Heirs Update: Shooting Scripts, Location Shoot Moved to California, and Character Description for 3rd Female Lead

I’m not surprised there are so many leaks and spoilers for the upcoming Kim Eun Sook drama Heirs. Even if just Lee Min Ho was cast, that alone would mobilize his legions of fans to stalk the forums and listen for the latest rumors about this project. Add to it Park Shin Hye, that then doubles the interest. And as of this week, it’s pouring fuel on a burning fire by the confirmation of the rest of the young and beautiful cast to include Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue, Kyrstal of f(x), Kim Ji Won, Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A, Im Joo Eun, and Kang Ha Neul. Did I miss anyone, cuz that was one hella recitation to say in one breath. With the leak of pages from the script, which I translated already, above is the picture of the first two shooting scripts for episodes 1 and 2. DC fans are really abuzz with how thick episode 1 is, apparently it’s like double the pages of most shooting scripts. From what I know about Kim Eun Sook, from her own self-parody in On Air and from all the reports about her style and substance from doing so many hit dramas, she is a very very organized and thorough screenwriter. She’s one of the few who has more freedom to write as she wishes without the dictates of the network brass, though of course she needs to stick in the PPL and cast a few up-and-comers to make the advertisers happy. But narratively she gets a longer leash than most of her colleagues who don’t have the resume of hits that she has under her belt, plus unlike the Hong sisters who work with all three networks in equal measure, Kim Eun Sook ONLY works with SBS.

So SBS knows her well and lets her do her thang for the most part. With that said, she always has a lot more finished scripts beforehand than others, even as the scripts get tweaks after the PD gets a hold of it and filming starts. But for her dramas, the general outline is set and will not change unless she wants it to change. And here she’s doing a Hana Yori Dango crossed with Gossip Girl high school story, so by gosh that’s what we’re going to get. I’ve just read the character description for the third female lead Lee Bo Na, played by either Krystal or Kim Ji Won. It’s probably Krystal because apparently she wrote on Twitter that she’s not playing Rachel (Kim Tan’s fiancee). These character descriptions are what Kim Eun Sook created to help the actors understand their roles, with background information and past history, and aren’t part of the shooting script. I’m waiting for all of them to drop because I hate bringing it piecemeal but it’s better than nothing, right? And each character description also sheds light on other characters so that’s cool. And one final update – apparently the SBS crew is right now scouting location shoots in Los Angeles and San Francisco, because while it was meant to be filmed in Australia, due to it being Winter over there the location shoot is being changed to California. Can I have a collective OH HELL YEAH! Who’s with me to go stalk Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye next month? I will need a getaway driver.

Lee Bo Na (18 years old):

Optimistic and eager to improve, precocious, good at masking her real intentions, with a great talent for making a big deal of things. Her dream is to be a perfectionist, but in reality she’s a klutz who messes up her own plans at the critical moment.

All the kids look forward to receiving a birthday invitation from Bo Na, because there they can meet all the celebrities. Bo Na is pleased with her fabulous lifestyle. Open the papers, turn on the news, log on to a computer, the world is interested in the entertainment world, and the power in the center of the entertainment world is none other than Bo Na’s dad. It might not be a company passed down through generations, but Mega Entertainment currently represents the top singers and actors in all of South Korea.

The person that constantly has a spotlight shining on ought to be her, but compared to Rachel she’s still one step away. The person who ought to be wearing a wedding dress ought to be her first, but compared to Na Eun she’s one step late. The person who ought to be the most loved ought to be her, but even her boyfriend doesn’t love her.

That boy’s name is Kim Tan. To the self-absorbed Bo Na, the good looking, confident, and selfish Kim Tan fits her as perfectly as two shoes making a pair. It’s like destiny. But Kim Tan doesn’t even say a fare thee well and heads off to study abroad. So Kim Tan becomes Bo Na’s storybook first love, and a total mean bad guy!

