Handsome Kim Jae Won Gets Married with Friends and Family in Attendance

Kim Jae Won got married this Saturday and normally I would have checked out the pictures with a smile and shrug but this time I was rather touched by it all. First off, Kim Jae Won looks so incredibly handsome and perfect at his own real life wedding ever surpassing any onscreen visage that I simply have to post it. This is not as a character, this is the real Kim Jae Won about to marry his non-celebrity wife with a giant grin on his face and looking so dashing I’m hard pressed to come up with a K-ent equivalent. He’s rocking the classic black tux, nicely tailored for his lithe frame, a tad short on the hemline but he’s wearing socks and shiny classic loafers he’s already hit it out of the park. And he’s nowhere near as anemic as he looks onscreen in dramas, he’ll never be considered swarthy or a bronze god but at least he looks lively here. As befits a wedding with a non-celebrity spouse, Kim Jae Won attended the media session alone and happily posed for the cameras and answered all the inane questions. He sincerely confirmed how happy he was to start a family and how excited he was to have a baby on the way, a baby they have taken to calling “Heaven” despite not yet knowing the gender. He thinks his future wife is really the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, she’s his best friend and someone that even if he has to travel with and endure unexpected things they will never fight and instead will face difficulties with the same caring and considerate attitude. His wedding was a mega-affair with 700 guests in attendance, and some of the celebrity friends who showed up served with Kim Jae Won in the army and that is actually where they got to be close friends, such as Ji Sung (who is due to tie to knot soon himself if the rumors are to be believed), Lee Dong Wook, and Jung Joon Ho. Congrats of Kim Jae Won and his bride and baby mommy. He looks like a K-star with a good head on his shoulders so here’s to hoping this union is a long lasting one. Kim Jae Won is currently starring in the weekend drama Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Event which premieres this weekend.


Handsome Kim Jae Won Gets Married with Friends and Family in Attendance — 39 Comments

  1. Amazing ! Congrats now u r my big bro oppa ! Hapoy for the family u have made ! I love that he kept his wife from the press he is so protective !im respectinv him more !
    But I wanted to see the bride !

  2. So dashing! And he positively looks like he’s glowing – so happy, must be that! Congrats to the newlywed and parents-to-be!

    • marriage!!! you enter as happy as KJW is and in the middle of the way you look like JJH or worse… maybe he was up all night doing naughty things with his wife. Even so I think he reminds me that the stars aren’t forever as popular and sexy as they are today. I’ve just seen Man of Steel … Russell Crowe is almost 50 and Kevin Costner is almost 60. In the 90s I worshiped them. Now they are oldies but goldies. Another one is Robert Redford and the list can go on.

      This is the first time that I clicked an article because the poster picture looked handsome. I never thought about KJW as a handsome man, but here he is more gorgeous than ever.

  3. WOW! He is so handsome and he is rocking the Tux. Congrats to Kim Jae Won, I’m heartbroken but very happy at the same time for him and his bride….

      • why would I need to have credible basis for an opinion? I think he looks like he’s had a lot of plastic surgery. You see it enough and you seem to recognize it easily. I could also be wrong but I still have a right to state my OPINION.

      • What you called “fact” on K-ent world is actually whatever they want to be released to the public, whether it’s true or not. “Fact” can be easily misleading. That said, I think KJW face is almost for sure natural. Why almost? Cos I can see a bit tightness on his nose bridge, that usually is the result of a nose job. But he could have had that nose naturally.

      • This is the first time I’ve seen him in my life and to me it looks like he’s had plastic surgery. Anyway, I THINK he has had plastic surgery, doesn’t make it a fact, it’s an opinion. If he hasn’t, well then, cool, he just has one of those faces in my eyes. Everyone else thinks he’s beautiful and that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Right?

        Or do you think he has sensed someone has made a comment about his face while he’s all the way over there in Korea and now feels bad about himself? Ruh roh.

      • If you really doubt that he fix some of his look, then you should check out all his photos and images in 2001 drama where he debuted. He look perfectly the same, his nose is natural and everything.

        There was once he was interviewed and ask if he want to change anything through knife but he said NO , although this kind of treatment is trending in Korea , he feel that he doesn’t need to and contented of what he already had.

  4. Congratulations to both of them.
    This is probably the best photos I have seen of him.Talk about a groom glowing on his wedding day.

    • well, i find him better looking when he was a bit fuller a decade ago β€” do check 100 days with mr. arrogant…

  5. Aww! Those are some touching words by KJW. Still the perfect boy-next door. He was my first k-crush back in his Romance, Wonderful Life Days way back when so I’m so happy for him and his wife. Congrats and future happiness to the couple and baby!

  6. wow. This is probably the best i’ve seen kim jae won ever. His hair is perfect and the suit makes him look dashing.
    I really hope ji sung is next since he’s been in a 6 year long relationship already with lee bo young, although i hope it’s announced atleast AFTER i hear your voice ends so all the fantasies i have with su-ha and hye sung are not ruined.
    Congrats to kim jae won and his wife!

  7. KJW oppa was blooming on his wedding and no doubt he is so happy, even without a smile, you can see it through eyes.

    I love the fact that even if he is one of those high profile personality on entertainment industry, he fall in love to an ordinary girl. That is like a fairytale where a handsome prince fall in love into ordinary girl outside his zone.

    I don’t know if anyone notice it, maybe his fans did, he exactly look the same 5 years ago on his Chinese drama “First Love”. There was wedding scene near the end and the way he look is almost 99% similar to his current image. He never seems to aged at all.

    He is one of those Korean actors i admire the most not only because of his good look, and talent in acting, but i admire him because of his great personality. He is very sensible and true to his feelings.

    And the cute part of his wedding… Hwang Jung Eum , his partner on his drama Can You Hear My Heart, caught the wedding boquet thrown by his wife. :)… That’s kinda sweet because i really love them as onscreen couple on that drama.

    • HJE caught the wedding bouquet?! How awesome is that! The May-Queen-marriage-shenanigans is in full effect!

      And yes, KJW never ages. He still has the same baby face for over 10 years. What a lucky, lucky man.

  8. Aww… these pix warm my heart. I bet he’s gonna be a really nice hubby and daddy– it’s great to see him looking so happy.

    If LDW were blonde in that pic above, I think I would’ve mistaken him for Yong Joon Hyung (Monstar’s Seol Chan)– with the shades on, what stands out is the shape of those kissy-lips.

  9. LDW is one of my biases, but what is up with his appearance? It looks like he came with a hangover and not-so-subtly disguised it…

    • I think you should watch the video… He explain it why. πŸ™‚

      I think he was in a hurry and just got on time, he need to prepare because he is the MC on KJW wedding ceremony that about to start at that time. πŸ™‚

  10. Gosh?! I know that Kim Jae Won should look the best because he’s the groom. But LEE DONG WOOK is SMOKIN’ Gahh I’m dying here. Lol. :))

    It’s so nice to see him in normal clothes and without all the facial hair from Mandate of Heaven. πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats he looks so happy!

    On another note, OMGGGGGG Ji Sung! He looks so gorgeous and I’m jealous of his long term relationship with Lee Bo Young haha. Lee Dong Wook’s not looking to shabby either…but I wanna see him without the sunglasses :p

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