’t see why they should even make this drama since all you “experts” know it’s going to be a failure! I hope you are all judged as harshly as you judge others. I feel sorry for you that you are filled with such poison in your soul that you have to vomit it all over the internet.

  33. wow.. this blog is DARK ., and even DARKER with the comments .I wonder will there be light at the end of this entry ? ^_^

  34. I think he is a great actor. We should not be judging this drama until it comes out! He knows what he is doing, and chooses his roles well… his last project LR was really good, and you never know how they will play with the plot for this drama. I for one, am looking forward to hearing more about this project.

  35. I’m keeping an open mind about this drama. though the plot and the drama itself was not what I have in mind for JGS comeback (i’m a little disappointed, actually!) I will still watch this one out of curiosity, I wanna see how they pull this one off. Inspite of all the hate comments here, i will give this drama a go, I’m a JGS fan (sorry haters, LOL!) and I still believe in his talent as an actor. I was rooting for a saeguk or action/comedy drama for JGS, but I will still support him on this.

  36. Let’s just wait and see how Jang Keun Suk will pull it off. 🙂 and another thing I’m kinda bothered..I hope you guys will learn to RESPECT other people..yeah.. respect JKS.. don’t just judge anyone whom you really don’t know.. gather enough information before talking sh*t about him.. peace out!~ :3

  37. Well, let just see how jang geun suk portrays this kind of character… 🙂 I think geun suk just love to act bad character as he already did in You’re Beautiful and Itaewon murder case… he stands out in these characters… And he portrays those characters well.. Jang Geun Suk is an actor but shows his real character off and on camera… He is indeed extremely good person and he loves his eels too much he gives importance to his eels above all… You cannot find any other tv personality who gives a lot to his fans.. 🙂

  38. omg? I accidentally open this blog and I couldn’t believe that most of you saying words that can destroy someones dignity , I am not a fan of any korean stars but I felt so much disappointed that you people can say words against someone life, I think being a human we know what is the right or wrong , yes! its true that we have right to open up whats on our mind but you also remember we have no right to judge , cretisize and mocked someone’s life if we we know in ourself that we are not Perfect. If that JGS is not your ideal star and you know that he is arrogant or what ever you have still no right to judge and creticize him, cause you don’t know what future’s ahead who knows that person you hated most will spread his wings into a wide sky to let his light shine upon on you , remember our life is like wheel its up side and down , now that person is down maybe tomorrow his already up , so give him a chance once again and don’t wasted your time for that person if you really can’t accept him stay away from him cause it can create wrinkles in your face , stay humble and be happy look the things sorrounds you and don’t look someone life and said things against that person, you can do better things than wasting your time for doing useless comments okay? smile let God’s fell with so much love in your heart 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Yes, i agree with you. Why do they bother for the person they don’t like. It’s like wasting their efforts n times. Hmm…what a pity to them!!! It’s not like JKS come in front of them n ask them to look out what he us doing. What the……

  39. If you want a twisted idol story then look forward to Rough Play with Lee Joon. As for beautiful man it is a kdrama made for tv, there is only so much they can do. I will keep an open mind and hope hope for the best. Kdramas in general are overacted fluff, that’s part of their appeal. Folks seem to have some high expectations when the whole genre does not even meet those standards. Enjoy it for what it is.

  40. I think I am gonna love to visit here open I’m so much have fun reading haters comments and I think it will give me more lesson to learn cause your negative comments will give me hence that in every thing in this world in your eyes all are Perfect wow! amazing! goodluck guys hope all words you said will not slap back at your face cause life is still going on 🙂

  41. This is just a drama. Drama mean to entertain ppl in one or another way. If the character in the drama is bad n the actor who portray the roll got hated by ppl cox of his roll mean, a success of a actor coz he did it well. So, ppl just don’t see what he do only, pls also see how he do it. I doubt not many actors will dare to take a roll of bad guy coz they worry their fan will leave them. But JKS take it. He is such a brave man. I like him as he does everything he want to regardless of what other will think. So, i will wait for this drama n see how he will portray his character as a senior actor