Just as the fever of first love is finally dissipating, Bo Na meets Chan Young. His warmth heals her wounds and opens her heart again. Just as she’s about to totally move on from Kim Tan, he comes back. He’s back with an even more melancholy look in his eyes, and an even more impressive physique.

The knives of revenge, she ought to be sharpening them but……..Kim Tan’s heart has completely been given to that weird girl Eun Sang. Who is this girl who is around both her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend!


Heirs Update: Shooting Scripts, Location Shoot Moved to California, and Character Description for 3rd Female Lead — 61 Comments

    • If they are keeping the location as “Australia” in the script, then they will have to use Southern Cal locations, because nothing around San Fran could be a stand-in for some place in Australia.

  1. I’m surprised that Krystal isn’t playing Rachel. She speaks english so it would be a natural part. And basically acting bratty is something that she’s decent in.
    Why did they cast some great actors in supporting roles (Im Joo Eun, hot gumiho daddy) because now I have to watch this trainwreck.

  2. Koala, I’m with you in spirit! Go stalk LMH for me since I live 2,000 miles away. Come back with a good picture for the playground! 😎

  3. O-M-G! i’m going to be in LA area for all of August and 1 week in September for work. My evenings and weekends just got interesting. ^^;)

  4. Secretly shipping Krystal with Minhyuk here, so even though I have no interest in Heirs (as a drama), I am totally waiting for their appearances!

  5. Oh God. Hope the actress can pull this character off cause so far the female characters don’t sound likable at all.

  6. Dude! If only I lived on the West Coast I’d totally go all stalker-razzi with you. (Only the fact that I drive a bright green car might impede our ability to flee the scene effectively.)

  7. “devistatingly handsome ” omgaaa that is soooo little to describe lee min ho !! as far as im concerned either this show is pulling us under its influence or that theses describtions really come from what fans want !!

  8. I have not read the article’s description of the characters (awaiting official ones), but based on ppl’s comments, this reads like Minions at work. LOL!


  9. Scary how FANs wants to stalk their idol. it not like they save ur life. All b/c of good look and a movie they like ???? Is it really worth it ?

    • “Watching in a distance” maybe more correct? Going to San Francisco once in a while is always a treat for me. So, You can enjoy the beautiful city itself if you miss them. The city itself is worth the trip:) I am always curious how korean dramas are filmed and besides there is my Lee Minho. What’s the loss for a enjoyable trip?

    • There are some really scary hardcore fans, i’ll admit.
      But if you’re in the area it’d be nice for the experience esp. when it’s so rare for k-celebs to be shooting in the US. The “stalking” part is more for jokes and laughs — not to be taken seriously. Cause stalking is a serious offense.
      Transformers 4(i smh at the movies in general), but they’re currently filming in the chicagoland area close to where i live. They’re also asking specifically for asian extras since there’s supposedly a hong kong scene. Cool, huh?
      Also they’re filming a new young adult trilogy (supposedly the next hunger games) Divergent in the chicagoland area too, so it’s pretty cool to just watch production and whatnot.

  10. if only I was an 16 yr old fangirl I would totally go and stalk them since I live 15 mins from Malibu and that’s prob where they will film if its l.a. and not santa Barbara

  11. I live in bay area,50 minutes drive to San Francisco. I would probably know when they are shooting but where??? I am really excited to see San Francisco on a K-Drama. The city is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So i’ve completely avoided any character descriptions so that i come into this show blind(not really, since heirs is all we hear about nowadays),but moreso the characters and their relationships with each other.
    I may not be completely in love with KES although i’ve enjoyed her works on a subjective level — but I do have alot of respect for how she handles her projects. Alot of organization and preparedness, which also comes with years and years of k-drama writing experience.

    This is one of the few times i wish i lived in cali so i really could stalk these pretty people. I always see em in either cali or new york but never in chicago.

    • I’m so confused by some of the switched-around names that I might as well be blind, though I do like what we hear about Kim Woo-bin and Park Shin-hye’s characters so far.

      And I do appreciate that substantial chunks of this are written in advance, that isn’t par for the course with so many dramas.

  13. Yes, if I was a 16 yr old fan girl and lived in Cali, I’d so join in on the fun. 🙂 If the getaway car (mine) had carseats in the back, it’d just spoil the fun. LOL I hope it works and some of you can catch site of the filming. Being in NYC, I’ve stumbled on a bunch of random movie and tv show filming. Aside from a split second curiosity, I just kinda got used to them and don’t really pay attention anymore. But I think for excited fans to see it is a lot of fun. 🙂

    Goodness, I always get sweeper up in kes’ dramas with her heavy hitters and the such. Is honestly don’t know if I will like this… Probably I will with the fluff and all. But most of her shows are interesting to follow but I do agree with koala that they are male focused. Anyhow – I will be watching to see all these idols work out with the actors. Based on the cast, tie show should get really high ratings!! 🙂

    • Ha! She won’t dare say no to me, her unni. I figure with both of you we can muscle close and then make a quick getaway. I’m actually way more curious about seeing the filming up close. I doubt LMHMG and PSH are as gorgeous in RL as they are onscreen. Best keep that illusion alive.

      • Actually many people said PSH is a lot prettier irl
        She isn’t as photogenic as other actresses lol
        Where do you live? I’m planning to stalk them too? The more the merrier.
        Please let me know ^^ Thanks

      • Heee true true ~ she prob wouldn’t say no to you and bet the 3 of us we can manage a quick getaway! I think it would also depend how much LMH love is left since she pretty much wrote him off after Faith. ㅋㅋ

      • If you are staying to watch the filming, and if it’s in OC, LA (Malibu)or Santa Cruz (thinking of the Surfing) I’d caravan with you. I’ll bring sun shade, chairs and snacks. 😀

  14. Wooooo Bay Area! I’d actually be down to check out a shoot if possible in San Francisco, but not really sure how to keep up with their schedule and whereabouts.
    Thanks for the updates!

  15. Wow! Legions of fan? Yes, that’s me from the millions. When the cast and crew comes to LA….I wouldn’t mind to stalk them. Please somebody update me about the shooting location in LA.

    • But I highly doubt they will film here though. Apparently, filming in San Francisco is expensive (hence the reason why TV shows and movies are rarely filmed here). But if they do film, I hope they film near my school or fisherman’s wharf

  16. Wow! Legions of fan? Yes, that’s me from the millions. When the cast and crew comes to LA….I wouldn’t mind to stalk them. Please somebody update me about the shooting location in LA.

  17. I live in Southern California. If anyone finds out the shooting location or has some sort of idea that is in Los Angeles, pls let me know right away!!!!

  18. Yessss!! Come to SoCal!! YEEEE!! I’m waiting for more info on where in SoCal so I can go and see them film!! ^____^ I’m gonna say places like Palos Verdes, Malibu, Laguna, Newport, and La Jolla are nice places to go! Buuuut, they will most likely go to one in L.A. so here’s hoping for it to be Palos Verdes! Or come to Orange!! Lots of nice beaches here~~ heheh.

  19. Gossip girl parallels: This character description sounds a bit like Blair in the beginning: perfectionist, popular, failed relationship with first love. But then, the second part sounds like Nate, with Kim Tan being Serena, who leaves without saying goodbye. Right when everything is becoming normal, the Kim Tan/Serena character comes back, and thus the story begins…

    It will be interesting to see how the gender reversals of the original GG characters will be incorporated into this cast of characters.

  20. Ok, Here are my picks for places to film:
    -Palawan,Phillipines-El Nido Resort.
    -Spain-some beautiful cities off Mediterranean Sea.
    -Ireland-Killary Fjord and do the Turf Guy Challenge while there.
    -Huntington Beach or Santa Cruz USA?

  21. omgosh CANT WAIT 😀 but why are the main girl characters always poor? -.- PSH looked so gorgeuos in one of the photos i saw for the heirs and she was in a gorg dress! i thought she was going to be a rich girl with status…

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