  42. Wow,this was pretty dark! It’s kind of funny to see how those who dislike jks give him more attention than his actual fans…personally,when I dislike an actor, I just ignore the news. But I guess when it comes to jks it’s always a different story.That says a lot about how influential jks really is..
    Anyways,I’m looking forward to this drama. It’ll be quite interesting ^^

  43. Wow I hope most of you negative commenters have fallen off your soap boxes. I hope most of you experts on the Kpop drama genre have hung up your titles for the evening. Apparently none of you realize just what it is to be an artist. That quirkiness is a form of individualism and self expression for a highly creative person. Jang Keun Suk is an artist who is not afraid to express himself In anything he does. I have watched all his dramas and have seen different personas and highly developed characters even if the drama themselves were not well produced. Whether you experts choose to admit or not this guy can act. Eventually we will see him in a mature less feel good drama. But that won’t be until he himself feels matured. He’s very young only in his early twentys and looks a lot younger so he can still get away with playing these roles. I for one will enjoy seeing what they can do with this manga which is a COMIC. So before you hate and post to the world your opinions know what your talking about. Don’t trash someone’s career when you probably have none of your own. Don’t hate when you are obviously so clueless

    • OMG!!! I totally agree with you!!<3 he is an amazing actor, so I think he can make this character shine lol u know what I mean…he is just showing another "persona" cuz he's never done somethin like this.. 🙂 we gotta think positive!

  44. although i don’t particularly like the character, i personally think he chose this drama because it’s a role he’d never done before. actors like to branch out and prove they can do different things, nothing wrong with that.

  45. Gosh, so annoying…Just get over it already! All I see are feminists writing posts like “omg! he steps on her pride and she stays with him? she’s so weak…” “I’m too much of a woman to throw my pride out of the window.” or whatever. Give us a break already! There are a lot of shows in America made specially for you with women exactly like you, why are you wasting your time with asian dramas?
    Let me just tell you as woman who’s been happily married for 11 years, love isn’t a fairytale, there are things you have to swallow to make it work and if you love someone you’re more than willing to do it because that person means so much more than all that.
    For the closed minded ones who only see their own “reality”, it’s actually proven scientifically that your background affects who you become and that people who suffered a lot usually hide who they really are so nobody can hurt them again. Those people are often broken and in pain and that’s when a special someone must come into the picture to heal them. After meeting my cold-hearted, arrogant man, with some work, I discovered a diamond in the rough and I couldn’t be happier about it. It was a brilliant surprise, he’s exactly the opposite of who he first pretended to be but only to me and our daughter.
    As for JGS, he’s an artist and a human! He has the right to do whatever he wants and if he fails he can try again and again until he gets it right.

    • wow…you are awesome…you have a really good point and i agree with you, it feels as if only feminists were writing posts not real eels…he has the right to do whatever he wants with his career and i feel that he can make this character something worth watching and congratulations on your family it sounds beautiful <3 i am still a young girl so dont know much about love and such… but yeah..i agree with you 🙂

  46. I actually want to watch it..I survived playful kiss..and boys over flowers..so why not try this one? Jang Geun Suk is an amazing actor and I believe in his talent.. so I’m going to wait for this drama and see how his talent unfolds 🙂
    -a true eel <3

  47. Honestly, I don’t like the storyline of this drama, but I never hate the actor personally. Actors are public figurs, they are idols.. for more specify. That’s why whatever they did, it’s interesting to be commented.
    Positive or Negative comments are always part of global opinion, weather you like it or not. But to be fair, you better give an objective opinion.

    I agree JGS is a talented actor and singer, BUT he must be very …very careful to pick his role of drama in his project except he didn’t care with ratings. I prefer to see him to choose a qualified character, like he did in Beethoven Virus.
    Not every critic is bad, because from ‘fair and qualified’ critics the actors will knows the reality.

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